Walmart Encounter

It was a normal day, I had 2-3 hours before I had to go in for work an needed some groceries and other items for the house, I figured since I had extra time ill head in to the super Walmart and get extra juices, drinks and snacks for the kids while I’m there and there is nothing else to do until I head in to work.

I was really taking my time, going up and down each grocery Isle just to see if there is something new or different that I want, wasn’t looking for anything in particular, was literally just looking.

I wandered in to the bakery area, which was right next to their deli and hot foods area. I started looking at different types of bread, cookies and other baked goods.

My eyes landed on this woman, wearing a purple loose fitting blouse and some evening wear type of loose fitting pants that were black. She was not like a model type or in great shape or anything that was outstanding about her. She was like a normal mom type person, mom type body, a bit overweight. For whatever the reason I was attracted to her, she was maybe a 6 or 7 but her movement and her body language is what was attractive to me I think. I was to her side and she couldn’t see me but I couldn’t take my eyes off of her for a few seconds. After I came back to reality, I went back to shopping but every few seconds I would catch myself checking her out again.

She was waiting at the deli counter with 2 people in front of her. I spent a lot of time going back and forth from her right side to her left, I wanted to see her more and I couldn’t help myself.

Eventually our eyes met, I gave her a smile and she gave me one back and I pretended I was shopping again to avoid being creepy. I walked back and forth by her a few more times. Our eyes met one more time, I looked past her but when she gave me a smile again I gave Hera big smile back and pretended to be back looking for something.

Her turn was up so she started ordering her deli cuts and I got to listen to the way she talked, very polite and very sexy voice and it gave me a jolt when she told the deli clerk that she likes the slices to be thick. I have no idea why I was getting turned on by this woman but I was and I kept close to her to listen to her more but all she said was “thats it” and “thank you”.

She pushed her cart out of the deli area and went in to another isle. I wanted to follow her but didn’t want to be creepy or weird but at the same time I didn’t want to lose her either I wanted to see her a little bit more.

I saw which isle she was in and I went to the next isle hoping she was go there next and we may meet again. When I saw her cross the isle and not come to the one I was in I grabbed some random thing and found her again in the soups isle, I went to the next one which was frozen foods. I was waiting, hoping she would come down this isle and I could see her again but she didn’t. I saw her again, go past my isle with her cart almost full and I thought she would be done soon and figured I had to risk it and just go to her isle.

After looking down a few isles I saw that she was in the spices isles, I gathered my courage and went down that isle, her cart was in the middle of the isle when I got close, she looked at me, she said hi, I said hi, she said I’m so sorry let me move my cart. I replied, oh no worries, you are totally fine, I’m getting some spices as well. She gave me another smile and turned around to continue her shopping.

I didn’t know how to start a conversation and also didn’t want to look silly so I kept grabbing a spice jar, looking at it and then putting it back, I was really nervous.

Woman : you remind me of my husband……..hehe
Me : I hope because he is also good-looking
Woman : No, because of the way you shop…..

There was a pause, I’m assuming she realized what I had said she said no her husband is not goodlooking.

Woman : my husband is also good looking…….I mean, not you, I didn’t mean that I meant to say he is good looking but you remind me of him the way you shop…..

I could tell she was flustered because she gave me a compliment.

Me : haha, yeah I think thats a man thing, we all seem to shop the same way
Woman : yup, I would have to agree, He takes forever if I send him for groceries…
Me : yup thats me, Im literally taking my time because I don’t have to work until 2pm (it was just before 11am) and if I go home and have nothing to do my wife will get upset and find something for me to do so………
Woman : omg you……are funny
Me : And good looking….right?
Woman : *looked at me and just smiled before returning to her shopping”
Me : im Nick by the way, its nice to meet you, but I gotta needlessly browse the next isle……have a nice day *I started walking away*
Woman : Nat…..Well, Natasha, but my friends and people I like call me Nat
Me : Nat, thats wonderful, again, lovely to meet you, I hope to run in to you again….. *continued to walk away, hoping she would say something else but she didn’t*

I talked to her, I was satisfied knowing she is a kind person and very well spoken and had great smile and body language but I now knew she was married, so am I and I went to the next isle and realized that I have a bunch of stuff in my cart that I don’t want and don’t need so I starter putting it back and gathering the things I did need that my wife told me to get.

This Walmart has a self check out line and a regular lines at each register, I went to one that had a shorter line, with 2 people in front of me. By the time I was next the register to my right was open and the guy waived for the person behind me to go there. I turned and saw Nat, we looked at each other and smiled, We meet again, I said, she chuckled and looked down before making eye contact again. I realized she is not switching lanes and eventually told the person behind her that they could go to to the open lane instead of her. I gave her another smile and a nod of me confirming understood.

