Visit to My Sister

I am Ammy for Amruta. I am a village girl from a small village near Katni. It’s amazing how some events change life completely. Mostly the life of the village girl is simple; go to school up to eighth grade then work in the field and once you are eighteen get married. I had not imagined any different life for me. I am the second child of my parents. I was born five years after my elder sister Arshy. Arshy was married when I was thirteen. After marriage, she used to visit us once in a while. She used to tell very interesting stories about her new place and during her visit it used to be very happy times for me. She was living in the neighboring town of Faridabad near the capital city of Delhi. Being her little sister she used to bring lots of gifts and new clothes for me. Since then I had imagined visiting Delhi, though I knew it would never happen in my life.
I studied in a Christian Missionary school which was two miles away from my village. Though my name is Amruta, someone registered my name as Ammy at the time of admission. Usually, girls in the village grow physically quite quickly from the age of ten, but my growth was pretty slow while all the girls in my class had their periods and started developing breasts. I was nowhere close to that development even at fifteen except for my perky nipples and the exceptional hair growth on my pussy and armpits. Until then it didn’t concern me since no girls had noticeable breasts. Soon I started feeling the difference. I could sense the whispers among other girls about my flat chaste. I realized that boys were very friendly to girls with breasts and other girly developments. I started feeling less confident and deprived of my personality. I diverted my mind and efforts to my studies and simple sports activities. Though I was good at my studies my parents didn’t like me playing all the time among the boys. Someone suggested my parents send me for better studies at my sister’s place. That made my parents decide to send me to my sister.
Before my parents finally decided about me going to my sister’s place I had a chance to visit Indore, the city not far off. During the short trip from Indore to the Military cant at MHOW, I secretly bought a dress I liked very much. For me, the dress was unique because no girls were allowed that type of dress in the village. It was a short-length dress with large armholes and a deep neckline. It was not at all a skimpy dress but compared to standard clothes for girls in a village it was non-permissible. I thought it would be extremely thrilling to wear that and go in public. Though, I was not sure if I would get any chance to try that dress on me at all. But I got that anyways and kept hidden from others all the time.
When I was told that I was going to my sister’s I was very delighted and excited. I imagined myself wearing my secret dress while in Delhi. I had never been to a big city. I started imagining big clear streets; lots of glittering lighting and ultrahigh-rise buildings. It seemed to me as if I would be going through my best dreams. Does one really imagine dreams!!! My eighteenth birthday would be at Arshy’s home.
After a long train journey, I reached Faridabad to my sister’s place in the last week of August. Arshy was living in the outhouse of one of the big houses; in lieu of the house rent, she was working as a part-time housemaid with the owner. My sister worked as a housemaid in that house in the morning & evening and then went to another job the whole day. My sister’s husband Jeffery worked in a factory from morning nine to six in the evening; though he would leave home at seven and would be back at seven in the evening.
The entire house complex was located at the end of the inner road of the well-planned colony. The houses were blocks apart connected with the dirt road. It was a really very scenic location covered with the forest over gently undulating hills. This was a part of the colony for senior executive officers.
Arshy’s house was a small outhouse of one room and kitchen. There was a small toilet inside, but the bathing cubical was outside. Though this outhouse was not big even in comparison with the houses in the village it was very compact with all necessities and the thrill of being in the big city was overwhelming. The main house was big with three bedrooms and a kitchen with a dining hall. In addition, it had a beautiful guest room with a panoramic view and a bathroom with glass windows. The guest room had an independent outside entry in addition to entry from inside and one backside entry for a housemaid. There was a huge living room and open spaces along the bedrooms. The house belonged to an elderly couple; Mr. Kenneth and his wife Cinthia who had a son, Peter, studying in Spain.
Mostly all these big houses were occupied by Senior government officials who had their children away for their studies. After completing the morning work as a housemaid when my sister was gone for her other work I was alone at the home all day. Sometimes I accompanied Cindy (Cinthia) for shopping in the afternoon. During our casual conversation, we discussed my plans for further studies and my interests. Suddenly she asked me about my birthday. I told her my birth date of October first but changed the subject quickly by diverting our conversation to my school games and swimming in the small river in my village. Cindy arranged some books from the library for me. She was impressed that I read all those books pretty quickly and also discussed the topics with her. Even though it was not necessary for me to do any work at their home I did help Cindy whenever she asked me. Cindy and I realized that we got into a good relationship with each other. Soon Cindy started to depend more on me for almost all the work.
Many times I was passing Cindy’s instructions to Arshy. Arshy too did not mind my close relationship with the house owner because it was giving her more time for herself. I accompanied Cindy on numerous occasions for shopping. Cindy was very careful about my appearance and the dresses I put on while going out with her. She had purchased many new dresses for me to wear while we went out together. Sometimes Cindy commented that I should wear good dresses to enhance my appearance and feminine appeal because after a certain age one cannot wear those dresses. On certain occasions, I sneaked out alone and bought some very revealing dresses to look sexy. When Cindy saw me wearing those dresses I could see her smiling at me. She never expressed her displeasure even when I had accompanied her wearing extremely revealing dresses. Day by day I felt emboldened to wear the dresses I liked to wear to show more of my body. Of course, I was careful to avoid Arshy and Jeffery noticing me wearing those dresses.
I guess Cindy realized my urge to meet my age girls and boys. She suggested some neighboring houses where she thought someone my age would be there, but there were hardly any. When Cindy became aware of my loneliness she told me about the community center which had a good library and fitness club with a swimming pool. She also gave me a surprise present of a two-piece bikini. Since Cindy was a member of that club she gave me her membership card to go for fitness and swimming. One afternoon when I tried the bikini to notice that it was somewhat oversize for my slim skinny body. To modify the bikini I had to remove the thick inner lining of it. I was satisfied with the bikini fitting on my small breasts and I decided to swim daily at the community center.
The months of August and September were extremely hot and humid. Even under the air coolers, it was difficult to continue wearing clothes. I started swimming at the community center during late afternoon hours. As it happened that my timing of swimming collided with the timing of school students. Though I was going to be eighteen within a few weeks, my looks and body were more like a school student in ninth grade. I realized that girls and boys were swimming together. However, it was more of a mingling time than swimming for young girls and boys. I made a few friends at the swimming pool because many of them wanted to learn to swim. Some just wanted to be very close to me availing the opportunity to touch me accidentally. I liked them touching me anywhere while in the water. Soon some boys sensed that I was not reacting adversely to their touches. I was always found in a group of boys lingering near me in the water. I liked the attention received from them and their curious looks to check and confirm about my hairy pits. Many times I felt their accidental touches feeling my hairy armpits and I immensely liked them touching me like that. After watching everyone for a few days about their timing and their groups with other girls one day I decided to advance teasing them to other limits.
