How I lost my virginity

So today I was sitting at home and got really horny as teenagers do but this wasn’t enough for masturbating to take care of, like really really horny. I went downstairs and checked the fridge for any dildo-shaped vegetables and didn’t see any. So I decided to walk to the store. I get to Walmart and walk inside and the adrenaline hits me. I walk over to the product and start measuring the different zucchini. I found one, it was 9 inches. So I grabbed it eagerly and made my way to the bathrooms. I go to the sink and begin to wash it to warm it up. I walk into the stall and spit in my hand. I was rubbing the zucchini all around my hand to lube it up. I put it up to my tight hole and begin to push, the tip goes in and I start making small motions to loosen myself up. After about 10 minutes I had it almost all the way in. I glanced up and noticed some writing on the door. Above the phone number, it says bottoms only. So I text him not thinking hed respond. I get back to the business of getting that huge zucchini inside me. After a few minutes, I had finally done it. I stood up very slowly and pulled up my pants, and walked out of the stall. I walk out of the store and begin to make my way home when I get a text. It says “hello, who is this” I respond telling him that I saw his number and asked if he was still looking for a bottom. He said he was and asked me where I was. I said about 5 minutes from Walmart. I ask if he’s down to meet up and he says yes. I remembered that there is a high school nearby with a porta-potty behind it so I tell him to meet me there. I finally get to the Highschool and walk down to the porta-potty. I waited for a few minutes and then I began to hear a truck pull up. I quickly began to get ready taking off my pants and mentally preparing myself. Just as I put my pants in the corner I hear a knock. He pulls the door open and there he is. Tall, beard, and a hat on. He tells me he doesn’t have much time to get to it. I sit down on the toilet and he unbuttons his pants and drops them. I can see the bulge protruding from his underwear and put my hands on it. Quickly I pull his underwear down and kissed the tip of it. Then he grabbed the back of my head and pushes it down balls deep. I take it he had just gotten off of work because it was all sweaty, but I kinda liked it. I bring my head up and gasp for air. He then grabs me by the throat and lifts me up, looks me in the eyes, and says to bend over. I tell him there is a zucchini in my ass because I didn’t want to be too tight. He then pushes me over and says in a deep voice, “push it out”. As I began to push it out I could feel it stretching my little hole trying to get out. It began to come out little by little. After a few seconds, I heard it hit the floor. He picked it up and put it on top of my pants in the corner. I turned my head around and just as I did I felt it inside me. It felt amazing. I could feel the veins in his cock as he grunted. He then grabbed my hips and pulled me deeper onto his cock. It was all pure ecstasy. As he pumped in and out I could feel my hole getting looser. spotting on his dick and telling me to rub it in. I reached through my legs, past my cock, and started rubbing his spit onto the sides of my ass. Speeding up I couldn’t hold in my pleasure any longer and I started moaning. The faster he went the louder I got. Until finally it came to an end. I felt him cum inside me. My whole stomach was warm and I could feel his cock throbbing.