Shared Girlfriend Fucked by Roommates

I’m sharing one of my newest collections with you today.

Hello, I’m Riyush. While I’m originally from Chattisgarh, I moved to Delhi last year for my job, where I share a flat with my girlfriend and seven other friends. Yeah, it was hard to adjust to just a 3-bedroom flat with my girlfriend and 7 others. We had to take another roommate in the same room. Himangsu Rajat Sunny was in room one, Sid, Vikki, Roni in room two. Me, Dona, and Kunal, who is also from my hometown, took the last room on the corridor, which has a separate washroom.

Now let’s talk about Dona, my girlfriend. She is in her mid 20’s, 26 to be more specific. She is just over 4ft 7in in height, but her real assets are her 32C-28-36 figure and her ever charming slutty nature. We were dating each other since our schooldays and it’s been like 7yrs. Our sex life has kept us warm up until now, I must say. When in mood, she is a slut in nature and a whore in bed.

During our college years, at our 2nd year college fest, we were so high that we swapped sex partners with one of our 4th year seniors. But it turned out, it was Dona’s first and last time sharing, and enough to excite me for the rest of my life. Whenever we talked about that she always got blushing saying she was so high that she neither remembered anything nor she wanted to. But for me, it was driving me crazy. So, I started to incest her but her answer was always no. And I also didn’t push her tbh.

So after I graduated from college, I moved to Delhi with my friends. I was quite shocked when after 5 months she got the same job in the same company. However, she asked me if she could stay with me. The flat I shared with 7 others was a 3bhk. So, when I told her that, she suggested we move somewhere else. But I was not willing to relocate elsewhere, especially when it’s just me and her, as I wasn’t so sure about it. She became upset when I told her that, but later she asked me if my friends would be okay with her staying with them. Upon hearing this, I reminded her that we only have 3 bedrooms here (3+3+2), so even if my friends were ok with her, we never gonna get a personal room to use. But at that moment she had already kind of agreed to that. So, when all my friends were back from their jobs and having drinks together I told them about Dona and asked them if they were okay with it. To be honest, it never occurred to me that it would be this easy but they were all like, “It’s all fine, but we don’t have enough space to give you both a personal one”. So, when I told them that Dona is also okay with it, it was like they were happier than me.

But things are always easier said than done. As soon as Dona moved in, things started to get out of hand. Though Dona also knew 5 of them from college, things were never that much comfy at the beginning like they are now. For the first couple of months, we were provided with privacy whenever necessary, but as the months marched on, things began to get a bit messed up. Not in a terrible way, but in a helpful way.

Over time, everyone became more comfortable with Dona, and she also became more comfortable. We never had that personal room, but Dona used my single bed for a while. Though it’s been barely a month since Dona moved in and things started to get real messed up and I won’t blame my boys for that. As Dona became more comfortable with all of my friends, she started getting casual. Like she was getting casual about her dressing and too casual about her behavior. Her personal bed was only with her for a few days, but in her second month, she decided to join it with mine and Kunal’s as it provided a bit more space. For a few days, the sleeping positions were fixed, with me in the middle, but after a Friday night party and being drunk a bit (since I am not able to handle alcohol that much to begin with), I woke up the next morning with Dona in the middle. I was very cool with that, but I won’t lie, I was a bit surprised when she was also cool with it after the alcohol. Honestly, that gave me a huge hard on. In spite of others not knowing what was happening, Dona took the middle often after that night and put a pillow between Kunal and her. However, tbh I was hoping for some action. But when history repeated itself on the next Friday night and we got drunk, it was a different story.

After I got drunk that night, I went to bed early and I guess I passed out for a bit but not for long. Almost an hour after I woke up, I realized Kunal and Dona were still not there as I needed to drink some water and pee. So, after drinking some water and losing some, I thought I should join them again. I walked into the first bedroom where we were having the alcohol and saw 5 of the others already asleep in the middle bedroom with their doors open wide; however, the other room was closed with a crack. I don’t know why but it gave me a shiver, so without uttering a word I walked to the door and peeked through the crack.

