Meeting the Hot male escort to satisfy my hunger – Part-2

If you haven’t read the previous story, read here. I was running behind something and couldn’t catch up, but I was running super-fast. And then I felt something between my legs, something wet and my pussy began to throb. I feel my clit being touched. I flinch and my eyes open. I realize I am in my hotel room and naked beneath the sheets. Then I feel Brian’s breath on my thighs and know that it is his morning wake-up for me. Today is the last day he is at the resort as Sunday is booked only for me. So, I lay back, remove the sheets and spread my legs for him to continue. I want to get the best value out of this weekend and satisfy my hunger.

He parts my folds and just rubs me there, arousing and titillating me. I feel my stomach contract at the sensation. Then he licks me there and my clit stands in attention, wanting more. He licks and licks, each swipe of his tongue adding moisture and making me horny. My pelvis was lifting on its own, in response to his licks. I was feeling an electric sensation as he began sucking on the clit too. Each time he did that, I would shiver. His hand snaked upward over my body and grabbed my left breast, pressing it. He was playing with the nipple and sucking on my clit, it was pleasure overload. Then he pushed in two fingers and started rubbing my pussy. In a few minutes, I came a little.

He took a break and lay down, as I calmed down from the orgasm. “Thanks for that,” I told him in between breaths and then laughed. He laughed as well and then got on his knees, parting my legs and rubbing me there. I wanted to close them, but he stopped me and began licking me there again. I was highly aroused and noticed that he was hard too. I tried grabbing his dick, but couldn’t.


He was licking my clit again and this time I felt his tongue near my pussy hole. I began touching my boobs and playing with my nipples as his tongue speared my pussy. His tongue went in and out as he licked and pleasured me. My pussy began to pulse and react on its own. He stopped and then put on a condom, covering his dick. His dick was fat, not too long but really really fat. And each time he had penetrated me last night, I was stretched.

Today, watching him get ready to penetrate my pussy again, made me excited. My pussy was waiting for his cock when he pushed in an inch, expanding the entrance. Then he pulled out and entered my pussy again. This time he entered me completely and was inside till the hilt. I had spread my legs fully so it could be easy on me. After the initial uneasiness because of his fat cock, I began to feel full. He started thrusting in and out of my pussy. Stretching and expanding it as he moved to satisfy my hunger.

His cock was touching all the right spots and places, making me horny. I was leaking a lot, moisture coming out of my pussy. I wanted more of his cock and told him so. His pace of fucking increased as he pounded into my pussy. Then he stopped and pulled out, making me get on my knees. He stood behind me grabbing my boobs and penetrated my cunt again.

It was then that he started fucking again. His balls were hitting my thighs and his cock was relentlessly pounding my pussy. He pinched and played with my nipples as he fucked me again and again.  There was only so much I could take, before he rubbed my clit again. And then I gushed. I screamed and gushed as he still fucked me. Then he came too I guess because he stilled and collapsed over me.

That weekend was super exciting, as he stayed over till night time and we fucked many more times. Then it was time for him to go, but Brian had a good dick and the way he fucked me was out of this world. He did satisfy my hunger for sex but I want someone new next time.