10. Exposed By Lady Teacher In Front Of Students

3 Years after marriage my home became more risky to live in. We decided to sell our home below price. That’s why we booked a new flat nearby but we have to wait 2 more months for it to be handed over. For this reason we rented a house for the duration with some distance. But that was Muslim area. Though they treated us as a normal couple and gave us respect.

The house was G+1 storied with a roof on top. There was a G+2 storied 10th grade Muslim girls school in front of the main road. Our house was just behind that school. All around our house consisted of small cottages. But here we faced two times to be shamed. But this stories was not for a Hindu Muslim fight, we faced it for my mistakes. This is the first story.

One fine Tuesday morning near about 10 am in the winter season me and my wife Antara went to our roof to get heated by sunlight. We sat on a mat and enjoyed the cool weather. To get more hot I started to massage my wife’s body with oil. Gradually I laid Antara upside down. She was getting full nude. I massaged her back and butt with oil. Then I massaged her boobs, belly and thigh. Her body seemed to be hot from the sunrays. I was also getting nude. Then I started to fuck her by side way and fondled her boobs.

But after some time I noticed 3 senior girls were watching us from their staircase window. Antara did not notice as her face was in the backside. Suddenly I noticed a lady. It seemed their teacher held those students’ ear and took them up to their classroom. She again came to see us and took some photos of us with her mobile. She saw my ejaculation outside Antara’s vagina. I cleaned her vagina with clothes. The madam went after that. We both came down from the roof. Antara started to do her daily work. I did not report this incident to Antara.

On that day at 4.10 pm our doorbell rang. I opened the door and saw the lady with another lady. They have to tell us something. They informed me as Headmistress and physical and biology teacher whose name was NURA. Her age was the same as mine. They have something to tell us. In the meantime Antara also came into the room. They both saw her body and suddenly asked her to show them her vagina. Antara was shocked to hear this. Then they gave her their mobile photos which were taken in the morning. Antara looked at me and felt ashamed again.

They asked us what we wanted between two options. The first was that they handed our nude photos to the nearest police station and complained against us regarding how we sprayed bad things on their students. Police will take the necessary action. Our nude photos have gone viral. The second was we had to act as per them. They arranged two classes for us regarding human physical and sextual health in front of 10th grade students. They have no male teachers. We choose the 2nd one. They told us to come on the next two Saturdays at school. Then they left. Antara was getting so angry on me thus no sex up to Saturday.

On the first Saturday we both went to school at 3 pm. All the students left after 3.45 pm except 10th grade. Then the headmistress took both of us into the common room. In the room there was a small stage, medical chairs, table, microscope and some machinery.

We took a seat at the back of the stage. All the students of class 10 along with all the lady teachers came into the room. There were more than 30 students and 8 lady teachers. Then we wore medical clothes.

Headmistress started her speech with ‘Look, we are arranging two special classes for all of you. Hope all are above 16 years. You all know that this is the last year. We wish you all the best for your future and growth in life. I will try my best to teach all of you. Before the examination I wanted to give special classes which you will remember for a lifetime. You may marry someone in future. This physical learning will help you to differentiate between your self wishes and social responsibility as a mother. I hope all of you enjoy these two classes. Before starting I request all of you to unfold your hijab. The show is presented by our sweet madam Nura. We have to learn how human sexual organ work. A lovely couple is here with us for this purpose. Let’s start.’ All the students eagerly await for us and open their faces.

We came to the front side of the stage. There was only the physical teacher Nura with us who came to our house with the headmistress. All the teachers sat with the students. I know 1 student who was already getting married. In the crowd I also saw those 3 girls who were watching us from the window. Before we went on stage they gave us 1 liter of water to drink.

However, Nura requested us to undress. We got fully nude in front of them. They all looked at our bodies, especially on my wife. Nura asked them, ‘Look at them. Can you identify the physical difference between them? You can touch their body.’ Lots of students held up their hands. She chose one who came to us. She identified by touching my dick and Antara’s vagina then her boobs. Nura applauded her. She again sat down. Then she again asked them ‘Tell me what is the hottest part of the human body?’ Nobody answered her. She informed them ‘Penis for males and vagina for females, these two parts are the hottest parts of the human.’

