Young Love Part 5: Consolation

“Come on big brother. Don’t be hurt!”, Jen said grabbing my dick. “We still love you! Let’s see if I can break the 4 minute mark.”, she said as she went down on me.

Part 4:

Ellen got Molly and took her to her room and laid her down. Gave her some water to drink. Ellen came back in as Jen was working my dick. Ellen sat next to me and made out with me. I fingered her wet pussy. “Let’s lay him down.”, Ellen said to Jen. “He likes my “strawberry patch” as he calls it.”.

Ellen put her beautiful strawberry blonde pussy in my face and I started work on her. Ah she smelled wonderful as her juices were all over my face. I opened her lips and just played with her clit with my tongue. I jammed my thumb in her. The girls took turns sucking my dick. Passing it between them. “Ok the one he shoots his load in is the winner!”, Ellen said.

Both girls were working hard sucking my dick as I licked Ellen’s pussy. She was moaning getting into what I was doing to her. Each girl sucked hard trying to win the race. Ellen’s hips moved forward and ground down on my face as her orgasm came on. I shoved my finger up Ellen’s ass and she moaned loudly. Jen seized the opportunity and sucked as hard as she could. “Awwwwww”, Ellen said as her muscles tightened into an orgasm. Her pussy juices squirting on my face. Jen’s expertise and timing was what won her the race. She sucked hard and slow as my dick swelled and I shot my load into her mouth.

Jen swallowed and said, “I win!”

Ellen said, “That was interference! How about we share?” She kissed Jen on the mouth and licked the stray cum off her lips. “Come on! Try it! Just kiss me.”

Jen backed away from her. Ellen sighed and shook her head.

My stepmom started blowing up Jen’s phone and my phone asking when we were coming back. We walked home drunk off of our asses. We avoided our parents at all costs. Going straight to our rooms.

A couple days went by and unfortunately for me Molly felt different about me after we had sex. Things were not the same anymore and she mentioned how she just prefers women. Things kind of fell apart between all of us. Ellen and Molly stayed a couple so Ellen and I did not see each other anymore. Of course Jen and I stayed together. Jenny and I always had that bond. We were together through thick and thin.

I was just bummed. I lost two thirds of my harem. Lol. Well I lost my harem. I was bummed to say the least. My first heartache and it totally sucked. Jen just let me have my space as I worked through this. I spent the next couple days in my room sulking and feeling sorry for myself.

Jenny came in my room one late morning while I was still in bed. “Up! Let’s go!”, she said. “Get your ass in the shower now.”

“Come on! Leave me alone.”, I said.

“I gave you time to work this out. That ain’t working. Now I need to intervene. Get up!”, she said

I got up reluctantly and gathered my clothes and went into the shower. She came in with me. “What about Mom and Dad?”, I asked

“They left. Go! Shower! Now! Go! I am tired of this crap!”, she said.

She took her clothes off. She had a few more hairs coming in on her baldy and her tits were forming nicely.

We showered together. She sucked my dick as I washed up. She bent over to pick up the soap and I lined it up to stick it in.

“Do it Tim. Go on! It will make you feel better. Come on fuck me hard. Like our first time.”, she said. I played with clit as I stuck my cock inside her. I grabbed her hips and just rammed my cock in her hard as I could. “Awww. Shit Tim! Dammit.”, she exclaimed. Out of her mouth came a slew of cuss words as I took my sadness and frustration out on her pussy. I pulled her up and played with her budding tits. “Fuck me Tim! Dammit.” She bent over again and I rammed into her.

The hot water was raining on our bodies as I showed no mercy to her pussy. “Aw fuck Tim! Awww fuck.” Her ass tightened and body stiffened as she orgasmed. I felt her juices hit my ball sack as she came. Her pussy was like a waterslide now as I continued showing no mercy. Pounding and pounding. My cock swelled up and I arched my back and let out the loudest moan as I unloaded my nuts into my stepsister. My legs were like jelly and I pulled out and sat in the bathtub.

“Wow! That was amazing! I expect that all the time from now on!”, Jenny joked. Her pussy dripping water and excess sperm. “You ok big brother? You feel better now?”, she asked.

I shook my head jokingly. “Nah!”, I said

She took the shower wand in her hand and turned on the cold water and pointed it at me.

“Oh? Maybe this will help?”, she asked

“No no no no!”, I said as the ice cold water hit me and I screamed as I jumped out of the shower.

“Ha you sound like a little girl! Eeek eeek eeek!”, she mocked

I grabbed my towel and dried off acting angry and went to my room.

“Aw come on Tim!”, she said. “Tim I am sorry! I was just playing!”

I was tall for my age already 6 foot. She was 5 foot and all of 80 lbs?

She came in my room and I surprised her. I picked her up and slammed her on the bed. I fought with her and pushed her legs apart and shoved my dick into her. I continued where I left off fucking her hard and unmercifully.

“Oh you wanna play that way?”, she asked. She was throwing light punches. She didn’t mean to but she clocked me in the jaw. She started kicking and trying to get me off her. She was playfully hitting me and beating me. Cussing me out. We were both totally turned on doing this. I pulled out and grabbed her hair and stuck my dick in her face making her suck it. I fucked her face. She was making gurgling sounds and gagging as I did this to her. Lightly beating my side in protest. I pulled out. She looked pissed. “Fucker!”, she said. I put my hand in her face and she tried to bite me. I rolled her over and slammed her head into the pillow. I shoved my cock back inside her hard and fast. “Aww uhh”, she said loudly as it entered her. “Fucking hell! You fucking prick!”, she yelled. I fucked her as hard as I could. I reddened her ass cheeks spanking her hard as well. After a couple minutes she let out a long, loud, crying sound as she buried her head in the pillow as her body shook as she came. I felt her pussy squirt again on my sack. I wasn’t far behind as I arched my back and “aw Jen! Jenny I love you!” As I orgasmed. This one was far more intense than the last as I pounded her emptying my nuts into her. I was out of breath. I roughly pushed her on the bed and laid next to her. I touched her nose with my index finger. “Stop being bad!”, I said. She bit my nose. We laughed together.

“Now that was intense!”, she said, “Did you like it?” I smiled and nodded. We kissed and made out. “Feeling better?”, she asked.

“Tons! Thanks sis! I owe you my world.”, I said

“What are stepsisters for?”, she smiled and said. “Come on. Lets forget about them and have some fun today! Together.”

“That would be great.”, I said. Jen always knew how to cheer me up and make things right again.