The only light came from a laptop screen, but it was enough. As I thought Dona Kunal Himangshu and Sunny was still having drinks left on their glasses but what I was not expecting that Himangshu and Sunny was sitting on a one bed and in other bed it was Kunal holding Dipa in his hands, hugging from behind. That scene gave me the biggest hard on yet. Dipa was quite drunk and mostly wobbly, but she hasn’t lost her mind yet. She was in her shorts from before but her t-shirt was missing. Her big round breasts were hanging in her bra only. Kunal was doing everything while holding her from behind and touching or pressing her melons every time one of them moved a bit. And it looked like they both were enjoying that and I was also enjoying the show. By that time, I was stiff af. Things were smooth and again I was hoping for some more, until Sunny also tried to join them to have some fun. As he walks to the bed and sat by Dipa’s legs, he became a bit straight and starts to run his hands over her thighs while trying to roll up her loose shorts as much as possible. And he also had found some success in it, her shorts were really very short and loose that he rolled up one of the sleeves till her waist but it was clear Dipa wasn’t happy with that as she kept removing his hand from her thighs very often. Though it was very dark but, in the end, I guess I saw Sunny had rolled up so much that her pubes were out and may be Sunny had also slid his finger/s in her pussy. On which Dona freaked out a bit and get out of their grip in a little jump. But she didn’t react much and simply asked Kunal that if he wanna go to the room as she is going to sleep, while putting her t-shirt back on. Seeing that I ran to my bed and slept on a side of the bed, so that Dipa had to sleep in middle and pretended to sleep. My heart was racing so fast on excitement as I was hoping so much more but in a short moment, they both also went back to the room. The light was off and the room was dark but as I heard them enter the room, my body became stiffer but somehow, I managed to act cool as Dona went to me as if she wanna make sure if I’m sleeping or not. Once she was satisfied with her checking, she took her place in the middle took Kunal’s one hand and placed it under her t-shirt and whispered the first words.

Dona- I don’t like Sunny that much, he sometimes takes things too far, like when he said he just wanted to see how big or small it is, but I didn’t think he’d stick his fingers in, so I showed him, in the first place.

Kunal- Why didn’t you say something to him then? You should have told him what you like and what you don’t.

It’s not like I’m mad at him or anything. If Riyu or others ever found out about it, what would they think? Everyone is not so open-minded.

Kunal- Yeah, it’s true that everyone is not so open minded. But now you know what can be opened!

Dipa- What?

Kunal- This damn hook.

Dipa- Hush! Riyu may have heard you. (While she took off her bra)

Kunal- Nah, I bet he’s sleeping. Let me suck it once please. I waited so long.

Dipa – Okay baba, come, silently.

Just by hearing these I was about to cum at that moment, I didn’t care if my girl was cheating on me or not, I wanted it to happen. I was even more excited than Kunal since it was my long-awaited fantasy coming true. So, I took my chance. I opened up 1 of my eyes. While it took a moment to adjust to the darkness, there was plenty of street light coming into the room. Dipa pushed Kunal to the opposite side of the bed and climbed on top of him. She opened up her bra and threw it to the side, rolled up her t-shirt and bit it hard in her mouth when she leaned over him, bringing her nipple close to Kunal’s mouth. Kunal was sucking it very hard. While he was about to squeeze her boobs to burst, he started kissing her neck vigorously as he rolled over on top of Dipa. Dipa was trying to hide her moans but she was loud enough to make my dick burst in excitement. When I was trying to figure out if Kunal was also biting her tits or not, I heard a sound which made my adrenaline rush. The sound was like a zipper. It was Kunal, who had opened up his pant’s zipper and took his thing out.

Dipa- Have you gotten mad? Stop, or we’re gonna wake him up.