Nura told us to leant down from the back side. They saw our back side clearly. Antara’s boobs were hanging like balloons. We again stand sideways. Then Nura told me to come in front of them. She told them ‘This is called penis. Most of the men penis colour is black and it’s hairy. In our religion, the front side penis skin should be circumcised for health reasons. This is the sensitive part of the penis. Men enjoyed masturbation’s when semen outcome from here. The main two works are done by penis. First is to urinate and the second is to cum. Semen created in the testis. Semen with sperm come from the testis to penis through this hole. There seems to be some problem in his testis.’ She grabbed my right testis and asked me if I felt any pain or not. But this time I felt real pain for her tight squeeze. She left my testis and explained ‘Normal men have slight differences in size of both testis but he has an inguinal hernia thus his right testis is bigger than left. He is not physically fit as per guideline.’

She pulled up my foreskin. My penis became erect by her touch. She explained to them ‘When men have physically aroused his penis become erect. Just hold it like this and move your hand up and down. It measures more or less 13 inch. Though many are more lengthy and more thick than this. Do you want to know what is coming from this?’ All were saying Yes. Then she started to blow my penis in front of my nude wife. Antara was looking at me. Nura said to me ‘Tell me earlier before you cum.’ All students and teachers were smiling to see me. After some time I told her ‘I felt Cuming.’ Nura pulled back my foreskin, then My semen came from my penis hole. All were amazed to see this. She collected my semen inside a small pot. She started again ‘This is called semen. Sperms are floating in the semen. This can cause you to become pregnant. If you do not like to be a mother but want sex, you must say your partner to use condoms. Otherwise you can also use a female condom.’ However after cumin my penis became again so soft and small. Also my balls were more hanging downwards.

Then Nura took an ice cube. She told them ‘Look at his scrotum. Now these are so soft. Inside this skin two testis are there. Semen created in testis. Sperm quantity depends on temperature and many more things. Look at his scrotum skin, it’s moving. Look at the reaction if I hold ice to his scrotum.’ She held an ice cube to my scrotum. I felt cool, but my scrotum moved upwards. She told them ‘Temperature can affect the testis.’ Then she told me to move aside. Next was my wife Antara. I sat in nude aside.

Nura told them again ‘Now we will learn female sextual body parts. For the reason of some hormonal effect the female body will glow up to the age of 45-50. As she is standing now, we can see the most attractive part of her body are her both breasts. After 12-14 years this area will develop in girls, you all already know that. Breast works as breastfeeding by nipple. Though men enjoy pressuring or fondling them but this is not the same as any sextual body parts. They like it most as the breasts are so soft. These are made of fat. Nipples are also getting aroused by touching it. This is the age when a girl’s body changed. Pubic hair is also raised in the area of vagina. In the case of vagina, we don’t understand if women stand like this. There are various types of vagina you see. To better understand this we have to set her body on the gynecology table.’ Antara sat on the table and sprayed her both legs on both sides. Her full vagina exposed in front of all the students and teachers.

Nura continued ‘Now we can clearly see the vagina. Vagina is the most sensitive area of the woman. She may have shaved her vagina. It looked so smooth. However vagina have a lot of work to do. We will know step by step. There are a total of 2 holes in the vagina and one hole outside vagina. Normally vagina holes are covered by these two skin called labia minora & labia majora from both sides. The upper skin is called the clitoris. I will pull these skins as you can see the inside holes. There you can see two holes. The upper hole called the urethral opening. Urine comes out from this. Next this hole called the vaginal opening. Men entered their penis inside this hole and ejaculated their sperm in this. The main work of it is to deliver children. Girls often enjoy rubbing it. You can put your finger inside vagina hole like this.’ She entered her finger inside my wife’s vagina. She said again ‘It looked like 15 inch deeper inside her vagina. It perfectly matched between penis and vagina. Then there is a skin separated vagina from the anus. It’s called perinea. Whatever you eat, take in food and liquid, break them down, absorb nutrients and pass waste from the body through anus. We have to always clean this vagina with anus area as germs attack in this area.’

