Want to fuck my wife?

Those are 5 words I’ll never get tired of hearing or saying.

My wife and I got married when we were just 18 and I’d expected it to be a quiet wholesome marriage with my wife having been raised by a dominate mother and being the daughter of the preacher in our small conservative town. I’d sewn my share of wild oats in my teens and was confident I was going to be settling down. But as the saying goes shit happens. In our case it was the first time I took some nude pictures of my hot 5-8, 120-lb, 34DD-24-35 redheaded wife. It was way before digital cameras so I had to send the film off to be developed. That’s when we both realized the idea of strangers seeing my wife naked turned us on. This lead to us going out of town for her to expose herself to strangers in real life. Having to keep up apperances in our small town.

Though she had started dressing more revealing at home when some of my closest friends would come over. After one of those visits my best friend commented on how sexy she was and how she’d never dress like that outside. I confided in him about our pictures and trips out of town. Of course he asked if he could see the pictures. I was proud as could be seeing his expressions and hearing his comments about my sexy wife. That night I reluctantly told her about it but rather than being mad she was turned on by the comments he’d made and we had some of the hottest sex ever. We’d tried taking some pictures of us having sex using a tripod but they never came out very well. So with Lynn’s approval I invited Tommy to take some pictures for us. It wasn’t as much for the pictures but an exchuse for someone we knew to see her naked. But it went farther than we ever expected with my wife sucking my friends cock while I fucked her in the ass.

We had a few more threesomes with him expecting it to lead to him fucking her, which until then she’d never been with a guy besides me. She’d never even had another guy touch her boobs. But for some reason Tommy only wanted her to suck his cock with the exception of once fucking her tits until he shot off on them. But soon after he moved and having gotten turned on by the threesomes we looked for someone else to take his place. It came by accident when a guy named John came over to watch a porn movie while Lynn was gone. Knowing I enjoyed photography he started talking about taking nude photos wanting to take some pictures of his girlfriend but not knowing where to get them developed. His girlfriend was only 15 and he was almost 30 but she’d easily pass for much older with huge tits. As I was telling him where to send them and such he finally came out and asked if I’d taken any nudes of Lynn? As soon as I said I had he said he’d show me the polaroids of his GF and any pictures he took of her with his new camera if I’d show them to him.

Knowing he wasn’t in a position to tell anyone since I knew about his underage GF and that he’d taken pictures of her he could be the answer to replacing Tommy. Lynn wasn’t home and when I said I’d have to ask her he said forget it being afraid she’d get mad at the suggestion. But she got home right after that and I left the room and talked to her. When I came back I told him I’d asked her and she wasn’t sure because she didn’t think she looked very good in the pictures. But assured him she wasn’t mad or offended. A short while later she came down and stepped in front of us and told him she was sorry about the pictures but she just didn’t think she looked that good in them. She was wearing a very conservative long dress that buttoned to her neck and fit kind of loose. She started to unbutton it and said she felt more comfortable with him seeing the real thing. She took off her dress and then her bra & panties facing away from us then turned wearing only a garter belt & stockings and heels. Every inch of her sexy body on display. Nails painted bright red matching her lipstick and dark eye make-up. Which she never wore make-up except out of town. She moved over closer and asked if he liked the stockings letting him feel of them, then dropping to her knees and taking his cock out as I did mine. She started sucking us both off and I leaned over and ask him. ” Want to fuck my wife? ” His eyes lit up and I knew the answer. Soon for the very first time my wife was getting fucked by another guy. And all three of us were thrilled.

We continued having threesomes with him and were showing each other all of our pictures and to my surprise one day after showing me some pictures of his girl he asked if I wanted to fuck her? It turned out he’d talked to her about it already. She had no idea he’d been fucking Lynn or that we’d seen each others pictures. A few nights later I went to his house and she came in the room in some sheer lingerie. But it wasn’t long until she was naked and sucking our cocks, then I was fucking her while she sucked his cock. The first time I shot off in her pussy and the second time on her face after fucking her big tits. And later learned like Lynn had been with John I was the only other guy she’d sucked off or fucked. Finally a few years later after they got married we swapped partners, with her having no idea John had been fucking Lynn for years. But that started to be the norm. I’d have a friend over and watch some porn and maybe show him some pictures and Lynn would unexpectedly to them come in and strip. Then while she sucked us off I’d ask ” Want to fuck my wife? “. And only one turned us down, but he jerked off watching us fuck. And it was amazing because it might not be right away at times it was a couple of years later they’d ask me if I wanted to fuck their wife or GF.

Though we at the time were getting together with other swingers we met through ad’s we’d hook up with out of town and would pick up strangers out of town we still had our friends coming over to fuck my sexy wife as well as the occasional repair or delivery man she’d seduce and suck off or fuck while without them knowing I was watching. But it was funny when there was a big gathering I’d look around and see dozens of guys who’d fucked my wife and almost as many women I’d fucked. One guy named Mike dated 3 different girls I ended up fucking and one who had sex with Lynn too. And when he finally got married I fucked his wife several times and finally swapped with them. And lots of those wives & girlfriends I ended up having nude pictures of including Mike’s wife who suggested posing nude for me when Mike’s pictures always came out fuzzy and she said to keep a set for myself. A few years later they divorced and she brought her new boyfriend over to watch her and Lynn have sex and then swap partners.

But those are 5 words I grew to love. ” Want to fuck my wife?”.