Vision From The Canal Towpath

In all my wildest dreams, I never thought I’d get a chance to see something like this, and I will remember it forever!

I actually had a rather interesting weekend. I was out doing some bike riding along the river in a town about a half hour from where I live. The bike path is actually an old canal towpath, and it runs between the canal and the river. I was in a somewhat isolated spot, when I came out on an area where the riverbank has a little inset, and I came upon a group of teens, having a bit of fun in the river.

Just to keep it short and sweet, there were about 6 of them…4 girls and 2 guys, and all looked to be between 14 and 17, perhaps…it was hard to tell. And all of them were only in their underwear…not even swimsuits. And two of the girls were sitting on a log on one side of the inset, facing me, each with a hand inside the other’s panties.

I stopped pedaling and ducked behind a tree to watch. The part of the towpath I was biking on is little used, so they would only be spotted by anyone walking past, and from the tree I was behind, combined with the shrubbery, I had a perfect view across the inset, yet was invisible to them.

Well….I THOUGHT I was invisible to them. I’ll explain that at the end…

These two girls were simply beautiful! Both were brunettes, the one closest to the bank with a figure that was barely contained by the bra she wore, and the other with barely discernible breasts. And oblivious to their friends playing in the water near them, they were well into their finger play. It got even hotter a moment later when the first girl lifted her friend’s bra to her neck and began nibbling and licking on the most beautiful pair of breasts I’ve ever had the chance to see…barely big enough for a mouthful, but still perfect for licking….and that seemed to set them both off. And when it was over, their lips met in a long lingering kiss, and then both girls removed their bras and dived into the water.

It goes without saying that I had to keep myself under control out of necessity, and I took that moment to quietly hop on my bike, and I rode past the scene, giving the group a friendly wave as I biked out of sight.

I biked another three miles or so, then turned to return back to where I parked my car. As I was passing by the inset, all the kids were gone except for the two girls I’d watched earlier enjoying each other. They were just climbing back onto their own bikes to head home, I was guessing.

And as I pedaled by, the younger one casually called out to me “Hey, did you like what you saw earlier?”

I almost crashed into the canal, I was so shocked at having been found out….!!!!

They just laughed, said “see ya”, and pedaled off in the opposite direction.

And that scene has been dominating my fantasies ever since!!!