Back from holiday

Back from holiday new family opposite Mum Dad boy 13approx girl 14 approx

After we got home things went back to normal June never spoke about what happened and and I never brought it up after we’ve been home a week we had some new neighbours moved in opposite us man and his wife if a girl 14 approximately and the boy maybe 12
About 6 weeks gone past a neighbour down asked if I could check our security camera has someone tried to break into his house while I was checking it I saw June talking to the boy opposite she had not mentioned this to me but I thought nothing of it it
Weeks pasted and i come home one evening June was doing Dinner I sat on the settee I saw that on the arm what look like sweet paper I got it and it was a kit kat I know this could have not been June
as she did not eat chocolate when she came in in I asked her if she had a good day as she works from home yes she said that was all she said .
Two weeks later there was a muddy foot print on the patio by the patio doors you can not get into our garden with coming into the house.
I ask June had she seen anyone she said no.
I looked on the security cam I saw that June was talking to the boy opposite and they had come into the house
I ask a friend that was into security camer if he could get me three very small ones he did about a week later I put one in the bedroom another in the living room one in kitchen.
I was due to go on a company trip for two day the next week late Sunday back late on Tuesday I took my computer with me
Monday evening I opened up the cams June was in the living room door bell went time was 1400 I checked the outside cam it was the boy opposite she let him in they went into the living room June got drinks she sat opposite him I could only make out a little of the conversation
June had on a dress that was a little short she had her legs open .
I thought why did she have her legs opening in front of the boy I heard her say something about the view and look down he was look up her dress
June got up and went went to the bedroom I switch cams to the bed room i saw her take off her knickers the I switch cam back to living room she walk in and sat opposite the boy and opened her legs I saw the boy was staring up her dress June was asking him if he liked what he saw he just nodded June layer back pulled her dress up and fully opened her legs the boy just looked June had her hands between her leg I presumed she was playing with her self after a while she went a sat next to the boy she call him Peter she got his hand and put it between her legs and with her hand was rubbing her self.
With her other hand she took out Peters cock and was playing with it within seconds Peter had come all over June hand Peter pulled his hand away from between June legs got up put he’s cock away said sorry and ran out .
June sat there licking her hands and rubbing her self putting her fingers up herself she soon come I had a wank
Before I left on Tuesday afternoon I open the cams up but saw nothing.
When I got home had dinner talked
to June she said nothing about what had gone on with the boy in bed we made love for three hours a record.
Over the next few week all was good
I checked the cameras each day
6 six went bye then thursday was my late day a work so I would not get in until 1030 .I had finished my work so I checked the cameras
There was someone a the door at 1530 so I looked it was the girl opposite June let her in they were a long time getting into the living room
they both sat down June was talking she called her joann June got some drinks and sat back down they were talking then they both got up i opened bedroom camera June was sitting on bed Ann was standing in front of her
Will let you know what took place later