Special Delivery

A package coming to our house got split open by accident. The contents led to some hot times with our mailman.

My wife Lynn and I got married when we were only 18, in fact Lynn had only turned 18 a couple of weeks before our wedding. We lived in a small ultra-conservative town and Lynn’s dad was the preacher there. So she had been taught to be especially conservative in how she acted as well as how she dressed. She had always dressed in frumpy unflattering clothes and wore her beautiful long red hair up in a bun, and never wore make-up. But things changed considerably in a short period of time once we got married. My taking some sexy pictures of her kind of broke the ice and realizing whoever developed them had seen her naked opened the floodgates.

It actually turned her on in a way she never realized possible knowing strangers were seeing her sexy body she’d been taught all her life to hide. She started ordering sexy outfits like garter belts & stockings and see through lingerie, and for our pictures she’d put on eye liner, lipstick and nail polish going for a kind of slutty look. It turned us both on so much knowing guys developing her pictures were seeing her like that got us to realizing how hot it would be to see guys reactions if they saw her like that in real life. So we started taking little trips out of town where she would wear sexy outfits she could never wear in our up tight little town where everyone knew everyone else’s business. While out of town she’d find ways to let her dress fall open as if by accident with only a sexy garter belt & stockings on underneath exposing her hot 5-8, 120lb, 34DD-24-35 body, and bushy red pussy. With her long red hair and sparkling green eyes she was a knockout. And the make-up gave the impression that she might be on the slutty side, but in a good way.

She’d also started dressing more revealing at home around my closest friends. Wearing loose fitting low cut tops and no bra so if she leaned over the least bit they could see her big tits, and skimpy shorts showing off her firm ample ass. But things really started getting hot after showing my best friend some of our pictures that led up to us having a threesome. I couldn’t believe how turned on I got watching her strip in front of another guy and let him watch her fondle her tits & finger her pussy. Then seeing her taking turns sucking us off and then her sucking him off while I fucked her. Soon we were having threesomes with several of my friends and had even picked up a couple of guy while out of town for sex.One night we’d gone in an adult bookstore and Lynn was walking around with her big tits totally exposed and she’d stoop down and look at things letting her skirt open up showing her long sexy legs in a garter belt & stockings and fiery red pussy to anyone in front of her. I’d watch from a distance. But while there a magazine called Select caught my eye. It had pictures on the cover that appeared to have been amateur photos. So I bought it and it changed our sex life in a big way. It turned out to be a magazine for swingers.

It was the late 70’s way before personal computers in every house so couples could put an ad in the magazine along with a photo and others who were interested could contact you through the magazine. After corresponding back & forth until you were comfortable with each other. Then you could swap addresses and continue to correspond and swap pictures leading up to meeting each other in person. There were couples from all over the country and at first we just swapped nude pictures with couples far away with hot wives. A lot of them were swingers and would share their experiences and give us advice of what to look out for if we were thinking of hooking up with one of the couples. It turned out one couple we were swapping photos with had lived in our area until recently. They had swapped with a couple near us a few times and thought we’d be a great match. So they sent a couple of pictures of us to them and them to us. We eventually met up with them. It was the first cpl we swapped with and it turned out the wife was bi so it was the first time I saw Lynn with another girl. But we were still swapping pictures with several couples through the mail. Usually you’d send about 5-6 pictures of the wife in sexy outfits and get the same number of similar photos in return. But there was one couple who did things a little differrent. They would send about 15-20 pics. After getting them they had us send the same number of pics of Lynn and send their pics back and they’d do the same.

The wife of the other couple was a very sexy blonde who looked like she could be a playboy centerfold a few years earlier. She was in her 40’s but still smoking hot and if they’d lived closer we’d have been happy to swap with them. We’d sent some really good pictures we’d taken of Lynn outdoors in a sexy black garter belt & stockings. In a few she was playing with her tits & pussy, and one of her sucking my cock. We were anxious to get their response and get our pictures back because they were some of the best pictures we’d taken. Lynn was home alone and noticed our mailman on the porch stooped down. We’d met him a couple of time away from the job because he was a friend of ours brother in law. He was in about 15 yrs older than us in his early 30’s and his wife was an attractive blonde. But being local each time we’d met the wives were dressed very conservative. It just happened Lynn was wearing a pair of shorts and a skimpy tube top but she felt he’d be cool about seeing her like that so she opened the door. She saw right away why he was bent over. As he’d taken the envelope out of his mailbag with the pictures we’d been expecting the envelope split open and all the pictures had fallen out. Some on the porch and some in his bag among other mail.