That evening I reached for swimming at six pm. And after body warm-up I started covering lengths at the fastest speed. By then other boys and girls had joined me in the pool. Seeing me performing fast swimming some of them joined in their efforts to swim fast. A pair of boy and a girl formed a group with me. We were sharing better techniques and trying them. At one moment I put all my efforts to get the length done in the shortest time; as expected a boy clocked my timing as shortest. But when I came to the finish point my face was exhibiting signs of severe pain. I barely managed to tell that I have developed cramps and I can’t move my leg. Someone dragged me onto the pool edge and asked me to lie on my back. My legs were spread and bent at the knees. They were trying to ease the pain by light messaging the back of my thighs. I indicated to them certain nerves extending from the side of my right knee to the thigh joint which needed a message. The boy looked at the girl kneeling next to me and they both started working on my inner thigh from the knee upwards. I closed my eyes and my facial expressions changed to a feeling of ease. Soon they extended their message extremely upwards feeling and touching my thick and long pussy hair. I felt the girl pushing the side of my oversize bikini bottom and asked the boy to massage the spot. I felt his fingers touching my pussy lips and messaging the nerves around there. “The nerves here are quite tight; have a feel,” the boys asked the girl.
She parted my pussy hair aside and after touching my swollen pussy lips said, “Yeah it is very tight”
They both started working on my pussy lips when I heard the boy commenting, “She has a nice long hairy patch here.”
“Yeah. I will quickly get some muscle spray.”
The boy was messaging my inner thigh and pussy till the girl was back with some spray bottle. Then the girl informed me that it was spray used for muscle pain and applied the spray to the entire inner thigh and entire pussy. I felt intense cold over the entire area of my pussy and my leg. Soon, though with great difficulty, I was able to get up and slowly walk to the changing room. I then slowly cycled back home in another thirty minutes. When I reached home my pussy was on intense fire because the muscle spray was wrongly applied to the intimate and sensitive fold of my pussy.
All night I was thinking about the boy massaging my pussy lips. The most pleasant feeling I had was when his fingers were touching my pussy hair and feeling the inner folds of my pussy could not get out of my mind. All night I dreamt of me sleeping naked with that boy and letting him feel and touch every part of my body.
Whenever I went swimming after that day even the girls were asking me about my hairy pussy. I was well known at the swimming pool as one of the fastest swimmers. That was quite an achievement for me in this big town.
As a few more days passed Arshy completely detached herself from the housemaid job and I was working for Cindy and Ken (Kenneth) in their house as required by them. I did not have any courage to ask Arshy if Cindy had told her anything adverse. We carefully avoided this subject and continued as if nothing has changed.
October was a Diwali festival. The Diwali festival is a great occasion for celebrations in families. Cindy and Ken were very excited about the festival because their son Peter was likely to arrive by then and would have his stay with them for the entire duration of his vacation. From the daily talks in the house, I knew many details about Peter; his eating habits; his clothes choices, and similar things. Ken and Cindy were very encouraged due to my helping hands for doing many additional things which they would not have done in my absence. They were involving me so much in their housework that I became like a member of their family.
With the subjects related to Peter being discussed every day many times I found my mind going out of control. I had seen him in photos and liked his cute face over his slim and strong body. Sometimes when Cindy and Ken were having afternoon naps I secretly pulled Peter’s topless photo and spent many moments staring at it. Watching Peter wearing only tight bottoms I had a steering feeling in my pussy and stomach. I was feeling sexually aroused looking at him in that photo. I knew it was incorrect for me to feel any sexual attachment to Peter but my mind always got out of control.
A few days before Diwali Cindy and Ken looked a little upset with the message that Peter’s arrival date was delayed by a week and he was unable to be at home for the festival. Diwali was over with the mixture of emotions in absence of Peter. We were waiting for Peter’s arrival which was almost a week away when Ken got sad news from the UK about the hospitalization of his elder brother. Apparently, Cindy and Ken had some discussion about the situation before they spoke to me and informed me that they would have to depart for UK three days after Peter’s arrival. They hoped that at least one of them will be back within the next two weeks. With teary eyes, Cindy asked my help to make his stay completely comfortable in their absence. I pleaded with them to understand my inexperience about the work and in absence of Arshy, I could do only as much as I would understand. Ken assured me that I would be very good with whatever maturity and working ways they noticed about me.
Cindy and Ken both have been so kind and good to me that I had never come across anyone who was as considerate to me as them. I couldn’t have said no to them for anything they wanted from me in any situation. More information and instructions started coming for me directly from Cindy and Ken.
A day before Peter’s arrival another shocking event took place. The younger brother of Arshy’s husband was injured in an accident in Hyderabad. Arshy and Jaffery both departed for Hyderabad the same evening leaving me without them. The unplanned and unexpected events occurred almost at the same time that the decisions had no options.
My mind became numb and I was just following whatever Cindy and Ken were telling me. There was a constant feeling of tension due to uncertainty in the developing situation, but at the same time, Cindy and Ken both were very supportive of me. I was surprised and shocked with emotions when Ken took me to the bank and opened a bank account in my name depositing a huge amount.
When Ken and Cindy told me that it was just a small birthday gift to me and will have a combined birthday with Peter’s birthday; my eyes could hold tears from rolling down. He assured me that he will be monitoring my account and I will never fall short of money. I did not know how to express my gratitude and my heart felt feelings of love and respect for them. We were ready to receive Peter at night with all the details completed and decided to get some rest before heading to the airport at night. Peter’s flight was landing at ten pm.
When I came at seven to make evening tea for them Cindy looked at Ken worriedly and told him that he was not looking good. Probably Ken was extremely tired due to tension and worries. Cindy checked his forehead and noticed that Ken was running a fever. It was quickly decided that Ken had to rest at home while I would accompany Cindy to the airport. The time was already eight pm. As Cindy started getting ready as Ken called the driver for driving his car and I went to have a shower and get ready to go with Cindy to the airport. I did not know if Peter would recognize me but I wanted to look presentable for a young boy arriving from a foreign country. I picked up the only best dress I had and that was the one I had kept hiding from everyone since I bought it at MHOW Cantt. One had to wear it without a bra; I had never worn any dress without a bra inside and I was not sure if I should wear it. I was so much engrossed in my thoughts about the dress that I did not know how much time had passed. I was pulled out of my trance by the loud calling voice of Cindy. I had to quickly pull over the dress over my head; I barely adjust it and joined her without any delay. Though it was a small hatchback car, for me it was a moment of great pride to ride in the car. I felt as if it was my family car.
We reached the airport fifteen minutes after ten. Cindy checked from the display boards that the flight had landed right time. It was almost a few minutes to eleven and we were growing impatient. Seeing many people emerging out from the exit door for arriving passengers I suddenly realized that we didn’t even bring a flower bouquet to welcome Peter. When I mentioned this to Cindy she quickly gave me some money and asked me to quickly get a nice one from the flower shack very close by. When I was walking very briskly towards the shack the feeling of the dress on my bra-less body was extremely wonderful. The light touch of the soft material at the tips of my nipples aroused me making them fully erect and diamond-hard. I had an unmistakable feeling of increasing wetness in my pussy and the pussy juices flowing out. I am not sure if anyone at all was looking at me. But I felt as if all the people around were only looking at me. My short dress was floating in the air exposing my legs. Suddenly I realized that I was not only braless under my dress but I was not even wearing any panties under; I was completely naked under my western type sleeveless dress. I had to be careful I decided. As I reached the flower shop I noticed a very beautiful handsome boy dressed in shorts and a T-shirt staring at me while pushing his heavily loaded baggage cart. I had mild sweating and felt a growing layer of sweaty shin on my face and entire body. I thought my mind was growing wild with imagination. I quickly bought a very expensive and very nicely arranged bouquet and rushed back to Cindy. Cindy was hugging her son Peter.