It was my turn to pay, as the cashier was scanning my items, I turned to Nat
Me : Let me pay for yours
Nat : Oh thats very kind but its ok
Me : c’mon this can be a start of a good friendship
Nat : *after thinking for a few seconds* ok, thank you

We finished paying< I put all her stuff in my cart along with my own stuff, she came next to me and we started walking out together side by side. Nothing was said we just casually walked together to the lady at the exit door who checks receipts. After we exited the doors, Where did you park Nat?
she told me and we started walking towards her car.

Me : So do you live close by?
Net : yes, do you know where Island park is?
Me : no, I haven’t heard of it, is it close by?
Nat : omg its the best park around here, it is so pretty, has plenty of kids stuff and tons of trees, I can’t believe you havens been there
Me : I haven’t, we take our kids to Soche park thats by the house, but maybe you can show this amazing park someday
Nat : of course, I would love to, you will love it, how old are your kids?
Me : 4 and 9 both boys, and you do you have any kids?
Nat : just one, 3 year old boy as well
Me : awesome, maybe they will go the same schools and we can have more reasons to chat
Nat : that would be nice *she said and stared at me for a little bit longer*
Nat : ok this is me

She opened her car and trunk, she was about to grab her bags and I told her no I got it and she should go sit down and relax. I walked in front of her and opened the driver side door for her, and closed after she was in. I put all of her stuff in her car and closed the trunk and started walking away from her car with my stuff. I was hoping she would stop me, I got scared when she didn’t for a second and I finally heard heard her window roll down and she yelled, Nick!!

Excited to hear my name called out by her, I turned around and went back towards her car, she had her window down, the space between her car and the next one was small so I had to leave my cart behind her car and I walked to her driver side.
We both looked at each other, she didn’t say anything for a few seconds…..

Me : are you ok?
Nat : yea yeah…….
Me : oh im sorry I thought I heard you call my name
Nat : I did…………

I just looked at her, I knew at this instant that she was also in to me and I knew if I just ask I would have her, but I also knew the power I had right then and there and wanted her to initiate it instead. I just stood by the door with a smile on my face and just kept eye contact with her. Neither of us said anything for like 20-30 seconds and I guess she finally caved in.

Nat : I don’t know how to say this………….
Me : *stayed quiet, didn’t want to assume anything and wanted her to say whatever it was she wanted and not make a fool of myself if she isn’t feeling the same way I was*
Nat : Its notary often you meet good……..people Nick, Im glad we ran in to each other…..
Me : I would have to agree 100%, im glad I met you as well
Nat : I feel like………I don’t know……I feel like talking to you was very refreshing and I wish I could talk more
Me : I feel the same way to be honest, Would love to talk more and get to know you………
Nat : well…….
Me : Well I don’t have to work for another almost 3 hours…..we can talk now, unless your husband wants you home……
Nat : No, he can wait, come sit down *she motioned to the passenger side of her SUV*
Me : ok gimme a couple minutes to put my stuff in my car, be right back

I walked to my car, my heart beating super fast, I put all my stuff in my car and walked back toward her car, as I was approaching I saw her with the visor down and applying lipstick, I didn’t want to read to much in to that but I was getting more and more excited. I got in her front seat and looked at her, gave her a smile and she looked down and then back at me.

Nat : so, tell me more about yourself
Me : this seems like a date now haha
Nat : sorry didn’t mean to make it awkward, just nervous, never done anything like this before
Me : like what?
Nat : *just looked in to my eyes, didn’t say anything*
Me : do you want to show me the park you were bragging about?
Nat : yea, sure *she turned on the car and started driving*

We had small talk like how long we have been in the city, etc, the park was only a few streets up and as we were approaching it

Nat : the park is just up this next corner………
Me : maybe we should stop by at your house first, you have frozen stuff that all melt…
Nat : my husband ……….*she caught herself saying something* ……….its ok I can just get it again after
Me : Your husband doesn’t allow friends? haha
Nat : not this type of friends…..*as she pulled in to the empty parking lot of the park and parked her car*
Me : Im a special friend?

She just looked at me again and just stared…… I kept looking back at her, gazing in to her eyes. I couldn’t handle it anymore and decided to take action, at this point I knew she wanted me, hiding me from her husband I estimated her intentions as a friend with me. I un clipped my seat belt, turned, reached closer to her, kissed her on the lips. There no resistance whatsoever, so I kept the kiss going and grabbed her neck and stuck my tongue insider her mouth and we were full on making out heavy. We made out for very long time, like 3-4 minutes went by, we broke contact every so often but went back to intense heavy making out right away until we heard a car pull up to the parking a few spots over and behind us.

