Obedience is more than a word. It’s a lifestyle. My life! I gave my soul and being to my Master. I knew I belonged to Him before He made me His. He gave me the guidance I didn’t know I needed. He trained me and molded me. I realized I am worthless without him. How did I get so lucky??
I sit in a daze constantly thinking about how to serve Him. I only talk to who He sees fit. I never wear panties and I stay horny for Him. I touch Him like it’s my breathe of air. I rub His dick and drool. I will do and wear whatever He tells me or whatever I think will keep Him aroused. I fulfill His fantasies as He wants and craves. This is obedience. He takes very good care of me. I’m His cum slut, His slave, His worshipper. Without Him I am nothing. And that makes me the happiest girl alive! Thank you Daddy, Father, for giving me security. You are better than the man who gave me life.