First time with 2 sexy ladies

I want to share a little true story that happened to me only 2 weeks ago…..

My name is Jason (not sharing my surname) and I only just turned 18 a few days ago. I’m in my final year at high school and I am on the football team. I workout at the gym a lot with my girlfriend, Bec, and I have a sexy body which she tells me makes her horny.

But, we are both virgins. Lately she has bee nsaying she wants to have sex and I felt I was ready. Oh, by the way, my girlfriend is actually a lot older than me… she is 26! Still a virgin at 26. Strange, I know, for a high school boy to be dating an older woman.

Anyways, so one night a couple of weeks ago she asked if I wanted to have sex with her. I was 17 at this time. I agreed anyway.

So that night I stayed at her place as she lives alone. I wanted to feel sexy, strong and manly for her. You know, protective, since I had that kind of body (pes, abs, biceps.. everything a girl could ask for ha ha). I decided for my first time I wanted to role play a bit and so I got dressed in my policeman uniform that I had from a costume party the year before. I had the shirt, the pants, the hat, the sunglasses, the shoes. I thought I looked pretty damn hot, to be honest.

When I arrived at her house in my uniform, I noticed she had a friend over. Bec told me that it was her friend Sam and we were going to have a threesome. Now, Sam is a friend of hers from college, and apparently she is 44 years old!!!! I was just told, that for my first time having sex, I was about to have a threesome with a 44 year old woman! I was a little shocked, but figured I was up to it. Bec told me I looked hot in uniform and Sam said she was looking forward to “tasting me”.

Bec and Sam brought me into the lounge room and sat me down in the couch. The lights were dim and candles were lit. Bec was in her short red singlet and white panties, and Sam was in a robe which she took off to reveal her nude 44 year old body.

As I was sitting there in my police uniform, they were both standing in front of me, touching and kissing each other. They were rubbing their hands all over their bodies, as Sam began to undress Bec.

Already I began to get hard, but still felt a little nervous so I tried to hide it. They were looking at me as they were kissing and licking each other’s faces. It didn’t take long for me to get a full hard erection.

Sam bent down and said to me “I’m going to teach you a few things your mommy will be proud of”. She then sat on my left knee and Bec sat on my right. Bec removed my sunglasses and told me I have beautiful eyes that any girl would fall for. Then she started to kiss me on the lips. Sam rested her head on my shoulder and began rubbing my chest and stomach. As Sam was rubbing, Bec started to kiss the right side of my neck, and then Sam began to kiss my left side neck. I just sat there enjoying the moment. My penis was so hard right now!

I began moaning a bit as they were kissing my neck, and then I felt Bec’s hand reaching for the top button of my shirt. While she was still kissing me, she started to unbutton my shirt slowly. Both women started rubbing their hands over my pecs, and pinching my nipples. Bec whispered in my ear “I love a man in uniform”. They both started to work their way down from kissing my neck. While they were still rubbing my body, they both started to work their way down slowly, kissing my collar bone, then my pecs. Sam said “You have such a manly body. Look at those beautiful juicy nipples. I’m going to suck the milk right out of them!”, as she squeezed them. It sounded weird and quite awkward, but I just wanted to please these lovely women.

Then, as I lay there with my head tilted back, eyes closed and shirt unbuttoned, I felt both women latch on to each of my nipples. Then they began to suck!! I swear I had never felt anything to sensational before. I never realised how sensitive my nipples were. They were sucking like a baby getting a feed from its mother. I began to moan louder as I rubbed their backs and their heads. I was sooo horny!!!!

Now I felt like I was being a man. I had these two beautiful women cosying up to my firm, 17 year old masculine chest. They had their hands on my body as I looked down watching them suckle away on my nipples. I wrapped my arms around them and kissed them each on their heads. As they were sucking, Sam said she has a young male nipple fetish where she likes to suck the nipples of young guys. Bec said she felt the same way. Bec then said something like “say something sexy. Say something manly”, then started to suck again. This may sound really corny, but I while they were sucking I said in a deep, manly tone “Stay close to my chest, I will never let you go. I will protect you!”. Yes, you can laugh at that ha ha! Bec was like “Oh fuck yeah!”. 

Then Bec stopped sucking my nipples and went straight to my pants. She unzipped them and grabbed hold of my wet, throbbing penis. This was the first time she had seen it, so I was a little nervous. She said “Mmm, look at your big tasty cock! I’m going to gobble up every bit of sperm you have”. Then, as though she had done it a million times before, she wrapped her mouth around the head of my penis and then moved up and down the shaft. This was bloody fantastic! Here I am, a 17 year old high school boy with an older woman sucking my nipples and my girlfriend sucking my penis dry! I was in paradise.

Sam was still sucking my nipples, which was actually quite ticklish. It literally felt like I was having milk drained out of them ha ha. And Bec was sucking my penis like a hungry whore. Then, I felt I was about to cum. I sat up straight and said “It’s coming, it’s coming!!!”. I thought Bec was going to stop sucking and just let it spurt over her face, but she just kept sucking, and then I came. As she was sucking I could see my sperm dripping out the sides of her mouth. She stopped sucking and showed me that warm, white sticky goo in her mouth and then swallowed it. Sam still hasn’t stopped making love to my nipples. I swear she sucked so much that some milk come out ha ha. Bec said “Mmm, that was so good. You taste so fucking good”. I smiled. She then grabbed the head of my penis and spread it open a bit and stuck her tongue in the hole!! I don’t know how she did it but she actually got a bit of her tongue in the slit in the head of my penis. She sucked the last of the sperm out as I moaned.

Then for the next 20 minutes or so, I just lay there with both Bec and Sam resting their heads on my chest, rubbing my pecs. Sam went home not long later, and I just stayed at Bec’s house for the night.

It was such an amazing night. This was exactly how my very first time went. Better than I had expected! I have another story to tell, but that will come another time.