Bullying my step-mom

My new white step-mom is a wimp and I like to bully her. She is so easy to manipulate.

My black dad (54) brought home a 30 yr old white blonde, Kelly, as his 3rd wife. She was a widow and childless. She was in a bit of a financial trouble as well when my dad met her. She was this shy girl who didn’t speak much. Always looked at the ground when my dad talked to her. Even with me she never used to talk back or nag me. She used to do all the house hold work very well.

But I’m a rich nigger(15yrs) and I like to make these whities my bitch. So when dad left for a 3 week long business trip, I new I had to train this bitch up for me. I started to talk her down and make her feel insignificant. made sure she realize that she has no future if she was out of this house.
Within a week of mental manipulation I started to bully her for real. I made her clear that what ever happens she need to be happy with me.
So I started with making her work in the house just in her underwear. I used to ogle her as she used to work. She was shy but I wanted her to feel humiliated. Then I started slapping her ass or boobs while passing by her. She used to get scared when I passed by her. Dope power.

Then to make things interesting I made her start working topless. She was very reluctant at first but I slapped her face hard to remind her, her place in the house. She obeyed. It was so hot to watch her 36D boobs swing front and back as she cleaned the coffee table. It was impossible for me to keep my dick inside my pants. So I started to walk around in the house naked. I mean who would blame. She is a hot piece of ass. Also, this helped me to convince her to go butt naked in the house. Man she had an amazing ass. I spanked her very opportunity I got.
I even started jerking off infornt of her while looking at her naked amazing body. Then I started to throw my spunk on her face and tits when I finished jacking off. Man that felt good.
She was getting used to my 10 inch cock swinging around in the house.

Once day I was jerking off on the couch watching TV when she came and bent over to pick up a magazine. Uff.. Her pussy lips were all pink and welcoming. I couldn’t control no more. I got up and shoved my big black hard dick right into the tight pussy.

“Aaaagghh” She screamed. Almost fell forward. But she grabbed the coffee table. It was perfect position for me to fuck my step-mom’s tight tight pussy. I held her bend waist by the sides and started thrusting my whole pelvis against her ass. Mmm.. It was heaven. It was so good.

I kept fucking her, pulling her hair back arching her back, for like 15 mins before cumming inside her pussy. I threw her forward. She fell on the coffee table as I crashed on the couch all tired.

She didn’t say a word. The training was complete. She was now my white ass bitch.

One day my friends visited my house. I told my step-mom before hand to prepare some snacks and dress up like she would at normal home.

My four friends(all 15) came along with one of their 11 yr old brother, Denzel. We all were having fun on the couch playing games. Then Kelly came in with some snacks and a smile on her face. I looked at her and nodded at her like, “Nice bitch”.

When she bent over I saw, Booker taking extra interest in her cleavage. He came forward in his seat to peak a cheeky glance. he thought I didn’t see.

“Hey boy, what are you doing? Staring at my momma’s titties? haven’t you see tits before?” I asked playfully slapping him on his head gently.
“He? Oh no he is still a boob virgin…hahaha” Kevin (his brother) said.
“I bet he has a small pee pee, all tight Mrs. J” Danny said.
“Oh no oh no that’s not cool…” I said standing up.
I went close to my step-mom and stood next to her.
“No one in my group should be left out” I said.
“You like these tits? My mom’s juciy tits?” I asked looking at Denzel.
“I’m sorry, but there are so beautiful” he said with his head down.
“Hey, don’t be sorry. You want these titties, you got it….” I turned to Kelly.
“Hey mommy show him your tits”
She looked at me like asking if I was serious.
“Bitch come on now, we don’t whole day”
She was wearing a knee length dress. She I shouted her started to unzip her dress and brought it down to her waist and held it tight.
“loose the bra too…Let him have the full experience”
She was wearing a red lacy bra. She let go that as well.
And out came her bouncy milky white tits with pink cute nipples.
Everyone in the room was awestruck. What was going on. It was like hypnosis. They couldn’t believe what I just did.

“Close your mouths you dumb ass niggers” I said.
“Come here Denzel, yon want to feel them?”
“hell yeah” Denzel lept forward and gropped mommy’s huge tits.
He couldn’t stop but start sucking on those mommy milkers.
He was excited and aggressive that he pushed her back and she fell on the couch. He climbed over her and started to grope and suck her tits. He was humping her as well.

We all laughed watching Denzel junior having a go at a mature women like Kelly.

“Easy boy… I bet you want to smell her pussy too”
“Can Can please please…” He said.
“Sure why not..Mommy dear someone loose that dress and your panties and lay down”
She obeyed.
Denzel shoved his face in her crotch. She by now closed her eyes and moaning as the little boy licked her pussy enthusiastically. He did that for some time, while other boys were groping her boobs and ass.

“Come on now, look at that kid doing all the work. This is how you treat your guest? Come on get on your knees” I instructed Kelly.

She stood up and then went down on her knees.
“Now Denzel pull down your pants. Aunty Kelly will be happy to suck you tinny tiny cock..”
He happily lost his pants. His tiny hard 4 inch cock on near her face.
“Come on whity do what you good for… serve his cock”

Kelly started to suck on Denzel’s cock. But it didn’t last long as he came within a few seconds.

We all laughed including Kelly, who was trying to stand up.
“Wait stay on your knees, there are other guest as well.”
So My naked step-mom stayed on her knees as my friends brought their dicks near her face. She started to suck them off one by one.

It was so nice to watch her be a slave to black boys.
It didn’t take us long to cum all over her face and tits.
Denzel came one more time before we finished.

It was a fun morning.

Then they all left thanking me for such an awesome experience.

I ensured them next time we are going to have a lot more fun.

I closed the door and looked at Kelly.
“So my mommy bitch how was it sucking a 11 yr old cock. You are a nasty whore. You know that right.”
I slapped her boobs really hard to make sure that I’m the ultimate master and she obeys me. She looked down and took it like a white slave.

I grabber her by her pussy and took her in the shower. She cleaned herself of all the teenage spunk on her face and body. They I fucked her hard.
“You know that next time I’m going to let them fuck you right? They are going to take turns fucking your pussy and mouth. I will make sure they destroy that white pussy.”
I fucked her really good before letting her go.

I came out and dried myself thinking of what else I can do being a Mom bully…

Part 2 on it’s way…
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