A Taste Of Her

Nina mistakenly walked into the room of Elina, her best friend’s elder sister. She had no inkling that this hot summer afternoon will change her life forever.

Elina was sleeping blissfully, naked, with just a sheet spread across her lower back. Her shapely legs and back were on display to the onlooker.

Nina was spellbound with the scene. She felt like she was in a trance. She sat beside Elina and ran her fingers on Elina’s naked velvety back. Thereafter, when Elina moaned, she got scared. She stood up abruptly but was unable to leave. Her legs just won’t move. She waited for Elina to wake up and scream but she continued her blissful slumber.


Nina gathered her courage again and this time she traced an invisible line on Elina’s side, near her beautiful breasts. Her heart was thudding in her chest and then Elina opened her big brown eyes, batting her eyelashes. Nina jumped like a scared cat but Elina was quick to hold her wrist.

“Don’t be scared.” Elina urged her.

Nina kept staring at her naked body, transfixed as she got up from her bed and let the sheet slip away from her silken skin.

“Close the door,” Elina said softly and Nina followed her command like a hypnotised slave.

As she locked the door and turned, she found Elina standing very close to her, her breasts almost touching hers.

“Have you ever before..”

Nina moved her head side to side in negation.

“Did you know you are a lesbian?”

She stared blankly at Elina.

“You like what you see?” Elina took a step back and smiled when she saw Nina’s eyes roaming all over her body, getting dark with desires.

She then moved closer to her and breathed down her neck. Her warm breath aroused Nina. Elina then nibbled her ears and heard her moan with pleasure. She pushes her back to the wall next to the door and kissed her. Nina was reluctant at first but in a few minutes gave in to the pleasure and Elina’s persistence.

As her tongue invaded Nina’s mouth, she felt a wave of desires washing her down. Elina then held her hands up, making her breasts protrude. With one hand she played with them and saw her perky buds getting erect, demanding her attention as Nina obliged. Elina took one of them in her mouth from over her thin t-shirt and suckled on it lightly. Simultaneously, her other hand moved into her jeans to explore the beautiful virgin lying spent on her bed, imagining things they will be doing together in future.