As I handed over a bouquet to Cindy she introduced me to the same cute-looking boy whom I had noticed staring at me. It was Peter.
“Nice meeting you Peter. I’m Ammy!! Welcome home to India.” I rattled out all the English words I had practiced for days to welcome him.
“Nice meeting you too. Peter!!” And he hugged me tightly. I felt his hands moving down touching the side of my body. I had goosebumps all over due to excitement.
Peter had a lot of luggage bags and a few handbags. The car was basically a four-seater; two in the front and two at the back. After Cindy got in the front seat holding one oversized handbag we pushed two big bags on the back seats (behind the driver’s seat) which covered one and a half seats. That left only half a seat for me and Peter (behind Cindy) and another handbag to be held. The driver looked at us mischievously and asked Peter to get in first and then he asked me to sit on his lap. I felt very awkward but I had no other option. Cindy smilingly commented, “Don’t be shy Ammy!!”
As I managed to get in the car I was adjusting myself on Peter’s right thigh the driver closed the car door. While sitting in Peter’s right lap my back was touching the inside of the car door and I felt my dress at the back riding up and was stuck above my lower back. The driver quickly handed me the handbag to hold in my lap with my right hand. Peter and I were so badly cramped up that I had no enough space even to keep my arms at my side. I had to put my left hand over his shoulders. Peter seemed to have realized the tightness I was feeling. He pulled me closed bringing his face to touch my breasts. Peter too had a very tight space like me. He already had his left hand cramped between himself and the side of the big bags and his right hand held in front which was getting cramped between us and hurting. As the car started moving out Peter asked me to slightly move in between his laps and put his right hand around my waist. Soon I felt Peter pressing his face into the side of my breast. His slightest movement was turning me on and sexually arousing. I could feel again my nipples getting fully erect and diamond-hard like a glass cutter. Though I had imagined many sexual fantasies with Peter in my dreams it was the first time I had my almost naked body except wearing a flimsy sleeveless dress closely held in his arms. As the car traveled along the road through the traffic, slight movements of our bodies within the very tight space caused unintentional contact with our intimate body parts. My mind could not get over the effect of me sitting in the lap of Peter during these first hours of his arrival. Every time when his face touched the side of my exposed breast a huge wave of sexual arousal emerged from my erect nipples and traveled through the knotted pits of my stomach crashing with a great force in the depths of my pussy opening the floodgates of pussy juices. My conscious wanted me to control the wild rage of sexual arousal growing in my body but everything was driving me so wild and crazy that my pussy was flowing out pussy juices like wide-opened floodgates.
My mind and body were already completely out of control. With the unevenness of the road surface car jumps were unavoidable. In that tightly cramped position, Peter and I had nothing to hold except each other’s bodies to keep ourselves balanced. With the jerks and turns, Peter’s right hand was moving slightly up and down at the back of my waist. His left hand was resting on my thigh barely a few inches away from my dripping pussy. My right hand was barely holding the handbag in my lap. While my left hand went over his shoulders behind his neck exposing my open armpit close to the right side of his face. I was getting aroused and sweaty while thinking about any slightest jump of the car that would bring Peter’s right hand on my naked hips and lefthand on my pussy.
At one moment something happened and Peter looked at me. Suddenly a car jumped over a big pothole and his nose got pushed into the thick and long hairy growth in my armpits. He first looked ahead at the back of his mommy and he knew that Cindy can’t see what was happening in the back seat. “I like your flowers.” He said kissing lightly my armpit hair.
It took a few moments for me to realize that he was talking to me. “Yeah! Ammy has good taste” I heard Cindy.
At the same moment, the car ran over a road bump. With that, we both felt the effect. While his right hand slipped over my lower back and came down to rest over my butt and his left hand dropped right between my legs and came in contact with a moist and damp hairy bunch at my pussy. Within moments I felt his right-hand fingers touching the fold of my butt crack and his left-hand fingers touching the hairy folds of my pussy lips.
“Yeah, Mommy!! I knew that the moment I smelled her flowers. I know she has very good taste.” Saying this he silently kissed my armpit hair and smoothly traversed his fingers through the depth of my pussy slit searching for an already slippery and dripping pussy hole.
“Ammy really has very good taste!! Maybe I will request her for more flowers.” Peter said while looking at me smilingly when I felt him exploring my pussy.
My face grew cherry red with shyness and heightened sexual tension.
Cindy did not know what Peter was talking actually. But my pussy knew what Peter was doing and arousing me to the edge of my sexual desire. My pussy was hungry for his fingers and my hardened nipples were ready to be sucked.
The driver had selected the route to Faridabad from Gurgaon where the area in between was over the road passing through lower hills and craggy forest with no street lights. Peter and I were completely concealed from the view of the driver and Cindy. As the car left behind the illuminated industrial area of Gurgaon the conversation slowly faded and Cindy appeared to be dozing. Peter’s fingers became more active and got busy with a deep exploration of my pussy. His mouth got busy with silent kisses in my armpits.
After some time Peter pulled his right hand up my waist and found a huge armhole opening in my dress. His hand was now freely roaming over the flat of my belly from my small breasts to my hairy pussy mound. I had to bite my lips to keep my moans escaping from my mouth. I did not want Cindy to know what was going on between me and Peter. I looked at him; he too was facing the front and taking full advantage of my silence. His hand was now freely moving and teasing me sexually by twitching my erect nipples and sometimes pulling my armpit hair or pussy hair. It was growing very difficult to contain the sexual response from my pussy and body. The traveling time from Gurgaon to Faridabad was so long over the no-traffic roads that Peter was not ready to stop playing with my naked body under my dress and I finally surrendered to his hands and fingers letting my body and pussy and let it go. When we reached home it was two hours past midnight. Though we all were tired and feeling sleepy, the excitement due to Peter’s visit was overwhelming. Ken and Cindy wanted to have a coffee for the day. I quickly brewed a French coffee and served them. Over the cup of coffee, we continued talking for more than half an hour. It was almost three am when I hit the bed.
It was quite a strange feeling and emotion. My sister Arshy and her husband Jeffery were on their way to Hyderabad and I was feeling extremely horny and sexually aroused since Peter fingered my pussy for the entire duration of the car journey from the airport to home. I was sleeping in their home as if it belonged to me. I did not know when I was overpowered by the tiredness and slept with my fingers deep in my juicy pussy.
The nest three days were very busy for me in helping Cindy in the kitchen as well as packing their bags and preparing for their journey to UK. I carefully avoided walking alone into his room or being alone with him anywhere in the house. At the same time, I had to conceal my feeling and sexual attraction to him in presence of Cindy and Ken. I guess I was successful in pretending to appear absolutely normal even in his very close proximity in their presence. I am sure they did not have the slightest indication about how Peter within the first hours of his arrival fingered my pussy and played with my erect nipples…
We celebrated Peter’s birthday a day before the departure of Ken and Cindy. Ken and Cindy invited a few neighborhood families for lunch. Evening it was dinner outside at one of the very beautiful locations on the banks of the flowing canal. It was a floating barge in the canal; I had never seen anything like that before. Ken and Cindy showered many gifts on Peter. During the entire function for the last three-four days I was treated like their own family member; though I did not have that kind of money to give a present and felt like an outsider. But Ken was always a great surprise to me. He once again acted his role silently without anyone knowing it. At one moment he called me and asked me to get the present from the reception desk and present it to Peter. He made sure that I heard and understood him clearly before I turned to get the present. He told me that he bought it for me to be given to Peter as his birthday gift. I did not have any courage to say no to him and also I was so overwhelmed by his gesture that I was completely taken over by emotions.
