Back Door Lover

I do have a nice ass if I dare say so, myself. My tits are a bit too small to fit well into a C-cup bra but too large for a B, I loathe my pale skin and freckles, my hair is an untamed wildfire that bleaches into an ugly orange after milliseconds in the sun, and I have chicken-legs. However, my rump is a perfect, inverted heart of lust-inducing, traffic-stopping, hard-on-making art. Because of that, almost every lover I’ve ever had immediately stampedes to my butt, trying to jam their fingers, dildo, cock, or whatever inside of it.

Women always want to grope, spank, and fondle my ass, some of them wanting to worship it like it’s an altar. Men always want to probe it, finger it, and shoot their hot, sticky cum all over my buttocks. Yes, I love the attention, but, being known as “the horny slut with the perfect ass” isn’t, and pardon the pun, all it’s cracked up to be. Ass-worshiping suitors tend to always eventually want to penetrate my sphincter, plunge their hard cocks into it, and fuck me up the ass.

I’ve let a few women ass-fuck me with various objects, and it was fun, but not mind-blowing or orgasm-inducing. A few lucky men were also allowed to fuck my backdoor, but, likewise, the experience, while the thrill of their lives to them, was lackluster for me. I’m a moaner, a dirty-talker, and I love to fuck back as hard as I get fucked. If I mentioned that their cock was in my ass, it would be over, and all I’d be left with was a sore butt. Because of all of that, anal sex was never really my thing—that is, until I met the right person.

Sexy and hot to the point that your mind immediately fantasizes about fucking him in the most perverted, nasty, dirty ways you can imagine, the Goddess also imbued him with confidence, charm, and a sweetness that makes you throw yourself at him with wild abandon, and you’ll say or do anything to fuck him. Hey, I’m no fool; I ended up marrying the fucker. When I finally got him to have sex with me, I was thoroughly addicted. Although he never said anything about it and never pushed the issue, I wanted, urgently needed, to give him my ass.

Not having sex with him, my knight in shining armor, was better than most of the sex I’ve had in my life. Actually fucking him could only be described as a transcendental experience. He doesn’t just fuck you, he feasts on your soul and flesh, spends an eternity setting every nerve in your body on lusty fire, and his teeth, tongue, hands, fingers, as well as anything within reach combine into a symphony of lust on your body, playing your mind, heart, and flesh like a virtuoso plays their instrument.

My perfectly-formed ass was no exception to his blissful onslaught. His tongue would send shivers of ecstasy through my entire core; his fingertips would gently caress my asshole with the perfect pressure and speed, causing me to mentally will him to do more. As if psychic, he knew what I wanted, when I wanted it, and how I wanted it. He was also a tease, backing off infuriatingly, only to revisit your most divine pleasure spots when you least expected it. Calling the love-making “rapture” wouldn’t do it justice. The sex was so good, that, in the morning, I’d finger myself to orgasm, reliving what had just transpired.

That sent me into a self-feeding loop of sexual adventure that grew exponentially. No matter what we did, he made me instantly addicted to it, and I wanted more, more, and still yet more. Although he never dominated me in the traditional sense of the word, I became his eager, wanton sex slave, always begging for more. Throughout it all, the excitement and thrill never waned, only grew.

Looking at him, thinking about him, or talking about him sent my libido into orbit, and I’d need to cum. Talking to the man was even worse. All that innuendo and his sexy demeanor kept me in a constant state of sexual euphoria. With lots of practice, I managed to get some of his huge, mutant cock in my mouth. Getting it into my pussy was never a worry, as he ensures that his lovers are so deeply possessed by depraved bliss that they’d happily hump a telephone pole. However, my ass remained unfulfilled by his sexual fervor, and I needed to surrender all of myself to him.

One wonderful evening, as he was making good on his promise to make me cum until I was exhausted, his sexy face was between my legs. I’d had at least five or six orgasms in the past few minutes, and I was a dirty-talking, face-humping, glorious mess. The throbbing, pulsating waves of pleasure from my last orgasm hadn’t yet subsided, and he’d managed to build them back up into cresting, undulating vibrations in my clit that were quickly cresting into an even more powerful, leg-quaking cum. At the perfect moment, when I was teetering at the precipice of a soul-rending release, I felt one of his fingers penetrate, ever so gently, into my ass.

