I Fucked my pregnant patient when she asks for it

I was practicing as a general physician in a rural community and would often see cases that were out of my scope. However, as I was the nearest doctor, I would see a lot of local patients with various ailments. One day, a skinny and heavily pregnant woman came to my office and boy did that session last. She seemed young and was unmarried. And when she came in, I oblige to her request and I fucked my pregnant patient.

When she came to the clinic, it was almost closing time. I had asked her to sit comfortably in a chair, but she chose to sit in one that had stirrups to lift the feet. “What is ailing you?” I asked and she said, “Well, my belly has swollen and my hole is itching.” I was surprised thinking she didn’t know she was pregnant. “You have a baby inside you,” I told her. “How did it get in?” she asked. I pointed to her pussy hole but didn’t touch it. However, she touched herself and began rubbing that tight little hole. She also inserted one finger in there and started to gyrate her hips. I was human after all and watching this in front of me, made me hard. I grabbed my cock, squeezing it, willing it to stop. But it didn’t.

“Doctor can you help me?’ she mewled. “What can I do?” I asked her. She pointed to her cunt making a pitiful face. I was hot for pregnant women anyway, and I would be attracted by their bellies, boobs and buttocks. This was my secret fetish, that I wanted to fuck pregnant women. And somehow, now, one was sitting in front of me pointing to her naked pussy. So, I put on my gloves and sat near her legs. I parted her wet folds and let her remove her fingers. I pushed one finger inside and it went quite easily. She was watching me as I pulled that finger out and she said, “Again, again.” So, I did it again. I pushed one finger in, felt around her pussy and pulled it back out. Now I was horny too.

I parted her folds and saw her glistening clit. It was swollen and begging me for attention. So, I started rubbing her folds, allowing her to enjoy the sensations. I rubbed her clit and massaged it with two fingers. It was like pinching something, but more gently. Liquid began to come out of her pussy as I touched and rubbed her clitoris. “Here doctor, here,” she said pointing to her boobs. She was already removing her top to reveal her breasts.

She was not wearing a bra and her naked boobs were large like melons. I took off my gloves and stood up taking both breasts in my hand. I pressed them gently and heard her hum of satisfaction. Then I began pressing and rubbing her breasts as my cock began standing up. She touched my cock and watched in fascination as it grew in size. She smiled and licked her lips, playing with my cock. I was getting pleasure and I wanted to just go wild. But she was pregnant, hence, I played with her breasts. But with time, I wanted to press her boobs harder and suck her nipples. So, I massaged them harder and plumped one boob to take the nipple in my mouth. Her nipple was rigid and I licked it first. Then I began sucking on it, nibbling gently as I was massaging her domes.

I wanted to move away, but she pulled me by my cock and put her legs up in the stirrups. I could see her glistening pussy and she was pulling me by my cock towards it. I was getting hornier by the minute and I felt out of control. She rubbed her vulva with my cock head and that was the deciding moment for me. I pushed in and fucked my pregnant patient.

My cock slid in smoothly and I was engulfed in her warm channel. I slowly moved in and out of her pussy. I couldn’t have rough sex with her because of her pregnancy. But her body was hot and she wanted my cock. I was still pressing and massaging her boobs gently while fucking her pussy. Her head was pulled back in pleasure as I thrust in and out of her hole.

I reached out to her clit and rubbed it. She was so sensitive that she shivered and she came. I stopped fucking her that moment and pulled out. Instead, I watched her pregnant body and masturbated. Her round boobs, full of milk and her pregnant belly. Just watching her while rubbing myself made me orgasm hard. I bent as I let out loads and loads of semen. I hadn’t had sex in months and today I had so much.

That patient left after saying that she was good now. I didn’t see her after that, but still think of her when I want something to masturbate to. Luck plays an important role in life but my fetish sex of how I fucked my pregnant patient is different for me.