Almost everyone had gifted their presents to Peter when I walked back with a beautifully packed gift under decorative wrapping and stood silently not understanding what to do or what to say. Once again Ken took over by saying, “Seems Ammy had a surprise present for Peter. Come of Ammy!! Don’t be shy! Give your present to Peter!!”
It was so encouraging to me and boosted my confidence. I slowly walked to Peter and handed him the present while whispering, “Happy Birthday Peter. God bless you very happy and long life.”
Peter was taken by complete surprise and struggled for words to thank me. “So nice and lovely of you Ammy. Thanks and I really love your present.”
Peter held my hands and kissed my cheeks. Everyone in the dining room clapped and cheered and asked us to dance together. I tried to say loudly but I could not even mumble that I did not know dancing. But I heard Peter whispering “Come Ammy!! I will hold you and guide you for simple dancing steps; just copy me.”
I did not know if I was dancing at all; I felt I was just walking in his steps holding his hands and he was holding me at my waist. It was nice and slow music. Soon other couples joined us. The birthday night party got over soon because the next day Ken and Cindy were to depart for UK. It was midnight when we were back.
The next morning was very difficult. I was helping Cindy and Ken with last-minute packing. I was extremely depressed by the thought that Ken and Cindy were going far away and we all did not know how long they would be gone. The departure flight was at one pm. Peter and I accompanied them to the airport for seeing them off. At the departure lounge, I could not control my emotions and started crying uncontrollably as Cindy held me in her arms to comfort me. Ken repeatedly instructed Peter to look after me and take care of each other.
On our return journey from the airport, we both were in deep silence and did not speak even a few words. Realizing the tension and the heaviness of the depression Peter asked the driver to take us to a shopping mall at Khan Market. After walking through the mall for a few minutes he asked me if I can help him with little shopping. Without looking at him I just nodded expressing my consent. He took me to one of the bikini shops and we started looking for bikinis. When I stared at him questioningly he explained that he wanted to buy it for his classmate girl. Then he asked me to select one for myself to which I declined. But ignoring my protest he bought two bikinis for me. One was small with a modest design but the other one was very tiny and more exposing the entire body than covering any body part at all. We were back home late afternoon.

In the evening as I went into the house to ask Peter about dinner he declined to eat anything and asked me if I was OK. We watched a comedy movie together which lightened our moods slightly. A few moments after, we called the day off wishing good night.
The next morning, I was feeling much better. At one moment Peter suggested to me try the bikinis that he bought for me. Without thinking I lied telling him that I already tried them and I liked them.
“Oh. I wanted to see you wearing those.” Peter responded disappointedly.
“Well. You can see me when we go for a swim.”
“Really?” He asked me with happiness on his face. When I just nodded in agreement he told me that he was thinking about having a quick trip to a beautiful seashore.
“Yeah. As it is it going to be cold weather here. That may be a good idea.” I agreed with him.
“Will you join me?” Peter asked me holding my hand.
“Me?” I was shocked by his offer. I hesitantly pulled my hand away from his hands in disbelief.
“Why not?” He was looking directly in my eyes.
“I don’t know.” I was unsure how to handle this situation.
“Look Ammy!! My dad has specifically asked me to look after you and take your care. I will not be comfortable leaving you alone here in my absence. So it seems to be good that we go out together.”
“Yeah! But I am just a visitor to my sister and I don’t know. What to tell her.”
“Well. My mommy and dad both told me that you are the main person working with us and more than that you the part of our family. Also, we would be back before anyone is back here.”
“I don’t know. I am confused. Do whatever you want.”
Suddenly the weather started growing very cold.
More than three days passed without any discussion about visiting the seashore location. So I presumed that Peter had discarded that idea. For last four days were very cold and the outside was very unclean; also being a sunny Sunday I decided to clean outside first and started my work. Though it was occasionally sunny the air was extremely cold. I was working for quite some time outside and my hands and legs became very cold. I came inside to see if I could get hot water for my bath.
Peter told me that he has closed the hot water arrangement in all rooms except his since there was no one else in the house except us. He informed me that the water will be hot for a bath in a few minutes and suggested I use his bathroom. When I went to get my clothes and towel I found myself locked out. Somehow I had pressed the lock close without realizing that the keys were left inside. I asked Peter to see if he can manage to open the lock. Peter checked the lock and informed that we will have to wait for the locksmith who would not be available on Sunday.
I felt anger growing inside me and got upset. I must have been acting weird because Peter seemed to be keeping himself in his room. At one moment he informed me that hot water was ready and suggested I go for a bath using his towel. Since I had no other option I went for a bath in his bathroom. The hot water bath was very relaxing and lightened my mood. I must have been in my thoughts all the time during my bath because my absent-mindedness created another additional problem. I totally forgot that all my clothes were inside the outhouse which was locked and as usual I had immersed all my clothes in water before my bath. I was standing in the bathroom with only a small towel wrapped around my naked body. After waiting for quite some time I decided to silently go and see if I can use any discarded clothes of Cindy. I opened the bathroom door noiselessly with the hope that Peter may be in some other room. But as I emerged from the bathroom Peter was staring at me. Suddenly I was again taken over with anger and my face was frowning with my failures since morning.
Peter noticed my angry face and asked me to cool down. He thought that I was upset with him. Making me sit on the edge of his bed he held my hand and got very emotional while asking me if I was very upset with him. I did not understand why he was asking me that. I didn’t get even a chance to tell him the reason for my feeling upset.
“Why are you asking me like this? I don’t even know what are you talking about?” I asked Peter.
With tears in his eyes, Peter responded, “I feel, you are avoiding me since my parents are gone and you are not even speaking with me. I am very sorry!! I shouldn’t have behaved with you like that.” He was almost crying.
“Peter. I didn’t speak because I had nothing to tell you. Now, what is it about? What have you done? I am completely confused.” I tried to understand what he was saying.
“Promise me to forgive me!! Without your assurance to forgive me, I won’t let you go.” Peter held my hand and didn’t want to leave me. My towel was becoming loose and would come off my body any moment; so I wanted to adjust it but Peter wasn’t letting my hands-free.
Without understanding what he was asking I promised him. After Peter felt very sure and was convinced that I was not at all upset with him. Then only he opened up telling me about him touching my pussy and butt crack on the day of his arrival while on a ride back home from the airport. I never thought that he would talk about it. I didn’t want to say anything about it.
“When I saw you first at the flower shop I was taken aback by your beauty. I was very pleasantly shocked when Mommy introduced you. I couldn’t thank God enough for me to be with a beautiful girl like you.”
I looked at Peter with complete surprise and disbelief. “When we were very cramped up in the very tight space on the back seat in the car and you had to sit in my right lap, I was gifted by God. I was confused with only one thing as to how you came to receive me completely naked under your lovely sexy dress.”
