Visit to Haridwar

I met Soumya in Canada when we were sixteen. I was visiting my aunt in Mississauga (Greater Toronto area). My aunt and Soumya’s uncle both were neighbors in the same condominium.

My aunt; a single woman was always out of town and I had been all alone. And then I met Soumya; a young pleasant girl of my age. We both introduced each other with very warm welcoming smiles and became friends quickly. All the days in Canada and from then onward became more and more interesting. We had lots of fun in Toronto that summer.

It was all girlish and childish fun; we played in the rains enjoyed strong winds; loved cycling along the trails; many times we went out wearing just our nighties. One day we found that we both were naked under our nighties. We went swimming wearing the smallest of bikinis teasing the boys. We were everywhere always together.

When my vacation ended; we were nervous; we cried in each other’s arms; we parted our ways with small little gifts of hair bands and cheap nail paints and promised to keep in communication. We kept our promises through the months to come. After almost a year Soumya wrote me that she was visiting her relatives in India and wanted me to join her. As usual, I had no money and thanked her for her invitation while expressing my inability. However, Soumya and her parents were relentlessly pressuring me to join them. Then Soumya’s family made all my arrangements to travel and I could not deny their request anymore. Soumya was arriving in India that second week of Jun and I was to follow within a few days soon.

I landed at International Airport in Delhi where I was received by Soumya and her uncle. We traveled by their car to the industrial city of Ludhiana. All the people from her family were very loving and caring. It was great fun having Indian food and plenty of time going around the city. We visited the Golden Temple in Amritsar and historic places around. Then we decided to visit her grandmother in the nearby village, Sahnehawal on the banks of river Satluj.

I was visiting the Indian village for the first time. The houses in the village are very close to each other. Though some houses are built like farmhouses; such houses are far apart. The houses have flat roof terraces with just one-foot-high parapet wall. These terraces are mostly used for drying agricultural produce in the hot sun during the day times. When we reached there it was a very hot summer.

I noticed that the people in general are very conservative. The social rules do not permit girls to wear revealing dresses. However new fashion trends have picked up in cities. Most young girls love to wear modern dresses showing off their body curves. Occasionally one could see some extreme dresses in public. However within small communities usually the dresses are quite modest. Even during the sweltering hot days, girls were covering their bodies completely. I did not see any girl wearing shorts and t-shirts or sleeveless tank tops.

Young girls at least could wear a dress called ghagra-choli. I found that dress most comfortable because the choli was like a short backless top and the ghagra looked like a long skirt held at the waist with a drawstring. Some elder women were seen wearing Indian saris with an under skirt called Petticoat. Though it is stitched from a thin muslin cotton type material, it is very warm when worn under the Indian sari. I could not understand how comfortable would be wearing that. The weird feature of the petticoat was a deep and wide V-cut to open very wide at the top to make it easy to pull over the legs and then tie it at the waist. Many women tie it up just below the armpits covering their body from breasts to thighs while taking bath. The muslin fabric is so thin that the petticoat becomes completely sheer when wet. I thought I would prefer ghagra choli for myself.

I could not imagine how I would endure the extremely hot and blazing days of June. One day we were told about the weekly market. Soumya and I went to see the weekly market with the village girls. The weekly market was very colorful with almost all the things with catchy colors. We bought a total of six sets of ghagra choli for us with multiple bright colors. Soumya selected a very modest choli covering the back and front with a deep neckline and a similar deep v-cut at the back. Her ghagra was of modest length so that she could tie it at her waist near the belly button and it would cover up to her calves. I selected my sleeveless cholis completely backless which covered only the front from shoulders to a few ribs below my breasts and needed to be tied with the strings. My ghagra was a little short in length and had to be tied about three inches below my belly button. It would then cover up to a few inches below my knees. I liked it because it was not like a fashion design and was more of a village trend. However, all the ghagra choli dresses released the colors while washing and the colors faded within a few days. Though the material became quite sheer, very soft and soothing and I loved to wear those.

Soumya’s friends and relatives considered me to be fully conversant with the Indian Punjabi traditions and expected me to be dressed like them. Even though it was quite uncomfortable to be dressed like them all the time, I was deeply touched by the love and affection I received from her grandparents.

Soumya’s grandparents had a few worker girls from the village working at their home. I noticed that they were taking daily clothes for washing to the river every day during the late afternoon. I did not know that the granddaughters of wealthy people do not mingle and play with the low-caste worker girls of the village. However one day when I asked Soumya’s grandmother if we could go to the river with the worker girls, we were allowed with the caution to be careful at the river.

