Bad Mom 3

Chapter Three:

The rain hadn’t lessened any. It was dark as Alicia drove home from the health club. The raindrops refracted the glow from lights momentarily, then were swept aside by the rhythmically swishing wipers. Alicia drove in a daze, hardly able to believe she had been fucked at the spa, not wanting to even think about it. She just wanted to get home and shower the smell of that boy off her, then soak in the hot-tub with a drink in one hand. She needed to pull herself together.

She hadn’t bothered to shower at the spa. Now, here she sat behind the wheel, sweaty and oily beneath her clothing, sticky between her legs. Thomas’s cum seeped from between her cuntlips, keeping her crotch slick and wet. She just wanted to get home and…

Wash away the evidence? She asked herself. You think it’s that easy to undo what you’ve done? Don’t bet on it, you faithless wife. You’re as bad as Zenobia — maybe worse. Zenobia may have fucked a stableboy or two in her time, but has she ever jacked off her own son, as you did this afternoon?

Alicia tromped on the accelerator, cutting out into the passing lane and joining all the other freeway maniacs in their mad rush. She was home in what seemed like minutes.

She slipped in the front door as quietly as she could, as if she were going to burglarize her own house. She didn’t feel she could face anybody tonight. She just wanted a shower, a hot soak, a nightcap, and a warm bed. Tomorrow she would wake up and it would be new day and she could start fresh.

She removed her shoes in the foyer, listening to Shawn banging on the piano in the music room at the other end of the house. He was playing a fast, fiery piece and she was glad for it. His playing would block out any sounds she made.

She tiptoed down the hall, her bare feet sinking deep into the plush carpet, and she made it onto the basement stairs without meeting either Ricky or Mark. She didn’t know where either of them were tonight, and she didn’t care — even if they were out running around in the rain. She just didn’t want to confront them.

She went through the game room without bothering to turn on the overhead lights. Then she headed down the hall toward the hot-tub room at the far end of it. Immediately upon stepping into the dark hallway, she hesitated.

The door of the hot-tub room was open a few inches and a light was beaming into the hallway. Either somebody had left on the over head lights in the hot-tub room or somebody was in there now.

She bypassed the basement bathroom with its shower and crept toward the hot-tub room. If one of the boys was in the hot-tub, she’d give up all ideas of a quick shower and a soak. She’d clean up in her private bathroom adjoining her bedroom and lock herself in for the night. She just didn’t want to talk to anybody tonight.

She was almost to the door when she heard splashing and some muffled squeaking.

“Mark, don’t!” A girlish voice squealed. “Mark —” the words were drowned out and became more muffled squeaks.

Alicia moved to the door and peeked into the room.

Mark, his body naked and glistening with water, stood up in the sunken hot-tub, crushing a naked girl in his arms and kissing her violently on the mouth. She squirmed in his arms, squealing and mumbling into his open mouth, chocking on his tongue. Mark rubbed against her, humping his cock at her wet belly, sliding his muscles against her tits. He stood a full head taller than she was. Her wavy blond hair dangled a little past her shoulders as he bore down on her, bending her head back and kissing her as if he wanted to shove his tongue all the way down her gullet.

Alicia’s first impulse was to turn and walk away as if she hadn’t seen a thing. She was shocked, but what could she do? She surely wasn’t going to burst into the room and embarrass the two teenagers. She would just walk away and pretend she’d never come down here. She lingered for a few moments, having a hard time tearing her eyes away. Mark lifted one of the girl’s legs, reached down and maneuvered his cock into position. He fucked his prick up her pussy as easily as if he were zipping up his pants.

Alicia froze where she stood.

Mark drew his mouth away from the girl’s lips. She was gasping.

“Oh Mark, don’t, oh God!”

Mark got his hands under her ass and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around his hips, clinging to him with her arms around his neck. Mark bounced her up and down on his cock as if she weighed as much as a plastic doll, his big hands juggling her asscheeks.

The girl’s eyes rolled drunkenly and she kept gasping as she slipped up and down on Mark’s massive cocklance.

“Mark, we can’t do it here. Oh Mark, God, we can’t do this here. Oh, it feels so good, Mark, Jesus!”

“Don’t worry,” Mark said, licking her up-turned little nose. “I told you, nobody’s gonna see us. My brothers never come down here at night. One’s pounding on the piano and the other one’s scared of the dark. And my mom is out eating or something. She’s always gone in the evening.”

Only because Hilda is such a bitch in the evenings, Alicia wanted to tell him. I can’t stand being around this place when Hilda starts her evening bitching.

“And the maid is on vacation,” Mark said. “The hot-tub is ours. Christ, you’re hot in there! Your pussy feels like a furnace.”

The girl tossed her head deliriously. “Oh Mark, your cock is so big!”

“Ain’t it, though!” Mark was grinning, humping upward as he bounced the slender girl up and down, driving his fuck-spike inside her. “Bet you’ve never had one so big. Bet you’re getting a real nice stretch.”