I was red with shame and embarrassment. Peter was staring at my face with curiosity. Even now I was sitting next to him with my completely naked body wrapped only in a small bath towel. I was not a slut girl letting any boy touch my pussy. Neither, I wanted to make him feel that I was upset with him nor I wanted to make him feel that I was seducing him.
Selecting my word very carefully I started speaking. “I know it is difficult to believe me but I want you to believe me. I am sure that Cindy has already told you about my village background. I got that dress for myself without telling anyone at the military cant MHOW. No one knew about it. I was hiding it from all till I dressed wearing that to receive you that day. I was not sure if I should wear it at all because I had to be without a bra inside. But I was so much engrossed in my confused mind that I came to the senses of time when I heard Cindy calling me. I hurriedly pulled the dress over my head and ran to Cindy barely adjusting it. I first time realized that I was without panties and a bra under my dress at the flower shop. The dress material was erotically rubbing my nipples and I was afraid that people would notice that I was feeling horny. I am sorry if I appeared different to you wearing that dress without anything under it while at the airport to receive you.”
Peter held my both hands and made me sit at the edge of his bed and expressed with very convincing sincerity, “No Ammy! No!! Don’t even think that I do not believe you. You completely relieved me of my guilty feeling. You are the first girl to speak with pure honesty. I fully understand your curious feelings and I respect your sexual desires. My respectful feelings for you are unchanged.”
I didn’t even know when I started crying. Peter held me very close to him and confessed, “Your honesty has completely taken over me. I can’t stop myself without confessing that I could not ignore the liquid dripping on my thigh when you sat in my lap. I realized your naked state only when I held you close to my face and my hand felt your butt crack while the other hand felt silky smooth and soft pussy hair. I just could not control myself after that. From the bottom of my heart, I want to let you know that I did not want to offend you sexually or otherwise at all.”
When I didn’t raise my face or say anything Peter felt that I was not convinced by his confession. When he probed me with more questions I confessed that actually, I was feeling very guilty for speaking with him about my pussy, nipples, and my sexual arousal. I told him that girls don’t talk about these things even amongst themselves.
Suddenly holding my face in his soft hands he kissed me on my lips and tried to explain that I don’t have to be guilty of speaking about sex. But I was already feeling horny as he kissed me and I wanted to kiss him back. Holding my body close to him he agreed that the girls here in India do not speak about it at all. Though it’s different in Spain. Girls and boys are very open-minded about sex and freely talk about girls’ pussy and nipples with each other. Hearing him I was already feeling aroused and I wanted him to hold me tightly close to him.
Then he suddenly got up to get some photos from Spain and show me. In an excited rush to get up his hand was pulled suddenly from my back undoing my towel and exposing my completely naked body to him. For moments he stood motionless amazed by the view of my sexually aroused naked body. When I tried to wrap the towel again he stopped me and kissed me exploring the inside of my mouth and twisting his tongue around mine. I was being driven out of my mind and igniting the sexual fire in my pussy. He looked at my erect nipples and dripping pussy and pulled the towel away from me throwing it in the bathroom. Now I was sitting there completely naked with him. As he was showing me the photos from the beaches in Spain where girls were freely moving in public topless and at some places they were completely naked my body was entirely engulfed in the sexual fire. While I was staring at the photos of naked girls out in open at the beaches Peter was staring at my naked body burning with extreme sexual desire and watching every reaction very closely. I felt weak and powerless to control my body and my mind surrendered to the overpowering sexual desire letting my horny exposure of erect nipples and profusely dripping pussy.
When I looked at Peter I noticed him intently staring at me. So I asked, “Why are you looking at me like this?”
“Nothing really!! But my eyes can’t miss your hot inviting naked body.”
My eyes dropped down avoiding eye contact with him. But he suddenly pulled me down on the bed next to him and asked, “Your pussy liked my fingers that day squeezing juice from it. Isn’t it? And now also your cunt is hungry for my prodding fingers!!”
I knew I was already drawn into sexual surrender but my mind was ringing alarming bells in my head. I turned my face away from him and tried to get up but Peter turned me to face him and lifted my face making me look at him. When I looked into his eyes he said, “Ok!! Let us go this way. I know you will not tell me. But if your cunt is really hungry for my touches then place my hand on your naked body where you want it the most.”
My mind was waiting for this opportunity for moments and I had a chance to say what my body wanted me to say without any words. With conflicting desires and sexual requirements raging within my naked body, my hands placed his left hand on my right breast and pulled his right hand between my legs. My eyes must have been closed because I heard Peter whispering in my ears, “My sweetheart!! You are so nice to let me have the entire playground of your naked body for me. The exciting smell of freshly showered silky soft and moist hair in your armpits is sooo captivating. Your hairy flowers in your armpits and between your legs are extremely beautiful and testy.”
I felt his lips on my already erect and hard nipples and kissing sucking and nibbling all at the same time. His mouth and hands were traversing everywhere all over my body with unimaginable urgency. The sensation and the feeling of his touches and the erotic sucking over my nipples, and hairy armpits was so overwhelming that I closed my eyes and let every inch of my skin drink the wonderful sensations. I was taken over by a thundering explosion of something deep in my stomach when I felt his mouth all over my pussy. His tongue was digging deep into the folds of my pussy and his lips were sucking my inner pussy lips with great force that it felt like my pussy would fall apart to allow his mouth into the deepest part inside my pussy. My mind was completely concentrated on the moves his lips were making all over my hairy mound and pussy. Suddenly his lips traversed upwards along the length of my pussy slit and stopped at the top right over my engorged clit. First, his tongue circled over the clit and it felt like being sucked into his mouth. There was nonstop series of one after another thunderous explosions somewhere in the depth of my stomach. I felt something was going to explode between my belly button and hairy mound. It was just impossible to keep my body in control. I was thrashing my legs and hands trying to grab something to keep me steady and stable. I was pussy my pussy outwards feeling hungry for his kisses and to be sucked in his mouth.
Then there was a collapse of a huge dam somewhere inside my body and everything started rushing down with a gushing speed towards and out from my pussy. I never ever experienced this kind of a feeling. I felt a huge fountain of liquid erupting from my pussy. I thought I was peeing but I never had such a forceful pee. It was much more forceful and unstoppable. I had my pussy thrust upwards pointing towards the ceiling and my pussy fountain was spurting the clear liquid in abnormally huge quantity up in the sky. I was completely unaware of what was happening to my body. My entire strength was forcing the liquid from my body till it lasted and my body collapsed in the pool of liquid all around me in the bed. I was completely drained of my strength and had no energy even to open my eyes.
Soon I felt Peter kissing my lips and face. When I opened my eyes looking at his face I saw him smiling and placing his moist lips on my eyelids whispering lovely words of love and affection.
I hear Peter saying, “I didn’t know that your body is so amazing holding unseen wonders of the world inside your pussy. It has been a great experience. Would love to see that from your pussy again.”
We did not realize how much time was gone in our sex play. When I got my energy back I felt much stronger and better. It was entirely different than usual exhaustion.
“I need another bath Peter,” I told him.
“Yeah. Me too.”