Kunal- I will I will. I just need a bit of warmth. Would you mind giving me a hand? I’m bored with my own. It will be quick I promise.

Dipa- Consider yourself lucky today.

Kunal- How much?

Dipa – So much so that if you can hold for longer than 10 seconds, you will be able to do as many things as you wish.

So, when Dipa bent over, I expected to see my girl touch someone’s dick for the first time. However, to my surprise, she again took his dick in her mouth and began to blow it. Kunal was also stunned by it. He forgot to start counting at first but then Dipa stopped and asked him to count again and he started.

As he somehow counted to 10 while missing some numbers, he grabbed her by the hair and started to fuck it as fast as possible. Dipa tried to say something but Kunal had gagged her so badly that she was barely breathing. Suddenly he collapses on her face while his dick was in her mouth, I guess he cummed. After he pulled his dick from her mouth, she got choked and started coughing, so she ran to the washroom to spit it out. But Kunal caught her by her hand and pulled her to him

Kunal- You said I could do more things I want, right? So, start by gulping my cum you have in your mouth.

Saying this without waiting for her response, Kunal pulled her to him, as I could hear her gulping his cum down her throat. She even took a step further and took off her t-shirt and she already had her bra off. So, this time she was fully topless.

I don’t know how much Kunal was turned on by this but I was dripping in my pants. It was as if I was living in my darkest fantasy. As I played asleep, I suppose I maintained some nerves of steel while my inner self screamed for joy and excitement. And tbh I think they were too horny or excited or whatever, they had already forgotten about me.

Kunal was furious with her body. He was biting, licking and scratching every bit of her bare skin. Even in the dark it was clear that he was hard again, which was also noticed by Dipa as she grabbed his dick and started to stroke that.

Dipa- You gonna fuck me or not? I’m just a little too horny right now. Let’s just take me to the sofa and fuck me through the whole night.

Listening to this, Kunal lifted Dona in his arms and took her to the sofa and got on her back. She had her shorts ripped down her leg as he shoved his rock-hard dick into her pussy and began pumping her hard.

Kunal- It took you so long. I guess Sunny’s touch made your pussy hungry. But don’t worry I’m gonna feed it till it is full of cum and bruises.

Dona – I was also looking forward to this night for so long. I have dreamed of you every time Riyush talks about sharing me with others. Fuck me harder Kunal, bite my nipples.

Kunal- Wait, what? Kunal wanna share you?

Dona- Why do you think I’m allowing you in my cunt!

Kunal- IDK & IDC as long as I can fuck you my little slut.

Those words felt like bliss to me, but my brain was storming more than ever. As they moved to the sofa, they got out of my sight completely. Once again, I took the chance and adjusted myself in such a way that I can see them. I was on my nerves but very careful with my movements but they were so busy taking care of themselves that they didn’t even notice. Dona was laying on her back with her legs wide open. Kunal was ramming her pussy with his dick in an escalating motion while smashing her two melons for the first few minutes then they swapped places. Kunal sat on the sofa but Dona went to floor and got to the doggie position spreading her ass wide open with her hands.

Dona- Fuck me in my ass Kunal.

Even before she had finished with her words, Kunal was already inside her. He grabbed her by the hair and started to ride her fast. As his motion was increasing, he was pulling her hair harder and harder. But then after some rough strokes when he had nearly finished, he took her in his arms from the back and walked back to the sofa. He sat there his dick in her ass and she started pumping. She was rushing up and down in such a hurry, her perfectly round boobs were also jumping like jelly. It was quite dark but I could see every bounce of her breasts and every wave of her juicy belly. Kunal grabbed her boobs from behind with such force that the boobies popped out of his fingers. Then he wrapped his fingers around her nipples and began pulling them hard in any direction he could think of. Groped her again, but this time began scratching her boobs then through her belly. They both were trying to control their moans and screams at their maximum, but it was clearly not enough.

