I over heard Mr Jones

It was poker night at Mr Jones house my next door neighbor, Mr Jones is a black man in his late 50s but he is six foot 5 very tall and slim he always has on thin basketball shorts and my wife always tells me that he never wears any underwear and that his junk is swinging all over the place down to his knees but he is harmless she added. That night after I had been drinking with him and 5 of his poker friends I over heard Mr Jones telling one of the guys that he has been fucking my wife at least 4 times a week. I acted as if I didn’t hear what he said I interrupted and told them I was going to the restroom while I was there I left the restroom door open and then they all started talking about quietly about running a train on my wife. Then Mr Jones told them all that he was going to call my wife and ask her if she would like to fuck 15 black guys at the same time tonight and then I clearly heard him tell her that I was already drunk and that I was now snorting something in the restroom by the way I was,,, I guess my wife said yes because I began to hear them celebrate with hand shakes and laughing very happy and excited about what my wife said to Mr Jones over the phone. After taking care of my business in the rest room I came back to the table and began to play again suddenl there was a knock at the door Mr Jones got up and walked over to the door with a big smile on his face like if he knew that the person who was knocking was my wife, he opened the door and told me that my wife was at the front door asking for me. When I came to the door my wife was standing there with a big smile on her face asking me if I would go to the liquor store to buy her a new bottle of her favorite drink before I could say anything Mr Jones encourages me to do what my wife wanted I turned around and told him that I didn’t realize that he was standing behind me and that made him smile Mr Jones also added that he was going to have me go to the store as well because the other black guys needed some more beer while he was telling me this I noticed that my wife kept looking down at his junk ! I looked down at it myself and easily saw that his junk was hanging down past his knees and longer than the basketball shorts he was wearing he acted like he did not notice anything out of the ordinary and just kept on talking with me. That thing must have been at least 18 or why not 20 inches. As I was standing there I realized that my wife was there to get fucked while I was at the store getting alcohol then she asked Mr Jones if she could wait for me in his house he told her that she was welcome to wait for me here, I told her that she could if she was okay with it. Yes she replied with a smile then she asked me if she could walk me to the truck and began walking towards the truck in front of me while she walked I noticed that she was wearing a short black skirt that almost revealed her huge booty she asked me if I wanted her to change or keep what she was wearing. I told her that she could it on for the guys she asked me how many guys were at the poker party, I told her that it was 6 including Mr Jones as I jumped in my truck a car drove straight into Mr Jones driveway I waited there for a minute watching my wife walk over to Mr Jones driveway one of the guys rolled the window down and asked her if Horse was home then I could hear her asked the guy who was horse he said that it’s Mr Jones nickname, she laughed with the guy and said that he was inside playing poker. As they began to get out of the car I finally counted 7 guys ohhh man I thought about my wife hanging out with 13 black men. As I took off I saw another car park in front of Mr Jones house as well. HEY YOU GUYS LET ME KNOW COMMENTS BELOW IF YOU WANT PART2 WITH THE ENDING