Peter quickly arranged for heating the water for the bath and till then Peter wanted to kiss and lick every inch of my naked body. I willfully and lovingly surrendered my naked body to his touches and kisses. Reluctantly we got up for a shower. But once under the shower, it was my first experience to shower with naked Peter. We soaped each other’s naked bodies and while I played with his erect penis he could not stop his hands from playing with my nipples and pussy. We did not want to stop that wonderful play with naked bodies but good things always come to an end. Peter promised himself to make it happen again very soon.
That afternoon brought more cold weather by evening and it was a sign of severe winter weather.
The next day Peter informed me that he will be cutting off power and hydro to the outhouse for more conservation. When I looked at him asking how he expects me to live there without that he asked me to come inside the house. “It is much better for us to sleep together making use of our body warmth.” He was explaining to me with his smiling face.
Though in the evening he informed me that he had booked air tickets to Goa for us and we will be leaving the next day. He told me that the weather in Goa will be nice and warm. So I should take only essential items packed in my backpack without forgetting light and airy summer dresses or shorts and open tops. He did not forget to mention to include special bikinis.
I had never imagined myself flying in an aeroplane. I was excited and tensed with anticipation about the flying of the aircraft. Peter selected two seats at the back of the aircraft for us with one at the window and made me sit at the window. I told him that I am afraid and tense. He smiled and assured me that nothing will happen.
As the aircraft started taxing my heart began beating faster. When it picked up the speed on the runway my heart was running more miles per second than the aircraft. I was so afraid that I pulled the armrest between us and hugged Peter very tightly placing his hand on my breast. I was almost crying with fear and told him to hold my heart very tightly otherwise it is going to explode. During the entire duration of the climb by the aircraft, I kept Peter’s hand tightly held on my breast. When the aircraft leveled my heart slowly came back to normal.
Soon we landed at Goa and were traveling by taxi to the beach location. Peter explained that the beaches at Goa are very crowded and not clean so we were going to a distant beach much more to the south. It was late afternoon when we reached the beach. It was a secluded beach with ten thatched huts and a small hotel for food and drinks. After simple formalities, we were allocated a thatched hut where a small but nice beautiful beach was visible.
After unpacking our backpacks we were sitting outside sipping our cold drinks. We had not changed the dress which we were wearing for the travel. The sea breeze was quite soothing over my sweaty body and the scenery was so beautiful that my eyes were scanning the entire surrounding with an amazing feeling. I was feeling as if I was one with nature. Suddenly Peter drew my attention to a young white couple walking in the sand along the water line on the beach. They were approaching us. I have never seen any couple walking in public like them. The boy was wearing a men’s string bikini which barely covered his genitals and the girl was wearing a similar but only a string bikini. She was barely covered in her bikini. When they appeared to be approaching in our direction Peter suddenly pulled me closer to him and put his hand from behind along my waist.
When they were a few steps from us the girl greeted us saying, “Hi. Nice meeting you. I’m Yashina and this is Jones.”
Peter greeted them, “Nice meeting you too. I’m Peter and she Ammy.”
“You OK? If we sit here for a while with you guys??”
“Oh Yeah! You are very welcome.”
As they made themselves comfortable we started chatting about the weather and the beauty of the location. I was wearing my shorts and t-shirt and was getting sweaty. All the time, the girl was glancing at me quite often. I did not want to be rude and obviously staring at her exposed nipples and pussy but could not resist much. At one moment she could not resist her curiosity and asked, “Won’t you like to wear a bikini in this weather here at such a beautiful beach.”
Not understanding what to say I looked at Peter. Yashina thought I was seeking his consent. Looking at me and staring at my body from head to toe, she smiling commented, “Hay Ammy you have a very beautiful and sexy body. I have a very sexy bikini for a girl like you. Peter will love you to wear that. Please accept the bikini; our gift to you!!”
“Yeah. That is a very wonderful idea. Then we can go for a small walk on the beach together.” Suggested Jones.
“Yes. Ammy. I like the idea. Please try the bikini and we can go with them.”
Yashina handed over me a small packet and I went inside the hut to change into a new bikini offered by Yashina. When I opened the package I could not make out the top and bottom of the bikini because it was a mess of entangled string. I requested Yashina for help for which she came so happily. I had never seen anyone wearing that type of bikini. It was a slingshot bikini with no material to cover breasts or nipples or even pussy. It was just a pair of loops passing over shoulders and converging behind into a single string at the upper back which was passing below through my butt crack and emerging in front through my pussy slit. The tiny single string then split into two threads at the belly button which passed over my erect nipples. I was actually completely naked in that so- called bikini.
The moment Yashina adjusted the bikini on my body to her satisfaction she commented full of joy in her voice, “Oh My God!! Ammy you look so amazing and sexy. Everyone on the beach here will be jealous of you now.”
As I came out I saw Peter’s jaw dropping to his chaste. “Ammy looks like a Goddess from the Sea” Jones commented.
Yashina looked at Jones and asked, “Hey Jones why not gift something to Peter as well.”
“Oh yeah, very bad of me Yashina.” Jones then offered a small package to Peter and asked him to change into a bikini for our walk.
As Peter came out to join us wearing the bikini presented by Jones I could not take my eyes off him because he was looking so sexy in that Speedo bikini which was extremely tight on his body revealing the shape of his swollen penis.
Yashina also could not contain her eyes and complemented saying, “Wow. That is quite sexy. I would love to join him for sex if Ammy allows me!!”
I was shocked and surprised by the openness of this girl speaking about sex. We started walking in the sand along the beach. I was the most naked person amongst us four people. Though Yashina was looking like completely naked from behind I was almost completely naked in front as well as from behind except for the string passing over my shoulders and disappearing deep in the depths of my pussy slit and butt crack. Everyone coming across from front and behind was having good look at my naked walking right in the open in full view of many people.
When we reached the end of the beach I thought we would turn back to our hut. But Yashina and Jones insisted we cross over the ridge and go to the next beach. Peter and I could not decline their request. As we started climbing the ridge I started feeling the effect of hot temperature and humidity. Within moments I was sweating profusely. Sweat beads formed all over my naked body and sweat started dripping from the tips of my armpit hair. Peter looked at me and complemented, “You are looking soo beautiful and erotically sexy and sweaty like that.”
I was emboldened by his words and thought of doing anything for him. Because of Peter, I was here at the sea. Minutes later we were walking at the new beach which was much more crowded than the earlier one. Now without caring about my almost completely naked appearance in public at his unknown beach I was feeling very bold and comfortable and safe in the company of these three wonderful people. I was now mixing with people very freely in the crowd. It didn’t bother me even if anyone was directly staring at my erect nipples or hairy pussy. When someone passed comments about me as slut or bitch I smiled at them. It was great fun and a thrill to be almost naked in the people.
Yashina was more pushing than Jones and Peter. At one moment she claimed that she was feeling extremely hot after climbing the ridge and removed her bikini top. She insisted that I should take off my bikini completely even though it was just all strings and pulled the string loops passing over my shoulders. My slingshot immediately came off except the small portion of a bottom string got stuck deep buried in my pussy slit due to the wedgie effect and was dangling freely between my legs. It looked very erotic. Everyone had eyes locked on my pussy. Yahina then asked Jones for pulling off my bikini from my pussy slit. As Jones pulled my bikini my pussy lips popped up like swollen lips.