Kunal- Let me cum in your pussy.

Saying this without wasting a second, Kunal grabbed her by her hair again and took her off of him. Turning her around, he grabbed her by the legs and pulled her across his lap. He started scratching her back again when she started riding him again, and he collapsed on her chest this time.

Dona- Don’t cum in my pussy, I want it on my face.

Kunal- It’s too late. You should have said it earlier. But don’t worry I need to shoot some more loads to get soft.

Saying this, he started moving again.

Dipa- I guess my pussy is licking your cum out, let me see.

Listening to this Kunal grabbed his phone and turned on his screen. He took his dick out of her pussy. She was dripping some protein. She was smudged up in their sweat and exhausted back then, but she looked most beautiful in the dim light. Her pussy lips were wide open and dripping cum just like a bloomed flower dripping honey. Kunal was also moved by her beauty as there was only one ward coming out of his mouth, “WOW”. Her hair was messy all over her face and her breasts. Kunal then slowly removed the hairs from her face and slowly kissed her on the lips. Dona wasn’t saying anything, she was lying on the sofa with her eyes closed and legs wide open. She was wasted by then but Kunal was not as he took out his phone again, opened his camera and started to take her nudes from every angle possible. She also knew that Kunal is taking her photos because of the flashes. But she was so exhausted that she just tried to cover her face once with her hands. But she never bothered with it again after Kunal removed it desperately. Not only that but somehow he also convinced her to pose for his pics, even with his dick in her every hole possible. He even recorded fucking her after he was satisfied with her nudes and sent them multiple chats. Seeing that, I already had oozing in my pants. It again took them 20-25 minutes to reach their orgasm. Kunal pulled out his dick and started shooting his load at her face as he was about to shoot, but he wasn’t about to stop there. He again pulled Dona close by her legs and started to ram his semi hard dick in her cum dripping pussy while Dona was licking off his cum from her face. But this time it was only 7-8 minutes and Kunal was about to cum again.


It was Sunny. He was standing by the door. Dipa and Kunal were so full of themselves that they didn’t even lock the door. I also didn’t notice that the door wasn’t locked properly. So, seeing Sunny in the room both Dona and Kunal freaked out. Dona was trying to find her clothes but those were not to be found in that darkness. She therefore tried to cover up as much as she could with only her bare hands. Kunal somehow grabbed his pants from the ground and put them on. Not only Dona and Kunal but Sunny was also shocked by seeing them having sex. And I was also shocked by seeing Dona. While she tried to cover up and all, as soon as she realized it was Sunny, Dona got comfy in the sofa once again.

Dona- Is it only you, Sunny?

Sunny- Yeah I guess so. Damn you guys, I knew you both were cooking something.

Dona- Fuck you Kunal, why didn’t you lock the door. We are lucky that it’s only Sunny.

Kunal- Fuck you bitch, why didn’t you lock?

Sunny- Is that Riyush sleeping on the bed.

Dona- Yes. So, keep your voice down.

Sunny- But you two were loud enough that I heard you two from outside. At first, I thought its Dona and Riyush. But then I thought where is Kunal, so I looked in. But to my surprise it was you two. However, don’t worry, I’ll keep it a secret if I get my fair share.

Dona- What do you want?

Sunny- What do you think! You shouldn’t play dumb; I’ve been watching you since the moment you moved in. Such a gorgeous and fuckable body you have.

Dona- Okay okay I get it, loose your pants and fuck me however you want me tonight.

Sunny- I’d like to fuck you every time Riyush isn’t here and I get the chance, not just tonight.

Listening to Dona, I was in seventh heaven, so I decided to snap the silence.

Me- You can get your chances even if I’m here.

Dona Kunal and Sunny got the biggest shock of the night. As they saw me wide awake. Dona became silent, Kunal tried to convince me that nothing happened, and Sunny simply attempted to leave. As I saw them getting panicked, I took my time to calm them down.

