Revenge sex with bf’s best friend

Chad was an asshole! He had been cheating on me for months and I had turned a blind eye to all the warnings that my friends and even his friends gave me. I believed that he really loved me, as much as I loved him. But the one thing, I learnt was that men are never to be trusted. They will use you and then throw you away. Will not show you the respect you deserve. In my string of failed relationships, each one of them had used me for their own benefit. And in the end, it was a “sorry” that I got. For all that pain, for all that I did for them – sorry – one word as a return gift. But I had had enough and I was going to get back through revenge sex.

His best friend Bo was very nice to me from the beginning and had shown interest in me. But stupid me chose Chad as he was very extroverted in showing his interest. I thought he was really into me. But nope. All I was, was a body for sex on lonely nights. So, I had made up my mind to sleep with Bo, in Chad’s apartment. After all, they shared the place and revenge sex would be great there.

I went to their apartment that day to drop off something that the asshole had left at my place. As known, Chad was absent and Bo was working on some project at home. I wore my best bikini top and shorts and walked in. Bo was shirtless too and he was surprised to see me. We chatted for a bit as he offered me a glass of cool beer. I was feeling slightly high, getting the courage to do what I wanted to. I don’t know how it started but we began started talking about our fantasies and the next moment we were kissing.

He lifted me by my bum and I held on to him, kissing as we moved to his bedroom. But before going, I left my bag (that Chad knew well) and my bikini top in the living room. The top was a “gift” from Chad. My boobs were bare and they were rubbing against Chad’s chest. I loved what I was feeling, my boobs being sensitive. He didn’t stop and nor did I. I was here to seduce and it was happening. He was desperately squeezing my ass and rubbing himself against me and I knew just what to give him.

We ended up on the bed, the door was locked. Yes! I didn’t want Asshole Chad to interrupt. I checked the time as Bo was sucking my nipples and I knew that Chad would probably be home in some time. His shift at work was over. “Mmmm, Bo, fuck in the open. I like it when I know that someone can see,” I said. I pointed to the balcony; it had doors from his room. But also, if you were in the living room, you could see who was on the balcony. See here was my plan.

We ended up on the balcony, me topless, him shirtless. The apartment was very high up and no one from the street could see anything, but neighbors could. No one was out at this time in the afternoon, but I knew who would see us when they got here. I stood against the railings, which were quite high, almost till my head. Bo still played with my boobs and I massaged his cock to arouse him, making him wilder. I lifted my right leg up and wrapped it around his hips. I moved my body up and down so I could touch his cock with my pelvis. We were kissing again, our mouths were having at it, but my eyes were stuck on the door. Then it opened and Chad walked in.

The minute he comes, our eyes meet and I smile. He can’t see it, but I really smile. I kiss Bo with more gusto and make loud noises. I rub and pull Bo’s cock and make him moan too. Man, he sounds sexy. Chad is just frozen, standing and watching us. Then he sees my bikini top and bag on the sofa and he knows. I laugh in my head.

“Fuck me,” I whisper in Bo’s ears and he takes it quite literally. He pulls out his cock and tries to push it into my vagina. “No, no, first lick me down there,” I tell him. He drops to his knees exposing my boobs to Chad who is still just standing there. He removes my panties, parts my folds and starts sucking my clit. The first suction is like a jolt and I startle. I spread my legs and let him do what he wants. I play with my nipples and pretend that I can’t see Chad right there. Bo is doing a great job of pleasuring me. To add to the show, I put my left leg on Bo’s shoulders and grind on his face. I make faces of pleasure and create loud noises during the revenge sex. I’m not really an exhibitionist, so before anyone comes out and sees us, I beckon Bo to go inside again. Chad had to see me and that he did.

We go back inside his room and I make it a point to shout and scream as he fingers my pussy. His fingers are thick and he is masterfully rubbing my ridges and caressing my g-spot. The fingers had given me immense pleasure when they penetrated me. I am sufficiently wet, on Bo’s bed and he is sheathing himself with a condom. His large cock stands up in attention. He stands at the edge of the bed and lifts my bum to line with his cock. He pushes and impales my sensitive pussy. I scream and he stops. “Go again, do more,” I whine loudly. He pulls out and pushes in again with great force. It is slow but the force is hard. The bed shakes with every thrust he makes and I moan louder than ever.

Then I turn over and show him my ass. He smacks it and I moan again. He rubs my clit and thrusts his cock into my vagina. I am happy doing this, knowing that Chad is sitting outside hearing us. Hopefully! His big cock thrusts again and I shake with the powerful movement. Now he is seriously fucking me, holding on to my hips, slapping my ass. He squeezes my ass hard and I mewl like a cat. He is fingering my clit now as he slams his cock in my channel. It is gentle at first but then his fingers pinch and pull at my clit. I am leaking and so close to orgasm. I continuously moan and the moving bed is making a lot of noise.

Then I hear a knock on the door and I just cum. I scream and thrash and moan. I can hear Bo moaning too as my pussy just squeezes his dick and he stills. I am in my own universe as I cum, pleasure coursing through me. When I am done, I realize I am on Bo’s bed and he is nowhere to be seen. He walks out of his bathroom, grins and opens the door. There stands Chad, looking shocked and outraged. Bo closes the door on his face.

I fucked Bo again that day, without leaving the room. And when I had to leave, he lent me his shirt and dropped me home. I saw Chad sitting at the kitchen table but didn’t say anything. He was wanting to say something, but shut up when Bo came and stood beside me. The expression on his face made me laugh. The idea of revenge sex did work. Yay! Mission accomplished.