Always know your bus driver pt .2

I hope you like the ending of this story

After the had taken shot after shot our bodies things got worse for us . I heard the door open . Then I heard it . The sound of toenails on the cement floor . I knew instantly it was dogs . I saw the look on Karen’s face . I leant to her and said ” It will be ok . Just get it over with and he won’t hurt us . If we don’t he will hurt us worse ” . Her head just hung low in shame of what was about to happen . I looked behind me and saw two large rottweilers on leads . Pulling so hard to get to us . Soon it started . I felt a rough tongue poken at my pussy . Nearly instantly finding its spot and starting to poke in and out of me . Karen jumped as the tongue touched her . Our legs were pulled apart even further .

More and more it licked at me . It’s tongue darting in deeper . I could hear Karen gasping as the other did the same to her . Soon I could tell they wanted more . Them prancing around . Wanting to mount us . It didn’t take long for the dog to mount me . I saw the front of the other one knowing it had mounted Karen . He started humping away . I felt his spay covering my ass and pussy . Soon I could feel the end of his cock poking at me . This was it again I was going to be fucked by a dog but this time it was being filmed . Then I felt it . His cock violently goes in my pussy . Soon as it was in he started his machine like thrusting in and out of my pussy . I heard Karen scream so I knew her dog had made its way into her . She was begging them to make him stop but they just laughed at her .

I could see the pain in her face and the tears rolling down her face . Soon he was thrusting harder and faster . Again feeling a dogs cock ramming the depth of my cunt . I knew what was coming . That knot was about to rip its way into me . It was weird I heard Karen moaning and grunting like she was both in pain but also about to cum . Soon her saying ” oh God no . Please no . Not like this “. Soon as that knot went into her she screamed so loud . The man with the camera got close to her and says ” Oh boys this is amazing I’m getting to film her cumming ” . Karen had a orgasm and cummed as the knot went into her . I yelped as I felt the knot go into me . It wasn’t as painful as the first time but still hurt . Soon we were both fully filled with dog cum . Karen with a humiliated look on her face . So ashamed of cumming with a dog .

Soon we were separated from our dogs . They were lead away from us . We both sat there crying . In was a couple of hours later that everything changed . We was cuddling trying to comfort each other when we heard a bang at the door . Next thing it was busted down and a huge group of police in riot gear came running in . The four that got to us were shocked to see us . They put us in a police car till the ambulance came and transported us to hospital . The next few days was alot of statment giving to the police . Lots of counsellors trying to help us . It was going to be along road medically . Trying to fix what could be . Damage that had been done to us . Over the rest of the sunmer we spent even more time together . Just talking trying to help each other . Dating well that was not even something we wanted to think about . Boys were the last thing we wanted to think about .

Over the summer our friendship did change alot . Of course being teens we did get horny at times and did start eating each other out . Making each other orgasm and cum . It made us feel like we went through all that together and it will now only be us . But near the end of summer holidays things took a turn . I went to her house and she looked different . She had this happy look she had not had for so long . I asked her if everything was ok . She said ” look I don’t want you upset or angry with me ” . I said ” I could never be ” back to her . She then said ” Well I got fucked last night ” . I didn’t know what to think . I knew she hadn’t really spoken to her now ex bf since it happened . We hardly ever went out as it was to hard to face people . So i asked her who it was with ? Then she started to tell me . ” Last night I felt I needed to get out of the house .

So I went for a walk down to the park and was sitting near the lake . Just as it was getting near sunset two boys walked pass me . They saw me and then came and sat beside me . We started talking and they were brothers . One 17 and one 19 . They were nice . I don’t know what happened but I wasn’t scared and continued to talk to them . I guess things went from there and I want back to their place . Just as we were undressing in the lounge room their dad came in . From the news he knew who I was and asked am I sure this is a good idea as of what I went through . I told him it was fine I wanted to be there . I told him that as what I went through having a normal relationship will probably never happen . So this is a release for me . He said but are you sure ? I said yes . His boys said come on dad maybe you join in ” I was so far in shock . ” Omg Karen what was you thinking ? I said . ” I needed something ” she said. ” Do I continue ” she asked . ” Well you might as well ” I replied to her . ” Well we all stripped naked . Then after we were all naked I sucked them all off .

