The strange journey of the stewardess

A twenty-five-year-old beautiful Nordic-looking blonde stewardess is on a night flight, the plane isn’t even full, and for some reason she prefers the night shift. she is at the end of the plane there are just over five hours left, another routine and boring flight she thinks without knowing what awaits her. Looking out a window at the end of the empty rows, she sees an object with saucer-shaped windows and two circular extensions above and below.
without knowing how she is in a room with a carpeted floor in the dark and through the window she can see the curvature of the earth, a landscape between blue and yellow, she calculates that it must be about twenty km high. she opens the door and a male figure appears, she finds it attractive although there is something, she doesn’t know what, that tells her that he is not human.
she takes off her stewardess uniform leaving her in black underwear, puts her against her wall, separates her legs from her and penetrates her while she resists. she likes to feel her virile member enter her, it fits well. she starts to give it hard as she hears her moans of pleasure, she is enjoying it even though she doesn’t want to. she touches her belly and her hips she lowers her hands down her legs, go her legs, she begins to like human females.
he gives her a hard time while she moans with pleasure and touches her pretty firm and hard tits, human tits are very sensitive she does not stop moaning with pleasure as she touches and caresses them, kisses her pretty lips and touches her beautiful blonde hair. she caresses her tits and her belly and kisses her again and touches her blond hair. Her hands enjoy that beautiful earthy ass, its hard, firm and well-formed buttocks. she turns her around, changing her position, she lies on the floor and penetrates her, touches her beautiful body while the blonde doesn’t stop moaning with pleasure enjoying her for an hour.
her until she ejaculates.
she is unconscious, she wakes up in the plane’s toilets, there is a quarter of an hour left for landing. She is in her underwear although there is no trace of semen, they must have cleaned it or maybe it dries too quickly. There is also her uniform. A few days later she will find relieved that she is not expecting any hybrid children. but now she doesn’t think about that, she leaves the bathroom and she checks that there is a normal environment, no one seems to have missed her during those five hours.
Upon landing she goes home to rest, she had heard of abductions of passengers who disappeared from planes for a few hours and told stories about ships, but not about stewardesses who were forced to have sex and ended up enjoying it.
she in black lingerie she gets into her bed and gets ready to sleep. before falling asleep she thinks, if this is being abducted by me, they can abduct me again whenever they want.