When Wife Turned Mistress for Fun

Shaan couldn’t ask for a more beautiful and loving wife than Riva. She loves him an intensity that overwhelms him. But she is also a cruel, wicked and demanding mistress. It thrills and shocks Shaan all at the same time. Whenever his wife turned into a mistress it gave him an adrenaline rush.

“Slave.” She shouted for him one morning. “ I am feeling lazy today. So, you are going to do everything. You will obey all my commands with questions and hesitations.”

“Yes, madam.” He replied with his eyes cast down just as she likes.


“Strip.” She commanded and he obliged. She sat with her legs spread. Her cunt looked ready and dripping. It was tempting.

“Don’t stop until I ask you to.” He nodded, his eyes fixated on the source of the nectar. And with that, he got down on his knees, crawled to the bed to her cunt and started his job. He parted the lips with two fingers and let his tongue do the rest. As the tip of his tongue touched her clit, she moaned with pleasure. He teased her a little and she wrapped her fingers in his hair and she buried his head deeper in between her legs.

She let him lick her for almost an hour and came approximately thrice. And then, she demanded to see his erection. He stood up, still not looking in her eyes. He could feel it throbbing.

“Masturbate for me and look me in the eye. But you must not orgasm. Do you understand?” He looked at her and nodded. He took his throbbing manhood in his hands and started moving to and fro. His eyes closed in pleasure but his mistress commanded him to keep looking in her eyes. She looked at his growing erection and the temptation to take it inside of her.

“Put the clamps on your erection.” He knew clamps would stimulate his orgasm but will prevent him from orgasming. It would be a little painful but in a pleasurable way.

“Come here.” She commanded next and put a little steel ball inside his little ass hole. And then she pressed the button of the vibrator. The cold steel balls started humming inside drawing him to the edge. But he was not supposed to come. She kept manipulating the vibrator and he had to keep masturbating. He was amazed by the change of wife turned mistress and he was enjoying it.

When the temptation got strong, she asked him to come to bed, ties his hands so he couldn’t touch her and get undressed. She sat astride him, touching his tip to her cunt. He whimpered and fidgeted. He wanted to touch her mounds desperately but his hands were tied. He pushed his pelvis up to get inside that heat but she pulled back smiling. She kept teasing him for a little while longer, rubbing herself on him and not letting him in. She rubbed her clit on his erection, slowly, and then gradually increased her speed and pressure. She rubbed herself until she came on him. And then she sat on his face to clean her up.

And finally, she let his erection slid inside of her wet and hot cunt moving to and fro slowly. She took him deeper inside her and he groaned with pleasure. He so wanted to orgasm with his erection buried deep in her velvets and his hole being stimulated by the vibrator, he was about to burst. And just then she ordered him to. He gladly did like a wild animal, grunting and moaning. His orgasm was so hard that she came as well. The mistress turned to his wife again.