A night of drunken breakup sex with a female partner

My boyfriend had just broken up with me and I wasn’t feeling good about it. I was low and had all the symptoms that a classic heartbreak could trigger. I was home alone, moping and just staying away from people. I would have bouts of crying and then sometimes just plain dry-eyed sadness. But one day my cousin pulled me out for a party he was attending. He coaxed me out saying, it was a small gathering, but in reality, it was a full-blown house party with orgies. Hehe, kidding no orgies that I saw, but you know drunk people getting weird. That’s where I had breakup sex with a female partner.

Sheila was a slim, leggy blonde and I was, well let us say brown skin and heavy chested, short girl. But one thing was for sure – sexual attraction. I was quite tipsy and each touch against my skin was making me miss sex and want it. Sheila was dancing on the floor and she pulled me to join her. Hesitant initially, I liked that she was having fun so I began showing more enthusiasm. After around 12 pm, I could feel her touch changing, becoming more sexual in nature.

Her hands held me closer as we slow dance. My back is to her, but I feel her breasts touch my back. She is close and I can feel her body against mine. She embraces my belly and touches the skin peeking between my skirt and top. I was being caressed, in secret, in a public place. It was a dark room and people were dancing, grinding all around us. I held her hand in mine and pushed her to touch my breasts.


Her hand snaked inside my shirt and cupped the bra covered boob. She pressed it slightly and tried to pinch my nipple. She came closer and began kissing my neck. Our bodies were tight in each other’s embrace, our surroundings forgotten. I turned around and found her face really close. I took the leap and kissed her mouth. I tried pulling back, but she held my face in her hands and continued kissing me.

When we pulled back, we both were out of breath. Then she took my hands and walked towards the stairs. We ended up in a vacant bedroom and when the door shut, the music drowned out too. She came closer to me and held me, kissing my face. I was enjoying this – whatever was happening here. “Why so sad Cherie?” she asked but I didn’t reply. “I will make you feel good,” she declared and began undressing. I forgot I was going through a depressing phase while enjoying breakup sex with a female partner.

She slowly took off my clothes and kissed my nipples making her way down. She made me lie on the bed and got over me, kissing my breasts and nipples again. Her mouth latches on to my left nipple and she slowly begins to suck on it. She is plumping my breasts with both hands as her mouth works over my nipple. I feel a rush of pleasure as she works my boobs and she is totally enjoying giving me pleasure.

Then she stops and brings out a orgasm hits me. My body is on fire, I am shaking. I feel a rush of great pleasure again as I squirt once more and then relax. As I get my pleasure, Sheila makes me hold the dildo and she rides it. I watch her while coming down from my high and she gets her pleasure. I was tired that night so I just held the dildo, but she kept moving over me and ultimately got her pleasure.

It was quite a memorable night and definitely aroused my interest in sex again. I was finally able to get out of the frump and at least get sexual pleasure. The breakup sex with a female partner made me believe in life again.