Weekend Experiments

I was 14 and summer was here, school had just let out and I decided to go camping with my two friends Jeff and Steve. Jeff was athletic and loved anything outdoors; Steve was the popular guy at school and in our little neighborhood. He had blonde hair, muscular body, and all the girls wanted him.

 The three of us would go camping all the time up at my family’s lake, which was on the backside of my grandpa’s tree farm. It usually took us a half hour to walk through the woods to the campsite, from my grandpa’s house. He would check in on us periodically to report back to our parent’s that everything was o.k. and we would have fun fishing and hiking around the lake just having fun.

 Well to keep it short, we were suppose to go camping for a week or so as soon as school let out, but Jeff’s older sister was getting married that weekend and couldn’t get free until that Monday. Steve and I decided we would go ahead on Saturday and setup camp, When Jeff got away he would just meet us there. Well everything went as planned Steve and I got there early Saturday morning and grandpa came along and helped us setup camp.

    After an hour of fishless fishing we got bored and decided to walk around the lake to a nearby cove where the hippies would swim nude. Last time we were there, two older ladies had been taking baths in the cove and we spied on them. Wasn’t much to see, but at 14 all naked woman were interesting. So we headed off through the dense path to the cove, not knowing what we were about to see would bring on things that neither one could ever imagine we were capable of doing.

    We quietly crept through the thick brush to our peeping area and caught site of some teenagers on the opposite side skinny dipping. Steve recognized one of them as his older brother’s friend Josh, he was about 19, tall and slim. They were all drinking and jumping off a large rock on the far side, as we watched, josh suddenly starting swimming to our side of the cove and from the brush next to us we heard footsteps approach. Steve just looked at me in horror as the footsteps got closer.

  He walked within inches to my right and jumped into the water with Josh. They started to kiss and Steve just laid there with this look of disbelief on his face.

  I didn’t know if we should leave or not, so I just waited for Steve to move. Instead of moving away he positioned himself a little closer to the edge so he could get a better look. I in my infinite curiosity followed right beside him.

    As we watched them kiss and fondle each other’s naked bodies I felt that familiar warm hard feeling in my shorts coming on. They kissed for a few then joshed propped the other boy onto a nearby rock and began to stroke his now erect penis. We were in awe and as still as the trees around us as we watched josh give this boy a blowjob no more than twenty feet from us. After several minutes of bobbing up and down on him the boy grabbed the back of josh’s head and pushed down hard as he moaned and sighed.

  Josh pulled up off him a few seconds later and I could smell something strange, but I knew that smell from when I masturbated. As we watched the other boy grabbed josh’s dick and started to stroke it, Josh pushed him away and the grabbed him by the waist. He turned him over to lay face down on the rock with his ass up in the air. We then saw him put two fingers in the boy’s ass and start to move them in and out slowly as the boy moaned again and lifted his butt to meet Josh’s fingers.

      I could not believe what I was seeing, why was he doing this. The blowjob I could understand, as I have gotten a couple from the girl down the street and it was mind boggling the way she could use her tongue. As I watched, he pulled out his fingers and spit into them then rubbed his dick with the spit and slowly pushed it into the boy’s ass. They laid on the rock perfectly still for a moment then josh began to move his body very gently pumping the firm ass beneath him. After several moans and deep thrusts josh rolled off and they changed positions. This went on for what seemed forever.

   After they left we got up slowly and walked back to our camp, not saying anything about what we had just seen.