Addicted/ Hypnotized Cocksucker

How I became a cocksucking cumloving slut 4 strangers

Like any 15yr kid I watch porn on my iPhone probably to much as i soon became addicted watching these cocksucking videos always showing hot young girls sucking cocks giggling moaning begging for hot cum all over their naked bodies. I always imagined they were sucking me begging for my cum.
The best part of the video was the sexy girlish voice saying over n over how much you love sucking cocks being naked sexy cheap a slut for cocks anywhere anytime. Say it the voice would say.. Say how much you need to be a cocksucker over n over and then let everyone know that you are a slut for cock n cum..
I would jack off watching listening to these videos over n over the girls were so hot sexy sucking so many cocks with pure lust in their eyes..

Two weeks ago I had a wet dream about this hypnosis video I was watching that night by letting everyone know you’re a cocksucker by leaving notes on bathroom stalls… everywhere parks malls gas stations..become the cocksucking slut you want to be.. my dream was that I did that my name number and before I knew what was happening I was naked on my knees sucking cocks.. I woke up wet confused horny.
I’m laying in bed naked..hard.. I’m watching these cocksucking videos again so many cocks so much cum.. Over n over the sexy voice : “ Say it you know you want to say it loud become the cocksucking cumloving slut you are”

“ Oooh fuck oooh god yes I want to be a cocksucking slut oooh fuck yes I want a hard cock in my mouth cum filling my belly cum all over my naked body” I screamed loudly jacking off wishing it was me in the videos sucking all those cocks. WTF… what was I thinking and why was I getting so excited.
It’s Friday night my mom works til 3am.. I’m looking in the mirror wearing a pair of my mom’s panties my 5” cock is sooo hard I look kinda sexy cheap slutty like young n innocent I smile putting on a pair of short shorts my ass cheeks showing cut off t-shirt just like the hypnosis videos tell me to do this way everyone will know I’m a cocksucker cruising.

There is this park a couple miles away that gay guys go to have their cocks sucked off. I actually am so excited confused knowing that I’m going to suck my first cock and I can hardly wait. It’s all I think about dream about fantasizing being naked in public letting everyone know
I stash my bike in the bushes start walking around disappointed that nobody is around. I’m in the bathroom checking out the stalls see writings on the walls : cocksucker wanted leave messages fuck I got instantly hard reading all the replies: I’ll suck your cock day or night

I pull my pencil out start writing my message: “ I’ll be your cocksucking cumloving boy for a night secretly discreetly..publicly Jimmy I leave my number I’m getting so horny I pull my shorts down start to write nobody is here cum to my mom’s house before 3am I’ll be waiting.
I can’t believe I’m doing this I’m so fucking horny am I really gonna leave my address my mind keeps flashing back to the videos god I want to suck on a cock experiencing my darkest deepest desires I don’t care who knows. Before I write my address I feel a hand on my ass rubbing it softly a finger slipping under my panties.

I gasp turning around and this older heavyset guy is naked his cock twice the size of mine. I smile reaching over touching my first cock.
In a trance hypnotized like I’m licking my lips bending over and start kissing it all over licking on it I hear myself moan as I go to my knees opening my mouth.
I can’t believe how good it tasted hot hard I start sucking on it like a lollipop bobbing my head up n down trying to get as much of his cock in my mouth I’m moaning loudly living out my fantasy my needs my desires.

“ Goddamn boy look at you so pretty in your panties so young so willingly never thought I’d find a little Faggotboi like you here writing on the walls that your a cocksucker you moan like a little girl oooh yes suck on your daddy’s cock you fucking little queer bitch tell me how much you love being a cocksucking slut”

“ Oooh god yes oooh yes I love sucking on you sooo good you taste better than I ever imagined I love this being your cock slut I need your cum filling my belly I want you to cum all over me”. I’m begging pleading.
It feels warm sweet his cum is filling my mouth I don’t swallow savoring the taste the sensation in my mouth. I feel something splashing on my face I open my eyes looking and this other guy is jacking off on my face my body.
I’m in panties in public sucking on a cock another guy jacking off on me and I’m so excited I reach over grabbing his cock opening my mouth wider I have two cocks in my mouth and all I can think of is wanting more.
I’m panting like a puppy dog when they pull out cum is leaking out my mouth cum on my face. “ MORE I need more please Ooh god I love this sooo much please I need more cocks to suck”

I hear them laughing at me calling me a little slut queer pretty boy.
“ Finish your note slut tell everybody where you live and you’ll get more cocks than ever imagined “
Hypnotized: “ Weekends 2401 5th ave …I’m shaking writing this down standing in the stall in my panties I start to cum.

I look for my shorts n shirt nowhere around WTF I think how am I going to get home without being seen. Before I can think or get out the door two guys walk in see me just in my cum soaked panties cum on my face.
I smile reaching over licking my lips unzipping them one guy starts to rub my nipples pinching them I moan loudly it feels so good I’m getting hard again he starts to lick my nipples kissing them sucking on them biting softly
“ Oooh yes oooh sooo good don’t stop before I could say anything else the other guy starts kissing me slipping his tongue deep inside I’m kissing him back swapping tongues I’m pulling their pants down.

I’m on my knees sucking one than the other back n forth like a demon possessed falling in love being a cocksucking cumloving slut. One guy starts to cum I leave it in my mouth and start to suck the other guy as soon as his cock entered my cum filled mouth he started to cum.

I staggered outside forgetting where I left my bike I’m covered in cum i feel cheap used like a slut a whore just in my panties I love it
“ Hey boy I think you need a ride home if the cops see you like this almost naked just in your pretty little panties you’ll be in jail”

I’m sucking him my ass sticking up bobbin up n down in time with my head for anybody to see. He starts to cum filling my belly I start to cum again like a good little cocksucker. He pulls into my driveway

Before I get out of his car I see three guy’s hanging out by the garage.
Cum leaking out my mouth I get out twirling around showing off my petite body cum soaked panties I watch as they pull their pants down showing me their beautiful hot cocks.
I go to my hands n knees licking my lips