Nat : We can’t do this hear…..we come to this park a lot and someone might recognize me
Me : call your husband and see if he is home
Nat : and what if he is then what?
Me : I can help you get rid of him
Nat : How?
Me : did he have any plans today at all?
Nat : he said something about him going to his friends house later, but by then you will have to be at work
Me : thats ok, here is what you are going to do. Call him, and ask if he is already at his friend but say this, hey hon, im almost home and was wondering f you can help me organize a couple of things and clean the house before you head to your friend today

She called him on speaker phone, said almost exactly what I told her and her husband was like, im so sorry babe, im already dressed up and was about to head out to see Gabriel.
At this point Nat caught on to my plan and

Nat : ok so ill put the groceries away, and make something for us for snacks, we can do the organizing when you come back, how soon all you be back?
Her husband : Im sorry babe we might be out for a while, I don’t think I will be back until like 6-7pm
Nat : ugh, ok I guess ill organize by myself but if you can please hurry back
Her husband : ill be home as soon as the game is over babe

She hung up the phone and looked at me with a huge surprised smile, can’t believe that worked.

Me : Yeah us men, we hate chores and house stuff, I knew he would avoid it hahah
Nat : So what do you enjoy if you hate house stuff?
Me : watching shows, movies, sports, anything that allows me to just chill and relax, and you know other stuff….
Nat : What other stuff?
Me : Ill show you, soon

She blushed and looked away, after a few seconds she looked back at me

Nat : im very nervous……I don’t know
Me : Im nervous too, but im enjoying the anxiety and nervous mixture with other feelings im getting
Nat : me too, I haven’t felt this in years….

I reached over and started kissing her again, tasting her tongue and lips, it was truly amazing. We made out for another 5-10 minutes, I broke the kiss

Me : we need to get to your home
Nat :ok….

She started driving, we pulled up to her garage, she opened the door and I heard a huge sigh of relief from her when there was no other cars in there. She closed the garage door and we entered thru the laundry room in to her living room.

As soon as there was room, I grabbed her arm, turned her around, pulled her closer to me, made eye contact with her and started planting small kisses on her lips. I had her held by the waist and would French kiss her every few dozen small kisses. She eventually broke the kiss

Nat : Nick, I want you so bad
She stopped back from me and pulled her shirt off, placed it on the couch behind her, then her shoes came off and then she pulled her pants down, leaving her in just her bra and panties. She turned around and I saw a loose stomach, decent tits and basically a slightly overweight mom body, but again the situation made it so much hotter. I took off my shirt and let it land on the ground, I took my shoes off and pulled down my pants and underwear in the same motion. I was completely naked looking at her in her bra and panties while my cock was rock hard and twitching from this extreme scenario.

She looked at my cock, looked back up in to my eyes, grabbed my hand and walked me on the the carpet, she immediately kneeled and started sucking on my dick.
I do get blow jobs at home but something about this situation and maybe she was better but this blowjob felt amazing.

Me : OMG Nat this is amazing….you are amazing, my dick feels like its never felt before
Nat : *let the dick out of her mouth and stroking with her hand* Im glad you like it, I love the taste and the size *she went back t sucking on it*

It felt so good that I couldn’t hold myself for very long, I told her she is gonna make me cum soon…….she didn’t budge. I said it louder the second time, “Nat im about to cum” she still didn’t budge and kept sucking on my dick. After a few more seconds I came inside her mouth, a little bit of my cum dripped down the side of her lip but the rest of it she swallowed, she kept sucking my cock even after I was completely drained.

Nat : Nick, that was delicious, here sit down while I take care of you some more…..

Once I was on the couch, she sat to my side and went back down on my cock and continued to lick and suck it, I stayed hard for a little bit after but eventually started going flaccid, when I was completely flaccid she let my cock out of her mouth and sat up next to me.

Nat : I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did
Me : you have no idea, I loved it, you are way better………
Nat : were you gonna say im way better than your wife haha?
Me : yeah, because you are……
Nat : well, you are about the same size as my husband but I love the same of your cock way more *she still had my dick in her hand and was playing with it* I love that your tip had this mushroom shape on the bottom, it felt great on the tongue
Me : does your husband enjoy your BJs?
Nat : yeah but we don’t fuck that often and I can’t believe how much better your cum tasted, if his tasted like that I would suck him of 2-3 times a day haha
Me : That was by far the best BJ I’ve ever had, 2-3 of these a day would be heaven for me
Nat : lets hope you are up for it……..

