40. The Best Birthday Gift from My Wife

On my 40th birthday My wife Antara planned a special surprise for me as my gift. She arranged for our visiting destination not far away. She just told me ‘We will go to a place for 2 days only to celebrate your 40th birthday. You will get a big surprise gift from me there.’ That would be my first ever gift received from her end. I was waiting for the day.

As per her plan we both went there. It was just 3 hours from my flat by train. In the train I saw a beautiful girl on the opposite side of us was looking at me and sometimes I noticed she was trying to say something with my wife by eye contact. But Antara was touching my dick secretly with her right toe and it got Bonner. She told me ‘Wait … You will get someone whom you want.’ I was thinking only about her. We left the train and started walking but I saw the girl was also following us. She suddenly vanished just before we entered the hotel.

We reached our hotel at night. But I saw nobody was staying at that hotel apart from some hotel boys. After bathing and cleaning we rested on the sofa and watched TV. Someone knocked on the door and gave us our lunch. After lunch we went on the bed and as usual before sleeping I started fondling Antara’s body but she told me that tonight she did not want any sex as this was the new place. I agreed with her and started playing games on my mobile after the lights went off. I did not know when I closed my eyes and slept.

It was exactly 12 at night when Antara just scared me to wake up. I was just too tired to sleep just before an hour. Antara smilingly congratulated me on my 40th birthday and forcefully hugged me. She put some soft cake on my mouth. Then she blindfolded me.

Then I was waiting for 2 minutes standing beside the bed. Antara told me ‘Now you can sex with me but don’t try to open your blindfold.’ Antara held my hand and put my hand on her face. I downed my hand and started fondling her boobs. But I felt something strange. It was not my wife. I felt some difference in the skin of her boobs. It was not like Antara. Her nipples were also not as big as Antara. I smelled her neck. And got sure that she was not my wife Antara. Before thinking any more I inserted my finger on her vagina. It was not smooth like my wife, it was shaven. I could feel some hardy small hair on the vagina.

Antara opened my blindfold while telling me ‘I know what you are thinking right now. Who is the girl? I will give this girl to you for only 12 hours. You can enjoy it with her till 12 noon.’ I saw that girl on the train was standing with me with her hanging boobs. Antara removed her panties. The girl became totally naked in front of us.

I went to the bathroom to clean my face and mouth again. My sleep was gone after seeing her. My wife gave me a girl to fuck her as my birthday gift. Truly I did not expect it from Antara. However, I asked that girl ‘What is your name?’

After hearing that, I could not control my laughter and I was coughing. Her name was the same as my wife ‘ANTARA’. I was going to fuck Antara in front of Antara. What the line is….

My wife told me ‘You have to think of her as your wife till 12 o’clock and you have to do what you did with me in our sex time.’ Already my penis got bigger and bigger. This time my wife pulled down my pants. I also became naked in front of 2 ladies. Anara told that girl ‘Look at his dick. He fucked me with this every night even in the day. Can you handle it?’ She replied slowly, ‘I will try to give him pleasure.’

Same name but different type of bodies. New Antara’s boobs were like medium sized and rounded black nipples with small areola. Her belly was a little fatty. I liked her waist. Silky hair and of course her face was good looking. She used to shave her vagina. Her full body was fair but her vagina was a little black than her other body parts.

At first I pulled her in my lap and then laid her down on my bed. She was a little doubtful and told my wife ‘Didi. Please be here. This is my first time.’ My wife replied ‘Don’t worry. He is not like a criminal. He is very soft. Ok . I am here to see you..’

Antara shifted her sofa opposite of the bed near the bathroom and took her sex toys and secretly inserted her vagina. Whereas I started fondling Antara’s body (another girl). Then I kept my head on her knee and told her to touch and play with my dick. She grabbed my dick and slowly started up and down on it whereas I was sucking her nipple and felt her soft body with my fingers. She asked me ‘Why is there a cutting mark on your lower abdomen near the right testicles?’ I replied to her ‘I had a hydrocele. 5 Years back I got the operation to remove the problem. Now I am fit.’

She asked me ‘Did you shave yourself or your wife help you?’ I answered her ‘No. I shaved my own pubic hair where it grows.’ She again asked me ‘Did you imagine that you are going to sex with some special lady whose name is same like your wife?’ I said ‘No’. I looked towards my wife. She was playing with her toys and trying to satisfy herself and also looking at us with a smile.

