The Day I Knew I was Bi – Part 15

I could not wait for Saturday and when it came I went off to the village with my heart pounding hoping that Meg would take care of Pauler and Peter and I could have some fun, me being turned on by watching the two girls find the spots that turned them on to girly sex. I need not have worried Meg and Peter were outside the shop waiting when I arrived and both looked great, I went in and bought my fag’s and off to the Mill we went taking care to see we were not followed and the place was clear on our arrival. Yes all was clear and a surprised Pauler was waiting for me, we all went inside and I introduced Peter and Meg to Pauler, explaining they were friends I met on the cliff’s at weekends for mutual fun. To my joy Pauler looked Meg over with a searching eye tracing her body from head to toe and doing it slowly and missing nothing at all, Meg smiled and said she was pleased to meet her in a very meaningful way which Pauler understood and enjoyed her lips parting and her tongue running over her bottom lip in a very sexual reply. Meg went to her and kissed her full on the lips her hands going straight behind her and clutching her bottom cheeks firmly while her left leg went right between her legs and under the hem of her skirt, the knee finding the gusset of her panties which the hands behind her pulled her tight on to, she was beached high and dry her pussy rubbed by any movement of Meg’s leg. Pauler had delight written all over her face and she started to move her bottom forward and back grinding her pussy on Meg’s knee and letting all her body weight down at the same time to take the maximum pressure on her clit she could. The girls are happy Peter said in my ear, oh yes and I can’t wait to enjoy the exploring of each other and the sound of girly heavy breathing as naked breasts and wet pussies are given the full treatment to find each others cum button I said and he kissed me.

Meg and Pauler came over to me and both thanked me for introducing them to each other but Meg made a point of telling me she wanted me to play with her and Pauler tomorrow afternoon in the mill if it was ok. Peter was outside having a piss so I took it from her look that he would not be coming to this meeting and just nodded but smiled letting her know I wanted them together to. Meg took Pauler to the corner of the room and put her against the wall, kissing her on the neck, face and lips she put her hands to work opening each of the buttons on the girls blouse till her white bra was on show and the breasts swelling within each cup as the blouse was removed and her bra catch became the next target. That released and the straps removed from each shoulder the pair of lovely firm breasts now with hard nipples proudly showing off to the world Pauler uttered as Megs lips were on them, her hands also showing respect to the need they had for pleasure squeezing them till Pauler’s breath grew load and faster her head thrown back. From my past play with those lovely pair I knew she would be getting very wet and horny from Meg’s efforts more so as each nipple was nibbled and stretched by the teeth of this hungry Madame. Now seeing to this randy chick, a moan and a little muffled cry told me those damp panties were now wet and her pussy dripping its reply to the pleasure she was getting from her new friend and I think mistress. Meg told her to undo her skirt and like a robot she did letting it fall to the floor and kicking it away. Next the panties, came the command while still being sucked and nipples attacked she managed to squirm her way out and kick them away from her. Naughty me picked them up and licked the wet patch she had left behind from her climaxing pussy on Meg’s knee, the taste of it was so nice the scent of it making me so horny to.

Meg made her kneel in front of her then lifted her skirt up and told her to lick her pussy, the crafty girl had no panties on so Pauler was faced with a pussy already wet needing her tongue to prize its lips wider and cover her clit hood with fast lashings of her tongue, her teeth nibbled the clit and fingers gripping its cover moved it in a wanking motion driving her wild. Meg always the leader called for me to undo her skirt fastening and pull it off so I did and saw just how much Pauler wanted her she was working so hard and fast Meg was already on the edge of orgasm. My next order was her top, again she had no bra all had been thought of before she even knew of her chances with the girl in her pussy working like a slave to make her cum. As I moved away and Meg let go of her climax swamping the tongue waiting within her that now lapped up and enjoyed this flooding gift of a new friendship. Then Pauler took over by pushing her down on the floor and shoving her fingers into Megs pussy moving fast and with meaning, Meg groaned as the little fist now formed into a fist took up its position in her love channel and pumped hard and fast making her jump and push back as the pleasure took over making her try for more and have it deeper within her. When it came the squirt so quickly it covered Pauler’s arm as the massive orgasm took total hold of Meg’s body making her shudder and shake shouting out, oh shit, oh shit girl I love you fuck me please more. Peter and I were loving watching Pauler give Meg such a heavy duty taste of pleasure I think we have a new pair up here that could last a while, we were both turned on, Peter had such a hard on his cock was forcing his zip open and my cock to was hard and twitching in my pants. I wanted to watch the girls but Peters cock in my mouth would be better so I made my move and opened his trouser zip allowing his lovely monster to flop out were my hand recovered it, feeling its pulse and inner blood pumping inside making it nice and red for my mouth to enjoy, I knelt making sure we were at the angle allowing us both full view of the girls enjoying their opening meeting.