It was fun watching them washing clothes in the river. The village girls played in the river and swam. I wanted to swim in the river like them but I am not used to swim wearing flowing dresses like village girls and Soumya was quite shy to get into a bikini in presence of grandparent’s worker girls. So we were avoiding the river water. They all knew that I came from the islands and I’m a good swimmer. Eventually, I told them that I can swim wearing the bikini but not otherwise. I was not carrying any bikini with me since Soumya never mentioned any beaches around the place. Finally, we decided that I should swim with them while wearing panties and a bra and share my swimming skills. And all the girls promised to keep it secret from the grandparents; I agreed with the suggestion.

When they saw me in my panties and bra they were extremely shocked to notice how tiny it looked and to them, I was standing with them out in open at the river bank almost naked. But when they saw me swimming through the current of fast-flowing waters and how I managed to swim so fast even against the current, they were amazed and wanted to learn my techniques. I was very happy to share my swimming techniques including the lifesaving methods in the water. I developed a special friendship bond with them. I am used to getting naked and changing into dry clothes after a swim and could not change my wet clothes like them. The girls were shocked to see me getting naked out in the open in full view of other girls, but then I was their valuable instructor and they got used to me getting naked. Soumya told me that she heard girls whispering amongst themselves about your hairy armpits and pussy. Well, I didn’t bother about anything as far as we were going with them for a river swim.

The nights were comparatively cooler than the days, but it was impossible to sleep inside closed rooms. We asked if we can sleep at night on the open terrace. Though, Soumya’s grandparents never climbed up the terrace due to their old age. However, we were allowed to climb up and sleep on the terrace in open. It was very interesting and intriguing to sleep under the open sky on the terrace watching the stars. We used to be awake chatting about many things till very late at night and get up quite late after the sun was quite high in the sky. One day the people did not clear the terrace of some leftover grains and we must have put our beds on the terrace without properly cleaning the terrace. That morning the birds were picking the grains very close to us. A faint idea just appeared in my mind as to how it would feel if the birds pick up the grain particles sprayed on my body. The idea just disappeared quickly with the new things coming up during the day.

That particular day was difficult and sad for all of us. Soumya’s uncle from Ludhiana arrived with the information that a distant brother of Soumya’s grandfather was seriously ill and was taken to the hospital. All the members were very tense with this sudden development. The grandfather left the village with her uncle. Soumya and I were supposed to continue with her grandmother until further development. We were very happy to continue in the village.

On the second or third night, the air was extremely hot. We went to sleep on the open terrace. Due to some reason, the worker girls had not cleared the terrace that evening and I placed my bed close to the grains spread for drying. It was impossible to sleep wearing anything that night. We knew that no one would come upstairs until morning. So I decided to sleep naked. I removed all my clothes and sat naked on the bed. Watching me Soumya too got naked. For quite some time we chatted and just played with the grains and we must have dropped some grain particles on my bed. It felt so good to pour some grains on my naked body. We must have been awake almost all night and did not know when we fell asleep.

It was quite late in the morning when I was woken up by the strange feeling of something walking over my naked body. Through half-lidded eyes, I noticed that Soumya was already gone down. Without turning my head I could see the bird facing toward my legs standing on my flat stomach. It felt quite ticklish and very good so I held my body still without making any reflexive movements. The bird slowly started moving down towards my pussy. I was sexually aroused with anticipation. It stood right in the trimmed pussy hair and then suddenly it started pecking at my clit. It roughly nibbled my clit and pulled some grain from my pussy slit. I felt extremely horny and sexually aroused. It was a great experience. The bird flew off in moments giving me a better idea to stuff my pussy slit with more grains and invite birds to do grain pecking. Without fully getting up I picked up a fistful of grains and inserted it in my pussy and poured some grains on my breasts and continued laying in my bed. Within minutes more birds arrived and started pecking the grains from my breasts and pussy. It was an extremely arousing experience for the next thirty minutes. Reluctantly I got up for the day and decided to have more fun the next day. I told Soumya what had happened with the birds; she playfully touched my pussy.

That morning Soumya’s grandmother was little uneasy and was seriously thinking about something. By afternoon she asked Soumya to speak with her uncle to inform him that she intends to visit the town of Haridwar for a few weeks. She was certainly hopeful that the bad situation will be overcome with the grace of God. By evening the plan to move her to Haridwar was finalized and we were also to go with the grandmother.

The next day after starting early morning we reached Haridwar late afternoon. Haridwar is a small town crowded with visiting tourists and pilgrims.

The major portion of Haridwar town is on the eastern side of the river canal. There are many good hotels in the town but Soumya’s grandmother wanted to be in the simple guest house called Dharmshala. She felt that the use of such luxuries in the place of God appears like an act of vulgar display of wealth and power. Dharmshala is a simple construction of rooms for pilgrims with basic facilities of washrooms. These dharmshalas are located alongside the Eastern bank of the river canal. There were short narrow lanes approaching the canal where women could take a dip in the canal and wash their clothes. Almost all the bathing places on the eastern bank of the canal are for women; though children below the age of twelve or thirteen accompany their mothers and sisters to the bathing places. Surprisingly there are no changing rooms for women. I noticed all girls and women changing their wet clothes out in open.