I started to feel the urge to urinate. I told Nura to leave me for the bathroom. But she smilingly took a glass and spoke to them ‘Now we will see how men urinate. Come near me.’ I came near her. Nura held my soft penis. I started to pee. She again pulled up my foreskin to see clearly pee from my penis hole. After that my penis again became erect. She pressed my penis cap a little harder to collect the last drop. She put my urine aside. Then she cleaned my penis with small clothes. I sat again near them. She started to say ‘We saw how men urinate and how to clean penis after that. Now we will see what happens in the case of women.’ Nura told Antara to urinate and held a cup in front of her vagina. Antara started to pee. Nura held her urine from her backside so that all could see her vagina clearly. Nura sprayed her vagina with one hand. All could see my wife urinate. After that Nura told Antara to wash her vagina with water.

Full naked Antara went with a student in the bathroom. Nura told them ‘You must wash your vagina with clean water. Many diseases originate from the vagina if not cleaned.’ Antara came again and sat on the table. Nura said again ‘Now we will see how a woman masturbate herself?’ Nura started to move her fingers on Antara’s vagina and then inserted her 2 fingers in it. She was getting more aroused. Nura in one hand fondled her big boobs. Nura said ‘This is called masturbation. In this way a woman can satisfy herself. Look at her.’ All were smiling. Sometimes Antara gets tired.

Nura said ‘Today we learned how sextual body parts work in men and women. That’s it for today. Next Saturday we will learn how to sex. Hope you all all enjoy today’s class.’

We put on our dress and went home. No students passed any comments on us.

Next Saturday we went to school. In these 7 days Antara did not talk with me. She was upset with me. However after 2 pm all students left the school except class 10. Again we went to the common room. Within 5 minutes the room was full with all the students and all teachers. We again get nude as per order by Nura. Nura told them ‘Today we will learn how to sex. It will help you after getting married. As you see in the previous class, penis entered the vagina. There are lot of posses to do sex. We will learn only three common positions today. These are called missionary positions, doggy style and side by side. In the first cases the woman laid down and male on top. In the second case, the male entered his penis into the vagina from her back side like a dog. And in the third case the male acted the same as in the second case but in sideways. Before penetration vagina should be lubricated either by spit or oil otherwise you may feel pain. Lets see.’ Before that Nura gave a pill to Antara and said to her ‘Take your pill now otherwise today you will be pregnant by your husband.’ Antara took it with water.

At first Antara laid down on the table. I started to suck her vagina first. I hold her both legs upward. Then I put my penis inside her vagina. All were clapping and whistling. I continued to fuck her only 3 minutes. Then we changed into doggy style In this position I fucked her near about 5 minutes. Then in the side way I fucked her almost 5 minutes in front of all. Nura in the meantime asked them ‘What position do you like the most?’ Most of the students said it was the first one as they have to just lie down. In the second case knee pain may be arose. Third one was also beautiful.

However Nura told me to cum inside her. In the missionary position I cum inside her vagina. I pulled out my penis. Nura told them ‘Look at her vagina. His semen will come out from there.’ Truly within 5 seconds my semen came out from her vagina. Nura continued ‘There is a fallopian tube to pass semen to meet her egg in the ovary. It’s called fertilizations. If you see your period stop then you are pregnant. In this way girls become pregnant. The foetus will grow in the womb and after 10 months it becomes a baby. Now she will be a mother also.’

Nura continued ‘Hope you can learn a lot of things in these two classes. Now it’s on you what you wanted to be? If you give permission to someone to enjoy your body or you will stand on your ground.’

After finishing the class we took our dress. I requested headmistress to delete all our photos. She deleted all of our photos. All the teachers thanked us for giving our time to teach their students even in naked. Nura, smiling, hugged my wife and told her in her ear in low voices ‘I really enjoyed your body. I dream to have a body like you. Stay healthy and maintain your body like now.’ I also told Nura ‘You pulled out my cum from me and as well as from my wife.’ She smiled and said ‘I also really enjoyed it. Being a Muslim woman I touched Hindu couple’s body parts. It amazes me so much. I will remember it up to my death.’ Then we left them and came to our rented house. But from then we never did sex in roof.

Now we are living in our flat near Nura’s home. Nura taught my daughter in my flat. Every day we face her. I said to myself that 10 years ago my daughter’s teacher cumed us both. But she never discussed those subjects with us.