“Fuck my fucking ass,” I screamed as my body flailed in one of the most powerful orgasms I’d ever had. I felt slutty, so dirty, and depraved. Unlike almost every time before, the pleasure washed over my soul, and I craved more.

I moaned in primal pleasure, all grunts and groans. My body convulsed so hard that I was flying off the bed. His tongue flew over my clit, those fingers fucked my soaked cunt, and the addition of another digit inside my ass made me black out.

“I want you to fuck my ass with that monster cock of yours,” I finally managed to say.

“Not tonight,” he denied me. “Your perfect ass is so tight on my little finger that it would hurt. I only seek to give you pleasure, never pain. How about this, instead?”

He didn’t wait for my reply, probably knowing that I would insist on that mutant cock being shoved deep inside my rump; damn the pain, I needed to submit all three of my holes to him. Rather than probe my anus with that thick, steel-hard cock, he shifted position between my legs.

I felt his tongue gently flick my asshole, running slowly up and down. He ran it in slow, soft swirls around my dirty hole and then up to my clit, heightening my slutty arousal with his oral talents, then slowly back down. Gentle kisses and playful nibbles were felt on my thighs, labia, ass cheeks, and more. Then, his tongue, with agonizing, teasing slowness, slowly meandered back and forth, eventually rimming my taboo bung until I craved it more than anything else in the universe, feeling overwhelmed with horny delight.

Time stopped as he repeated this, over and over. 

”More,” I begged. “I’ll do anything you want. Make me your slutty whore. Please, don’t stop; don’t stop.”

When I was writhing uncontrollably, once more on the brink of another intense orgasm, his tongue stayed at my gyrating ass, giving me pleasure that dildos, candles, and other men’s cocks never could. His fingers deftly and delicately shot to my clit as he feasted on my butt, causing a chain of intense orgasms to shoot from my very soul, tear my body into impassioned, little pieces, and reconstitute amid an earth-shattering cum. It was as if my entire body had become one erogenous zone, with my asshole as the trigger.

I begged for more, and I kept on begging, pleading, and demanding. He took his time, giving all of my body the same treatment, returning to my ass now and then until I screamed myself hoarse and no longer had the strength to get out of bed. My final orgasm was a sadistic wonder. He had me one lick away from cumming and held me there until I could only chant desperate requests to let me cum.

That entire night, his cock never made it inside my pussy or mouth. He’d exhausted me before we got that far. When I woke, smiling at the love letter he’d left for me, all I could do was reminisce over the night’s events. I masturbated myself to two orgasms before I showered, my finger in my ass the entire time. He was gone before I’d even thought about waking up, but the first thing I did was to send him a selfie of my backside, finger inserted, the text message, “I NEED you in my ass. Please fuck my butt.”

“We’ll need to get you ready for it if you really want it,” was his reply.

“What do you mean?”

“Shopping tonight,” was his two-word response.

We all have a purpose in life, something that we were simply destined to do. I’m blessed with two purposes. I was born to fuck and born to shop. Shopping, that night, was preceded by a wonderful dinner at our favorite restaurant, but, eventually, we found ourselves at the local adult store. Not only did I find some sultry, slinky, sexy dresses in the clothing section, modeling them to the delight of my then-boyfriend and the other patrons, but we also picked up an anal training kit, some lube, and a naughty little bottle of sex-stimulant that makes your clit vibrate and throb when you apply it.

I’d be lying if I said that I at least waited until I got to his house to try them out. As he’s always the gentleman, I, being his lady, seem to be prohibited from opening my own doors. He hadn’t even gotten to his side of the car before I had hiked up my skirt to apply the clit-cream and was tearing the smallest plug in the training kit out of the wrapper, toy sanitizer at the ready.

The weeks that followed were pure, anal bliss, coupled with lots of sex and me masturbating almost constantly. The smallest plug wasn’t very large in diameter. It was, at the biggest portion, maybe a little wider around than a big magic marker. I’d wear it to work; the knowledge that I had my ass plugged, in preparation for him to plunder and ravage it, got me so worked up that I probably fingered my wet cunt ten times each day.


