You can’t judge a book by it’s cover… or people

My wife Lynn and I got married when we were both barely 18. We’d both been raised in a small conservative town. But Lynn had the added restrictions of her father being the local preacher. So she had always had to dress very modestly and couldn’t wear make-up, and had to wear her long red hair pulled up in a bun. Once we were married she still had to for the most part continue to dress and act that way. But behind closed doors and out of town she became the exact opposite. I had all pretty much started when I had taken some nude pictures of her. It was long before digital cameras so the film had to be developed. That’s when we learned that we were both turned on at the thought that some total stranger was seeing pictures of Lynn naked.

Soon Lynn was ordering more and more sexy outfits to take pictures in, most with garter belts & stockings. Lynn was 5-8, 120lb, 36DD-24-35 with long sexy legs, long red hair with matching bush and sparkling green eyes. It wasn’t long until she started dressing sexier at home and loved it when some of my friends would come over. She’d wear loose fitting low cut tops and no bra so when she’d bend over they could see her big tits. And skimpy shorts her sexy ass would be hanging out of. We’d also started going out of town most weekends for her to expose herself to strangers. She’d even expose herself to truckers on the highway by opening her dress up and only be wearing a garter belt & stockings underneath. But it didn’t take long until things went further and we had our first threesome with a friend of mine and soon after we were really into the swinger lifestyle. We had mostly mfm threesomes. But also started wife swapping with cpls with bi wives and had even had a couple of small gang bangs. The first being in an adult theater after Lynn had stripped naked.

But the thing that occupied Lynn most was exposing her sexy body to as many people as possible. We’d sometimes buy men’s magazines to get idea on new poses to try or outfits to wear in our weekly photo shoots. That’s where we learned that a couple of them had nude amateur photo contests. So after some checking with them we learned that they didn’t use the girls real names or cities they were from. So we started taking some pictures to send into two of the magazines. We made sure Lynn’s face was partially hidden while still looking natural. And we took them inn out of town hotels so no one could recognize the furniture etc. We were both excited as hell knowing possibly millions of people were going to see my sexy wife naked. Then we ran into a snag when we went to send them in while filling out the entry form we learned that it had to be notarized and that the notary had to initial the back of each picture. At first we thought about going out of town but Lynn realized she knew a girl who worked at the bank who was a notary. It just happened that they both knew the other was bi and had flirted a little and Lynn had been trying to think of a way to maybe get her into a threesome with us.

So we picked out several pictures for each magazine and put them in separate envelopes with the entry forms. And had thrown in a couple more we weren’t going to send the magazine but she wanted her friend to see. One was her sucking my thick 9 1/2″ cock with just the head in her mouth and another of me fucking her from behind. She was hoping this would break the ice and get her friend interested in doing both of us. So Lynn goes into the bank dressed very conservatively and told someone she was there to get Karen to notarize some things for her. So as expected the pointed her to the girls desk. And said they were sure she’d be right with her. She’d laid the envelopes on the desk in front of Karen’s chair and waited. But after a few minutes of waiting she got a surprise when one of the banks vice-presidents walks up and scoops up the envelops and said come with me. As they walk through the bank he explains that Karen had left early but that he was a notary. Soon they were in his office. It just happened the guy knew us both and especially Lynn as he was a deacon in Lynn’s dads church. She said she could come back when Karen was there but he said not to worry he’d take care of it.

In a flash he’d dumped the contents of the envelope out on his desk and the pictures landed face up. Right on top was the picture of her sucking me off. He of course was shocked, but just said oh well what do we have here. Then went over and closed his office door. He came back and picked up the pictures putting them in a neat stack with the picture of her with my cock in her mouth on top. Lynn was totally speechless as he read over the entry form, then finally said she wanted to say how sorry she was and hadn’t intended on embaressing him. But he cut her off and said not to worry and assured her it was ok and that no one else would know. Then surprised her when he said he’d often wondered what she’d look like under all those unflattering clothes. Then said he guessed dreams did come true. Lynn asked what he meant and he said he’d often wished he could see her naked. In one way it shocked her with him being this straight laced church deacon married with kids always acting so religious. But was also a bit relieved that he wasn’t shocked by all of this.

