Baby making

This is how I got pregnant.

My name is Mandy.

I’m thirty-four years old.

My husband and I had been trying everything for almost two years to get pregnant.

He already had two sons.

But, we wanted a child together and I wanted a child of my own.

This is both our second marriage.

My husband is fifteen years older than me.

We have a very, very good sex life.

I’m not sure why his ex cheated on him.

But, I will say she got the short end of the deal.

David is a god in bed and he is also all man and Im his princess.

I asked Mike and Tim about their mother.
Both told me the same thing.

She is a slut and stupid.


David and I talked about every option we had.

Maybe it’s just not to be.” I told my husband one morning after taking a test.

“You know. I have two very fertile sons.” David told me.

I just looked at him in shock.

“David? What the fuck are you saying?” I snapped.

“Look. I was just thinking.” David told me.

“Well, quit thinking that,” I told him sternly a little pissed he would even think it.

But, the seed was planted.
I didn’t know it.
But, it was.

We continued on as normal.

I fuck David every day.
I can’t help it.
He makes me want to be a slut.

About a week later David and I were lying in bed and I wanted to watch porn.

It just happened to be a porn with a stepmother getting banged by her stepsons.

It made me hot and horny.
I fucked the balls off my poor husband as I watched the stepmother get banged dreaming it was me.

I couldn’t believe how horny it made me.

Not every night.
But, every other night I would put on a porn with a stepmother.

I also went into one of my slut stages and fucked Mike every chance I could and I was a fucking whore.

I had no limits.

I just wanted to be filled with whatever David wanted to stick in me.

I knew David had an out-of-town job coming up.

But, I had forgotten how soon.

A week before David left he brought up his sons again.

“David? Will you be able to look at your sons again?
Knowing that both of them fucked me?” I asked my husband.

“Honey. Once it’s over we will never speak of it.” David told me.

“If this is what you want. I will do it.” I told him.

That Friday we had Mike and Tim over for dinner.

After we ate.
I excused myself and let Mike talk with his sons.

An hour later David came in.

“The boys will be here Monday.” David smiled.

I didn’t say anything I just looked at David.

“Now, come here. We have some going away pussy I need.” Mike smiled.

Monday rolled around and I was a nervous wreck.

I’m not one for cheating and here I was about to cheat my ass off for the next eight weeks.
With my stepsons to boot.

Mike was the first to show up.

Mike is a lot like his father in build and looks.

So Fucking him was fairly easy.
I just thought of his father.

Mike has almost the same size dick as his father also.

He is just a bit thicker.

After we fucked Mike left.

I showers and went about my day.

Three hours later Tim showed up.

He looks nothing like his father.

He is tall and lean with the body of a swimmer.

He is also a bit wild and come to find out he was also a lot better hung a lot better than his father and brother.

Tim not only has length.
But, he has girth also.

Being had just fucked his brother.

I decided to have some fun with Tim.

There was a lot of foreplay involved.

Sucking and licking along with a few toys.

It wasn’t the forty-five-minute fuck I had earlier.

It was after dark before Tim left.

Again Mike showed up right around breakfast the following morning.

Again he fucked me good and was off.

Again after noon Tim showed up and screwed me like a bitch.

All week it was the same thing.

Mike in the morning and Tim all afternoon and into the evening.

Saturday came and Mike asked me to dinner.
I excepted.

And an hour later Tim called and asked me to dinner.

I told him I was already going with Mike.

“Well, How about we make it a threesome?” Tim laughed.

“You and your brother sort this out,” I told him.

But, the thought of a threesome intrigued me.

I didn’t hear back from Tim.

But, I had already planned for a date with Mike at seven.

When the doorbell rang there stood Mike and Tim dressed handsomely.

I was dressed to seduce, with my fat tits on display and my broad ass defined in my dress.

Dinner was an adventure.

Everything was sexual and there was no hiding both planned on bedding me.

In the bathroom, a woman asked if they both belonged to me.

Smiling proudly I confirmed what she thought.

“You are one lucky woman.” She told me.

Laughing I told her it was going to be a night to remember.

Handing me her number.

She told me to give her a call if I needed any help.

Laughing I told her I would.

I had never been in a threesome.

But, I had already slept with both of them so I already knew what I was getting.

I the way back from the restaurant I climbed into the back of my SUV with Tim as Mike drove and got the party started.

Sucking and fucking him.

In the drive, I leaned up against the hood and let them both take turns fucking me.

In the middle of my living room floor, I took dick in every way possible to take a dick.

It was well after three before they finally fucked me out.

I was woken in the earlier morning as the sun was just coming up by Tim climbing in bed with me for a fuck.

