an disagreement with my gf at a bar ends with me in bed with another man

A night out with the mrs turns sour and I end up taking my first cock

Im ronnie 38 i have always considered myself a manly man stocky well built and always had it good with the ladies when I have sex I tend to prefer to go in for the pussy than the ass and never got hard seeing another man’s junk but well I guess that’s now changed some.

It happened a few years ago our eldest was babysitting for the first time in years and we was out having fun with a cpl of friends both girls it was all good they were all dancing having fun and I got chatting to this older guy in his 50s builder type bear belly nothing really appealingabout him but a nice enough guy he seemed really interested in Rachel the younger one of the girls. he bought us all some drinks and chatted until my mrs started drinking to fast and got really mouthy and after some choice words her and her friends left the bar.

I stayed and continued to drink with the guy his name I now know as Tom. We had one more drink and left. I told him I wasn’t looking forward to going bk home and he said well I’m only round the corner I’ve got a sofa if u want. Of corse I agreed not wanting to deal with the headache waiting back home.

As we arrived he asked if I wanted a drink I said sure he grabbed a cpl he said sit where u like I just sat on the sofa and he sat on the bed facing me.

Tom: Man I really though I was going to get laid tonight I really need a good fuck

Me. Well your not the only one

Tom. What thought you was gonna get laid or need a good fuck.

Me. I’ve been with my mrs a while I defo needa good fuck.

Tom. You never played away.

Me. Once

Tom. Would you do it again

Me. It depends on the situation I guess

Tom. Well this situation

Me. What.

Tom I assumed I need a fuck you need a fuck and u came bk home with a guy you might want to.

I sat for a few minutes drinking thinking thoughts I’d never had before could I bend him over and fuck his ass and I started getting hard as I didn’t say no he took it as a good sign and took his clothes off he was chubby and hairy and as hard as a bat his cock about 2″ bigger than my own.

Tom. Say no and I will just get in bed

As I looked at him I just got scared and said no sorry I can’t and he said its ok he turned the lights out and got in bed I then laid on the sofa every time I closed my eyes I could see his cock and I knew that just a few feet away was somone who wanted me to fuck him It was causing my cock to stay hard then he spoke.

Tom. So have u never been with a guy

Me. No never

Tom. You don’t know what your missing

I just stayed silent

Tom. Why don’t you come in the bed 69 side by side ill suck your dick and if at any point you feel good enough you can touch mine back. And we can go from there.

Me. If I don’t like it

Tom. We can stop but who don’t like a pair of lips around their cock m8.

I decided to go in for the bj I turned the light on and I got under his thin covers in just second before I had even lad down he said nice cock and started sucking me. With the light on I could see his dick as clear as day infront of my face resting across his leg. He was good at sucking really wet and deep he would thrust forward to remind me his cock was there but It wasn’t until I saw his cock start to soften that something changed.

It shrank fairly sudden and I felt bad but also I felt something else hot. Turnd on by it I lent forward and put my mouth over the tip and started to suck him he stopped for a minute as I started I cupped his balls and sucked on his cock it wasn’t bad the texture of his skin was weird but I soon got used to it. The taste was well it tasted like a cock which I apparently enjoy..

It didn’t take long for him to grow to his full length again and he went back to work on me only now he was really sucking me hard pumping my cock I was gonna blow. I pulled of his cock to tell him ut he just pushed it back inside and kept going until I emptied my balls inside his mouth. He withdrew from my cock and dragged my ass to his mouth and released my cum in and around my hole.

Having never been rimmed before omg that felt good

Tom. Did you like that.

Me. Yes

Tom. Ok well are you ready for that fuck you wanted now.

Me. I just came

Tom. I didn’t and your ass is plenty lubed

Me. Oh. I thought I’d be fucking you.

Tom. No I don’t rake cock only give it.

As I laid there not knowing if I could Tom started fingering me one finger followed by another finger a few minutes later another another.

Tom. There thats thicker than my cock and u seem to be enjoying it.

Me. Ok how do you want me.

He stood up and bent me over the bed and he said we can start like this he slowly started to push in it hurt when his he’d went in but he stopped to give me a minute then he started to fuck me long slow strides to start in and out as deep as he could go. O it felt so weird like I was so full but not full. He asked if I liked it I said he’s and he started picking up the pace he held my hips as he slamed his balls to my ass.

I was moaning and panting so loud like a little girl so he put his had over my mouth as he fucked me harder. A few minuts in he pulled out and laid me on the bed and he laid on top of me missionary he slid it in and started to thrust again my legs in the air by his waist I needed to hold on so I wrapped my arms around him and started sucking his nipples as he pounded my hole mostly to cover my mouth.

Tom. I’m gonna cum. Can I cum

Me. Where

Tom. Right here

I said yes and just let him do it he lifted himself up and slammed his cock in hard a few times then he just started grunting. I could feel him twitching and the warm cum shooting inside me he pulled out and stood up I sat up and looked at him. Still in the heat off all that fucking he walks closer and I take his cock back inside my mouth and suck his cum from it.

Tom. I enjoyed that m8.

Me. Thanks me 2.

Tom in a cpl of hours you might start to feel guilty ashamed etc all I can say is if you do start to feel like that I won’t be wearing any clothes take my cock in your mouth and I will fuck you again you will feel better.