But he very slowly went through the pictures initializing the back of each one. But then going through them again just enjoying the pictures of my wife naked except for a garter belt & stockings and on occasion looking over at her as if comparing. He filled out the form and put his seal on it. Sitting aside the pictures of Lynn sucking my dick and me fucking her laying side by side face up. And said they wouldn’t accept them it had to only be the girl in the pictures. Then saying he was sure some of the women would like them and commented on the size of my cock and saying she was a lucky girl. Then he started on the second envelope and would occasionally comment on one of them saying how sexy she was in a particular pose and commenting on how she was a natural redhead, referring to her bushy red pussy. Every once in a while looking over at the pictures of her sucking my cock and me fucking her. All of a sudden he looked up and said he knew Karen was bi and asked if she’d ever been with her, or if she was hoping those pictures would lead to that? Then said he shouldn’t have asked that. Then said but that would be a hot sight seeing the two of them together.

Lynn was quickly starting to see this guy was a real perv and was feeling more at ease. But still was a bit taken off guard when he said apparently I was ok with guys seeing her naked in the magazines, and said he’d be proud of having a wife that hot too. But then asked if I’d ever consider letting a guy see the real thing? And added it was obvious she liked showing off what god had given her. She told him she’d have to ask me. He told her to tell me it would just be look and no touch, saying I was the last person he’d want to piss off. Then said maybe she shouldn’t even say anything. Like before he went through the pictures again really checking them out. Then there was a knock at the door he jumped up with a very obvious hard-on and opened the door just a little and said he was with a customer and they handed him some papers. So Lynn decided to have some fun and ask if he was pitching a tent under his desk or did he see something he liked. He just gave her a kind of lecherous look. Then said he saw a lot he liked. As she was getting ready to leave he said again not to say anything to me about seeing her naked. She was turned on as hell by the way things had worked out, and fucked the hell out of me as she told me about it that night.

A few months had gone by and the pictures had came out in the magazines and I’d seen the guy at the bank in passing but not to talk. Lynn and I had gone to an adult drive in not far out of town. Everyone knew it was there and lots of people from our little town went knowing if someone saw them there they couldn’t tell anyone without telling on themselves for being there. Kind of an honor system. There was an old man at the ticket booth who’d later work in the snack bar Lynn teased and flashed her tits to when we were going in. Lynn always went to the snack bar alone so she could expose herself a little. That night was no exception she dropped her money as if by accident, some of it being coins so as she’s bending over her dress comes partially open where you could see her tits & pussy. When she finally stood up she realized the guy from the bank was standing behind her. She could tell he’d been drinking and asked if he was there with his wife? He said she was a prude and would never go anywhere like that and she thought he was out playing poker. So he had to come alone. He said he’d bought the magazines her pictures were in but had to hide them from his wife. It shocked her when he came right out and said he’d jerked off looking at her pictures lots of times.

She asked if he wanted to watch the movies with us? He said he didn’t want to intrude and she said he wouldn’t be. So they came back to the car. Right away he started talking about how hot my wife was and how much he liked her pictures in the magazine. It surprised us both when he commented on my cock saying how big it was and how he’d liked seeing her sucking it. Lynn wasted no time in taking her dress off and letting him see her totally naked for real. He was blown away and kept saying how she looked even better in real life. And was turned on by the garter belt & stockings she was wearing. She said she liked how they felt then took his hand and ran it over the smooth stocking, then moved his hand up to her pussy and ask if he liked how that felt? He just kind of mumbled yes I think half in shock. I spoke up and said he probably liked the picture of her sucking my cock because he’d imagined her sucking his cock after seeing the picture. We were surprised when he said no that he’d fantasized having her suck his cock when she was 13 and had started to develope.. It turned out he’d had the hots for her for years. He said he couldn’t believe he’d gotten to see her naked and was playing with her pussy.

