Watching the neighbour’s wife give a bj

When I was in my late twenties I lived next door to a couple. They were in their fifties. The woman was attractive. She had curly brown hair, was slim but curvy. She worked in a supermarket so when I saw her she would be wearing the uniform.

The back door of our house was opposite their back garden. When you stepped out you could see their lawn and plants over the fence. One afternoon I was going out to the garden when I could see the lady sunbathing. She was laying face down on the ground with her bikini top undone. I watched for a few minutes. The lower part of her bum cheeks could be seen below her bikini.

She then sat up. Her boobies wobbled as she did. They were perfect and tanned. Her pink nipples looked suckable. My penis hardened at the view. Then she put her bikini top on and I walked out to our garden.

A few days later I saw her in the garden again. She was laying down in her bikini. Her husband then walked out to her, sat down and began kissing her. He kissed her lips and her cheeks. She sat up and undid her bikini top. Her boobs dropped down. He held them and stroked them softly. She moaned. My willy was stiff now.

After a while she put her hands around his shorts’ waistband, he lifted his bum and she pulled them down. I could see he was erect. She put her hand around his shaft and slowly moved it up and down. I heard him moan in pleasure. I put my hand in my shorts and began to masturbate. She then put her mouth against his tip and started to lick it. Then taking her hand away she took his willy in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down.

I was masturbating furiously in my shorts. My willy was jolting. The man was moaning louder. Then I heard him say “I’m coming baby” and he orgasmed into the woman’s mouth. She kept him in her mouth until he was flaccid. I was ready to come and a few more tugs and I ejaculated in my shorts and over my hand. Breathing heavy I watched as the lady took her mouth away from the man’s willy, put her bikini top on and layed back down. The man pulled up his shorts and went inside their house.

Hopefully I shall see them in the garden again.