My mouth took all the cock from Peter that I could get down and my sucking and tongue work was not long in making him groan and his pre cum arrive to lube my throat for more, the girls action made me more horny and my mind wandered to how much I needed this cock inside me, with its large scarlet head taking command of my body through the anal delight it could create making me loos all inhibitions. I would enjoy him pissing on me or having his gay friends cum all over my body such was the power of my sexual need to be full and used to know my pleasure limits, to be shared would also be nice, always the wish for heavy amounts of cum and Peter had all of that for me. His hands on my head guiding my mouth as he now fucked it and his cock forcing its way down my throat choked me and soon I knew he would cum his cock expanding and the twitching as the head expanded and released a hot fountain of his creamy slightly salty soo enjoyable cum into my mouth, filling it so some escaped my attempts to keep it all, greedy me.

Peter was now spent and cleaned by my lips I went over to Pauler who could see I still retained a nearly full mouth of Peters cum, she guided me to Megs upturned bottom, her fist still working its way within her pussy were her climaxed juices were dripping all down her thighs making a pool on the floor beneath, her bum needs some of that I think said Pauler. Come down and release some to open her up for my fingers to give her a double penetration, I think she will love it she added. I knelt beside Pauler and allowed a little from my mouth to fill my outstretched fingers and used them as a slide to the partly open arsehole which was opening and closing with the piston action from Pauler’s fist inside the greedy pussy, I timed it just as the hole opened some left my slide and entered the lovely pink opening and with the closing went on down inside making the passage lubricated ready for the next delivery, her hole opened wider and more was enjoying fast entry now joined by Pauler’s fingers as they helped it widen further, now the rest she said. I lowered my head and my mouth over her gapping hole I bought the remains of my cum store up and out into the now slippery cum filled arsehole were Pauler started working in time with her other hand to get first the hand in the pussy as the one now in her arsehole came out, Meg was fait from pleasure fatigue and her pussy spouted her juices all over Pauler and I.

Pauler now happy made her stay in position while she attacked her pussy and bottom with her tongue and mouth, sucking licking and drinking all the wasted juices she could get hold of from the upturned bottom of Meg who was still enjoying all the attention her sexy parts were now enjoying, god Meg you are a great fuck I want a lot more of your body to play with very soon, Pauler kissed her bottom and told me to get my cock out, I got my hard cock out which was sticky with pre cum, now fuck that arsehole she wants it bad Pauler ordered, I had not trouble with sliding my cock in and with all the cum in the channel it felt like heaven as I fucked her and my balls slapped her pussy each time I plunged in to her inner passage and she started to push back hard on to each thrust I made, sadly I was so turned on I could not hold off climaxing my foamy cum into her arsehole and her leaking more cum from her lovely take all pussy which Pauler was now so in love with. She was straight on her and lapped up all my cum from her anal passage as it started to dribble out and looked up at me saying with a big smile that she could learn to enjoy that cream down her throat all the time. Meg had started thinking Pauler would be the slave in that relationship but had learnt just how much Pauler kept her sexual desires bottled up and liked to run the show.

As the girls played on Peter came over and without a word knelt and took my wet cock in his mouth cleaning my creamy mix from Meg’s arse down his throat making a humming sound as he sucked me off, one hand under me fingering my slightly wet arsehole which had been moist all the time play had been under way, the girls giving such a horny display I had enjoyed so much. Peter turned me round with my bottom facing him, pulling me on to his face, his stiff tongue sliding into my entrance making my legs shake and me shiver with delight. He knew how to turn me on without the slightest of effort my inner being wanting his cock inside me switching on the thrills and pleasure I enjoyed from a nice cock fucking me slowly and deeply till my own inner juices joined the pre cum of the cock delighting me to produce another loss of care for rules but the need to feel this abandoned freedom to my pleasures. The cock came in at last and I nearly shouted out with delight as it forced me wider and filled my passage expanding as it moved within me a grunt passing from my lips as a wave of excitement and pulses of pleasure darted through me making me push back to meet the on coming thrusts from Perter’s firm pulsing cock. Fully home his balls slapping my bottom as he thrust his weapon of delight home again and again, the level of feeling increasing with each stroke and my mind in heaven, as he shot his gift deep within my demanding passage filling it full of lovely warm pleasant tasting creamy cum. Peter left his cock inside and slowly carried on his move within me this bringing more electric shocks of pleasure to me and my legs going to putty making standing hard to maintain, god that fuck was so good, every time I have anal sex it seems as if my feeling for it improves and magnifies my pleasure but also giving me naughty thoughts of fantasies my future would like to indulge in. The future would prove this to be so as my time left at school was coming fast to an end and a return to home living would bring me back in contact with people now growing up like me with other ideas on sex from our parents generation.

Pauler and Meg went on to have a great times meeting at the Mill, both being bi so cock was often on the menu shared on many occasions between them, Peter and I had a lot more sex before I left Dover for good and he came to see me in Wembley a few times, my Mother allowing him to stay thinking him an old school pal.


I must confess I am enjoying unloading all these things from my past and hope at least one person reading these records will enjoy them to, my next one will have a new title as it will be a record of things between 1958 and 61 so I will call it Being Bi at Home 1958 – 61 Hope you will follow it folks. Julian.