Jones took us to one of the beachside restaurants for drinks. I saw three more girls completely naked at the restaurant. It was a great feeling to walk boldly completely naked in front of many people to the counter for picking up drinks for us. I made my first trip to carry drinks for others and came back to pick up my drink. When I was picking up my drink from the counter one boy approached me and praised me for my appearance and courage to freely exhibit my hairy pussy in public. When I smiled at him thanking him he requested a small favor. He requested me to sit on the edge of the stool which was like a bar stool and pour his drink between my breasts which would flow down my belly and drip from my hairy pussy. He wanted to sip his drink from my long pussy hair. Though there were very few people around there all had their eyes on me. When the drink server heard him she encouraged him and suggested that I should return his favor. I looked around and everyone was looking at me with expectation. I had no courage to disappoint everyone around so I positioned my hips at the edge of the bar stool thrusting my pussy forward so that he could drink liquid dripping from the tips of curly and long hair of my pussy. Then I started pouring his drink mixed with crushed ice between my breasts. Everyone was so intently watching us that I felt being at the center of attraction. As the liquid traversed the short length from my breasts to clit the cold liquid hit like a high-voltage shock at my pussy. Slowly the chilled drink crossed through the depths of my pussy slit and started dripping from my damp pussy hair.
From the above, I could see his face between my legs below my pussy but his mouth was hidden behind the thick bushy hair. Soon I felt his lips sucking my pussy hair. The pulling force exerted by his sucking lips drove me over the edge and instantaneously I was extremely horny and my pussy started flowing additional pussy juices from my cunt opening. I was concerned about him knowing that I was horny and would get the taste of my pussy. I was engrossed so much in my thoughts that I did not realize when the drink glass became empty. My mind was completely blown off when he started sucking on my pussy lips and clit. I did not want the eruption of a huge fountain from my pussy like it happened back home with Peter. I quietly got down from the bar stool; smiled at him and walked away towards the exit door waving him by- by.
I searched for Peter I saw Yashina and Jones with him. When I joined then we all were getting ready to head to our thatched huts. While on our way back we had to cross the ridge again. Though it was getting dark and no hot sun we were profusely sweating. Peter again complimented me by saying how attractive he found me when my naked body was full of sweat beads everywhere.
After a quick shower, I was standing watching the sea waves. Peter came close to me wrapped in his light towel and sat next to me. For a while we watched the seashore disappearing in the increasing darkness. Suddenly Peter said he is very hungry. Looking at his face I asked him, “Why you didn’t buy some food at the restaurant?”
“Oh, I didn’t find there what I wanted to eat.”
“What you want to eat though? And you didn’t get it there?” I could not stop asking him.
Peter held my hand and whispered in my ears, “It is a very special secret which I want to eat!!”
Suddenly he got up and brought his sleeping bag out in open from inside the thatched hut and spread it in the sand a little away from where I was sitting. I was wondering why he has positioned and spread the sleeping bag very close to the way on the beach over which I had noticed the people walking along the water line. Since it was already getting dark and no people were on the beach I did not think about it anymore. I saw Peter calling me towards him; as I was almost closer to him, with one forceful and swift whisk he undid my towel and pulled my naked body, and held me tightly against him. I looked around if anyone was looking at us; I did not notice anyone watching us. I liked the way he had pulled my naked body roughly so I kissed him lovingly.
Suddenly he grabbed my hairy pussy and dragged me around pulling me with my long and thick pussy hair. I had never experienced anything like this but I liked him pulling me with my pussy immensely. I realized that I wanted him to be very rough and violent with my pussy. I never had a boyfriend but I had imagined someone spanking my pussy so hard that my clit would get swollen and then sucked.
“You love me to pull your pussy. Isn’t it?” I heard him asking me.
I smilingly looked at him. But I don’t know if he could see my face in the darkness. He then said, “let us play the lovely game. If you like what I’m doing to you, then you do the same to me twice with more force!! And if you don’t like, then you do the same to me little hurting me.”
I did not understand exactly what he was saying so I looked at him. This time I knew that he was seeing my face very closely. So he explained to me by hitting me on my hand. It hurt me a little so I hit him harder three times. Then he unexpectedly kissed my nipples. The touch of his lips and tongue sent a wave of sexual desire through the depth of my stomach to my pussy. I was extremely horny and I liked him to suck my nipples harder. So I kissed and sucked his nipples harder than him.
“Holly cow!! That’s very correct.” He almost shouted with extreme pleasure.
Quickly Peter arranged a campfire close to us and restarted his play game with my naked body in the dancing light of flickering flames of the campfire. It was extremely romantic and erotic to watch my own horny naked body responding to the sucks and licking by Peter. Within a few minutes, a few beach visitor girls and boys joined with their drinks to have seats at our campfire.
For a few moments, we paused but noticing what we were up to the girls cheered Peter and encouraged him to show them how he could please my naked horny body. One of the girls challenged him to show me squirting. Peter was not sure if my body with respond the way it did back home. He looked at me smiling seeking my willing cooperation. When I nodded in agreement, there was nothing to stop him and his hungry mouth from attacking my already erect nipples and clit. Soon I was driven over the edge at the height of sexual collapse and un imaginably monster fountain of clear ejaculation liquid erupted from my pussy offering the most beautiful view in the golden yellow light of flickering flames of the campfire. All girls and others watching the spectacle stood in ovation clapping at the successful presentation of my dripping pussy. Like earlier event at home, I was thoroughly exhausted and took some time to gain energy and stand up to accept the greetings. I was helped by a very wonderful beautiful girl to help me get up; her name was Erica.
The signs of the rising sun were slightly visible when our exhausted naked bodies finally fell asleep in each other’s arms on the sand of a lovely beach out in open. The sun was much higher up in the sky when with great difficulty my eyes opened and I found myself lying naked in the sand on the beach. People were walking along the water line staring at my naked body and smiling in amazement. I liked the freedom of being seen naked by others and continued to pretend sleeping watching people’s reactions through my half-lidded eyes. I was surprised how much I had changed from a shy village girl to a new Ammy who felt quite comfortable being watched closely by other people sleeping naked in the sand out in open on the beach.
My entire body was full of sand feeling extreme itchiness in the skin folds all over; especially the itching between my pussy slit was irresistible. Lying in the sand exposing my naked body to the hot morning sun I waited for moments of privacy to attend to the itching in my pussy slit but every time I noticed someone or another staring at my naked body. Moments later a naughty idea emerged in my mind and at an opportune moment, I adjusted my naked body to make it fully visible from a distance to anyone clearly. I observed the change in beach walkers immediately. Now they walked slowly as they came closer having a very close look at my naked body; some even pretended to be picking up something in the sand but coming closer and having a detailed view of my nudity. At one moment a pair of a girl and a boy noticed me and stopped very close to me; and started picking up shells in the sand. When both were on their knees and facing my body looking at it I stretched my right leg straight and bent the left leg at the knee opening my pussy wide open and commenced scratching open pussy slit vigorously. A few moments later my hand dropped lifelessly in the sand. The girl looked at the boy and whispered, “She must have got drunk last night or drugged.”
“Yeah. She has an itchy pussy slit.” The boy responded.
The girls laughed inaudibly and said, “Maybe. Her pussy needs help.”
