Ass Afficionado

Ass Afficionado , by Fyre

I heard a report the other day, on that entertainer feature network, that when Marilyn Monroe died, she had a full enema inside her body. The reporter said that either Marilyn or an unknown murderer filled an enema bag, added barbiturates, put it inside of her bowels, and she held it there. The skin inside absorbed all the chemicals and it killed her. An overdose. Now the freak in me wanted to know all sorts of things that the G-rated network would never disclose. I wanted to know whether Marilyn (Norma Jean) was a regular enema user. I wanted to know if she cleaned out her colon before Jack Kennedy or Frank Sinatra came to fuck her, and if they swabbed her sanitized pink, puckered asshole with their tongues. I wanted to know if she inserted the enema and didn’t realize the amount of drugs her body would absorb before she expelled the liquid. I wanted to know if Marilyn was so effective at holding the water in that she accidentally killed herself, or if she truly intended to kill herself with her intestines full of the hazardous water. I wanted to know if Marilyn expelled the water after she took her last breath and all her body’s muscles relaxed, or if there was a plug in her ass, holding it in. Was the liquid actually still inside her body when the police found her? How? I wanted to write to that police drama “Cold Case” to see if they’d reinvestigate the details.

Now I am curious about all of these things because I have become an ass afficionado. I wasn’t one until recently, when I met my new man and learned that he was fascinated by porn. I asked him to show me one of his movies, and when he did, I just looked at him and said, “Oh YOU want some anal sex, don’t you?” He hung his head, and looked rather fishy and boyish.

“I’ll give it a try” I shrugged and pointed at the screen, “but let me work on it. I know she’s acting like it’s about the same as fucking her pussy, but you and I know that’s not the way it works. That hole is an exit.”

I didn’t want to disappoint him. I wanted to grin and act all gung ho, but I worried that it was going to hurt like hell. I knew from looking at the length of the scene in the movie, he hoped to spend some quality time in my tight little ass, gripping the pale skin of my hips as he rode me hard. I knew that he really wanted to slam it to me. What had I promised to do?

We watched the rest of the movie and one young woman was so enthusiastic about her ass-fucking that she screamed and gyrated, trying to take in more. “Deeper! Deeper!” She screamed and panted. Another male actor was delighted to stick his dick in her too, so there she was, all over the big screen, taking in not just one dick, but two. Holy shit! These little sluts in these movies had no idea how high expectations are raised when our men see these shameless fuck sessions. Shit oh dear. And on the big screen, it was suddenly wall to wall asshole stretched out by two marvelous huge cocks. Complete with the surround sound shrieking “Oh yes, oooh yes, oh Baby Baby Baby.”

My own man pulled out his 9-inch dick and started stroking, holding his hand loose and massaging the ridge at the base like he was about to start a fire. I loved to watch him masturbate, but I quickly took advantage of the situation to get my own pussy pumped. I leaned over a chair and he stood behind me, fucking my pussy doggy style, watching the actress call out. She ultimately took the cocks that had just been deep inside her ass, swallowed them down her throat, and exclaimed that they tasted great. Oh my goodness! My man pulled out and squirted his jizz all over my ass.

I was more than a little uncomfortable. My man was into sodomy. A small-dick boy had poked me in the ass once or twice, but after watching the video, I knew this was going to be different. I thought about how hard my man got, and how he would be sure to fill me to capacity. I was sure that it was going to feel like he was skewering me up to my neck. I had an image of myself on a rotisserie, his dick shoved up my ass, spinning over a bed of hot coals. I was skeptical that I would be able to show the same level of enthusiasm as the actress in the movie. I didn’t even think anyone could pay me enough to show the same level of enthusiasm as the actress in the movie. (How much do these girls make anyway?)

My one experience with ass-fucking had been confusing. The boy who had tried it was sort of grossed out, thinking “Ew! Is it going to smell like shit?” Once inside, he came quick and sloppy, with loud exclamation, like he’d just slammed his dick into an electric pencil sharpener, then pulled it out all pointed and done. My man now wouldn’t do me like that. His dick was fat! With my previous experience, there was an embarrassing time after the initial penetration of running to the toilet, making gassy noises, and feeling like I was going to ultimately mess all over the floor. Not acceptable.

I was going to have to teach myself to take it up the ass, and take it hard. I was going to have to learn to clean it thoroughly so I could be confident there wasn’t going to be an awful mess. I was going to have to be convincing or my man was going to be terribly disappointed and I was going to feel like a loser.