Many discourse halls are very close to dharmshalas where pilgrims attend religious discourses daily. Soumay’s grandmother wanted to attend those discourses all day during her stay in this religious town. Soumya and I were to help her with her morning routine and walk her to the discourse. We had to again walk her back at five in the evening. The laundry services were available and we were using them as required. All day then we would be on our own and it would be quite boring to spend all the time just sitting in the guest house. This first day here was exceptionally hot and sunny. After leaving the grandmother for the discourse in the morning at nine am we took a walk along the canal and watched the activities of the people.

The main religious place of worship is Har Ki Pauri; the temple of the river Ganges and is on the banks of a canal that emerges from upstream of the Dam on the river Ganges. Near the temple, both banks of the canal are built up with steps and metal chains tied to the iron pickets for safety. Barely two hundred meters downstream of Har Ki Pauri the first pedestrian bridge allows pilgrims to cross the canal. There is one more pedestrian bridge across the canal five hundred meters downstream. The main area of Har Ki Pauri and the Eastern bank is very crowded. While walking along the Western bank of the canal one could see that the Eastern bank basically has numerous built-up bathing places for women which are well connected to the hotels and Dharamshalas.

The main bridge for vehicular crossing only for cars is almost a kilometer downstream from the pedestrian bridge and connects the main road from the railway station to a road called Haridwar Road leading to Rishikesh. The bridge is known as Lal Tara bridge. After another kilometer downstream the canal has a closing sluice gate that releases water into the irrigation canal.

We saw that people have to be very careful while bathing in the canal due to the high current of the water. All the bathing places at Har ki Pauri and further down along the Eastern bank are quite safe. The area downstream of the Har Ki Pauribridge along the Western bank is less crowded. Though, many families are seen bathing together maintaining the social distance and privacy for bathing women. Hardly any pilgrim families are seen bathing upstream and downstream of the Lal Tara bridge except the local boys and school-going children.

Soumya already knew about this place but it was an entirely new experience for me. It was amazing to watch the unimaginably wide contrast between conservative orthodoxism and the openness of young girls and women taking baths in open in full view of many boys and men. At some bathing spots along the Western bank of the canal down south of the pedestrian bridge, we saw a small group of young girls and women bathing. Mostly a woman uses her petticoat by tying it above their breasts under the armpits during the bath. That covers their naked body from breasts to a few inches above their knees; though these petticoats have a wide slit at the top which many times expose the female naked body. Sometimes girls just wrap their naked bodies with a thin sari and complete the bathing ritual quickly; though boys and men enjoy watching young women bathing like that because bathing girls are barely covered with sheer clothes. Fully drenched in water one could see every curve of their girly body including their breasts and nipples. It was clearly visible through their wet and transparent petticoat that the girls did not shave their pussy and they were unaware of flashing hairy pussy to the people. As Soumya told me at all the bathing locations anywhere along the canal we could take bath wearing any kind of clothing except bikinis. We did not notice even a single girl wearing a bikini.

After walking almost everywhere along the canal we were back to the dharmshala before noon. I was feeling very sweaty and thirsty. After a few minutes, Soumya asked me hesitantly.

“How about cold water freshening bath at the canal?”

Suddenly I felt energized and quickly grabbed my clothes and towel in a bag. Though Soumya immediately stopped me and cautioned that this is a crowded place with many types of people and one can lose everything anytime; so it is better to go with minimum essential clothes. Soumya knew that I won’t be able to bathe wearing all the clothes like local girls. She picked up one of the white petticoats of grandmother and asked me to wear it while bathing.

When we reached the canal we saw only two young women bathing. It seemed quite common for females to bathe together closely without any issues of privacy. Though, the women were bathing without removing any clothes from their bodies. I was wondering how could someone have a bath without taking off their clothes. Anyways, as we started changing our clothes for bathing standing very close to them on the steps I could feel their curious eyes glancing in our direction frequently. When I whispered to Soumya about their curious glances she asked me to ignore it and smiled at me. I barely heard her suggesting some teasing.

Wearing only the white petticoat as I took a deep in the chilling cold canal water I had goosebumps all over my body and my nipples stood pocking out like standing nails. My petticoat was purchased at the weekly market which was very sheer and became completely transparent when wet. Now while underwater, it was clinging to my body and I was appearing like I was completely naked. I tried to stand in the water facing upstream holding the supporting rail. But the petticoat got spread between my legs obstructing the water flow and I lost the hold of the supporting rail; I was tossed uncontrollably into the water; Soumya immediately pulled me out of the water holding my hand. The other two women too were watching me and appeared scared. Soumya looked at me and asked if I was OK. I again wanted to get in the water. Realizing my intention Soumya loudly told me to get in the water without wearing a petticoat. When I glanced at Soumya with a surprised look on my face she said very loudly and clearly so that other women also could hear her, “There is no one here watching us. You can as well get naked in the water; otherwise, you will get drowned in the canal!!”