I pushed her down on the couch, I pushed her bra above her breasts, spun it to un buckle it and moved it off the couch, I sucked on her tits for a bit, then I worked my way down to her pussy, I saw that her panties were drenched, soaking dripping wet. I pealed them back to see her pussy super wet, shaved and very clean, oozing liquid out that was flowing down and on to the couch now.

I kneeled between her legs and started planting kisses on her pussy before finally tonguing her and running my tongue up and down her pussy. I heard her moan several times as I slowly did that a few times. I put her legs over my shoulder and went at her pussy, licking and sucking every inch, and drinking her fresh juices, she was moving so much that I kept on having to rearranged my grip to continue to eat her out. After 6-7 minutes of me eating her out she tighten her body and shook several times as she came, the amount of pussy juice coming out of her was simply amazing and it was fantastic and I could feel my cock growing again. She was panting and breathing hard as her orgasm subsided and she just laid there with her eyes closed, breathing heavily, I could see her boobs move with her every breath. I laid on top of her and we began kissing again, she broke the kiss after a few minutes and said she would be right back.

She came back after only a minute with a box of condoms and handed them to me.

Me : im really sorry but I can’t……
Nat : oh….is it because of your wife that you don’t want to go past oral?
Me : oh haha no, we have gone this far, thats not going to matter, but im not wearing a condom I want to feel you
Nat : omg we can’t, im not on the pill
Me : Im sorry Nat but im not wearing a condom, we didn’t come this far to not be able to feel each other properly

I got up, grabbed her hand and started walking down a hallway, I had no idea where the bedroom was I just assumed it was down this way, I open the first door and it was just an office, I closed and went to the next one which had a bed, neatly arranged.

I turned her to face me and her back to the bed and gently laid her down on it. I kissed me way up from her legs to neck and then French kissed her with lots of tongue and feeling her body with my hands. I broke the kiss and looked at her in her eyes

Me : im your man here, you gotta be submissive in the bedroom, whatever I say you gotta do because you are here to pleasure me, I will do everything I know to make sure you are satisfied but I will do it my way, is that understood?
Nat : omg Nick yes, please let me pleasure you, do whatever you want, im yours

I lifted her legs and entered her pussy slowly, feeling every inch of her pussy opening up to receive my cock. Her moans and movement was driving my pleasure to new heights, slow by surely I was all the day inside her pussy, deep, could barely see my shaft. I started pounding her pussy, hearing her moan was giving me the push I needed to keep fucking her. I grabbed her tits and started using them to pull her to my cock. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and felt it pulsate as she whimpered “im cumming nick…omg nick” I kept pounding her pussy until she opened her eyes again, I knew he orgasm was over and switched positioned, I had to take my cock out of her pussy to turn her and my dick was covered in her fluids, ive never seen that before and I was getting more and more excited. I had her in the doggy style and I pounded her pussy for a minute or two before I switched positions again and had her ride me. We made out while she was riding my cock for a few more minutes before I wanted to switch positions again, I was on her side and entered from behind, it felt amazing because she was a little chubby and grabbing her love handles and her stomach made it even better.

As I was getting closer to cumin, I turned her over and kneeled between her, I pulled her closer to burry my cock deep inside her as I came. I kept eye contact with her as I came deep inside her pussy, we didn’t break eye contact until the very twitch of my cock and my cock started slipping out of her pussy.

Me : Cumming that deep inside your pussy was amazing, I loved filling it up
Nat : omg I loved it too, im so nervous though because im not on the pill
Me : we both enjoyed it, we will deal with consequences if there are any
Nat : I think that anxiety and nervousness made this that much better

I pulled my cock out of her pussy completely and laid down next to her.

Me : my dick is covered in your pussy’s juice, are you always this wet?
Nat : oh god no, but then again ive never felt this way during sex either
Me : Me neither, I mean I love my wife and I love making love to her but you are on a different level, your pussy felt so good wrapped around my cock and your pussy juice around it felt smothering and amazing, just something about you makes me feel incredible.
Nat : you know, I was nervous when you kissed me in the car but the more we do things the more im loving everything about you, Ive never liked my husbands jizz but yours I wanted to swallow, my husband usually asks me for a BJ but when I saw your dick the first time I wanted to suck it dry, right now I should be worrying about your cum inside my pussy but I really don’t care……is that weird that we met like 40 minutes ago?
Me : no, not weird, I would call myself lucky haha

She sat up, pulled her hair back, look at me and said “I want more of your cum inside me” she went down and started sucking on my flaccid cock, slurping, licking my balls and kissing my penis, trying to bring it back to life, I turned her legs over my chest and started eating her pussy out while she was trying to revive my penis.

