A Moment of Weakness

I went home for Easter. My boyfriend stayed back in Michigan. After dinner I met up with some friends in a bar in New Jersey. The bartender a big black man. Kept giving me free drinks all night. I was having fun so when my friends wanted to leave I decided to stay. I didn’t have my car with me I drove there with my friends. I figured I would take an Uber home when the bar closed. Shortly after my friends left the bartender said he was going on break. Then he asked me if I wanted to see his car outside it was a Lamborghini. I told him sure and I went outside it was a beautiful car. He asked me if I wanted to sit in it and I told him yes. When we got in his car we were talking for a few minutes. He started rubbing the inside of my leg. Which was OK I was very flattered considering I weigh almost 400 pounds. Then as he moved up his hand he was now rubbing my pussy hard. It felt great so I was good with that as well. I told him that I was a mother of 2 and I had a boyfriend Back in Michigan. I guess he didn’t mind that cause next thing I knew his finger was in my pussy. Then he said we should have a good time tonight nobody has to know your boyfriend’s in Michigan. I told him I would think about it and let him know at the end of the night. And we went back in the bar. He kept feeding me free drinks all night. A while later after everyone left he asked me if I wanted to spend the night at his Place? I told him again I had a boyfriend and 2 children. He said that doesn’t matter to him and nobody has to know… Then I asked him if he lived alone? He said no it was him and his roommate. Then I asked him if his roommate would mind if I stayed the night. He told me no his roommate was cool it was also his cousin’s. So I said cool and we went to his house. I called my friends and told them I would not be home and I would see them in the morning. And we drove to his house. When we got there he introduced me to his roommate. So I sat in a living room with the 2 of them and we talked for a few Minutes. He asked me if I ever seen or had A 14″ black cock before? I said no not a human one. Then he pulled it out it was massive. Then his roommate pulled his out it was massive as well. Then he asked me if I wanted to have sex with the 2 of them? At 1st I said no and told him again I had a boyfriend In Michigan. But I told him I would give him a blowjob if that’s what he wanted. As I started sucking his massive cock that barely fit in my mouth. His roommate started fingering my pussy. I was really wet and it felt really really good. I was thinking about what he said that nobody would have to know about it. And I decided to have sex with the both of them. I took his massive cock out of my mouth and I asked him to fuck me. As I put his roommate’s cock in my mouth. He was fucking me so hard and so deep I was having multiple orgasms. Then I asked them to change places. And I let his roommate have my pussy as well. After his roommate fucked me for a very long time. I asked the bartender to lay on the floor and I straddled him and put his huge cock in my pussy. Then I told his roommate to get behind me and slide his cock in my ass at the same time. Needless to say neither one of them had a problem with that. They fuck me in both of my holes for quite a long time. Then I asked them to change places. So his roommate laid on the floor and I put his cock in my pussy. And I had the bartender put his massive cock in my ass. And the 2 of them continue fucking me like that for a very long time. They were very brutal but it felt great. It happened so quickly neither one of them were wearing a condom. I was having nonstop orgasms anal and vaginal. Then the bartender as he was fucking my ass asked me if he could cum inside of me I told him yes please do. So he came very hard in my ass I was amazed how much cum he put inside of me. But he didn’t stop he just kept fucking me harder and deeper all 14″. Then his roommate came in my pussy he never asked he just did it. He also continued fucking me. 20 Minutes later they wanted to change places again. It felt so good I just let them do whatever they wanted. When I got up there cum was running down the inside of my legs. I climbed on the bartender’s cock and his roommate slid his cock in my ass. They were fucking me so hard like they didn’t care how hard they were Pounding me. I was enjoying it tremendously. After they both came in me again about an hour later. I got up and set on the couch. They said thank you. I asked if I could use their bathroom to get cleaned up. They told me no!!! I was a little surprised at that. Then he told me to get your clothes on I called you an Uber it should be here in a few minutes. I thought that was pretty rude. So I asked him why are you acting like this? Did I not give you what you wanted? He said yes you did but now it’s time for you to leave. Their cum was still running out of my pussy and ass. So I said to him oh you just used me for your personal cum dumpster? He said yes that’s about the size of it. Hope you enjoyed it you can go outside and wait for your Uber now. So I got dressed and I went outside to wait for the Uber. I stayed outside for like 10 minutes. The Uber didn’t show up. So I went backup to his house and knocked on the door. When he answered the door I asked him if he would call the Uber again. He said he would. Then I asked him is this what he does to all women? He said him and his cousin like tag teaman fat women with boyfriends. They never tell anyone because they don’t want their boyfriends to find out. Then he asked me if I enjoyed it? I had to be honest so I told him I enjoyed it very much. Then he asked me if I wanted to come back and let them do me one more time before I leave. When I told him no I seen he got very angry. Then he told me he would make it really quick. After his nasty attitude I told him no a second time. He said OK and slammed the door on my face. A couple minutes later the Uber pulled up and I had him take me to my friend’s house. I told her everything that happened that night. Then she said we should go there tonight and get even. My friend is also a very large 563 pound woman. We went back to his house and I knocked on the door with my friend. I told him I wanted more of his cock and he let us in. I told him to lay on the floor and I would ride his cock why my friend watched. So he got undressed And laid on the floor. I climbed on his cock. What happened next he was not expecting. My 563 pound friend sat on his face as I Was riding his cock. His roommate Wasn’t home. I continued Riding his cock as my friend continued Riding his face hard. Then we changed places!!! We took turns coming on his face. But we did not give him a chance to cum in us!! Our pussy juices were running down his face and down his throat. And just before he got ready to cum we both got up And Got dressed. We looked down and he was soaking wet from our pussy juices. He said you didn’t even let me cum!! We Laughed and said that was the point. I asked him if he enjoyed it? He said he would have if he could finish. We told him no thanks not interested you’re not our type. And we left him laying on the floor as we Laughed and we walked away. I wonder if he ever told his roommate how we got even with him? And I wonder if he learned anything about using women? It would not have been a problem if it was just a one night stand. It became a problem when they got rude and nasty when I ask to use the restroom. Everybody deserves to be respected. And just so everybody knows my friend All 563 pounds of her spread her pussy wide over his mouth and pissed in his mouth. He swallowed every drop. He’s so arrogant he probably thought he was making her cum lol!!!! 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

Darlene J Malewit