The other women pretended as if they did not hear us. Quickly I got naked and got into the water. I noticed both the women smilingly staring at my naked body through the corner of their eyes. After a few moments coming out of the water, I asked Soumya for body soap which I knew that we didn’t have any. I then walked into those women and asked if I could borrow their body soap. Now I offered them a full view of my completely naked body dripping with water exposing my thick pussy bush and hairy armpits. Holding the body soap I requested Soumya to apply the soap on my back. Soumya immediately got the clue and within moments her hands were all over my naked body. The women could not resist the temptation. They openly started staring at Soumya playing with my breasts and erect nipples. Soumya did not hesitate to spread my legs to apply ample soap to my hairy pussy and clean my pussy thoroughly between my pussy slit. Soumya continued playing with my naked body until the women announced that they had to be leaving. We thanked them sincerely for sharing the soap and promised to see them again the next day. We came back to dharmshala after four noon.

The next day after walking Soumya’s grandmother to the discourse we had a quick breakfast and went for a walk all along the Western Bank of the canal. We identified certain spots downstream of Lal Tara bridge for our visit the next day and came back to the same bathing spot which we bathed the previous day and waited for those women to come. As we saw the previous day’s women approaching us we greeted them and soon they joined us for bathing. However today the women removed their clothes and wrapped their bodies with a single piece of sari. I sensed the women feeling confident and daring to have a bath in open with their naked bodies simply covered in a thin piece of sari. I glanced at Soumya and saw her staring at them. She smiled looking at me. As one of them emerged from the water completely soaked in a dripping wet sari that was clinging to her skin exposing every portion of her naked body. Suddenly she was directly looking at me and I was caught rudely staring at her. I smiled at her openly examining her almost naked appearance and asked if the water was very cold. She nodded smilingly as she observed me entering the cold water. I had to struggle in the water to keep my balance and I realized that it was just impossible for me to bathe safely wearing anything on my body. I slightly got drifted downstream and decided to come out of the canal water. When I started coming out of the water surprisingly the woman herself suggested me to bathe without any clothes like yesterday. I dropped my wet petticoat next to her and got completely naked. Initially, the women continued watching me bathing completely naked in their full view. Soon one of them offered their bathing soap. Realizing their intention I asked her if she needed my help to soap her back. She felt very shy and reluctant but on insisting by Soumya she agreed to allow me to soap her back.

Soumya continued talking with her as I joined her soaping her back. I started from the back of her neck and slowly soaped her back completely; my hands were traversing the entire width and length of her exposed naked back. Her body shuddered as my fingers felt her butt crack. I thought she will resist me but I sensed that her body movements were giving easy access for my hands to the parts of her body. I touched her ribs just above her waist with my slippery hands and moved upwards into her armpits feeling the firm side of her breast; I felt her slightly move making way for my hands to touch the front of her breast. I could not resist this offered opportunity and applied soap over her breasts slightly playing with her erect perky nipples. She suddenly turned her face and looked at me. When I apologized saying sorry she smiled and said, “It’s Ok”

There was no stopping after that moment. As Soumya continued talking with other women I soaped her body completely including front and back; while doing so her piece of sari completely came off and she was sitting completely naked like me. Soon my hands and fingers were playing with her dripping pussy. Apparently, never before she had experienced touches of exploring hands and fingers like mine offering heightened senses of sexual pleasure like this. All inhabitations were lost and it was a full display of sexual arousal out in open. The other woman was also sexually aroused while watching us and soon Soumya had her hands engaged on offered naked body. As the woman with me slumped her body with sexual exhaustion I rinsed the piece of her sari and wrapped it around her.

The two women were so emboldened that we did not care even if someone was watching us playing with each other’s naked bodies. Even though it was late afternoon time and most pilgrims had taken baths for attending religious duties and the bathing places were exclusively for women it was quite a possibility of someone likely to be watching from the opposite bank. The raging sexual arousal was so powerful that it shattered all the limits of our female behavior at the public bathing place out in open. Soon it was time to be back. Smilingly and happily we hugged our naked bodies and parted carrying the lingering scent of female sexual arousal on our bodies.

That evening we went with the grandmother to Har Ki Pauri for evening prayers. The grandmother retired to her bed immediately after light supper. Soumya suggested another walk to Lal Tara bridge. As we were silently watching the flowing canal water in the growing darkness of the evening our minds were pondering over the details of events at the women’s bathing place in the afternoon. Suddenly Soumya said, “We should bring our laundry for washing here tomorrow afternoon.”