When my sphincter was comfortable with that small girth, I moved up to the next size, what one would consider a “small” butt plug. Lubing it up and slowly inserting it gave the rim of my asshole sensual chills. Wearing it got me so worked up that my pussy juices dripped down my thighs. The sensation of getting my hot, dripping cunt pounded into oblivion with the plug inserted was overwhelming. One night, when I’d managed to stuff the third one into my anus, we went for a motorcycle ride; the bumps and turns had me hanging on for dear life as I screamed in erotic heat.

I became obsessed with having my ass played with, to the point where all my previous lovers’ infatuation over my derrière seemed like a passing, casual glance. My sex toy collection had some dildos that were perfect for anal fucking. I took great pride in showing off my newfound ability and asked him to watch me fuck my ass. Of course, being a voyeur, he also derived horny pleasure as I plunged my toys deep inside my ass, moaning and talking like the slut I am.

“Do you like watching me fuck my ass? Can you see how deep it is? I so need your cock in there. Stroke it for me. Cum on my ass; please shoot your spunk all over my sexy behind.”

Finally, one night, as I lay in bed fingering myself, I managed to get the big, thick one inside me. I got so turned on, thinking about how he’d soon be cramming his monster cock inside my slutty hole, that I came three times before calling him up to see.

Proudly displaying the toy, I got onto all fours, so he had an unobstructed view of the large, purple rubber toy shoved deep into my ass.

“Fuck me like this,” I pled. “I want to feel completely full. Take my cunt and fuck me like the whore I am. Be brutal, please.”

With my nectar pouring out of my pussy, making a puddle on the already-soaked bed, he got behind me and teased my fuck hole with the head of his massive cock.

“Fuck me! I need it.”

I violently rocked my body backward, taking that massive member all the way into my pussy with one humping thrust. He got the hint and grabbed my hips, taking me rough and hard.

“Harder. Fuck me harder. Fill me with your cum. Yes,” I screamed, “yes, fuck me. You own me; I’m yours. Take me.”

His thrusts were deep, hard, and rough, exactly what I’d asked for. Each time his cock plummeted into my soaked canal, the force of our bodies slamming together caused the toy in my ass to go slightly deeper and then pull out a little on the counter-thrust. I begged him to go harder and faster. When he hunched over my arched back and reached under my body to stroke my clit, I came so hard that the intensity of my orgasm shot the huge anal plug out of my ass.

Even though I begged, asked, demanded, and tried begging some more, he still wouldn’t take my butt. Instead, he fucked me for hours, stopping to lick my pussy sporadically, always with his fingers in my ass. I lost count of my orgasms, but my impassioned wailing could probably be heard for miles around.

It took more than a week, but I finally got him to try to fuck my ass. By then, I was wearing the “regular-sized” anal toy on an almost daily basis. The decadent, slutty thrill of being at work, in public, or on a date with myself plugged was incredible. Finally, I went back to the adult store, alone and dressed like a horny slut, and bought a few of the tails. My constant hinting that I wanted my ass fucked, needed him to fill it with his cum, and made him aware that I was serious about our anal play.

Finally, I sent him a selfie of me wearing garter hose, thigh-high stockings and garter all in one piece, with the fox tail inserted. Not only was it a sexy picture, but it was slutty enough to make dead men hard. The message, “if you don’t plunder my ass, tonight, I’ll find somebody that will,” relayed my plans for the evening.

When he responded by asking me if I were truly ready, I called him immediately and masturbated while he listened on the phone, begging him to finally take my back door. The night had finally arrived; I was going to let my extremely well-hung man fuck my anus. I was more nervous than I cared to admit. Liquid courage, lots of recreational green herbs, and an entire day spent fantasizing about it helped.

Despite the clock ticking at a snail’s pace, I counted the minutes until he was due home. By then, he’d given me a key, and I more or less moved my slutty self into his abode. I was nude except for the garter hose, with the largest plug in the training kit up my butt, and constantly fingering my cunt to keep myself in horny rapture.