After a few minutes of 69

Nat : finally, I see my friend waking up
Me : yeah, I think he is surprised cuz he never gets this much love in this short span of time
Nat *between kisses on my cock* really never? not more than once in a day?
Me : no, I think twice in a day happens like 2-3 times a year but me and my wife usually make love 2-3 times a week
Nat : thats still more than us, my husband fucks me once a week, maybe 2 times a week every now and again
Me : Well now that we have each other we can satisfy each other 10-14 times a week, I would love for your pussy to start dripping every day before I go in to work
Nat : OMG I would love to have you inside me daily, are you seriously considering this as a long term?
Me : fuck yeah, you kidding me, you are amazing at blowjobs and I love being inside your pussy, we just gotta find a schedule and meet daily to fill our cravings and your holes haha
Nat : omg, you see my pussy dripping Nick?
Me : yes, its a fantastic site
Nat : ive never felt this and have never seen it drip this much
Me : Im glad I stalked you a little bit at the grocery store to be this blessed an hour later
Nat : omg I wanted you so bad when you opened my car door for me, I wanted to grab you and kiss you right there, im glad you kissed me when you did, I don’t think I would have made that move
Me : me too, im glad we bumped in to each other so we could bump in to each other right now haha

She continues to suck on my cock and she was enjoying it, I was also loving the attention she was giving me and my cock. After a few minutes I came and she swallowed one more time. I got my cock out of her mouth and went inside her pussy right away while I was still hard, I pounded her hard and fast, my balls were smacking and making sounds against her body, after just a few strokes I felt her cum. Surprisingly my cock was still hard even after just cumming just a few minutes ago, I kept pounding her pussy and changing positions slightly, I finally came one more time and just collapsed on top of her and rolled over and laid down besides her.

It had been two and half hours of us just fucking each other and sucking each other, we met 3 hours ago, It was almost time for me to get to work but for the first time in my life I grabbed my phone, while she was on top of me, called my boss and told him im not feeling well and won’t be in today.

Nat : I hope that wasn’t because of me
Me : it totally was hahaha you have me drained hahah
Nat : oh shut up, you want something to eat?
Me : yea sure

She gets up off the bed and went to the bathroom, came out with a robe that was open in the front, loose on the top and bottom but tight around the waist where she tied it up. She looked so fucking hot, I couldn’t believe it. She said to meet her in the kitchen she will make something for me. I looked in the closet and saw a bunch of her husbands clothes, I took a pair of his shorts and a loose fitting button up shirt, I threw those on and went to the kitchen, she was already heating up some chicken on a pan, but again the non sexual stuff that she did is what drew me to her and again I was mesmerized by this woman, I sat down at the counter and just watched her hips wiggle while she cooked me something to eat.

I couldn’t believe myself, but I was getting semi hard again, I got up and walked behind her, I turned the stove to low heat, started kissing her neck, reached down and lifted up her gown, with one hand holding her gown up, I used my other hand to lower my shorts, sprung my cock out and it was nestled perfectly in her ass crack. I heard her moan as she felt the contact. I moved away from the stove and over counter space, pushed her forward, reached down, spread her ass with my left hand and circled the tip of my cock around her asshole with my right hand. She moaned a bit more, I turned off the stove, grabbed the butter stick next to us and spread some around her asshole.

Nat : be gentle please, ive never done that
Me : just relax, I won’t hurt you, I promise

I kneeled behind her and started tonguing her asshole, I could taste the salty butter, I kept rubbing more and more on her ass hole, I slid a finger in, more butter, eventually 2 fingers and I kept hearing her moan. I spread her asshole with my 2 fingers and gently inserted the smaller end of the butter stick inside her asshole. It was only in like half an inch but I kept it there and gently massaged her asshole until the butter was melted and slipped out of my hands and on the floor. I leaned her a little more forward, lined up the tip of my cock just above her asshole, I spread her butt cheeks and pressed my cock down with the mushroom head popped in side her, She jolted a bit and let out a loud moan, but her jolting made my dick go in a little bit more.
She was breathing hard and panting, I kept easing my dick in but every exhale from her push out the progress, so at this point her asshole was just sucking off the tip of my cock. I told her to breath in, and this time right when she exhaled I did a hard push and my cock slipped inside her asshole, she let out a scream and kicked her legs and panted a ton more but I held her down so I would not let my cock out of her asshole. After a few seconds of her panting.