Then I sat on the bed and kept her waist on a pillow. I laid down and kept my mouth just on her shaved vagina. It looked different from my wife also. I slowly inserted my finger into her vagina as she informed us that it was her first sex. Then started licking on it. Within 2 minutes she got aroused and started moaning with pleasure. I was keeping my finger job for 10 minutes and on the other hand I was touching her navel and boobs. She released her water from her vagina after 10 minutes. Her vagina became more lubricating and more slippery then.

Then I kept my dick in her mouth. She started sucking on my dick. But I was supposed to cum on her mouth. That’s why I removed my dick immediately from her mouth and separated myself from her. Antara (The girl) was scared but I said to her ‘No problem. I have to spend some time fixing it.’

She smiled and looked towards my wife. She said to me ‘Look at her. She is so beautiful. After my work I also want to look you fucking her in front of me. That’s my request.’

I asked her, ‘Where did she find you?’ She informed me ‘At an online site she requested some girl whose name should be ‘Antara’. I am a newcomer and my name is Antara. I agreed with them to spend time with her. But she told me to sex with her husband. At first I did not accept it but she gave me more money than I expected.’

Then I again started kissing her nude body on the bed and after 5 minutes I decided to fuck her. I asked her ‘Are you ready?’ After her positive reply I slowly inserted my dick inside her vagina. My wife came this time and held her both legs up so as I could easily insert my full dick in her vagina. After my full dick inside her vagina my wife clapped with me and kissed me on my lips. She told that girl ‘Hope you enjoyed his dick inside you. Congratulations. You do it for me. My husband already started fucking you.’ My wife touched her vagina with my hanging balls and tried to feel something with eyes closing. Then she again sat in her place.

In the meantime I was looking at her face. But I saw water dripping from both of her eyes. I asked her the reason. She told me ‘I was not crying. I was thinking that I wanted to be fuck by my husband on our wedding night. But that’s not possible for this life. You have already done it.’ I said sorry for her luck but I reminded her that it was her own choice.

After 2 minutes I changed her direction into doggy style. Again I was licking her vagina. Then I again enjoyed her full nude body as I was fingering in her vagina with my right finger and fondling her hanging boobs with my left hand. After 5 minutes I fucked her on that position. She felt some pain at the start but then after some time her pain turned into her pleasure.

I was fucking her in this position for 10 minutes suddenly some lady knocked at our door loudly shouted to open the door. My wife told me to carry on as she went to the door to know what was the matter. I felt something wrong in my mind so I just stopped her fucking but my dick was inside her vagina.

I heard a lady ask my wife ‘Who are you? Open the door. Let us come inside the room. We already saw a couple doing sex. Do you shoot porn videos here?’ Within a second I saw 3 lady police come inside our bedroom and look at us with a smile. But at the same time I ejaculated inside her vagina. Antara, my wife, was behind them. They might know that I had done my work. That girl was trying to hide her face in the pillow.

But a lady constable held her hair and turned her face to them. Before anything she explained my wife was telling them ‘Actually I am their servant. Let them cover their body with a bed sheet. They are a real couple. I will give you the evidence if you want.’

Then the lady police gave us a bed sheet to cover our naked body. We both sat on the bed within a bed sheet. Then she informed us ‘Yesterday a young girl found murdered around this hotel’s playground. We are walking in the night to find out about the bustard as per order. We came to know from the hotel boys that a family came today. That’s why we make you understand that stay safe. If you find any doubts around this place or on someone please inform us. By the way you are fucking your wife in front of the servant!!! That’s strange….. We already saw you with the secret camera. I told them to shut down all the cameras but it seemed they did not follow our order properly.’

Then she removed a small camera chip from our bed and broke in front of us. Then they left us. Before leaving our hotel, they caught 2 hotel boys. Thank god I was not fucking my real wife. Then Antara told me to fuck her again and removed that bed sheet from us.

I saw the bed was wet by my semen from her vagina. My wife was laughing loudly to see our position. She took a clothing paper and cleaned that girl’s vagina at first then my small penis. That girl also looked at my small penis and touched on it. My wife changed the bed sheet. She asked her ‘Did you take the contraceptive pill?’ She said ‘Yes’ to her. Then I went to sleep with that girl after the lights were off and my wife went to the other room.

Next day at 10 am I woke up. My wife asked me ‘Did you not fuck her any more. It is already 10am. You have only 2 hours to spend with her.’ I went to the bathroom and did my work within 20 minutes. But before cleaning my face I need to urinate. My wife sent that girl and instructed her how to hold my dick while I was peeing. The girl caught my small dick with her finger. I started to pee. She was keeping her face just in front of my dick. She pulled down my foreskin and she was looking at my urinating with sexy looking eyes. My penis became erect within her finger. After I finished, Antara told her to shake my penis and pressed softly on it up and down. Then Antara told her to return to the bedroom.

