A Father’s Love – Chapter Three

After awhile all was settled down. I had barbecued dinner, we had finished and all was cleaned up. All three of us were sitting outside on the patio. I had built the backyard for privacy, so the fact that only Eve had clothing on made for a relaxed atmosphere.

Annie moved closer to me and grabbed my hand to give it a warm squeeze. “This is so much more than just shelter for me daddy. This is like a dream. One that I don’t ever want to end. I have never felt so secure and loved since I left here to go to college. You are the first man to make me feel like a woman.”

I passed that off as a slight exaggeration. But Annie quickly noted my reaction.

“I have been told never tell all. Because it can be used against you someday. But I need to tell you what happened in my life.”

I sat there with mixed emotions. “Let’s go into the house and let me put Eve in her crib. She’s fallen asleep. We’ll just sit together without lights on and just talk.”

I put Eve down in her crib and joined Annie on the couch with the only light coming from the moon and the reflection of street lights in the neighborhood. We sat there quietly with Annie slightly facing me, holding both of my hands in hers.

“I was a virgin went I went to college. All through highschool I didn’t want to get involved with sex. But about the middle of my sophomore year at college, I met Howard. We spent some time alone together in the chemistry lab. He was a sweet guy, a little on the nerd side, but I didn’t mind that. We became friends because he could trust me and felt I wouldn’t laugh at him. I started to date Howard and soon discovered that he was the ‘American Rarity’ a male virgin in college. This fact made me even more relaxed around him. He was a terrible kisser, but an all-around nice guy. The first night he felt my breasts, he just left his hand there and didn’t move it. I guess he thought that would make me excited. The night we both lost our cherries was a circus. He had been as nervous as you can get buying condoms. He said he felt everyone in the drug store looking at him. He could almost hear his mother scold him. He said he walked out of the store without looking at anyone, and left his change on the counter. The two of us had a terrible time putting it over his penis. When he finally got up the nerve to try to penetrate me, we were both scared. He slowly pushed into me and ripped my hymen with a big push that hurt worse than I thought would be possible. I remember thinking that if this was sex, I was in for a long life. When he was through he was so full of guilt that he immediately got up and cleaned himself off, leaving me just laying there.”

“Our next few times were not all that much better except that I was feeling a little more enjoyment, but nothing very exciting. That summer is when I talked to mother. I told her about my experience and she talked about the two of you. It was because of our chats that summer that I felt there was more to sex than I had gotten from it.”

“That fall I met Chuck. He was a jock. He was experienced and he was exciting. He knew all the right words to say. He made all the right moves. And before I knew what was going on, I was in bed with him. He was good. He brought me so much physical pleasure. He was the first person to ‘eat my pussy’ and he loved it. He introduced me to sucking his cock and the taste of cum. He was smooth, but he couldn’t be true to one woman. He had to be screwing several different ones. I found out about a couple of them and felt there was no future with this and I dumped him.”

“I went through a period of celibacy until I met Eric. He was kind. It was my senior year and he was a graduate student. We both had a love for classical music and both sang in a community choir near the campus. Eric and I became good friends and started dating on a regular basis. He never pushed for sex and was always a gentleman. When we did have sex it was very soft and he was always concerned about me getting hurt or feeling pain. He preferred me performing oral sex on him over intercourse. He never performed oral sex on me. I thought this might change over time. He got engaged and then married. His sexuality with me never changed. He loved me playing with his anus and he even seemed to get off more having anal intercourse with me. But he never seemed to have his heart into touching my pussy or even my breasts. After I got pregnant he got even further from being intimate with me. The only orgasms I got were the ones I masturbated myself to. I was three months pregnant when he disclosed that he was gay. In some ways I was relieved that it wasn’t me he was rejecting and in other ways I was furious that he married me without telling me first. He claimed he didn’t realize it until he had an encounter with one of the male students at the university. He said that was his first sexual encounter ever with another man and that was what he needed in his life. Well you know the rest. I left him partially because there would be no hope for a normal future and partially out of misunderstanding.”

“I tried to make a go of it alone. I had a nice job, but I didn’t know how it would work out with Eve. That’s when I called you for help. You never once lectured me. You took me in and treated me like a queen immediately. I wanted to stay here because I felt secure and loved. That day you saw me nurse Eve for the first time. That was totally an accident. I had tried to be discrete before then. I didn’t realize you were home. After you saw my bare breast, I just out of impulse wanted you to try my milk. The feel of you sucking my milk out of my breast was so comforting to me that it was, well, downright sexy to me. I struggled at first with how far I was willing to go with you. But the more I thought about how lonely you were, how good mother said you were, how desperate I was for love and comfort, the more I was making up my mind that I didn’t want to go looking for love anywhere else when you were what I wanted all along. I know that this is pure and simple incest, but it is my life and I’m responsible for my own happiness. You’re everything mother said you were. You love me and Eve more than anything in the world. I love you more than any man I have ever met.”