Me : How do you feel Nat?
Nat : its so painful but at the same time its driving me crazy, my pussy is on fire
Me : So you are enjoying it?
Nat : yes, feel my pussy its so hot right now and I might cum really soon

I reach under and touched her pussy, it was hot and dripping so fast, there was actually a small puddle on the ground between our legs, I decided to put a finger inside her pussy

Nat : omg omg omg fuck fuck fuck fuck

Her legs were shaking, she was clutching my arms hard and wiggling her butt as she a huge orgasm. With my finger in side her pussy I felt a gush of liquid spray out to my hand and I felt it on my legs as well. I looked down and there was so much on the floor it was an incredible sight. I grabbed a hold of her arms and started pounding her asshole, she was screaming and moaning at every stroke, I couldn’t take much of it and as I was about to cum, I pulled out of her asshole and went inside her pussy and came deep inside her. At like my second or third spew I felt her pussy pulsate again around my cock and she yelled im cumming Nick………

We were both spent, we crashed on the kitchen floor, I sat down and her pussy juice was all over my butt and legs, she sat next to me with a huge smile on her face, but still catching her breath.

After a few minutes we both got up, finished heating up the chicken, ate, had a bunch of a chit chat just small talk.

Me : so are you gonna fuck your husband tonight?
Nat : are you kidding me? I have nothing left, you have spent me completely, what about you?
Me : oh yeah, im so horny right now ill probably fuck her as soon as she gets home
Nat : really? you still have more energy?
Me : not at the moment but the feeling of horny is on me still and I need more

Nat was quiet for a few seconds

Me : you ok? you got quiet
Nat : yeah……is it weird that im a little jealous of your wife right now?
Me : haha maybe, why do you feel jealous?
Nat : I feel like I didn’t satisfy you and you need your wife….I know that sounds weird
Me : its not weird at all, trust me if I could I would just fuck you a bunch more, but your husband will be home soon and I also have to be home soon
Nat : Thats what I mean, its gonna end, and you are not done….I feel like I didn’t fulfill your day
Me : oh not its not that at all, the opposite really, When I first saw at the grocery store, it was just fun to imagine, but it came a reality and we will have more, way more I hope but we are both committed to other people as well, I wanted you to fuck your husband and give him a blow job just so you have something to compare us to, so next time we can recreate what we had today. Im gonna go home and fuck my wife hard but I know it won’t feel like cumming inside your pussy and ill have something to look forward for tomorrow
Nat : omg thats so sweet, I can’t wait for tomorrow.
Me : yeah me too, ill be here at noon, you better figure out a way to get rid of your husband by then
Nat : oh no, tomorrow he doesn’t go in until 3-4pm you can’t come later?
Me : no, I plan. on calling out tomorrow so we have 8-10 hours together and im not waiting till 4
Nat : omg ok ill call out too then but I don’t know if he will leave that early.
Me : You gotta figure something out, I want a blow job
Nat : right now?
Me : no I meant tomorrow at noon, but ill never turn down and blowjob from you so yeah right now if you are ready

She go closer to me, pulled my shorts down and started licking and kissing my flaccid penisI was having a hard time getting hard, I got semi hard but not fully hard even after her sucking on it for like 3-4 minutes

Me : its ok, we can continue tomorrow, I think my guy is all out of steam
Nat : no no no, I can see you are hard a little bit, I don’t want you going home to your wife, I wanna make sure you are empty before you leave
Me : omg you really are jealous of my wife huh?
Nat : yeah Nick this is the best day of my life and I can’t send you home if I can help it
Me : I hope you are like this tomorrow too because tomorrow we are spending the whole day in bed, whenever we can we are gonna be using my cock
Nat : as long as I keep you from wife tonight you can do whatever you want to me tomorrow
Me : well if you don’t want me to fuck my wife tonight, you gotta work your mouth a little more and maybe even your pussy

She started sucking me harder and faster, my cock was getting hard but it was also a little painful at the same time. After 10-12 minutes of her sucking me and stroking me, I finally came but I was so spent I only spewed out 1 -2 drops of jizz.

She licked me clean and sat down next to me.

Me : lay down, lets make you cum one more time
Nat : Omg Nick I don’t think I can, my pussy is so sensitive right now.

I pushed her down anyways, and inserted my semi hard cock inside her pussy, it was hard to fuck her but I did anyways, I pounded her until she had a small orgasm. While still inside her pussy

Me : Nat, you need to fuck your husband before we meet tomorrow
Nat : why?
Me : Because I want you to be able to compare, so that way I have a chance with you for a long term instead of just an overnight fling
Nat : you think I want to let you go?
Me : hopefully not but you might feel regret, if you do remember how my cock felt inside your asshole and how my cum tasted
Nat : Omg Nick, please come back tomorrow, even if I say no, just be here, I know once I see you ill want this again.

