A Fun Night at a Reno Casino

My wife and I spend a lot of time in Reno as we love the gambling, the food and of course the swing bars. Last year on one of our trips to the “Biggest Little City in the World” we had made a decision to spend the night at our hotel/casino just playing slots or games. We had traveled that day and had a nice Jacuzzi suite to kick back and relaxing in when we got tired of playing.

My wife is a slot player and I am not so frequently I tell her I am going to go play at the tables and will check back with her periodically. I left her at a dollar slot machine and headed over to play some Pai Gow. After about and hour or so and taking a beating at the tables I decided to look for her and see how she was doing. I finally spotted her at a machine near where I had left her but as I approached I noticed she was engaged in conversation with a young man who appeared to be in his early 30s. I decided to hang back and watch a while. They seemed to be having a good time talking, laughing and quite obviously flirting. Now not being a detective, after a few minutes she spotted me but just smiled and winked and went back to playing her machine and her conversation. Finally she motioned me to come over and introduced me to her new friend and said that they had been talking and he offered to teach her to play craps. We ordered another round of drinks first and headed to the craps table. At the craps table we were having fun and all the guys including our new friend were enjoying watching her bend over and place her bets. Soon though she announced that she had had enough craps and wanted to go to the room and get in the Jacuzzi. Somewhat disappointed looking, our craps instructor started to say his goodbyes but was cheered up immediately when my wife looked at him and said, “Would you like to join us”? He uttered a surprised “yes” and we headed upstairs. I too was surprised as although we had been swinging for a couple of years the wife has always had a firm, no single males, policy.

When we got up to the room, she excused herself and said she was going to put her suit on. She went into the bathroom and came back out wearing the new leopard bikini we just bought for our trip to Mexico next month. I told her how great she looked and he agreed. I took out my new digital camera and asked her to pose for a few shots while the Jacuzzi filled up and she obliged. Once the tub was filled I suggested she take off the suit as to not ruin it for the trip and also pointed out that neither of us had suits so wouldn’t be fair. Once all our clothes were removed we hopped in the Jacuzzi. The wife loves Jacuzzi jets and immediately got her pussy in front of a jet, which made her nipples noticeably hard, and she let out a little moan. I reached over and caressed a breast and played with her now hard nipple and motioned to him that he do the same with the other and he didn’t need to be asked twice. Her hand reached under the water and grabbed my cock and gave it a squeeze and I saw her other had disappear under the water in the direction of his cock as well. I could tell when it got there as she let out a soft slow, mmmmmmmmm, and arched her back towards the rushing water. I leaned forward and kissed her long and deep and when our mouths moved apart she said, “Why don’t we get out and go to the bed”.

We exited the tub and dried off a little, she then climbed on to the king bed and laid back. I went directly between her legs and began licking her clit to which I got approving moans. I raised my eyes up to look at her and saw her taking this guys cock into her mouth and sucking it, I almost shot my load right there. After a while I raised up and moved around to her other side and offered her my dick as he took my place between her legs and began to eat her pussy. Soon she was screaming in orgasm as his tongue lapped at her clit. As her orgasm concluded she pushed his head away and pulled me between her legs and I slid my cock into her soaking wet pussy. I fucked her hard as she sucked his cock some more, then she pulled his cock out of her mouth and motioned to me to come closer. I leaned down and she whispered in my ear, “do you have condoms”? I smiled at her and mouthed “yes” to which she smiled back. I got up and went to our luggage and produced a condom and handed it to him. He slid it on and positioned himself between her legs and slowly eased himself into her. His cock was big and thick and she gasped as he entered her and screamed, “oh God, Yes!!” He gradually picked up the speed of his thrusts making her cum over and over while I grabbed the camera and caught it on film. When he was done, she laid me down on the bed and climbed on me, cumming again and again until I finally shot my load deep inside her. We all collapsed on the bed for a while, when he recovered he dressed, we exchanged phone numbers and e-mail and he asked us to PLEASE call him anytime we were in town. She gave him a big hug and a kiss and he left. That ended one of the hottest nights we have ever had, well, in the top 10 any way.