No BJ stories

It’s been brought to my attention that none of my story have a bj in them. There is a reason for this you see many years ago I was force by the neighborhood bully. It started in August I was 10 when a kid up the street name Stan he was 13 when it started. I went to Stand house. Stan, said let play out back, I. Just got done building a fort. Not thinking nothing about it. I said we go out back to Stan’s fort, it’s built of sold wood all the way around it,, no way to see in it. Stan out of the blue unzips his jeans, and Stan, says suck my dick if you say no I will hurt you! At that time I don’t think Stan thought he was going to meet with any resistance. I said, No! Big mistake, I was not prepared for what came next. BAM, Stan hit me so hard in the face black eye, Stan keep drilling on my face that day, that when Stan got done with me my face looks like raw hamburger meat, to black eyes, a broken nose and a busted lip. And after all that was over Stan grabbed my head and forced his dick into my mouth, making me give him my first forced BJ of many this went on for years. Stan. Came in my mouth and told me to swallow it all the first time seem to like go on for hours at a.time. when Stan got done with me, he said now rember.never tell anyone what happened! And he let me out the back gate, I left walking home in tears, thinking to myself what am I going to tell MOM And Dad. You see, the biggest problem is we lived about 3 houses down, So here comes Mom, who sees me crying, and my face looking like raw hamburger meat and bleeding. Dad was waiting in the door, with all my brothers and sisters. I asked Mom. How did she know. She said that Mrs. Ryonlds called her. I went to my bedroom and sit on my bed, followed by Mom and Dad,who asked me what happened.this took some big thinking on my part, I could not tell them the truth. My Dad was fishing partner with Stan’s Dad,Bob hell they even owed a boat together. My Mom was good friend with there Mom, and my sister’s was good friend with Stan sister, what could I do, I know it was wrong, I liked. Mom, Dad I don’t know who did it the first hit came from behind, when I came through he was gone and I looked like this. Mom said we got to take him to the hospital and get him check out. I so, Mom and Dad took me to the hospital to get checked out, while my sister’s and brothers hit the street looking for my bully. Mom told my dad at the hospital to stay with me, she had to make a phone call.. next thing I know Sargent Armstrong a lady cop and friend of the family walks in with Mom. She starts to question me.I tell nothing there nothing to say I never seen him. Now the cops have nothing. She don’t believe me she tells Mom, I think he knows more than he saying, he’s just scared. The doctor gets Mom and Dad she tells them 2 black eyes, s broke nose, witch I had to. Set, busted lip, 2 broke teeth. Mom asked the doctor can we take him home now? Doctor said yes. I said Mom I want to grandpas.Mom asked Dad to wait with me again while she went Grandpa, Mom came back and said grandpa said okay. So Mom and Dad drove me to Grandpa, was waiting out on his front.porch for me. Mom kissed me good bye, her grandpa feed me and put me to bed, looking at my face, Grandpa said so you don’t want to talk about it, I said no. Grandpa did not push me he said good night and went to leave Grandpa? He turned around Yeah. Would it be okay to leave the lamp on please? Grandpa said, I don’t see why not. I turned the lamp back on, good night grandpa. Grandpa said good night ay left. I woke up that night screaming. It would be a week before I went back home. 2 days later, Stan cought me to suck his dick again just like last time, cum in my mouth and made me swallow it. No beating this time.some times force to suck,. Sometimes beat and force to suck. I hated this time because 1 more week until school was out for summer. I bang out in my bedroom, Mom could not find me to send me out to play, you see my closet had 2. Sliding doors on it so I sit.on the.floot if I heard someone trying to open it I would just slide over to the other side 1 day Mom caught on to what I was doing and she got 1 of my sister’s to help her they open both doors at the same time. Mom and stay in there all summer long, mom grab me by the hand and put me through the front door and told me go play.i wast out there more than 15 mins before I heard did you really think you could hide from me? I turned around and there was Stan who hit me hard in the stamach,then drag me into the bush and made me suck his dick again and he came in my mouth, and this time was different, because when he got done he told me to start calling him Stan the .man.

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