I began researching enemas. My goal was to be able to fuck my man like the girl in his movie fucked that hard dick, able to suck it off after the fact. I tried the small, cold enemas from the drug store shelf. I stood there in line, anxious and self-conscious, trying to make sure the woman behind the counter wasn’t the same gal who’d sold me one the week before. (I’d lied that I was using them to prepare myself for surgery.) I wasn’t impressed that the liquid was filled with diarrhetics and that the amount of liquid was probably about a cup and a half. What good was that going to do?

I checked their effectiveness by slamming myself in the ass with my smallest dildo until the muscles in my ass contracted and I expelled the last of the liquid. I found these enemas short-lived, and only marginally effective. And I wasn’t sure I was making any progress. This dildo was much smaller than my man, I used lots of lube, but it was still piercing and invasive. How did the movie girls do it? How did they keep going at it for most of an hour (my man says filming those scenes can take ten hours a day) and how in the hell did they learn to enjoy it?

What was I, a fucking wimp?

I went on the internet. Before long, I found several gay sites with plenty of instruction and a brown, unobtrusive box arrived in the mail. I opened the carton in the privacy of the bathroom on a quiet morning when my man had to work. I took out the bag, the clips to hold it up, and the long tube. At the end of the tube I screwed on an attachment like a narrow straw. I undressed, leaving my clothes in a pile by the door, and filled the bag with warm water. I quickly learned that the water had to be pretty much body temperature. Those skin surfaces inside were not used to touching anything cooler or warmer. Enemas, even as warm as bath water burned like a son of a bitch and I suspected they seared off a layer of skin. I soaped up the nozzle so that it was slippery enough to insert into my tight ass. (Oh shit how would I ever get his goddamn dick inside?) I pushed the water in from the bottle and then pushed it out. Lather, rinse, repeat. Another side effect was that the water didn’t all expel. A lot of it was absorbed by my body and some of it just slurped around. After about an hour, I really had to pee.

But I thought I was making progress. Before long I could put over a pint of water inside. Some of the articles on the internet said that true enema fanatics could take almost a gallon of water at a time, until their bellies expanded. They really got off on how long they could hold it inside. Some of them made mixtures of water and coffee or water and wine, counting on the absorbing properties of the colon to make them either jittery or drunk. Absolutely perverse! I wondered if they knew about Marilyn Monroe and her barbiturates. The article that suggested these methods did warn that you had little control over how much of the extra chemical your body was going to absorb inside your bowels. No shit!

I listened to an interview with porn star Jenna Haze. She was on Playboy Radio talking to Tiffany Granath. She disclosed that what she did to prepare for an anal sex scene was a combination of fasting and enemas. She said she’d never had an embarrassing experience on a set. I got a pad of paper and took notes.

Nervously, I decided I’d be ready. I called my man I’d be ready for a round of sex on Friday night. Thursday, at noon, I ate a salad, then after that, I cut off the solid foods. Yogurt for dinner. I did one of the box enemas that evening, and the diarrhetic went right through me. I evacuated most of what I had inside, then went to bed. I wanted to masturbate, then thought I’d better save it. Let the tension build.

Friday noon, I did another enema, water only, using a hot water bottle system that I purchased at Wal-Mart. I filled the pink bladder with tepid water. I attached the hoses and a nozzle that inserted into my ass. It sprayed water in several directions. Naked, I leaned over in the bathtub, the bladder of water under my knees and pushed on the bladder. The water started flowing through the tubes and filling up my bowels.

The feeling was intense. I’d already gotten most of the debris out the night before, so now it was more a “final rinse.” The first water was a little cool and I could distinctively feel the water spread into my colon. Awesome! I knelt on the bladder and pushed a little more water in. I started to feel a little full, and I wanted to distract myself from the feeling so I could push more water inside after a minute.

I put my hand down and started diddling on my clit. Good distraction! I clenched the muscles of my anus to hold the water in, and rubbed my cliterous. I held the water, held the water, held the water. I rubbed my clit, rubbed my clit, rubbed my clit. I pushed on the bladder and forced a little more water inside. I rubbed my clit some more. I folded the rubber bladder in half to push the last bit of water inside. I thought I was holding about a quart! I felt so—so stretched. It was nice and cool inside. Water dripped a little from the nozzle, rolling cool water over my hand while I messed with my clit so I could hold it as long as possible.