After cleaning I went to the bedroom. I saw Antara. My wife already made that girl wear a sexy dress. But I wanted to stop the fucking timing against the time. I got an idea. I got naked and told her to be nude. I took a table and kept that table beside the window. I took the sofa bed on the table. Then I sat on the table.

Antara, that girl came in front of my dick and started sucking on it. After erection I licked her vagina little and then I started fucking her. We both were hugging each other. I felt her boobs on my chest. My wife came with some hot milk. We drank all the milk on that same fucking position. Then we kissed each other on the lips and neck. I was fucking her continuously for more than 1 hour. I felt so hot after drinking hot milk and fucking her. But I was feeling some pain and stiffness on my thigh as she was on my thigh.

I requested that girl to go to bed. She went to the bed but after that I was not able to stand on my feet. I took some time to rest on the bed. Then again my wife came in front of us at 11.45am. She listened to my problem and massaged my thigh. Within 5 minutes I was able to stand up beside the bed whereas that girl was keeping her vagina just beside the bed.

Then my wife started sucking that girl’s vagina and also my dick. Then she inserted my dick in her vagina hole with her own hand. I was feeling like the luckiest man in the world at that time. However after inserting I was sucking her nipples. Then I took her on my waist and fucking her in standing position. My wife was also lifting her butt. Then I kept her against the wall and I was fucking her holding the wall. That girl was hugging me tightly as she had no support. Then after 5 minutes again I laid her down on the bed in the missionary position. I started fucking her in the standing position. Within 5 minutes I cummed inside her vagina but it was too little semen I ejaculated.

At just 12 o’clock I finished her fucking. I laid down on the bed withholding that girl. I was so pleased to fuck her. I grabbed her boobs and touched butt area with my penis. I molded her butt area with my little semen. Then Antara, my wife came to us. She paid her fees. Then she went to the bathroom to clean herself.

It was the time to return back. But that girl reminded me of her wishes. I said to my wife regarding her wish. But I had no power to fuck my wife on that time. I already ejaculated 2 times in the last few hours. Antara told her not to leave us. We decided to return back along with that girl.

Our return timing was the next morning. We went to sleep fast and woke up at early dawn. After mouth freshening and cleaning we all the 3 people went outside the hotel and stopped walking near a tree beside the sea beach. There I started kissing my wife in front of that girl.

The air was also good. The sun was rising in the east sky. All the dark was omitted by the sunrays. I unhooked Antara’s shirt and pulled down. She did not wear any bra and panties. That girl for the first time saw my wife’s secret body parts like her boobs and vagina. I started sucking her vagina and fondling her boobs under the tree. Nobody was there to watch us. Then I found a table under a tree. We went there. Antara was keeping her head on that girl’s knee and holding one of her legs in the upper.

Then I inserted my dick inside her vagina. On the other hand that girl was moving her other fingers around Antara’s vagina clitoris. I was fucking my wife in front of that girl for 20 minutes. She told my wife ‘How your vagina looks so fair, not like mine.’ Antara told her ‘It was made by god. Nobody could control the color of the skin.’ I saw some people who came out to enjoy the natural beauty to see the rising sun. I ejaculated outside of her vagina but a very few semen came out from my dick. After I finished, the girl moved her fingers on my wife’s boobs.

Then Antara stood up and fit herself with proper dressing. We all returned back to our hotel. At that time we faced that lady police. I kept Antara’s (the other girl) waist and kissed her. My wife was walking in front of us. The lady police asked us their queries. We answered them with nothing. The lady police were smiling to see me and that girl. They thought that girl was my wife. After arriving at the hotel we got ready within an hour then we left that hotel with the beautiful memories.

We reached our station within 1 pm. That girl thanked us and hugged us before she left us. Within 30 minutes we reached our flat. After reaching the flat I gave my wife a tight hug and kissed her for her gift. She asked me ‘If you imagined getting a gift like this from any wife?’ I said to her ‘No. It was beyond my imagination. I liked to fuck Antara in front of Antara all the 3 times.’

But my wife warned me that this was my last time to fuck other lady apart from her otherwise she will leave me. If I satisfy her mind and body she will again gifted me like this. Until then I always tried to satisfy my wife but still I did not get any surprise from her. God knows when Antara gave me another lady for fucking purpose.

I will definitely tell you that story if it happens next time.