As I looked at Soumya questioningly she explained. Her grandmother was wearing white color Indian sari daily all the time. Her clothes to be washed every day were more than five sarees, bed sheets, and other inner clothing like petticoats and towels. Usually, the clothes were given to the laundry man who brought them back the next day after cleaning. Soumya suggested bringing those clothes for washing here. She said that she had seen some people cleaning clothes in the afternoon; it will be a very good place to get wet washing the clothes and then have a bath in the warm afternoon sun. A little tan always looks good. I smiled cheeringly at her suggestion.

The next day after the grandmother was gone for her daily discourse we had a light breakfast. We changed into our overwashed ghagra-choli dresses. Then we went for a casual walk along the western bank of the canal and made a special note that the spot we had selected for our laundry cleaning was clear of people. Only a few boys were jumping in the canal a little upstream of Lal Tara bridge and swimming down the current and getting on the bank. They appeared to be just playful boys loving their swimming. We came back to dharmshala and immediately started getting ready for our little adventure. While Soumya was collecting the laundry I pulled out our petticoats and our uncleaned dresses for washing. Within minutes we were at the bottom of Lal Tara bridge. The afternoon summer breeze felt quite strong and pleasant.

We noticed the same local boys still swimming there. They were jumping in the water a little upstream of the bridge and swim along the current to reach below the bridge. We sat there for about fifteen minutes watching their swimming game. Apparently, they too got curious about us. Sensing their interest in us we moved to a location a little away from them. But they could still see our movements very clearly. Though Soumya was the first to get undressed and tie the petticoat over her breasts under the armpits. Soumya was looking stunning and sexy. However, Soumya appeared to be a little hesitant to get in the water and swim due to quite cold water and strong wind. However, I was unable to resist my urge to get into the water.

I stood up glancing in the direction of the boys. The boys were looking curiously in our direction. We already had their full attention. I took a squatting position and started going through the clothes we had to wash. I pulled out a white piece of cloth that the grandmother used to cover her shoulders. It is called a dupatta which is almost a sheer muslin cotton piece long enough to wrap around the body. Through the corner of my eyes, I saw that the boys were continuously watching our moves. I undid the ties of my choli and wrapped the dupatta around my shoulder covering my body below the neck up to my lower hips. Then facing the sun I slowly pulled out my choli; though while undoing the ghagra the dupatta was getting blown up uncontrollably because of the wind. I pretended to struggle to keep the dupatta wrapped around my waist but it was getting blown and exposing my hairy pussy for a few moments. With a few minutes of effort, I could undo my ghagra but I was sure that they had seen me getting naked under the wrapped dupatta.

Standing on the lowest step above the water first I took some time in tying my hair in a tight ponytail which made my postures very erotic to them. I felt the looseness of the knot of my wrapped dupatta but I was not worried at all. Then as I started soaking the clothes in the cold water of the canal I got wet below my waist.

Since the water felt very cold I sat for a while on the steps facing the canal and was talking to Soumya. Occasionally we were looking in the direction of the boys, we were quite engrossed in our talks. Soon we saw the boys now swimming right in front of us and getting out of the water where we were sitting. When the boys smiled looking at us I sweetly smiled at them. When I started soaping our water-soaked laundry more boys started swimming down to the place where we were washing and getting out on the steps just next to us. At one moment one of the boys unintentionally splashed water and I got water soaked from my neck below making the wrapped dupatta completely transparent on my naked body. Now for the boys, I was like completely naked. As Soumya noticed two three boys swimming down to our spot she asked me to stand up and rinse the water from washed clothes. So I stood up and with the help of Soumya, we started squeezing water from one of the pieces. The knot of the dupatta felt very loose but I thought I will tighten it before I pick up the next clothing piece.

Both the boys stopped swimming and continued in the water holding the support chain just in front of me. They were less than three feet from me and intently staring at me. I knew that they were checking every part of my exposed naked body including water dripping from my hairy armpits. Since the sheer wet dupatta was now completely transparent it was exposing my fully erect nipples and thick bush on my dripping pussy. I knew that the knot was coming loose and the water-soaked dupatta would drop from my body any moment. Actually, I was feeling aroused with the anticipation of letting the boys watch my dripping naked body. When I smiled looking at Soumya my leg suddenly slid over a slippery step under the water and I slipped into the water. I was almost getting tossed in the strong current water but I managed to get my hold on the support chain close to one of the boys there. The current was so strong that I had to hold on to the arm of the boy closest to me. Quickly the boys too noticed me and I was held safe in the arms of the boy. I quickly hugged him and kept pressing my body into his chaste and front.

