My personal ad on craigslist years ago

When you could Post personal ads on C L I posted a few and I got a lot of responses,most were just stupid remarks, but a couple were very good and I answered them. Sometimes we messaged a few times and then nothing from the person, but a couple sent me a phone number and I called them. Then we talked about what we both wanted to do, but this one guy was great talking to and we meet up at a restaurant and during lunch and talking we went to his place. We walked in to a nice place on the lake in the country. We kissed and did a lot of petting of dicks. Then we stripped each other nakid and he went to town sucking my nuts and dick and I filled up his mouth and he swallowed. Then I went down on his dick and nuts we were both shaved below. When he came I held his hard dick and I kept licking his head and he came a second time and very hard squirts. I kept licking his head and he was holding my head hard and grabbing my ears and he came a 3rd time,hard squirt again and he is yelling that he loves it and I was still licking his head only now as hard as I can press my tongue on the underside of his head and I have pulled his dick skin so it is tight and when he came the next time he was dry cuming and I was massaging his nuts and tickling them he dry pumped 10-12 times and then he said I half to stop. I stood up and he was laying back in the chair and holding his dick and nuts. In the week that followed we sucked each other off 5 more times and I did his dick the same every time. Then I looked for another penis to play with!