When I was young I enjoyed playing with dicks

I was horny and hard all the time I walked around with a hard on all the time and I started at girls and guys all the time. There was a guy in school who was tall and thin. We went to the beach and his dick was like mine sticking straight out. He said let’s go to the caves on the hill and we were in the closest one. No one else was there and he drops his trunks and so did I. He said stick you cock in my mouth and I was pounding his throat I came and I was holding his head and I kept pounding him and I came aging, then I pulled out and he mouth fucked me and he came in my mouth twice too. Then he said let’s asshole fuck each other. So we positioned our cocks, and we entered our butts at the same time and when we were all the way in we pulled each other’s sides to go in and out of our soon to be satisfied assholes. We came at the same time and we made a lot of noise as we came. We both fell out and then we walked down to the beach and rinced off and put our shorts back on. Then we walked back to my house 🏘️.