Adam’s desire

“Sit” he ordered as she walked into his office, looking uncertain and scared.
Vann knew men like Malcolm. Strict, stern, manipulative and pron to get what they want. Though she was certain he didn’t want her.
“Speak” he ordered.
“Huh” Vann stared at him, confused
She noticed the frown lines on his forehead and the way his shoulders hunched. What was she to do? She was here to plead on her father’s behalf to get his job back but the man in question was a big, scary beast. How was she to explain.
She sighed. ” Mr Malcolm, my father was fired from your company last week. I’m here to…”
He rose his arm to stop her between words. “No”
What? He didn’t even give her the chance to explain. “Please, sir, if you’d just…”
“I said no” He grunted under his breath. “Leave”
Shaken and humbled, Vann rose up from the big chair and started to leave.
Malcolm watched in disgust as she walked away slowly then something caught his attention. The way her hips swayed with every movement. She had a nicely shaped ass and he had noticed a sweet set of cleavage peaking through her blouse. An image of her naked, tied to his bed crossed his mind. He pictured her moaning, twitching and turning under his expert hands and he knew then and there, he had to have her. And he always got what he wanted.
*** ***
Vann could think of a million names to call such an inconsiderate man. How could he? He didn’t care about anybody but himself.
Her phone rang and shook her from her vengeful thoughts. She answered without checking who it was.

“How far gone are u?”
She could recognise that voice anywhere since the past ten minutes.
“Um….I..” She stuttered not knowing how to respond.
“Come back” he said and hung up.
Of all the nerve! Who did he think he was anyway? But she had to do it for her father. They needed the job. So she turned around and headed for the elevator. Turns out this Malcolm guy had some kindness in him after all.
*** ***

Malcolm waited for her to knock a second time before asking her to come in. Vann walked in with gratitude playing across her pretty face.
“Thank you so much for reconsidering, Sir” Vann began.
“Sure” He said and walked over to where she stood. “Drop your bag” he commanded.
She obeyed. He sounded to scary.
“Good” He put his hand on the side of her neck softly. He brushed his finger tip lightly on her pulse and she jumped.
“Excuse me, Sir. What are u doing?” She barked, feeling abused
“I want to make you soaking wet, fuck that wet puccy of yours and make you scream my name as you cum” he whispered into her ear.
The rawness of his words sent a shiver down her spine and she almost let out a sigh. Vann wanted to speak but couldn’t find the words. What was he saying?
“Show me ur puccy. Bend over” he said and she wondered how everything changed so fast