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My wife and I were in our mid-twenties at the time and had been swingers since we were eighteen and first got married. This was before computers but I’d seen some old super eight movies showing women in the woods fucking several guys at once. The closet thing we’d done to this was my wife being gang banged in an adult theater a couple of times. But the majority of our experiences had been threesomes and wife swapping, and my wife’s favorite past time exposing herself to strangers.

We were on our way home from a vacation trip to the beach and Lynn was taking advantage of all the trucks on the interstate by sitting back in her seat with her dress pulled open so when we passed semi trucks the drivers could see her sexy 5-8, 110lb, 34DD-24-35 body. With long red hair and matching bush she was a knock out and it was clear the drivers liked what they saw. It was back when CB radios were popular and we had one but it was hidden under the seat and the antenna was hidden as well, so the truckers had no idea we were listening to them as they told other drivers about the hot redhead playing with her big tits & bushy red cunt.

One driver was especially turned on and had stayed beside us for quite a while and at one point his co-driver had leaned over to see her. As we were coming up on a rest stop he started to motion us to pull in. So I dropped in behind him and followed him in as he pulled to the very back of the lot. As we were pulling in we heard the driver saying he was he was pulling into the dog park with the sexy redhead on his trail. I didn’t pay much attention to what he’d said. We pulled alongside his truck where it was hard for people at the rest stop to see our car. Being quite bold back in those days my wife jumped out of the car totally naked except for a black garter belt & stockings and heels and walked over to the passenger side of the big rig. Soon the guys in the truck were out talking to us and the driver suggested we go into the woods where we wouldn’t be so visible.

We went to a little clearing where the bushes hid us from prying eyes. And before we knew it they both had pulled their cocks out. Lynn didn’t hesitate stooping down in front of them and taking turns sucking them off. I could hear other trucks pulling in and soon a couple more truckers had joined us. And like the first two they didn’t hesitate in pulling their cocks out. And Lynn didn’t hesitate in sucking them off. Soon there was about a dozen guys there taking turns with my wife. She’d have one guy fucking her from behind while sucking off a couple more of them, as other groped her big tits & stroked their cocks. Not being one to leave anyone out she sucked and fucked all of them. Some shot off in her mouth and others in her pussy. Where a few chose to shoot off on her tits & face, which was something she loves. The highlight being when as one guy fucked her pussy another guy fucked her in the ass for a hot DP as she sucked a third guy off.

Once they had shot their load the guys would usually leave. Though a few stayed to watch the action. I’d been watching but had gotten so turned on watching my wife servicing all of these total strangers that I’d pulled out my thick 9 1/2 inch cock and started stroking it when one of the on lookers got on his knees and started sucking me off. At one point asking me to fuck him in the ass. But I drew the line at him just sucking my dick, which he was doing a really good job at doing. I was so turned on it wasn’t long before I shot a huge load of cum down his throat. He ended up sucking a couple more guys off who once they got hard again took their turn fucking my sexy wife. I’m not sure how many guys in total fucked my wife since when some would leave others would show up. But I know Lynn was well satisfied by the time she was finished with the last one, which had included one lady trucker who’s pussy Lynn ate and one drivers fourteen year old nephew who was on the road with him who lost his virginity to my wife who sucked his cock and later let him fuck her. Both being a first for him.

After getting back on the road you could hear drivers talking about it on their CB’s for the next one hundred miles. And Lynn wasted no time in going back to exposing herself to more truckers. We were in a way disapointed when we reached our exit to get off the interstate and to return to our small conservative little town, where instead of being a hot welcomed distraction to some lonely truckers. Was know as the quiet reserved preachers daughter.