Me- I was awake the whole time. And I saw how nothing happened between you and Dona, Kunal. And about your fair share of the deal, Sunny, I guess it’s fair enough.

Dona- Honey, are you happy now?

Me- Yes honey, you made me more than happy today. I wasn’t expecting that you’d change your mood as you always denied to get shared whenever I asked.

Sunny- What! Really? I mean you wanted to share her! Then it’s good, it’s good. What are we waiting for? Let’s get that bitch to the bed.

Me- All yours Sunny. Take your trophy and celebrate. Fuck the shit out of my baby slut.

Without wasting a sec, Sunny went to Dona, lift her in his arms and took her to the bed. As he pulls her legs apart to put his dick in, I settled myself over her face and shoved my dick in her mouth. As we both were getting top of our motion Kunal was getting hard again. After 10-15 mins as I dropped my first load in her throat, I got replaced by Kunal. But on a surprise Kunal and Sunny both cummed at the same time. So, I grabbed Dona by her hair again and turn her over on her belly so that I can fuck her ass hard. But Sunny stopped me saying that he wanna go in her pussy. So, he lied down on his back and asked Dipa to ride him, as Dipa got in her position, I put my dick in her ass from the back in doggy style and Sunny put his dick in her mouth. We all started to drill her holes at same time and continued to fuck her while swapping our positions for next hour or so. Me and Sunny also had multiple orgasms in every fuckable hole in her body. Kunal dried off too early as he was fucking for a long time then but neither Me or nor Sunny was much satisfied. So, we both took quite long to get pleased. So, we decided to something more to spice thing up. As it was middle of the summer and ask of us were sweaty, we decided to take her to the balcony and fuck her there. But she had lost all her strength already that she can even stand so I asked Sunny and Kunal to set up a small study table on the balcony which I already have in my room and I went to Dipa, took her in my arms and brought her to the table and served. As Kunal was already dry, he found a replacement for him and called Himangshu and just asked him to cum to my room with the booze left. When he come to the room, his reaction was crazy as he can’t believe what he was seeing. When everyone summarized him everything, he again went crazy. He just walked to Dipa grab her by the waist, pulled her towards the edge of the table on her back. As he stood in front of her, placed her legs over his shoulder in a manner that Dipa’s ass just hung up in the air when her back was on the table. He then slowly placed his dick on her ass crack and push it in. As he slowly started moving, he placed his both hands on Dipa’s perfectly shaped round breasts and started to squeeze them as hard he can. After a minute or two as his speed getting higher and higher, he was smashing and scratching more than ever. He was so much excited and wild the table was about to fall but somehow Himangshu grab her by squeezing her boobs so hard and slowly placed on the floor buy didn’t stop there for next 15-20 mins. As he was about to cum, he took his dream out and shove it to her pussy and collapsed on her pussy. Everyone else was having there breaks with some drinks, so he went for his round two. But this time as he was about to cum, he grabbed Dona by hair and pulled her face to his dick then shove it to her mouth then shoot his loads in her throat when Dona was just giggling the whole time. But he choked her so bad that Dona started coughing. So, we decided to help her get some fresh air, which she badly needed. So, we helped her to get up. She was fully drenched in sweat and cum. After she drank some water, she went to take a quick shower. She was so much wasted and in pain that she cannot even walk straight to the washroom. Meanwhile when we were helping each other’s with drinks, it was Vikki and Roni was standing on the door. Seeing 3 of us naked having drinks, Vikki and Roni was so stunned that they didn’t even say a word. So again, we had to explain what was going on. But as expected they were not giving a shit what we were saying so we just told them to wait for a bit. As Dona came out the washroom naked while she was drying her hair with a towel Roni and Vikki were just blown off by what they seen. Without wasting a moment, they just started to took their pants off too. And seeing that Dona, “I know, I know what you gonna do but I need some drinks before that”. Everyone was more than eager to make her some drinks. But Roni and Vikki were so much turned up that they didn’t wait any longer and get rid of their shorts. Dipa sat on the floor on her knees and Kunal, Himangshu, Sunny, Roni and Vikki stand surrounding her in a circle, including me. Dipa started to blow us one by one and she started with Roni and Vikki as they were newcomers. Dipa was blowing Roni and stroking Vikki and Himangshu at the same time. She was so pro at whatever she was doing that we were having second thoughts that how much of a previous experience she has. After one by one as everyone shoot their loads down her throat, we take her to the bed. I turned her over in the bed and got her into her knees then pushed my rock-hard dick in her ass in just a single hard stroke, which made her moan for a bit. As I was increasing my speed her moans were getting louder and louder this time. Roni took his position in front of her as he ready for a second shoot. She didn’t saw that as her eyes was closed so he just grabbed her by the hair and shoved his dick straight up to his throat and started to fuck her mouth good. We both we scratching her back and squeezing her boobs so hard that her moans has turned into screams. As I swapped my positions with Vikki he rammed into Dipas pussy. By the looks of it, we were sure that he was having his best moments for a long time. He turned her over on the bed and jumped over her boobs, started to suck them crazy. Dona was also flowing with pleasure as she was shivering with Vikki’s every bite on her body. Vikki took so long to satisfy that Dipa’s moans were louder than ever. As Vikki was about to cum, he hugged wrapped around Dipa and hugged her so tight she couldn’t even breath properly for that moment. After Vikki is done with Dona, he passed her to the boys, who were highly patiently waiting for their turn. It’s been like Dipa was thrown into a crowd. Himangshu pulled Dipa to him and made her ride him when Kunal and Sunny also took their position. Kunal went for her ass and Sunny was fucking her throat. They were so horny by then that it looked like if they really gonna fuck the life out of her. That 10-15 mins was the hardest fuck she ever took. She was so much wasted by them that wasn’t able to stand on her legs. But Vikki me and Roni was again hard and we again decided that we find fuck her on the balcony, so without giving her time to get on her fits Roni dragged her to the balcony and started to fuck her. As we decided to go one by one this time so everybody can satisfy their needs in their way, Roni only took 5-7 mins. So, I go next and I also took nearly 10 mins as I was already dry. But Vikki again fucked her real good. Like he fucked her ass while spanking her butts hard and also fucked her in the pussy while scratching her back, smashing her boobs and biting her nipples. After he was done with her holes, he cum over her whole face every time. His 3 shots were enough to covet her face off. Kunal took his place after that and then everybody fucked her a few rounds.