Then it felt sudden that I needed to expel the water. I stood, stepped out of the bathtub and perched on the toilet. I pushed some of the water out, then clenched my ass shut. The longer I could hold the water, the better a rinse it would be. On the toilet, I played with my clit a little more. I felt all electrified and in tune with my body. I got the hair clippers and spread my thighs so I could trim my pubic hairs. I challenged myself to hold the water that little while longer. I felt the delicious vibration of the clippers as I trimmed my bush to about an eighth an inch. After I finished, I rolled my clit between my forefinger and thumb. I felt the fullness of the water in my ass.

I pushed the water out, as much as I could.

Oh dear! I wasn’t counting on liking the enema so much. I filled the enema bag again, this time with slightly warmer water. I inserted the nozzle in my asshole, and started pushing on the bag with my knee and forearm. The water squirted out, a jet flying off to the left and hitting the side of the tub. I pushed the nozzle inside a little deeper, then the water started filling me to capacity. I put my right hand between my thighs and I kept masturbating. The intensity against my clit was so effective at taking my mind off the filling feeling in my butt. I got one of my man’s razors and shaved the line of hairs that grew inside my pussy lips. I held the water in, held the water in. I arched my back as much as I could and pushed on the bladder of water to force every drop of water inside. Oh, I was such a good girl to take all this water! I reached back between my legs and tentatively shaved the circle of fine hairs from around my anus.

Oh fuck! I was so, so full! My rectum was all full of water and I could feel the water push up into my lower intestine, farther than a dick could probably reach. I pushed on the bladder of water some more, and I could even feel the water push more inside and my tummy started to distend. Oh fuck. This was about as full as I was going to get. I stood to cross the bathroom, clenching my ass closed. Oh! Oh! The water splashed out behind me, all over the bathtub.

I squatted and released the water. Oh it felt great. It really felt great. There was a little white pasty mucus from my bung hole coming out with the water, but other than that, I was spotlessly clean. After I was sure I had expressed all of the water, I walked naked into my bedroom and got a dildo from the drawer in the nightstand.

I went back into the bathtub. I soaped up the dildo and then I squatted down onto it, pushing it right into my butt. Oh my god. Oh fuck. It felt great! I had a squeaky clean ass, and the dildo slid in. I started rocking it in and out. Oh there was a little to push out. I got up, the dildo plugging my ass and went to the toilet. I pushed. Nothing much. More clear mucus. I went back to the bathtub, rinsed the hot water bag out and filled it a quarter way with warm water. I pushed the dildo back into my asshole and started riding it. Oh, oh oh yes!!! I think I’m gonna like this!

I got done with my little session in the tub and I laid on the bed. Oh my god. I was wonderfully exhausted. The enema was so thorough, and expelling it was it’s own little reward. I felt deliciously scoured clean. After a brief rest on the bed, I felt energized, and ready to take on the world.

I could hardly wait for my man to get home from work. I was fasting all day, so I sipped at my Diet Coke and chewed ice. In the middle of the afternoon, I peed and made sure I didn’t have anything else inside my colon by pushing the dildo back inside and working it some more. I came, and it was a different sort of cum. I wanted to experiment some more, but I decided to hold out and wait for my man.

He arrived with a bottle of white wine. I drank a glass. It went right through me, since I hadn’t eaten for almost 28 hours. My man was going to get the fuck of his life, but he didn’t know it, he didn’t have any idea. I drank another glass of wine, and I was feeling a buzz.

Of course I had already flashed out the credit card at Victoria’s Secret, so I had quite the show for him that night. I stripped down to a pale pink teddy that laced up the front. I took my time unlacing it, flashing my perfect 36C breasts. He took my ruddy nipples into his mouth and sucked, long and hard. Electricity shot right through me. I was ready to cum right then! I wasn’t surprised. Doing the enema had made me so aroused, and I’d carried that with me all afternoon. The idea of his big cock ramming in and out of me the same way that the girl had taken it in the video, well that was a huge turn-on for me too. Still wearing the teddy, I took his hand and led him into the bedroom.

I turned on the lights. He looked at me funny. “No way you’re going to miss a second of this.” Men are always so much more visual than women, but I’ll admit that I wanted to see that big thick dick of his slipping in and out of my ass. He stripped off his clothes. He already had a boner stretching out, as big as the state of Florida.