She continued. “Then when you caught me in the shower, it gave me the boost I needed to go through with what I wanted to do. I heard you come into the house. So I stayed in the shower a little longer. It was all planned from that moment. I’m sorry Daddy, I didn’t mean to trick you into it. I just needed you at that moment. It just worked out that way.”

Annie paused from her story and brought her face next to mine. I could feel her breath brush across my lips. “Daddy, I need you more than I need life. I love you so very dearly and don’t want or need anyone else in this world.” And with that she kissed me.

My heart was melted. I was totally without resistance. She had presented a case I couldn’t refute. “Okay Annie. If that’s what you really want. We’ll do it that way. You have to realize that it won’t be always easy. You need a man your age. There will always be the big age gap, not to mention our relationship. But I promise to be the best person in your life. And I promise that the first time you find someone else I will encourage you to take him. I don’t know how we’ll explain things to Eve, but we have time to figure that out.”

With those words, Annie was all over me. She jumped onto my lap and straddled my thighs with her legs. Her kisses covered every inch of my face. There was that wonderful feeling of “flesh to flesh” as I felt her bare breasts press against my chest. I would be a father, lover, husband and friend to her. I could feel her pubic hair which was starting to get fuller now brush against my cock. It made me really hard in no time. Annie wasted no time at all and reached down to insert my now swollen member into her very wet pussy. My mind was starting to buzz. Forget about the incest stuff, how am I going to keep up with this kid. She was either going to kill me with a heart attack or wear my cock to a stump. Annie did all the work. I just sat back while her youthful pussy massaged my cock. Up and down she pumped on it. I could hear her getting closer to an orgasm and deep inside I could feel that familiar feeling starting in me. Soon she was flailing out almost incoherently. And shortly I was again shooting my cum deep inside her. She finally slowed down to some very small quiet moves and then came to a stop with my still somewhat cock deep inside her, the tip of my penis kissing her cervix.

As I slipped out of her, she purred in my ear just how happy and in love she was. Love. Poets have written about it, songs have been sung about it, yet no one really understands it completely. But this was love I was receiving. It was without conditions. It was just there for me to enjoy. “Oh Annie, I will never know why you love me. And I guess I shouldn’t worry about the ‘why’ and just enjoy the fact.”

“Why?” She asked, “why not. You make me feel so feminine. You appreciate every part of me. You want to protect me at your expense. Why shouldn’t I love you? I won’t find a man like you.”

I knew she was wrong, they’re out there. I also knew that pre-made families intimidated some men. I would only let my Annie go to someone who was worthy of her. She was all I had.

The rest of the evening was spent in the most intimate of situations ‘shared solitude’. We didn’t turn on the television, or radio. We both sat on the sofa and read. Annie with her head on a pillow on my lap. We read for an hour without a sound until Eve again announced she was hungry.

So the three of us went upstairs to call it a night. Eve and I got a late-night snack of milk.

The next morning came all too quickly. Yet it came very nicely. Annie and I had been sleeping together for some time now, but last night was the first time we had had intercourse and so this was the first ‘morning after’. It did indeed feel different than the previous mornings. The bird’s songs seemed to be prettier the sun seemed to shine brighter, everything seemed sweeter. I rolled over and felt Annie’s rear end. It even felt nicer (not that it hadn’t felt wonderful before now). My touch woke her up. “I’m sorry,” I whispered, “I didn’t want to waken you.” She said nothing but rolled over and hugged me. Her eyes were so warm and beautiful to me. Annie was that kind of person who wakes up in the morning with a sweet disposition.

“Why don’t you feed Eve when she wakes up and then I can sleep.”

I looked at my chest and then hers, “I don’t think she’ll go for it.”

Annie smiled and said, “I guess you’re right.”

“Now that you’ve had a night to sleep on it, do you have any regrets Annie? I mean about what we’re doing?”

She rose up and wrapped herself around me, “regrets? Yes I do. I wasted some valuable time. Last night should have happened a few weeks earlier.”

“I’m never going to get you to admit that I’m not the best you can do, am I?”

“Sorry, I just can’t lie. You are all I want or need.”

“So you used to finger old Eric’s butthole.”

“He loved it.”

“What about you?”

Annie smiled a sheepish little grin, “I kind of liked it too. It was like I was doing something to him that gave him pleasure. Inside his anus was the softest skin I have ever felt.”

“I imagine all rectums are as soft. Your mother’s was the only one I felt and it was soft also.”

“She never played with your butthole?”

“She would have told you if she did.”

“I guess that’s true.”