There was no way of trying to explain what was going on to him. I mean there he was with a bunch of pictures of my sexy 18-yo wife naked along with naked pictures of a hot 40-yo. She helped pick them up and he started going through his bag looking for more as could be expected her bending over reaching for pictures her boobs popped out of the skimpy top. But due to out thick shrubs no one could see but him. So after seeing pictures of her tits now he’d seen the real thing close up. She put her tits away about half way. Very turned on by the way he was looking at them and her pictures. It was really hot and he was sweating so she suggested they go inside so he could look through his bag where it was cool. He dumped what little mail he had out on the dinning room table and was going through it and picking out nude pictures of Lynn and the other woman. And saw him glancing over at some of the pictures laying face up on the table that as it happened included the one of Lynn sucking my cock. He was also looking over checking out her big tits that had pretty much fallen out of her top again. She also noticed a growing bulge in his pants. Seeing that and knowing he was getting turned on looking at naked pictures of her was getting her turned on as hell. As she was trying to think of a way to seduce him he started suggesting we get a PO box for mail like that and said it helped in case something like that happened there wasn’t a chance on a picture being lost and a neighbor finding it. But it also kept the people we were corresponding with from knowing our street address and just showing up.

It turned out he’d recognized the envelopes from select and knew it was for swingers. Lynn let one of the picture fall on the floor and bent over so her tits would fall out of her top again. Once she knew he’d gotten a good look at them she got ready to pull the top up then said fuck it you’ve already seen everything their is to see. Then she said you aren’t going to tell anyone about this are you. He insisted he wouldn’t and Lynn said she wished there was a way she could be sure. Then said actually there is a way and said if she had something on him too. He looked at her curious as to what she was suggesting then watched her drop to her knees in front of him and start undoing his pants. He was so turned on there was no way he could resist. She gave him a slow blowjob as he reached down groping her tits, them pulled her up and bent her over the table and started fucking her as he leaned forward sucking her tits. He was pumping his cock in hard and deep as he was telling her how hot she was and confessed he’d fantasized about fucking her after seeing envelopes from a swinger magazine. Then it surprised her when he asked if we were into threesomes with other guys. Lynn said we were and asked if he’d like to have a threesome with us? He said if she thought I’d be OK with it. He ended up shooting his load all over her stomach & tits and got cleaned up and left.

Lynn told me that night what had happened and we fucked like rabbits that night. She watched for him the next day and told him I was interested in his suggestion of a threesome. He suggested a night later that week when his wife would be out of town. When he got there I took some pictures as Lynn did a slow sexy striptease. Then she helped us undress and started sucking us off. At first taking turns then pressing our cocks together licking & sucking both of our cocks at once. We moved to the bedroom and took turns fucking her in differrent positions. At one point I was standing beside the bed while Lynn was sucking him off getting him hard again when suddenly he reached over and started stroking my cock, already turned on I moved closer putting my cock in his face and he didn’t hesitate in opening his mouth. I put my cock in his mouth and started fucking his mouth as he sucked. His hand wrapped around the shaft stroking it as he used the other to fondle my balls. He stopped sucking me off for a minute to lick my cock & balls and said he’d wanted to suck my dick since the first time he’d met me when I was about 14. I didn’t even remember that but I was loving fucking his mouth. He was great at sucking cock and I could tell he was experienced. I’m not sure why but I asked if his wife knew he liked sucking dick? He said no and that he’d like to keep it that way. Then it surprised me when he asked if I’d ever thought about fucking his wife?

He being my friends sister I’d know her for years and I’m sure he didn’t know but she’d sucked me and her brother off a few times when we were around 13-14 yrs old and she was in her 20’s. I wasn’t going to tell him about that but I did tell him I’d often thought about fucking her when I was younger. He said good because he was pretty sure she would want to swap with Lynn and I. She didn’t know about anything that had happened so far so we just made up a story to tell her about how the subject came up but something about wife swapping came up and I’d confided in him how I’d been hot for his wife when I was younger and eventually the subject of us swapping came up. A couple of weeks later we went to their house and were surprised when she came to the door already naked and led us straight to the bedroom. I was even more surprised when she started undressing Lynn and led her to the bed. We watched the wives go at it then swapped partners. As I was fucking her she whispered in my ear that she’d wanted to fuck me for years. Then said and she’d wanted Lynn since she’d met her right after we got married. Then asked a question that surprised me asking if I’d busted her cherry? When I said yes she asked how old she was and I said 14 or 15. That for some reason seemed to turn her on and she said she loved being with young girls that age who were virgins. I fucked her a couple of times and then her husband and I DP’d her while Lynn took pictures for them. We had a few more secret threesomes with him and swapped with them a couple of times but then they suddenly stopped hooking up with us. I heard she got caught with a really young boy but somehow avoided charges. But it put a chill on their sex life and they moved soon after.