However, like the day before my covering dupatta could not hold onto my body. Already loosening knot gave way and the dupatta was already gone from my body leaving me completely naked in the arms of the boy holding me in the water and hanging on the support chain. As I realized my naked state when the boy pushed me on the upper steps I pretended to be passing out partially. I let the boys do whatever is required to do to treat the drowning person. Resting my body on the steps partially in the water my hands were pulled over my head and legs wide spread. Soumya stood there completely shocked and unable to comprehend anything happening around her.

The boys presumed that I would have swallowed a lot of water and it had to come out of my body. So one boy kept my hands pinned over my head and the other boy started giving me CPR. Soon the boy at my head suggested that he has make me pee. The boy doing compression on my breasts did not know how to help an unconscious girl to pee. Boy pinning my hands had seen someone tickling a cow’s pussy to collect cow urine. They changed the position and the boy from my head came to work on my pussy to make it pee. As he started touching and rubbing my pussy lips his fingers reached my clit. My pussy was immediately on fire and the clit engorged like a sprouting peanut. Apparently, the boy had never seen a girl’s clit popping out like mine. He started vigorously rubbing the clit. It was feeling so good that I did not want to end his playing with my pussy. Seeing his efforts giving no effect he started fingering my pussy. He was ramming hard and shaking inside like a concrete vibrator. A few drips dribbled from my pussy but nothing more. Noticing some liquid dripping from my pussy the boy at my head asked him to suck my pussy so that pee would come out. He was kind and eager to use his mouth. The very next moment I felt his lips closing on the opening of my pussy and sucking it very hard. I felt the suction all over my pussy and my pussy was completely sucked into his mouth. I had a strong feeling of internal explosion and eruption but somehow I was unable to pee. Finally, the boy started using his teeth all over my pussy and pussy lips. At one moment I felt a severe bite at my clit followed by more bits ministered at my clit. As his lips traversed through my pussy slit and closed tightly on my pussy opening I could not hold and let my pussy erupt into a strong gushing flow of liquid into his mouth. I did not know if he held my pee in his mouth or drank it, but I felt his tongue and lips sucking hard till it ended into an oozing dribble from my pussy hole.

I had my eyes closed like I was unconscious all the time. The boy then started hitting hard at my pussy to wake me up. When I opened my eyes I pretended to be incoherent and asked him, “What are you doing?”

Both the boys quickly walked away leaving me with Soumya. She knew that I would have enjoyed the boy’s sucking mouth on my pussy. Covering my naked body she thanked both the boys and we were back to dharmshala before it was late. Though while climbing the steps at Lal Tura bridge I could not help looking for the boys. Since I was completely naked out in open in clear view of any people in the close vicinity of our spot and the boys were sucking on my pussy, I felt very emboldened. Somehow I felt convinced that having a completely nude bath in this public place at Lal Tura bridge would go unnoticed during the late afternoon time. I was sure that the boys were watching us from their hiding place.

The next day after morning breakfast we were sitting on the Western bank of the canal near Har Ki Poudi our minds were pondering over the details of happenings near Lal Tura Bridge. Suddenly Soumya suggested that it may be a good idea to visit the boys again in the afternoon to thank them for their help and express our gratitude. I was also thinking the same but I was not sure how to go about it because I had difficulty speaking their language. Soumya quickly framed some short and simple sentences in Hindi and practiced me to repeat them for the boys. We concluded that I would go alone first and speak to them. Soumya would join me after a few moments. And if the opportunity arises we planned for more active exhibitionism for the boys. Actually, I already had managed two small pieces of discarded white sari which I could use for wrapping around my waist and breasts. A few days before, I had seen one woman having a bath in the canal wearing a sari with the same material, and noticed that it was completely transparent in water. I decided to present myself wearing only those two pieces while completely drenched in water exposing myself almost completely naked to them.

As planned I reached the same spot beneath the Lal Tura bridge a little after mid-afternoon carrying the large bag full of laundry. While descending the steps I saw the group of the same boys playing the same game in the canal water as the previous day. I made sure that I was noticed by them. I noticed some boys speaking amongst themselves directly looking in my direction. I could imagine that they were talking about me. I sat on the steps looking at the canal for a few minutes while watching the boys through the corner of my eyes. Since no one approached in my direction I thought possibly I was wrong; those may be different boys; because they all look alike. So I quickly undressed and covered my naked body with already selected sheer pieces wrapping around my waist and breasts. However, I realized my mistake of having cut the pieces to a very small width which barely covered my hips from behind, and my pussy was almost exposed from the front. For a few moments, I was concerned but then I saw that hardly any people were around and decided to continue.