“You sure you’re ready.”

I remembered the several bags of water I’d deliriously flushed through my system. “Oh I’m ready. Yes baby, I’m ready.”

The wine was going through me too. He’d brought my glass into the bedroom, so I took another sip. Then he picked me up and put me down on the bed, on my back. He carefully unlaced the rest of the teddy, and unsnapped the crotch of my teddy. “Take that thing off, will you?”

I pressed my breasts together and offered him a good shot of my cleavage, my nipples jutting out, then I pulled the teddy off over my head. I tossed it in the corner. I laid back on the bed, ready for him to do his thing.

He started by trailing fingers softly across my skin. He was picking up the natural electrical currents inside of me and swirled them all together. He teased me by circling his thumb around my nipples, then he sucked on each one in turn. I could fell that my pussy was already soaked. I wanted him so bad.

He took me vaginally at first. He put it in, and pushed my left leg up high, so that when he went inside me missionary style, he had my leg to hold. It went up over his shoulder, my ankle by his ear and it enabled us to both see the penetration of his cock into my love canal. He slid it in slowly, and then with one leg up and the other down, he could come at me from an angle. He “stirred” my juices with his beautiful cock. I could see him roll his hips in a circle as he directed his dick to hit the walls of my cunt, all the way around. Oh it felt wonderful! Then with my legs spread so, he put his hand on my clit, right above where he was grinding it, and he started to trace tiny circles around that little head as he stroked his dick in and out. Oh! Oh! Oh!

I don’t have any trouble cumming over and over, but it was rare for a man to take the time to find out how many times I could cum. My man was as patient as they made them. He could stroke me with my ankle up by his ear and stroke, stroke, stroke, sliding it in and out so slo-o-owly that we both were gasping with pleasure. Then he shifted around and pushed the other ankle up, so that his hips were mashing into my pussy and I was on fire. He fucked and fucked like a madman.

“Hey, you, I want some of that in my ass.” I told him.

“You do? Oh shit.” He kept pumping away, now invigorated by visions of asshole plums dancing in his head. “Shit Girl, well let me take some of the edge off first.”

He flipped me over so I was on my hands and knees. He stood by the side of the bed and entered me doggy style. Oh! Oh! This was my favorite position, and he was still inside my cunt. I was so wet, I made slurp, slurp, slurpy sounds as he glided in and out. I knelt with my ass up, leaning against my forearms on the bed. I gripped the bedspread to hold my position. He was jamming at me so hard, he physically moved me forward on the mattress. I didn’t want to slam my head against the headboard.

He was hitting all the perfect spots and as hot as I was, I started to cum. I clenched his dick hard with my vaginal muscles as I clenched the blankets with my hands. I felt my body force out more fluids–I was cumming and dripping all over the place. My body had absorbed a lot of water from those enemas. I was saturated. It felt fabulous. Who needs to drink eight glasses of water a day when you can push three or four into your asshole and hold them in and take the liquid that way? I felt like I had a new lease on life.

My man pulled his twitching dick out of my vagina and he started jacking it. “I’m going to cum!” he announced, his hand sliding back and forth in the pattern he always used. His palm brushed past the head, and I saw it bulge and cum started spurting out. I stuck my tongue out and he aimed at my mouth, and jets of cum flew onto the bed, some of them hitting my mouth. I took my forefinger and scraped the white cream off my cheek and tasted it. God, I loved eating cum!

Then my man positioned my ass up, doggy style again. “I’m going to start teasing you a little, okay Baby?”

I nodded. I was still recovering from that great climax, but it would only take a moment for me to be ready again. He wanted me kneeling doggy style with my ass over the edge of the bed. He stood behind me, his own dick still pulsing out beads of cum. He was softer, but not completely soft. I knew that he would be rigid in no time. My man slicked his hands up with lubricant. We kept a pump bottle on the nightstand. He leaned down and studied my spotless asshole. He put his thumb on it, and slowly started tracing a circle around it. I leaned into his hand, enjoying feeling the trace around that tight hole. Then he inserted a finger. I would have normally recoiled against the sudden invasion into a hole designed as an exit, but after all my preparations, I was ready. It was like he was coming home. I wanted more.

“Come on, Baby! I’m ready. None of this sissy stuff.”

