Jimmy and the hammer boys

I grew-up in southern California I’m a hippie surfer male long blond hair born in 1980 I was just a small white boy maybe 70 lbs living in coastal towns no mother father in and out of the prison system for cocaine related activity. We lived close to the beach so I would go to school mates houses many of them in the next town I would walk one day a van with airbrush designs on it pulled over offered me a ride.

I said “no thanks” and kept walking went to a boys house we were in his room he said his mother is in jail his moms boyfriend is doing things to him just then he came in the room his robe open his cock semi-hard “lets try again”… “Who’s this” he asked then said “Erick is a little bit busy unless you know how to suck dick” “yes I do” he forced Erick to start sucking his cock then said if you want suck my dick so I did then after teaching him I said your on your own.

I got back to Hwy 101 I had a long way to go I began hitching and couldn’t believe it was the same van with the air brush pulled over I could tell he had been to Viet Nam he asked me if I wanted to party I said “maybe have rock cocaine?” “Yes tell me do you ever hitch hike and a man offer you a ride his cock out?” “Yes” “did you get in and play with it?” “Yes” “if you smoke you can’t say no your going to have to fuck”

I got in he began driving he pulled over down the coast by a campground and parked people come and go from the large campground as lots of activity and the sound of the ocean and cars and trains music going we smoked then he lighted a small joint I took 2 hits of pot it was laced with angel dust he motioned me to the back closed the drape behind the 2 front seats and the rest of the van he was naked from the waist down he was fast yanked my shorts off “I want to suck your cock” “no its going up your ass!” “Give me some hits no weed you promised” he gave me a rock while I smoked his dick got huge he added a rock the monster was lubed he turned me around pushing me flat he laid on my back reached around me as the head of his cock was pressed against my pucker he spat a good amount of spit blending lube pressed into the inner anal it hurt so bad as he made good on giving me some hits but using it as a distraction with one hand held the pipe lighted it for me as I smoked I could feel his huge dick tearing he thrust his dick while pining me down with his weight pressed between my shoulder blades he had his way with me he said “it hurts my giant cock is just getting started” “please… No… Stop…” He forced his cock in my ass then rammed it in hard and deep “oh fuck your a good fuck!” “No… Ooch.. No.. Oo.. Fuck.. It.. Hurts” he had me by my hair fucking me the side door opened as he fucked me as 3 different men walked by the man got in he was big began to smoke Jimmy’s pipe “help yourself why don’t you” I said “give me hits please” the other man said “try this I’m peter” he gave me a couple of hits then gave the pipe to Jimmy then traded places and peter rammed his cock up my ass and fucked me and I began to suffer than Jimmy fucked me so hard the van rocked and I was making plenty of sound screaming as Jimmy fucked his cum load up my ass like a rapist he said “put on your shorts go with my buddy peter I have to give back the van I’ll be back later”… Peter took me into the showers I got in heard the shower door the sound of a belt against the bench

I turned to see a large naked man in my stall, he pointed to the chair without the backrest “put your chest down on this face the shower pull your cheeks open” baby oil in his hand, he felt my ass and pushed the head only into my ass then keeping his dickhead in the same place grabbed my shoulders and rammed his cock in, several men watched and encouraged him to rape me even outside the sound of a man fucking boy could be heard as he shot his cum up my ass then left.

I put on the pearl diving swim suit ( wet suit band around the waist above the hips with a nylon strip 4″ wide from one side to the other tight no buttons zippers ) and went towards the beach some han trying to get me to talk with him his buddy on the beach naked joined him as he told him what he seen followed me into the dry river mouth away from the water each groped me taking turns blocking me giving me a hug as I pushed away the other rubbed both my cheeks apart then pulling my suit up my ass the others dick was swaying around as we went under the bridge I tugged on his dick then went down on his cock while other men watched then I sucked the other man then the other, once again now the man who was watching came over we used his towel all 3 fucked me I sucked some curious man, peter found me we smoked and went further but the slough gets nasty to many people so we went back to the shower area to crowded walked up towards the north end of the camp ground further down the beach we went into a cove put down a blanket went in the ocean I come ashore holding my suit in my hand laid on the blanket peter was still body-surfing a man came over and sat on a towel and began asking me “if I liked his cock” I said “yes” I asked “do you like my ass?” I got my oil from my pack poured some in my hand and got on my knees laying on my chest more oil I didn’t see some man nudist came over overweight w a fishing hat and a big cock pulled my hips into his attempt to fuck me he grabbed his dick with his hand as I still hadn’t even had a clue what to do drilled his cock into my ass and pumped his cock hard and it hurt and was to big the fat part was yet to come I reached around feeling the thick meat knowing it was spreading me open and he thrust in so far then began a very dep drilling like a jockey he began to ride me real deep and hard his balls slammed into my butt cheeks I arched my back he rode me for 25 minutes another man came with the man from the shower he got behind me I had put oil in my hand rubbed my hole could see Jimmy and peter coming over as this 6’4 280 dude dropped his shorts onto his flip flops inone motion went to one knee between my legs put the other knee beside it as he pulled me into his thrust just past the head then back then a steady pace back and forth pour some oil as several men had come to watch he drilled he dick in as hard as he could he held my hair pulling my head back then held me by my head with hi middle finger of each hand in the corners of my mouth like a halter bending my neck up and back he to rode me like a jockey at a brutal perverted display man doing his ruthless business Jimmy’s was twice as thick and I didn’t want to endure his cock but perverts came closer watching as he began a steady ram mouths fell open as I braced screamed cried in pain he began to wreck my ass while men took turns face fucking me making me gag and choke while making me swallow several loads