An Old man’s prey

Becoming the whore of an oldie and his friends

So I met this dude at the bank, he was old, short and he was just asking me about stuff like in a friendly way since he didnt know his way around the bank I was helping him. As I helped him, we talked about different stuff, like our lives, like where I go to college and stuff. He was a widower and he lived at home alone but his friends would visit to drink and play cards and stuff. His grandson would visit frequently as he lived nearby. I asked him how many kids he had, he said he had 7 and I just joked saying he must’ve quite a lot of energy and activeness, he stared at me and it became a bit awkward but he laughed and said yes. He then said, sadly none of his kids come to visit him and he basically tends to himself. After we finished doing what we came for at the bank after around 2 hours he told me to come to his home, he kept insisting and said I was tired and needed to at least rest for a bit I said ok finally. I went to his home, it wasn’t much, it was an apartment flat. I sat on one of the sofas and he went in to get me some water from the kitchen and some snacks.
He then came back and sat down right next to me, with some chips packets, a few juice boxes, and whiskey and rum, he asked me if I’d like to have some, I rejected the offer but he kept asking me and said just a lil bit will be fine, so I said ok. He poured me a glass and we opened some chips and juices and watched tv too. Ig once he started drinking he became a lot more confident, he told me as he was drinking that since he is very old, he is not able to get out of his normal routine. I didn’t understand and asked why he was telling me this and he switched on his phone, he didn’t look at me, he scrolled and I was shocked as he started watching porn, He pulled his cock out and explained that at the time I was with him, he usually drinks, then masturbates a lot then sleeps and then his friends come over to spend the time. I was just frozen from how disgustingly brave he was, and he was old, short, fat, but his cock, god, it was like idek long and hairy and just both dirty and amazing to look at. I was getting turned on but still in shock, he touched my thigh and I just got up, his dick was now oozing and pre cum was pouring as he was jerking off fast, and staring at me and moaning deeply. I just took the bottle of whiskey and just took a swig, it was so fuckin bitter but it felt good, i was feeling really horny now, I was drinking from the bottle and the dude was behind me jerking off looking at me, I told him I’ll need a Minute but before I could say anything he said no need of a minute or second baby and grabbed me by the waist and pulled me and I sat on his thigh, he pulled my hand onto his cock and they started wanking him off automatically, I was like a toy, he pushed me down, then grabbed my head and deepthroated me, his moans were amazing and ragged , I gagged and his precum covered my face, he then pulled out and pushed me onto the sofa, he told me to get naked and went inside, I did as he said and lied nude on the couch, my legs apart showing my asshole, ready for him, he came back with some paste, he scooped some and fed me, it was taste, it was super sweet, he applied it on my ass crack, on my navel, nipples, then he started eating em up and I was moaning like fucking crazy, he poured some on his cock amd made me suck it. Lemme tell u, that dick was so tasty, I just kept sucking and he had to pull out before cumming and was like there’s still a lot more to go. He lifted me up and took me to his bedroom and pushed me on the bed, he ordered me to lie on the bed ass up in the air, He applied more of that sweet dish and ate my ass out, I was moaning like a banshee.
He then slowly rubbed his cock along the length of my ass crack and teased me while I waited, he watched my asshole clench as it was sensitive then just pushed his dick in making me moan loudly. And then he grabbed my ass cheeks tightly and just started fucking me like he was fucking a doll, It was so aggressive that I had to bite onto a pillow as I was moaning loudly and holding onto the bed board. He was clapping my cheeks like his life depended on it. Then he rolled with his cock inside my ass, so I was on top of him, he spanked my ass hard as I twerked and bounced on his cock like a slut, he then pulled out and switched positions again, in spooning position, from behind, he held onto my chest and squeezed them as he drilled me from behind, then he turned me around and kissed me with his arms around me and fucked me till he cummed into my anus. He didn’t pull out and just slept hugging me as his cum oozed out of my asshole, I was tired too so I slept. I woke up to a few voices in the room, I was so afraid and he was still holding me, he assured me as he kissed my lips and nips and said, it’s just his friends, they wanted a piece of the slim and tight meat and I decided ahh wtf let’s just get it over with.
There were 3 of em, naked and old just like him. First they went one by one, fucking me and cumming in me. Then it was a spit roast. I was too tired to resist anything and just ended up taking all of it, most of the time not even remembeimg it all. This was my event for like half a day, an event i won’t ever forget.