Then two fingers. He inserted them like he was picking up a bowling ball. Two in my asshole, one in my cunt. Oh it felt good! The ridges of his knuckles pressed against the sphincter muscle, and I put my hands on my ass cheeks and held my asshole open to him. “Ahaa!” He said, excited, and he quickly expanded the opening, this time using two fingers from his left hand, and two fingers from his right. I was going to be able to take this, I thought. So far, everything felt great.

He kept inserting lubricated fingers inside my gaping asshole. I was bucking against him, wanting more. I looked down to check on him. His dick was standing at attention again. “Fuck that ass!” I told him. “Fuck me in my ass.”

I didn’t need to tell him again. He dashed a squirt of lube across his dick and another on my asshole. He used his hand to spread the lube across his dick. I knew that the second erection would last and last. His glistening hard dick was just inches from my asshole. He was ready to plunge it in.

And Ooh I was so ready! I’m not going to tell you that it was anything like a good pussy fucking, because it’s not. It’s incredibly different. There’s a whole layer of skin blocking that dick from my cunt, but all the wires are still there. And having everything clean and a little wine in my system….ooooh, I could take it all night! My Baby stuck it in and Yes, it felt uncomfortable for maybe ten seconds, but he just held it there stiff as a pole and let my body adjust to the size. Then when I started rocking against it–the lightening started sizzling and rockets went off. If it started to feel a little intense, I just did what I did in the tub, I diddled my clit, letting the fireworks there distract me momentarily from his sheer size.

For a little while, I just felt slammed. Yes, it felt good, but I was at his mercy, you know what I mean? I couldn’t move much, I couldn’t react. I just crouched there on the edge of the bed, my ass over the side, his dick slamming into my asshole. It felt like almost too much. Then oh shit, it started to feel glorious. He reached around me and started jamming on my clit with his hand. I arched my back and I felt like the girl in the movie, “Deeper, Baby, deeper!”

He grabbed onto my hips and started slamming harder and faster. He pushed my lower back down, and I think he could feel the tip of his penis pushing to bust out, he could feel the motion through my flesh. The idea of that big ole dick of his just ramming my asshole, well it was such a turn-on. I looked at him through my legs, my ass high, trying to see what it looked like, his pink shaft disappearing inside of me, over and over. I couldn’t see him directly, not from that position, but I could see the reflection of him in the mirror on the inside of the door. He stood directly behind me, his hard dick lined up, pistoning in and out. Oh my god, it felt so good!

I couldn’t get enough! I clenched my sphincter around his dick and heard him catch his breath. Oooh that must have felt so tight! I clenched and clenched, gripping his dick with my tight, pink ass… “Give it to me!”

Oh sweet mother of god. The orgasm was so fucking insane! I felt it build and build, the clenching was starting to set it off. I could feel his dick hitting my G-spot, but it was coming at it from the wrong angle, and a layer of skin blocked it off. It felt exotic, like fucking my pussy through a layer of cloth. And from all the prepping I’d done with the enema a few hours before, my body was ready to explode! I felt the sensations build, higher and higher, and then there wasn’t much I could do. I clung to the layers of blanket on the bedspread, my man fucking and fucking from behind, the mattress slipping off the side from perpetual motion. I was completely absorbed by the intensity of having his dick in my ass.

The orgasm started washing through me, and I was its victim. It came over me like a wave, overpowering all my senses. There was a slight trickle of sweat rolling down my face. I closed my eyes, flooded with sensations. All I could feel was pushing and resisting, my body caught in a tug of war. I was about to bust! I was overwhelmed by the slam of his hard dick and my muscles clenching as hard as they could. I had no control. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” My fingers balled into fists. I started spasming against the soft cotton of my quilt. I wanted to push, push, push against him and he resisted by gripping the flesh of my ass like a pillow and jamming away. Phenomenal. I was crying out, yelling from the intensity, not wanting him to stop. I was pushing so hard, pushing, pushing, pushing. Cum started flying out, like jets of clear piss. My man saw the fluids flying. I could feel his dick tighten. “Shit Baby, shit! I’m gonna cum!” He gripped my hips, thrust his rod as deep as it would go and blew his load. I was still writhing and pulsing from my own orgasm and he more or less fell over me. We collapsed in a tussle of panting and heaving breasts. I couldn’t move. Muscles in my legs started twitching involuntarily. The flutter in my tummy didn’t quit for almost an hour.