As I commenced soaping my first set of clothes after a quick dip in the cold water of the canal I noticed that it was getting cloudy. I realized that while working on laundry in a squatting or sitting position my pussy was completely visible from the front. Also because of the very less width even in a standing position my pussy hair was hanging out below the lower seam of the wrapping. I decided to avoid standing or facing anyone from the front and continued soaping the clothes. I was not expecting any boys to come to me since I was convinced that the boys from the previous day were not at the canal. As a precaution, I came down to the lowest steps just above the water and continued my work facing the canal.

Suddenly two boys came from upstream swimming down and stopped right in front of me holding the supporting rail and the chain. It was so sudden that by the time I noticed them they were already there. Since I was caught completely unaware I pretended to be unconcerned and looked at them. They were smiling at me and I recognized them. They were the same boys whom I met the previous day. Both had wide grins on their faces and they were directly staring at my pussy. The boy asked me, “How are you?”

“I am very good. Thanks.” I replied. Then the other boy said something in his language which I did not understand. So I said, “I came to thank you for your help.”

Now the boy said in their local language, “Tum nangi bahot sunder dikhati ho!!” I could understand only one word – sunder means beautiful. I thanked him again

“I don’t know how I would repay you for your help.” I expressed my gratitude.

Then they came on the step and sat at my feet. “You understand our language!!” One of them said and both looked at me.

“Umm Little little!!” I said smilingly. I did not want to expose my lack of knowledge about their language.

Then they were saying some sentences and I was just nodding while smiling at them with my slight responses saying, “Yeah or Yes.”

“I don’t know how I would repay you for your help.” I expressed my gratitude.

I thought they knew what I was saying. Quickly he said, “Oh yes. Tumhare chut ka juice bahot achha aur tasty hai. Dubara milega to achha hoga!!” I picked the words tasty juice.

“Yeah. Why not? You can have it right now.” I said smilingly.

The boys looked surprised to see me agree so quickly. “Wow. This is very quick and very good.”

One of them stood up to look around to see if anyone was approaching, and the other boy quickly spread my legs using his both hands. Before I could realize what was happening his mouth was already on my pussy with his lips sealing my cunt hole. My pussy was immediately subjected to the powerful suction by his mouth and his tongue was exploring the inner walls of my vagina. Soon I felt my clit getting sucked in his mouth and his tongue twirling around it again and again. The huge wave of sexual arousal exploded from the depths of my pussy and traveled through the innermost core of my tight stomach erupting at the tips of my nipples making them stand erect like pegs on the top of my swelling breasts. Another powerful twirling with electrifying nibbling at my clit sucked all the blood from my body toward my pussy. My inner organs were exploding everywhere. My head was thrown back with my eyes rolling up and my mouth gasping for breath. My both hands tried to reach his head to pull it away from my pussy but my hands were pinned by the other boy over my head. Suddenly all my senses were rushing in the direction of my exploding cunt; all muscles were drawn to the tip of my clit and I had a thunderous eruption somewhere inside my cunt. With each contraction of my stomach muscles huge quantity of liquid was erupting in the form of a powerful fountain from my pussy. I don’t know how long my pussy was erupting like a broken water line and I don’t know how long the boy was sucking that juicy liquid from my cunt but when my body lay in through exhaustion on the steps I realized Soumya was holding my thrown back head in her both hands and she was staring at my face in shocking amazement.

The boys were still sitting at my knees with their eyes glued to my pussy. I heard someone asking what happened to me. Soumya and the boys replied that I slipped over the steps and fell in the water. They were helping me to throw all the water from my body. The enquiring person blessed them and walked away.

I heard Soumya asking something to the boys for which they were telling her that I had agreed to their request for giving them sweet pussy juices. Though the other boy disappointedly told her that he didn’t even get a drop of pussy juice from my cunt. Soumya looked around and up in the skies; then assured him that he too may get it.

It was getting dark with thick clouds of rain in the sky; the wind was blowing a little hard and it was a sign of likely very heavy rains. As anticipated it soon started raining very heavily; it was really pouring like they say “cats and dogs”. We noticed all the people rushing back to their rooms in hotels or dharmshalas. But we were not in rush at all. I saw Soumya fully drenched in the rain when I caught her staring at me. Looking naughtily at the boys she winked and quickly we both got completely naked out in open in full view of those two boys and who so ever was looking in our direction.

When Soumya took her seat on the steps, she called the other boy and shouted at me, “Hey. Run the juicer in my cunt and give him a drink. Initially, I started by fingering her pussy hard and asked the boy to give nice bites to her erect nipples. Soon Soumya’s cunt was on fire. I could feel her cunt muscles holding very tightly on my fingers and her clit engorged like a tiny penis. I asked the boys to suck her cunt and bite severely at her clit while I switched to giving bites to her tits.