The next day around 1145am I called her and told her im on my way, she said her husband is still home and we must wait, I told her no, im not waiting and wasting time and that ill be there right at noon and if her husband opens the door ill tell him why im there. I could tell by her voice she was panicking, I said see you soon and hung up.

I drove to her house, got there at 1207pm, saw another car in the driveway and knew it was her husband, at this point I didn’t care, I wanted her bad and I figured ill come up with something by the time walk up to her door. I parked several houses down and started walking towards the house. I rang the door bell around 1211, she opened the door.

Me : Hi Nat sorry im little late
Nat : Nick, honey, please come back in a little bit when he is gone, please I beg
Me : Nat, just tell him im a friend…….is he going to immediately think im fucking you?
Nat : he has never met you, I don’t want to risk it, please.

Her husband : Natasha, who is it?

I opened the door and walked in, you must be her husband? I extended my hand to shake his, he shook my hand

Husband : and you are ??
Me : Oh Natasha didn’t tell you? We met a few days ago and she really helped my wife and I so I came by to personally thank her for everything she did for us.
Nat : sorry Frank I was going to tell you but we were both tired.
Husband : oh ok so what happened?
Me : well lets just say her advise to my wife saved our marriage.
Husband : oh im glad to hear, Natasha, im heading out, il have some lunch with my friends before heading in to work
Nat ” ok honey I love you
Husband : I still need to take a shower, then ill head out

H starts heading down the hallway, I wanted to make sure he heard us

Me : So my wife wanted to invite you both to dinner, she told me since you live close to my work that I should stop by and invite your personally
Nat : oh thats very sweet, we would love to, right Frank?
Frank : yea sure honey

We hear the shower turn on

Me : see its no that hard
Nat : you are crazy, not that hard, im shaking im so scared
Me : Well I needed you and didn’t want to wait another 4 hours…. we barely have enough time as is
Nat : we should have a lot more time today… looking forward to it.

I grabbed her head, kissed her hard and lowered her to kneel, I lowered my pants to have my hard cock out

Nat : Nick, just wait he is leaving than we can enjoy.
Me : he is in the shower, the way you suck my cock, ill be done before he is, I promise

Nat kneeled down and started sucking my cock again, it was fantastic, just the way I remembered the days before. I was enjoying every second it. We heard the shower turn off and in panic I saw Nat was trying to stand up

Me : he still has to get dressed, just finish me quick hon

She went back to sucking me and I moved a little around the corner so he couldnt see us from the hallway. I was cumming when we heard his door open, Nat swallowed quickly, I pulled my pants up and sat down before he came around the corner and we pretended to be in a conversation

Me : yeah no, my wife really likes you, and she doesn’t have very many friends so meeting you the way she did was a blessing, oh Frank my wife would really love you guys over for dinner on Friday at 6pm *I knew he worked late and that time wouldn’t work*
Frank : thats terrible because I work late in the day
Me : no worries, ill just have my wife reach out to Nat *when I said Nat she gave me a stink eye* to schedule a time that works best for you
Me : Nat my wife also wanted you to take a look at this party she is planing and wants to know if you would want to help her
Frank : well Nick it was nice to meet you and hope we do get together soon, babe, im heading out for lunch and then off to work, see you tonight, love you, and nice meeting you Nick
Me : nice meeting you too Frank
Nat : bye love

we both ran towards the window to see his car drive off, as soon as it did Nat playfully started hitting me for scaring her like that.

I grabbed both of her arms, pulled her in and kissed her deeply and passionately. I broke the kiss

Me : you can’t tell me that wasn’t fun, swallowing my load when your husband is 5 feet away
Nat : Omg it was but I really enjoy the taste of your cum and I felt like I swallowed it too fast without being able to enjoy it.
Me : well not we have several hours and I would love to cum inside your mouth every time I cum today
Nat : deal, because my pussy is still a little sensitive and soar from yesterday
Me : I never said im not fucking you today, im gonna have that pussy and that ass, just want to see you swallow every load
Nat : omg you turn me on so much
Me : you said I can do whatever I want to you today, so you ready?
Nat : oh god, please be nice haha
Me : oh its gonna be nice, but im pretty sure your pussy, asshole and your tongue will be extremely tired by tonight
Nat : im ready babe, do me hard do whatever you want, I am yours today
Me : not just today, you are mine from now on, even when you fuck your husband I want you to think and imagine its me

I grabbed her hand and walked her to the kitchen counter, I lifted her and sat her there. I started looking for something to tease her with, I found a can of whip creme. I turned her over o the counter where her ass was sticking up, I put some whipped creme between her ass crack and licked it up slowly hearing her moan everytime my tongue touched her asshole. After a few times of this I turned her over where her head was hanging off the counter and her hair flowing down, I inserted my penis and went all the way in, I could see my cock at the top of her throat and she would gag every time I would get there, it was an extreme pleasure for me.