The girl again smiled at the boy and quickly glanced left and right. Apparently, people were far away in both directions. Soon I felt a boy touching my pussy and spreading my pussy lips wide open. The girl then started scratching my pussy slit extremely roughly up and down. It was a very strange feeling; it was quite uncomfortable but felt very pleasant. My pussy reacted immediately by thrusting in her hands. “Holy shit!! I did not know that pussy is very responsive even under drugs.”
I allowed the dripping of saliva from the side of my mouth pretending to be under the full influence of last night’s drinks or drugs. The boy could not stop encouraging the girl by saying, “I guess you have to use something very rough like sand for her itchy need!!”
“Yes. I think sand will be much better.” I heard a girl saying.
The boy then started pouring rough sand over my wide open pussy and the girl helped rub the inner sensitive folds of my pussy slit with those extremely rough sand particles mixed with tiny sharp pieces of shells. Unknowingly she was also scratching my engorged clit which started reacting internally pushing me towards the same pinnacle of fountain eruption from my pussy. I was in no mood to discontinue the journey of my naked horny body to the sexual climax of my squirting eruption. I was successful in concealing my state of awareness and letting that girl and boy push my horny naked body to the crossing like pussy eruption. When finally my pussy erupted into another forceful fountain of ejaculation they both could not believe their eyes and what they could do with the naked body of a sleeping girl.
As the eruption reduced to a trickle I held the girl’s hand lightly and sleep whispered, “Peterrr—, Fuck my cuun—-tt, Fuckk very hard!!”
Now I opened my eyes like fully awake and pretended to be surprised to see them. “Umm. Where—- I’m? Oh fuck. I’m soo sorry. I dunnno—- I Just—”
The girl was quick to respond, “Oh No. You are OK. We thought you need some help and tried to wake you up.”
“Oh Thank you. I really dunno. Did I pee while asleep?” I asked confusingly.
“Umm, No. I mean we don’t know. Where you putting up here.”
“Oh Just over there.” I pointed in the direction of thatched huts and thanked them again for their help.
As I started walking towards the huts I was thinking about the wonderful experiences I have been having since the arrival of Peter. When I entered the hut I saw a note written by Peter.
Have to go for certain urgent things. Will be back by tomorrow morning.
Enjoy the beach till then.”
I was taken by surprise by the note from Peter. Though the place was completely new to me I knew about the beach and food restaurant at the beach across the ridge. Also, I thought it would be easy to follow other beach walkers to explore the area; and Peter was out only for a day!!. While having a light breakfast of bread slice and butter with coffee I noticed many girls beach walking alone and was wondering where they must be going. It was already ten am and I was thinking of walking to the beach in another direction.
I was feeling quite emboldened after all the events that happened since our arrival at this beach. So I decided to wear a bikini like Yashina was wearing last evening and I found the most matching bikini with my thinking which was the one gifted by her. When I pulled that bikini on me I realized that I was really looking completely naked. Last evening it was almost getting dark when I walked wearing that and actually no one came across. Now, the thought of me walking during broad daylight almost naked thrilled me from the core of my mind.
I had no clear idea about what to do next but I wanted to do something very thrilling or even outrageous. When I picked up my water bottle I filled it with last night’s liquor mixed with little water. It was a great feeling walking along the water line to the small ridge among many beach walkers. Many boys greeted me and I responded similarly with a nice smile on my face. The ridge was actually pretty high and breathtaking. My body was full of sweat when I reached the beach. I selected a suitable spot to keep my water bottle and got into the water for a cooling swim. It was a nice small secluded beach. I was thinking how come so many people are crossing this beach? Where from the people are coming and where do they go?? After freshening swim I was sitting when two boys joined me.
During the chat with them, I got information that there was another quite populated beach where from the people go over to other beaches. Since the sea is a little rough here many people just prefer to walk along and look at beautiful girls wearing their revealing bikinis on the beach. “We haven’t seen any girl wearing a bikini like yours around. You look absolutely sexy and sexually inviting in your bikini.” One of them smilingly complimented. Wow. People love to see me almost naked like this!! I could not stop feeling confident. I started seeping diluted liquor from my water bottle.
“Oh really? I didn’t realize it. It was gifted to me last evening by someone and I liked it.” I thanked him with a smile.
“Oh yes. Usually one does not get bikinis like this in Goa. She must have got it from some other country.” He commented.
“Umm. I don’t know about that.” I was feeling the effect of liquor.
“Though. More than a bikini your body is having more effect on your appearance.” I was not sure where the conversation was heading, so I just smiled and asked, “Why do you say that?”
“Umm. Well, most girls would shave down below to wear a bikini like yours. But you wearing it without shaving makes you extremely erotic. Your pussy hair and hairy armpits add more attraction to your looks. It’s like you are making a statement of your ultra-boldness.” He commented directly looking at my pussy hair.
“Oh. It never came to my mind. It just happened.” I could not say anything more.
After another few minutes, I excused them and started walking back to my location. They also joined me and continued with the same conversation. As the liquor started affecting my brain I was unable to understand anything. I soon confessed that I was sipping liquor and don’t know where we were going. I barely understood when one of them said, “The liquor effect gets nullified quickly if you are sexually aroused.”
I did not remember anything after that moment. I found myself in my thatched hut sleeping naked and a girl was talking to someone outside. Seeing me awake she came inside to offer me a glass of water and coffee and asked me if I was OK. I was feeling a little drowsy but was much better. It was Erica!!
“You were passed out and lying naked on the beach when I saw you. With help of another girl I got you here in your hut.” She was looking at me as if I was a girl in trouble.
“I am sorry. I made a terrible mistake of drinking liquor at the beach.” I apologized.
“You are very vulnerable and you fail to understand that. You better join me.” Erica asked me to pick up my bag and join her.
That was the best thing to happen. I left a note for Peter that I am going with Erica and joined her. During our talk, she told me that she was visiting her Canadian friend in the North. She was on her way back to her country Seychelles. She had a modest modeling background and explained how I am possessing the most suitable female body. If properly trained and cultured I could make a very good living. Though there is no shortcut to continuous hard work. As far as sexual desires, Erica explained that we are the luckiest to be born as girls. Girls can have the sexual pleasure of both worlds.
“You know what? Boys have to hide their sexual arousal in public because of shame.— Girls smile more attractively when sexually aroused. — There is no need to hide erect nipples and no one can see dripping pussy.” I was impressed with her knowledge of intimate sexuality.
The next day when Peter arrived I had complete information from Erica. She presented me with a complete blueprint for modeling life and addresses to contact her. After ten days of stay at the beach, I was a completely changed girl. Erica must have opened the gates of luck for me. When we were back in Faridabad within a week Peter received a call from Ken that the situation was normal and stabilizing and he would be back with Cindy after two weeks. Arshy and Jeff were coming back in another four weeks. Meanwhile as per the plan suggested by Erica I was to get passport and visa papers prepared to join her in Seychelles from where we would go to Milan or Madrid for further training.
I did not know how much my sister would offer me support but I was confident that I would be fully supported by Ken and Erica. Peter knew all my plans and was standing by me because he knew that I would be in Spain, Italy, or France for my likely fashion shows.
When I was traveling first time to visit my sister I had no hint at all that I would be aiming to spiral into an entirely new world.
To my beachy friend Erica, and my drunken state while I was lying naked on the sandy beach.