Without a word Lynn started undoing his belt & pants and he asked what she was doing? She bluntly said I’m gonna suck your dick like you’ve fantasized so much about. She started sucking him off while he fondled her big tits. After a couple of minutes she told him to tell her some of the fantasies he’d had about her. He went back to when she was 12-13 and it was clear she was going to have some big tits and he’d seen her in a hallway of the church drinking water out of the fountain and he’d gone home and jerked of thinking of that water being his cum shooting in her mouth. And he confessed sometimes when he’d see her he’d put his hand on her shoulder and stoop down to talk to her and let his fingers gently rub across her tits. He said once during a Christmas pagent he’d seen her changing and she was only wearing a bra & panties and he’d had to go in the bathroom and jerk-off. But he’d actually started noticing an attraction to her earlier. When she was 10 or 11 she’d had to sit on his lap in the church van and he’d gotten a hard-on and could feel his cock pressing against her ass.

Around then she stopped sucking him and moved up putting her tits in his face and said well I’m not a little girl any more. It was in the summer so the windows were down and people walking by could easily see him sucking her big tits but he didn’t care at this point. We were in a station wagon so I laid the back seat down and we all got out and moved to the back. Lynn still naked. She had us get beside each other and took turns sucking us off and at one point having us fuck her tits. I couldn’t believe it when she was fucking him with her tits that he reached over and wrapped his hand around my cock and started stroking it. I just sat there speechless, I’d had guys jerk me off before and even suck me off but this surprised me. We’d had a couple of guys offer to suck my cock since we’d been swinging but I’d turned them down, but Lynn had said she like to see a guy sucking my cock and knew I wouldn’t suck them off. So I just came out and asked if after seeing those pictures if he’d fantasized about sucking my dick? He paused a second and said he had. So I asked if he wanted to suck my cock? He said sure and Lynn moved over. To give him room.

He started sucking my cock and I told him I wanted him to know I wasn’t going to suck him. About them Lynn spoke up and said several of the guys I’d let fuck her had wanted to suck me off but he was the first I’d let and said our deal was I wouldn’t be expected to do them. Then she remembered their conversation about Karen at the bank and told him she’d never hooked up with her but wanted to. But that she had been with several girls. Then I think to tease him started talking about how much I liked watching her with another girl kissing & sucking each others tits, then them getting in a hot 69 eating each other. You could tell it was turning him on. Then just to fuck with him she lied and said he’d be surprised at some of the girls and women in the church who’d eaten her pussy. Knowing every female he saw there he was going to wonder about. By the way he was going down on my cock it was clear this was far from the first cock he’d sucked and when I shot off he swallowed every drop of my cum. Lynn asked if he wanted to eat her pussy? But could tell it was his first time. It turned out his wife wouldn’t engage in oral sex or fuck in but one position. We talked a little about some of our experiences wife swapping and threesomes with both guys and girls and Lynn’s exhibitionism. So building on what Lynn had told him I added that some of the wildest couples we’d swapped with were some couples from the church, saying a couple were real freaks. Knowing now he’d be going nuts at church.

It didn’t take long for me to get hard again but I sat back & watched him fuck my wife and empty his load inside her pussy. We talked a while answering questions about swingers and then Lynn sucked us off getting us almost ready to cum and had us shoot off on her face & tits. Which I wasn’t surprised when we did he helped lick the cum off. Lynn was telling him to imagine it was his wife licking that cum off of her tits, and I think it turned him on. But he surprised us when he said or my daughter. We’d almost forgot he had a 15 yo daughter who was actually pretty hot. So Lynn started asking if it would turn him on to watch Amber licking & sucking cum off of her tits. He said it would, so Lynn kept going talking about her and amber eating each others pussy and sucking each others tits. Showering together. Then she said and me fucking her and he said no. Then said but maybe her sucking that big dick. I was getting turned on myself picturing a threesome with Lynn and I and his daughter. The movie was over so people were starting to leave again Lynn got out naked for all to see and got in the front and he went to his car. We never hooked up with him again like that but on occasion in passing would mention it. And once we saw him out with his family and he was introducing everyone though we already knew them. But he kept going on about how Amber and Lynn should hang out. I think he really wanted Lynn to have sex with his daughter. But that never transformed.

But you just never know what people are hiding deep inside.