Sex with my aunty during vacation

Shana was my aunt – my dad’s stepsister. She was a little different from my stiff collared family. She was visiting this week and I was going to see her after five years. I was eighteen now, ready to join college. It was my last week at home and Shana who was 30, was visiting. Destiny had different plans and I had sex with my aunty.

I hear the car door being shut and stare at the door. Someone rings the bell and mum opens it. There stands a young woman, with golden hair and blue eyes. I don’t know who she is. But mom hugs her and I hear the name – Shana. When did she get so hot? She walks over and hugs me, commenting that I had grown up so much. As we eat together, I realize she is staying with us. Oh man, I will find it difficult to keep my boner down.

That night, I realize that her room is right next to mine- shit! What if I hear her? Or she hears me masturbating to her thoughts of having sex with my aunty? I came out of my room, to go and pee and she was standing right there. In tiny shorts and a transparent tank top. She looks at me and licks her lips. Was that a sign? I didn’t know but looking at her, my cock was excited. I go on inside the bathroom and lock the door. I try to calm down, pee and come out. But she is at her door, still looking at me. Giving me that come hither look. So, I do it.

I walk to her and stand close and she takes the first step. She comes and presses her lips to mine. We both kiss and rub our bodies against the other. We walk into her room and lock the door. She pushes me against it and really starts kissing me. Her pelvis rubs against my cock and it hardens, pointing at her. I touch and feel her boobs when I get a chance, realizing she isn’t wearing a bra. I push up her top to reveal her breasts. She pulls me to her chest and I end up rubbing my face on her boobs. I find her nipple and get to licking it. I also suck it, biting it gently, hearing her sounds of pleasure.

She holds my head and pulls my hair. I also play with her other breast as my mouth latches on to the other. I can feel her touching and fondling my cock which loves the attention. I now know what I want to do with her and to her. All thoughts of her being my aunt have left my brain and I only want one thing. She pushes me down on her bed and starts rubbing her clothed pussy over my clothed cock. She pulls down my shorts exposing my cock and then rubs herself again. Now I can feel her warmth and wetness

As she is moving over me, I remove her top and start playing with her boobies. I press and massage them to my heart’s content. I try to feel her bum by putting my hand inside her shorts, but I can’t get to it. She gets off and removes her shorts. Then she gets back on top of me. “Condom?” I ask. She looks panicked and stops for a bit. “I am on the pill,” she says and goes back to her pleasure. I rub her vulva region and part the folds to touch her clit. I rub that nub and press down on it. I move my finger up and down over her clit, touching all parts of her vertical lips. Each time I pinched her clit, she would shake.

Then she lifts a little and holds my cock upright. She slowly slides down on my cock and I feel the suction. It’s a tight fit and I am afraid I won’t be able to hold on longer. But I push my pelvis up, penetrating her further. Then we begin a rhythmic movement – I move up and she moves down. Up and down, and we both clash when our thighs meet, my penis in her. Her pussy is tightly holding me on and massaging my dick. She jumps over my cock, taking her pleasure, rubbing herself on my cock.

I fondle her boobs again as we fuck and pinch one nipple. Her pussy suctions my cock hard and I shiver. If that happens again, I will cum. She begins moving faster, gyrating, riding me. Her boobs jump with her body, swaying every way. She reaches back and fondles my balls, pressing them. Now I am experiencing extreme pleasure.

I have seen this in pornos, so I rub her clit between my forefinger and thumb. And she just moans and releases her cum. She orgasms and I follow, spewing my semen in her body. She keeps moving but it is slower now and finally, she collapses on top of me. We lay like that, my cock in her cunt. Then she gets up and walks out, presumably to the bathroom.

I leave and go to my room. That whole week we took the chance to have sex whenever I wanted to. My parents would go out or I would meet Shana in motels and just fuck. My cock was raw fucking her continuously. Then at the end of the week, she left and I went to college. That summer was quite hot in all ways and sex with my aunty was the best thing I got.