Rolling over I pulled him into my arms and took a powerful fuxk till he came filling me full of his seed.

Mike and Tim were sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee when I came in.

“Morning boys.” I smiled at them showered and fresh.

“Morning.” They said in unison.

I knew today was gonna be a full day of fucking and sucking and lots of cum.

Mike volunteered to cook breakfast and I volunteered to climb under the table and blow Tim.

After breakfast, I climbed up on the table and leaned my head over one side as I put my legs up on Tim’s shoulders and with my feet pulled his mouth to my pussy.

Mike fucked my mouth as Tim devoured my pussy.

All day was constant fucking.

I’m not sure this is what my husband had in mind.
But, he is also the one that wants me to fuck his sons.

It was the third week when I was digging through my purse I came across Andi’s phone number.

So I texted her and asked if she wanted a double date.

She instantly answered yes.

“Boys, this Andi. She will be joining us for a few days.”

Mike and Tim looked at each other smiling.

“You’ve been fucking these two for three weeks by yourself?” Andi asked me when we took a break as we leaned against the kitchen counter.

“Every day. Three of four times a day.” I chuckled.

“Do you have a death wish?” Andi laughed.

“They are a handful.” I smiled.

Andi stayed all weekend with us.

We fucked and sucked at random all over the house.

Andi was the first woman I had ever been with.

After Andi left I made Tim and Mike promise they would never mention her to their father.

I guess luck was on my side.

Because the following Monday Mike was called away for work leaving just Tim and me.

“Well, Tim. How about you pack some clothes and just stay here with me until your father gets back?

The three weeks were intense nasty sex.

I was all the slut any twenty-eight-year-old man would want.

I let Tim fuck me however he wanted.

I even let him tie me up and use me as a fuck hole a couple of times.

I didn’t care as long as he came into my pussy a couple of times a day.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t swallow his load or let him cum in my ass.

Because I did both with joy.

Three days before David was due home he called and broke the news he was going to gone a little longer than he had planned and was gonna be two more weeks.

I was sad.
I was ready for my husband to be home.

But, I was also glad.
I wasn’t ready to give up fucking Tim yet.

I hung up the phone with David and texted Andi.

“You in the mood for a threesome? ” I text her.

“With Tim? ” She answered back.

Laughing I told her with Tim.

“I’ll be there around nine.” She sent it back.

Once Andi and I fucked Tim out.

We turned on each other giving Tim one hell of a show.

I woke the following morning to hard, intense grunting.

Tim had Andi tied to the end of my bed fucking her in the ass with deep powerful strokes as sweat dripped down her pretty face.

I will admit.
I was a little pissed that Andi would let Tim fuck her like that and that Tim would fuck her this way right in front of me.

Around two I sent Andi home.

I didn’t want her fucking Tim like that again.

Two nights before David was due home I took Tim to dinner.

We talked about the last ten weeks and all that was done.

I made Tim promise he would never mention it to anyone.

Once home I thought Tim would fuck me like a whore.

But, instead.
He took me in his arms and made sweet, gentle love to me.

The kinda love two lovers make.
It was the hottest sex I had ever had.

There was no rushing or hurrying.

Tim just took his time with me and enjoyed every inch of my curvy body.

As Tim showered the next morning I put Andi’s phone number in his phone.

“Well, Mandy. I guess this is it.
I have enjoyed the last ten weeks.” Tim smiles at me as he held me close.

“How about a goodbye blowjob? ” I smiled up at Tim.

Twenty minutes later my cheeks puffed as I swallowed hard looking up at Tim with pleading eyes as his large shaft pulsed and twitched in my mouth as his large hairless nuts emptied their last load of honey into my throat.

“Please, don’t be a strange when your father gets back. ” I said with tears in my eyes as I said goodbye to Tim.

David had been home a month when it dawned on me that I hadn’t had my period in a couple of months.

A quick test confirmed I was pregnant and a doctor’s appointment gave the date on which I got pregnant.

I know they are precise.
But they can get within a few days.

My conception took place on March 27 five days before my husband left.

I was happy and sad and happy.

I was happy it was Davids baby.

Sad I had fucked my stepson’s like a whore for almost time months and one I still wanted to fuck for two weeks.

I was also happy I had been fucked like most women only dream of by two handsome studs day and night for days on end.

Tim called and told his father he had someone he wanted us to meet.

Stepping onto the back deck smiling proudly Tim introduced us to his bride-to-be and the mother of his unborn child.

A sexy redhead names Andi.

“Well, I guess you didn’t lick all the cream from my pussy the night we had our threesome.” Andi laughed as we stood sipping iced tea as David and Tim pitched horse shoes in the backyard under the lights.

I was a bit jealous.
But, I was happy for them both.