“Roll over on your tummy,” with that Annie removed a tube of KY she had in the drawer of her night stand. She applied some to her fingers and slowly worked one of them into my hole. I had had the doctor stick a finger up there in the past to check my prostate, but never had I had someone put a finger up there as a part of giving me pleasure. At first I jumped a little. Then Annie showed she knew exactly what to do as she manipulated her finger in and out of my ass.

“That does feel nice. You have such a gentle touch.”

“Do you want to do it to me?” And before I could answer she maneuvered herself around where she had access to my anus and I had an unobstructed access to hers. I applied some of the KY to my finger and gently worked it in and out of her. We were like kids exploring each other. Her tight butthole was so inviting. I wanted to eat it, suck it, feel it and push my cock into it. But this was hers to orchestrate not mine. After some time I noticed her breathing changing. I had learned now that she was going into her preliminary steps towards a nice good morning orgasm. I never knew a woman could orgasm with her anus being invaded. And then I realized that Annie needed her pussy attended to so she could finish her explosion. She dislodged her digit from me and allowed me to slip down with my head between her legs. With just a few trips by my tongue around her clit she was reeling into ecstasy.

Her chest was rising and falling with waves of pleasure as I continued to lick her. Soon she made it to the peak and spilled over into bliss. As she slowly came down from her height, I ceased the attention on her clit and started to suck on her pubic hair.

“I have waited all this time to wake up like that. It was so good. Thank you dear heart,” smiled Annie.

We probably would have gotten even more involved with each other except for this little redhead in her crib making some beginning noises to let us know she had waken and was hungry and wet. I got Eve and brought her to Annie. “Feed her first and then you can shower. I’ll shower while you’re feeding her.”

“No. Don’t shower until we can together. Besides I have enough to feed both of you.”

I watched and chatted with Annie while Eve was busy on Annie’s left breast. We talked about when she felt she would feel ready to return to work. Her job was still waiting for her. She was a research chemist and very much in demand. We decided that there was no hurry but she should return when she felt ready. It wasn’t a matter of finances. I had planned very well for retirement some day and with all my investments and my current earnings five Annie’s and 10 Eves could be supported. But she needed to be around people.

We both decided that she would return when she felt like it and not before. Eve and I came first in her life and she wanted to be there when she was needed by either of us. With that she switched Eve to the other breast and invited me to finish what Eve had left. I was going to miss this someday so I wanted to take full advantage of her milk.

With Eve back in her crib Annie and I both went into the bathroom and I started the shower. I stood there while the water was heating up just admiring this beautiful creature with all her youth. She was such an image of her mother I thought to myself. She steals my heart every time I look at her.

Annie sensed somehow what I was feeling. She looked at me and said, “you really loved mother, didn’t you.”

I looked at her and wanted to cry. “She was everything to me. A piece of me lies in the ground with her. You are the closest thing on this earth to being her. But I don’t want you to think that that infatuation is what draws me so close to you, because while you resemble her so strongly, you have a uniqueness she didn’t have. And she was some things you will not ever be. Does that make sense, or am I just an old man blubbering?”

“I understand what you mean.”

We both jumped into the shower and played like two little kids soaping each other down and sliding our slippery bodies against each other. Nothing sexual, just two people in love feeling the life in each other. Yes I was falling in love with this daughter in a new deeper sense. She was now my mate as strange as it seems. I stopped and just admired her body. And with that she caught my eye. There was fire in her hazel eyes. She was flushed with anger.

“Father!” She said sternly (she never addressed me as father unless she was ready to make a statement which I had better listen to), “I have been really patient with you and this bullshit about the age difference and our relationship. I am a 25 year old woman, who has been married, who has a child. I am not a 12 year old who is being molested by her father. I have made a conscious decision to have you as my lover. An adult, premeditated decision. I have let you mope and stammer over my decision long enough. I do not want to hear one more word about age, relationship, the future or what other people will think. Quite frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn. If I hear you ever mention any of those again. I will take Eve and all I have here and we will move out of your life completely. So do I have your promise to stay off of those topics?”

I find it hard to imagine any man in this world standing in the shower with his adult daughter, both completely nude and covered with soap having his ass chewed out by her like I got. She was as sincere as I had ever seen her. I looked down like a little boy who just got scolded by his mother. Then I looked up at Annie and said, “I would rather die than to lose you and Eve. You have made the decision, I am the one who is getting all the benefits from it. You are gaining nothing because everything material I have is already yours. But I do respect your maturity and will never mention any of those subjects ever again.”

This was sealed with a hug that cracked both our backs and a kiss that seemed to last for hours. We had made a pact and it was now official. It would be the three of us from here on out. We would deal with Eve’s questions as she got older. We would live our lives one day at a time. No matter what happened to me, these two ladies were guaranteed a secure future. I was now the wealthiest, happiest man in the world.