When he got home, I made sure to be on all fours, my ass pointed toward the door. I had two fingers buried in my pussy, fucking myself furiously.

“Hi, my goddess, I thought maybe we could go out…” his words trailed off when he saw me in that highly-aroused, slutty state.

“Fuck my ass, please.” I moaned. “Sodomize me.”

My eyes closed as wave after wave of orgasmic tremors consumed me. I was so deeply immersed in horny bliss that I’d barely noticed that he’d quickly disrobed and positioned himself behind me. It wasn’t until those electrified hands of his sent tiny shocks up and down my back, behind, and thighs that I noticed. He caressed me like that, his touch growing hotter and more urgent.

Another orgasm grew in my core, ripping through me. I screamed out my need for his cock in my ass, moans staggered between syllables. Right when the peak of my orgasm hit me, he tugged the plug out of my anus. The expanding and tapering feeling took my mind by surprise but escalated my orgasm to even greater heights. I fell to the floor, flailing convulsions possessing my limbs. All I could do was shriek out nonsensical noise.

He held me, groping my flesh hard, perfectly, until I regained control over my body once more. Not daring to speak, I knelt in front of the couch, my torso over the cushions, and reached back and spread my ass cheeks apart.

“Take my fucking asshole right now, you fucking bastard. I need my ass fucked.” his chuckles were both annoying and sexy. I was consumed with anal lust, and he knew it.

Finally, eliciting moans from my throat, I felt that thick, huge cock head press against my backdoor. Just the thought of him penetrating my ass got me so worked up that I immediately humped back against that long, thick, hard piece of man meat.

“Get it in me. I need you inside my ass. Please brutalize me.”

He’d have none of that and chose, instead, to slowly work it in, a micro-fraction at a time, as I writhed, anally impaled on his cock, screaming for more. My big issue with all my other anal play, before, was that my other lovers never let me get used to it, always pushing, causing pain. He was so slow, yet always constant, that I never felt any pressure. He didn’t shove that huge fleshy sword into me; he eased it in, letting me not only get used to it, but love it, and waited until I pushed back to take more of him inside my back chute.

I lost all control, pushing back, fucking his hard steel with my sphincter rather than him fucking me. When I felt the width of the head push past the tight ring of my anus, I was stunned. It felt so fucking good that my entire body erupted into a volcano of dirty, horny pleasure.

My first-ever anal orgasm ripped through me like a tidal wave of exploding fire. When I’m incredibly horny, my voice gets husky and I babble the silliest nonsense.

“Your dick is my ass; I love your cock. You’re fucking my ass. I can feel you in my ass. Fuck it; fuck my ass. Holy shit, your dick is in my ass.”

With my body resting on the couch cushions, my hands were free. I used those hands to grab his hard body and pull him deeper into me.

“I’m your slutty whore. I’m a fucking slut. Fuck my slutty ass. Tell me what a slut I am; call me your whore. I’m your whore; I’m your fucking anal whore.”

He’s so big and thick that I couldn’t get all of his mammoth erection in my ass, but that didn’t matter. I finally got him in my ass, and I loved it.

“I need you in my ass all the fucking time. Promise me you’ll fuck my ass forever. Fuck me, fuck my ass.”

We didn’t so much find a rhythm as I rocked back on his magic cock, reveling in the dirty, horny feeling of him sliding in and out of my ass. From his hunched position, he had easy access to my dripping cunt. I was so aroused that my cunt juice puddled on the floor. When he added fingers to my soaked cunt, I came again, a combination anal and vaginal orgasm.

I couldn’t even beg for more. All I could do was moan, scream, and wail.

When he balanced himself well enough to lightly stroke my engorged clit with his fingers, I erupted once more.

“I can’t take anymore,” I confessed. “I need to stop.”

“Of course,” he responded, immediately.

“But only so we can do it again, later, tonight,” I said with an upturn to my inflection to phrase it as a request.

“Of course, but let’s go out to dinner, first. I’m hungry and you, my lady, deserve a fine meal.”

“Let’s shower together, so I can clean that magic cock of yours. Then I’ll dress like the anal slut I am and wear a plug while we’re out. You made me into a back door lover, so you’d better fuck all my holes tonight.”