Panic set it as we heard the garage door open, it had been at least 25 minutes since her husband left and there is no reason for me to still be at her house. So I ran in to the office room they had. I heard frank come back in, he forgot his wallet, they had some more small chat about my wife and then I heard frank kissing her and I couldn’t help but wonder if he tasted my cum inside her mouth or at least my cock since I was just inside her throat a minute before. I could move much because I dint want to make any accidental sounds so I just stood by the door hearing sounds and I finally figured out that he was fucking her. I heard her moan, which actually got me a little jealous and upset, then she told Frank she was cumming, then frank made a sound and it was quiet for a few minutes before I hear clothes ruffling and people walking around.

Frank : omg Natasha, I needed that so bad, thank you
Nat : me too, ive been craving it a lot lately
Frank : well then im glad I came back, but I should head back out since my friends were already at the restaurant.
Nat : ok honey enjoy, love you

He left again, I was able to see the car drive off and I was finally able to come out.

Me : how was it?
Nat : it was not the same you are right, I was feeling so awkward until I closed my eyes and imagined you instead and I enjoyed it a lot more and came before him, which is usually never happens
Me : not going to lie, I got a bit jealous and I want to make love to you
Nat : of course Nick, I told you im all yours today
Me : no, I mean I want to make love to you like we are a couple, we have been fucking and its been amazing but I think you need to know how it feels to be made love to you

I grabbed her hand took her to the bedroom, gently removed all of her clothes, while kissing and caressing her body with my hands. Laid her down on the bed gently, took my clothes off, rubbed her pussy with my fingers while I sucked and pleasured her breasts, she was moaning, and squirming the entire time, breathing hard and I could tell she was loving it. Once I felt her pussy was wet enough, I laid down on top of her, entered her pussy slowly, held her tight against me. Kissed her passionately while going in and out of her pussy ever so slowly with long and deep strokes.I would grab her ass and tits and squeee them every so often, just truly making love to this woman.I felt her cum but I never broke the French kiss. I kept doing this slow grinding, gently switch from side to side. I felt her cum a second time and I felt extremely wet between her legs, I was loving it but I wasn’t done I wanted to make her feel loved and wanted during this time. I switched positions one more time and started focusing on her neck and ears, just truly loving her and giving her a great time. since we weren’t kissing anymore I heard her whisper, omg nick I think im going to cum again. I went back to look her in the eyes and was ready to cum as well, I felt her pussy pulsate and with that I was ready as well and shot my jizz inside her while she was cumming and our eyes locked in.

After both of us were done I rolled over to the side and brought her over me where she could rest her head on my chest. She kept kissing me, she would kiss my chest, then my cheeks, then my lips, her hands were all over my body as well.

Nat : I feel so comfortable and safe and satisfied right now, ive honestly never felt this way
Me : yeah this is definitely nice, but we gotta be careful that we don’t catch feelings beyond lust for each other
Nat : maybe a bit late for that, don’t you think?
Me : well, I love my life, and even though this is amazing what we have here, I can’t leave my wife
Nat : I would never ask you to leave her but I think I deserve and have earn the right to ask you to be with me also
Me : yea of course, I think what we have is amazing and sexually we can do amazing things
Nat : Nick, after what you just did to me, I feel different, I no longer lust for you, I want more but I understand and am ok with sharing you, just make sure you are here for me when you here.
Me : how did that feel?
Nat : amazing, I felt wanted, needed, loved, cherished, safe, filled, it almost didn’t even feel like sexy anymore it felt like we belonged in that positioned, like I need to pleasure you with whatever I can, I felt vulnerable and falling for you, I have fallen for you
Me : Nat, the feeling is mutual, I want you in my life going forward, I need you excellent blow jobs.

hearing that she leaned down and started sucking me again, after a few seconds, she looked up at me

Nat: I love you Nick, thank you for making me a woman
Me : I love you too, thank you for letting me have you

after she finished and swallowed me we laid for a few minutes more

Nat : I want to make sure all your fantasies are fulfilled, tell me some of them
Me : waking up to a BJ is one but threesome is another……
Nat : haha typical guy thing, threesome, do you have someone in mind?
Me : no, not really but just curious who is in the picture with you in the living room
Nat : omg thats my older sister
Me : Id be ok with that, if you and her are close…….
Nat : omg Nick
Me : you said whatever I want right?
Nat : Jesus you are serious, you want me and my sister to fuck you at the same time?
Me : im not saying no to it haha.

To be continued