They were shocked that my throat was able to take them . Soon I had one fucking my pussy . I don’t know why but I was mot hating it . I didn’t feel like I did when we was being raped I wanted that cock fucking me . He was going in me so hard and deep . Soon I was cumming so hard . He went even harder and soon was cumming . Then the other brother asked me if he could fuck my ass . I thought wow he was nice enough to ask so I said yes . He wasted no time in getting into my ass . At the start I was grunting with the slight pain his cock was causing my ass but in no time I was moaning with the thrusts of his cock .

Harder and deeper he went in me . Soon another wave took over me and I was cumming again . He starts groaning and I could feel his cock start to spasm and he was cumming . I couldn’t believe how into this I was . Soon their dad was fucking my pussy . For a older man omg he fucked me hard and good. Soon as he was done I realised it was so late and he gave me a lift home . I didn’t think I’d ever want sex again but I do “. ” Omg Karen I don’t know what to say ” I said . ” Well they said I’m welcome anytime I would like they said . So maybe you could come next time ” . I sat for a minute and thought well really who would want me . It has been all over the news on TV and in the papers what happened to us . Men will just look at me and that’s all they will see . These guys don’t seem to want to hurt he just to have sex and make her happy maybe I should . ” Can I think about it ? ” I said . ” maybe we go up to my room and talk “she said . We went up and well so much for talking . She was so fast in starting to get my cloths off and then hers and we was on the bed bring each other to orgasm . I think that’s what made me give in and say yes . Having such a orgasm and thinking of a cock giving me one was to much . I wanted to feel it . Well the next day we got to the house around 5pm . She knocked on the door and there was the dad . ” Oh I take this is your friend ” he asked . ” yes sir is it ” . ” Hi Amanda ” he said and invited us in . Once in I saw four late teen boys sitting on a couch watching TV . He then said ” well I better introduce everyone . Everyone calls me T. C . The two boys on the end there are my boys Sam and Max . The other two are their cousins Blake and Luke ” .

I went over and introduced myself to them . Blake and Luke got up and let me and Karen sit down . TC got us drinks each . Blake was soon asking if he could help take off my top . For some reason I said yes . He was soon unbuttoning my top as Max was Karen’s . Soon as my top was off Blake was unclipped my bra in no time at all it was off . As I kept drinking my drink I feel my jeans unbutton and I shift so they slide off then followed by my pink panties . He leans in and gives me a kiss . I can see Max has Karen naked and was sucking on her breasts . Blake was soon at mine . I could feel my nipples start to react getting hard . Soon as he knew my nipples were hard I shiver in a good way as his tongue runs down my stomach . I couldn’t believe the feeling it gave my body . I was now into this . Wanting this . I was not being raped and I wanted my body to feel this .

His tongue touches my clit and it was like my whole body felt butterflies . His tongue working my clit so fast . My clit reaction to this sensation . I could feel my juices starting to make my pussy so moist . The more he licked the more my clit grew . My head layed back and I couldn’t help but start moaning . I could hear Karen moaning telling Max more , more . His face in-between her legs . Blake’s tongue moves and I feel it running up and down my slit . Moving its way to find my hole . Then I feel it part my hole and his tongue starts fucking my pussy . I moan so loud at having his tongue work me . I know with the feeling flowing through my body that I’m about to cum . My pussy is pulsing . It’s tingling . I wrap my thighs tight around him and let myself go . I can’t believe how strong my orgasm is .

I’m shaking . Screaming and moaning . Wave after wave takes over and I’m cumming so much . I hear the same soon from Karen as she must be having a orgasm . As soon as we have both finished cumming Max and Blake pick us up and lay us on a rug in the middle of the floor . They swap and I start sucking on Max’s cock as Karen takes Blake’s . I don’t even think as my head is saying I want that cock in my mouth . I start running my lips up wnf down his shaft . Letting my tongue tickle the tip as I do . My hands working his balls . I feel his cock growing and growing in my mouth . In no time I feel he is fully hard . He puts me on all fours . I feel the tip of his cock pine up with my pussy . He starts to rub the tip around my hole . I feel the excitement running through me as he teases my pussy with his cock . Then the head is inside .

He stops with just the head in . I can feel myself moistening and opening for him . Soon as he feels it he pushes and I feel his whole cock go deep into me . Again he just stops and holds there with his cock buried in me . I want him to Start . I want to feel that cock fucking me . I think he knows I want it with my hips gringing against his pelvic bone . He starts slow . Pulling all the way back then slowly all the way back in . My pussy getting to feel every inch of his cock . I’m moaning so much . The gentle feeling of him fucking me and I’m wanting more . A tilt my head and can see Karen’s face she I’d loving being fucked . After a few minutes he starts to go harder . He is slowly pulling back but then rams it all the way back into me . I grunt as I feel it hit deep inside me . I don’t want this to end .