After waking up the next morning, I knew nothing would be the same as before. By the time I opened my eyes, it was 3.30 in the afternoon. I was sleeping on the sofa and Roni, Vikki, Kunal, and Himangsu were sleeping on the bed. There were 5 of us still naked and the door was open. When I walked out of the room, I saw Dipa sleeping between Rajat and Sid. Later I came to know that after I again got drunk and fall asleep others woke them up and they also had their rounds after that they took her with them. Others also didn’t care as they were more than satisfied throughout the whole night.

By the evening of that day, Dipa awoke. She was so shy after the alcohol wears off but we managed to calm her down with a quick bang of single shots. Since then, she not only gets fucked by 8 horny bulls now and then, but we have invited many people to come and share her with us. Several of our regular delivery guys, including our watchmen, have fucked her numerous times. She had taken many even on her periods as me and Dipa started to get many parties or night out invitations from our friends and colleagues. And the good thing about Dipa is she never said no after that night. In addition to getting fucked in pubs and hotels, she got fucked in some outdoor spots, as well. Even though it only happened on rare occasions, she became the sex slave for the 8 of us. She was not allowed to wear anything or cover up her assets, even if we were having any male guests and also, we only decide who gonna fuck her, Dipa can’t say no. Almost 2 years have now passed since things started heading in this direction and Dipa has crossed over 50 dicks.