While my mouth was busy at Soumya’s nipples the earlier boy again got his mouth on my pussy. My pussy was still trickling juices. We four-two completely naked girls allowing the boys to eat and suck our cunts and bite erect nipples out in the heavy rain were playing the sexual fireworks till the fire in our cunts was raging like a huge storm. When Soumya’s cunt erupted into a huge fountain the boy could not contain his pleasure. His mouth was changing from drinking to sucking to twirling his tongue at her clit and looking for another eruption. Finally, Soumya lay on the steps in exhaustion. Suddenly an elderly couple came along and saw the boys playing with our naked bodies out in open. I walked boldly exposing my hairy cunt and erect nipples to them and then turned right. They were outraged and disgusted to see such an outrageous display of sexual performance by letting the boys touch horny cunts and hungry nipples out in open. We saw them walking away with angry stares. But it was great fun and an unthinkable thrill to allow the unknown boys not only to touch our naked bodies and sex-hungry cunts but letting them suck and bite our nipples and clits in full view of passerby people.

We continued our sexual play for another thirty–forty minutes and as the rain slowed down it was time to end the show. There was always a possibility of someone calling the cops on us. So we quickly kissed good by to the boys and in return boys offered departing suction to our cunts and nipples.

We were back to dharmshala just a few minutes before five pm. We quickly changed into dry clothes and were ready to bring the grandmother from the discourse. Our pussies were still dripping drop by drop and our bodies were still smelling of sex. But the feeling was extremely heavenly. We were sure the boys would remember their day with two naked girls in the heavy rains forever.

It was still raining. So Soumya decided to go alone to bring the grandmother while I waited at the dharmshala. It was more than twenty minutes after Soumya was gone for the grandmother when I saw her uncle getting down the car at the door. He told that we had to leave immediately for Chandigarh.

When Soumya was back with the grandmother and noticed her uncle we both knew that something was serious. We immediately departed from Haridwar and reached Chandigarh an hour after midnight. The grandmother was dropped at one of the relatives and we were driven back to the village Sahnehawal. Having been traveling in the car all through the night we were very tired and slept all day.

The next day was bad news about the death of a distant brother to Soumya’s grandfather. He was more than ninety-seven and was seriously ill since we had gone to Haridwar. As per the Indian culture lot of rituals are to be performed after someone’s death in the family. I stayed with Soumya for more than a week after the sad day. However one day Soumya herself asked me if I would prefer to go back home.

Soumya was right. It was quite an awkward situation for both of us. Very next day someone drove me to Delhi and I was flying to Mumbai. During the flight, I met a beautiful Israeli girl Shira. She was visiting a beautiful beach south of Goa. Since I had more than ten days before my flight back to Seychelles I asked her if I could join her. I have been missing the beauty of sea beaches while with Soumya. Though a visit to Haridwar was very pleasant and memorable because of the last two days.

During my exhibitionist beach walk along the water line one day I was wearing my slingshot string bikini. My bikini was only two thin strings passing over my shoulder and coming together at my belly button below which it was disappearing in the depths of my pussy slit and emerging from behind through my butt crack. I was walking almost completely naked to be seen by all. I was enjoying the stares from the people and halting occasionally to talk to the beach walkers. I liked their stolen glances toward my erect nipples and pussy. Some girls were curious about the feeling of the string buried between pussy lips. I was walking in my own world absorbing the feeling of a nice rubbing of the string at my clit.

That is when I saw a girl sleeping completely naked in the sand. People were walking around her and staring at her erotic naked pose in the sand. Some people were making fun of her unshaven pussy and armpits. I sat a little away from her watching her. I did not know who she was and what I would do for her. So I walked to the closeby tourist huts to see if someone knew her. I could not find anyone.

When I was coming back to her I thought I saw a person dropping a fisherman basket full of live crabs a little away from her. All the live crabs started moving in all directions in the sand. It was a woman; she cursed and walked away after picking up her empty basket. Most crabs found a hiding place under the body of the naked girl. She was sleeping in a wide eagle position with her legs and arms spread like an eagle exposing her hairy armpits and wide gaping cunt hole. When I noticed two big crabs entering her open cunt hole I thought either she is dead or completely passed out.

When I checked the girl she was smelling of liquor and was heavily drunk. I tried to wake her up but she was just completely drunk. When I was looking around for someone to help me to take her to safety a person appeared from nowhere and told me that he had seen her with a man in the hut above. With his help, I took her up to the hut and waited for her to regain consciousness.

When she woke up from the effect of liquor I told her how vulnerable she was sleeping naked like a dead body in the sand. I did not tell her about crabs getting inside her cunt. Though I noticed bites by the crabs at her pussy and had applied liquor to her pussy. Her name was Ammy.

Ammy was a girl from Faridabad coming to the sea beach for the first time. She looked very sexy and hot when naked. I thought I can bring her into bikini modeling. I gave her my address and contacts. After another three days in the company of that beautiful Indian girl Ammy, I was heading back to catch the flight.

To Seychelles.