I can feel myself building again . I want to cum with his cock in me . I want him to feel me orgasm . He is fucking me faster now . I’m dripping wet . My juices flowing like a river . I can barely keep myself up as the feeling grows and grows then again I orgasm . He just keeps fucking me fast as I start cumming . But this time I just keep cumming and cumming it feels like I won’t stop . My breathing gets laboured and shallow as I try to recover . Soon he is buried deep in me and cumming . His hot cum shooting into me nearly sets my body off again . I have to push to hold it back as I know I’m going to be fucked again and want the next one to feel it to . Soon as he pulls out Luke walks up to my face . My first thought was omg as I saw his cock . It was fat as you could think and at least 7 inch long and not even hard yet . I just open my mouth .

His cock slides right in and I’m right back to it . My lips working that huge shaft . My tongue tickling the fat head and my hand massaging his balls . As he starts to get harder my mouth starts regretting it and its getting sore being so wide open . I feel it starting to touch the back of my mouth and want my throat . He is soon hard . When it comes out fully hard a good 9 inch long in thinking for a weird reason I want that in me fucking me hard . I didn’t have to wait . He walks behind me and he waits no time . He grabs my hips . Then I feel it all get rammed into me hard . He starts fucking my so damn hard . His bulbus head hitting the back of my pussy . Over and over he rams all 9 inches into hard . I’m moaning and grunting like crazy . My whole body is shivering and tingling . Soon a hand moves from my hip .

It grabs my blonde pigtail and is pulling on it as his cock is ramming me . I’m so in love with this . Then came a first for me . I could feel that sensation again . But so much more . I started to feel my pussy gripping his cock . It was pulsing like crazy . Then it happened I was moaning like I never have before as I let go and started squirting all over his cock . Steam after stream shooting from my now dripping pussy . He slowed down his trusts letting his cock feel it all . Think having a girl squirt for him was to much . Soon I felt my second load of cum being shot into my pussy . He was stayed in me deep till he wasn’t hard then pulled out . I got to lay there for a minute or say with Karen . Looking at her pussy dripping out cum and her juices . Her body looked so hot right now . T.

C then came up to me . He asked if I would like to suck his cock . I didn’t say a word I just opened my mouth . He let his cock slide in . I worked my mouth and tongue over his cock . Soon he had hold of my head tight and was thrusting in and out of my mouth . Drool Was running from my mouth . I slightly coughed as I felt him push into my throat . Even with that it felt so good . Once he was fully hard he asked me if I would let him fuck my ass . I nodded . He moved behind me . I then felt his cock line up with my ass . Just as he did Karen moved in front of me . Her ass at my face . She didn’t even have to say a work my tongue started licking her ass like crazy . His cock was pushing and pushing at my ring trying to part it .

I groaned as it did . Again feeling the pain of a cock in my ass . I didn’t want it to stop . In a way I liked the pain with him . Gently he moved back and forward getting more of his cock in me . I was going at her ass like you wouldn’t believe . Soon his cock was all the way in . Him fucking it slow but hard . I was between moaning and grunting the mixed feelings taking over . Soon he picks up alittle pace . His pre cum lubing up my insides letting him go alittle faster and deeper . I nearly bit her as I feel him ram in so deep . Soon she tensed up and her moans got deeper . Her breaths laboured and she was cumming . I let my tongue move and was tasting her sweet cum . He has slowed down . I could feel his cock so huge in my ass .

It starts to spasm and fill my ass with cum . He pulls out with a pop sound coming from my ass . Karen and I lay on the mat cuddling . ” So will we see you back ” asks T. C . ” Yes I’d love to come over with Karen I reply . He smiles . He gives us something to eat and drink . Once finished we get dressed and head home . When at Karen’s we head to her room . She asks me how did I like it . ” I really didn’t know how I’d feel . But I loved it . It was so much better that what we went through . I want more of it ” I reply . I was sort of embarrassed that I liked it . She told me she would always let me know when she is going .

We talked alittle while longer before I went home . We ended up going there 3 or 4 times a week for the next few months . It was never boyfriend and girlfriend stuff it was guys who wanted to fuck us and ones we wanted to be fucked by . It always felt so amazing I couldn’t get enough . Nearly everytime they would watch us eat each other out . We even got to the point where we would sit and watch TV in the nude together after . It’s been a few years now . We are nearly going to finish college . We still see them off and on but not as much . We still don’t date as we are to scared .