The girl was half-moaning, half-whimpering. She wriggled against Mark’s muscular front, rubbing her rubbery young tits hard against him. “Oh God, deeper! Harder! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Mark growled, crushing her in a fierce embrace. His hips worked like a machine, his ass cheeks contracting, his big prick grinding inside the young girl.

The girl’s toes clutched and wriggled, crossing and uncrossing, flexing and spreading. Mark chewed on the side of her neck and she let her head fall back. Her hair floated on the glinting water.

“Oh Mark, oh Mark! Oh God, that’s good!”

The boy grinned, fucking into the deliriously squirming girl. He gripped her around the waist now, his big hands nearly encircling it. He jerked her slender body up and down as if she were a jack-off toy he was working up and down on his big fuck-tool. His juice-slick cock disappeared inside her again and again. Trickles of pussy cream ran from her pussy, dribbling like a thin sap over Mark’s hugely swollen balls.

“Squirm, you hot little bitch! Yeah, wiggle!” Mark craned his head downward, licking and biting at the whimpering girl’s neck and tits, as if he wanted to devour her. He wrapped his lips around one of her stiff nipples and sucked hard.

She snapped her head from side to side, her eyes rolling back. “I’m coming!” She moaned. “Oh, I’m coming, Mark! Ooohhh!”

Mark rammed his cock in her spasming pussy-hole until she squealed. Her body kept jerking and vibrating as the spasms ripped through her cock-stuffed cunt.

“Oh Mark!” She sighed. “Oh yessss!”

As her orgasm subsided, she fell back, her legs unraveling from around Mark’s loins. He pushed her away, letting her slip off his rampant cock.

Alicia had to stifle a mumble of surprise as she glimpsed her oldest son’s cock. It stood up at an acute angle to his flat belly, drenched with the girls’ slick fuck juices and gleaming. His prick appeared even larger and thicker than Thomas’s cock. As the big cock throbbed, Alicia salivated, her cunt tightening and saturated with an itch that made her want to moan. She had to biter her lip again to keep quiet.

“Bend over,” Mark said. He grabbed the dizzy girl and turned here away from him. Then he pushed her forward, bending her over until her tits were mashed to the floor outside the sunken tub.

“Don’t be so rough,” the girl said. “And gimme a chance to cool off a little.”

“Quit complaining and turn up your ass. Gimme a good look at it.”

Mark pushed down on her lower back until she arched it, shoving her ass up at him. He massaged her creamy-white asscheeks, spreading them and rubbing his prick up and down between them. Then he shoved his cock down lower so he could fuck it into her cunt again.

“Not so fast,” the girl complained. “Gimme a few minutes, huh? It’s real sensitive in there right now.”

“I’ll bet it is,” Mark said, and he rammed.

The girl snapped her head back, gasping. “Oh, Jesus Christ!”

Mark laughed, fucking his cock in and out. His belly smacked her ass rhythmically.

The girl’s eyes nearly popped out. She gasped and panted as if she were having a baby.

Mark hunched over her, his back rounded. He hugged her ass to his lower belly, grinding his cock inside her cunt, laughing as she squirmed.

The girl was helpless under him. She gasped and whimpered, wiggling her ass as Mark reamed out her super-sensitive cunt. After a few minutes, she stopped complaining and started to moan.

“Oh Mark, give it to me! Screw me, make me come again!”

Mark fucked his cock in and out slowly. She begged him for more, begged him to fuck faster, harder.

“You getting close?” He asked.

“Yeahhh!” She breathed, grinding her ass against his belly.

“Good,” he said, and he pulled his cock out of her pussy.

She moaned. “Mark, don’t tease me.”

“You want me to shove it back in?”

“Oh God, yes!”

He spread her asscheeks, rubbing his pussy-juiced cock up and down between them.

She squirmed, moaning. “Come on, Mark, quit teasing. Shove it back in.”

The boy’s cockhead ground like a fist against her tiny pink ass pucker.

“Quit teasing,” she whimpered. “Fuck me, damn it!”

The boy grinned wickedly. Suddenly, he thrust hard, his hips grinding. His prickhead split her assring wide open and fucked inside her asshole.

She arched her back, trembling, her eyes wide open in shock. “Mark, no!”

“Mark, yes!” The boy growled. He fucked his cock up her asshole until every inch of it had disappeared inside her.

The girl wriggled like a speared eel. “Oh, Jesus Christ! Oh, please stop!”

“Mmm, you’re tight,” Mark breathed, his face flushed crimson. “Your asshole is so nice and tight and hot! Oh wowww!” He eased his cock halfway out, then fucked it back in. Before the girl could stop gasping enough to say anything, Mark had settled into a fast fucking rhythm.

She whimpered, tears running down her cheeks as Mark fucked her asshole. “It hurts,” she sobbed. “Oh, it hurts!”

“Feels so good!” Mark muttered, his teeth clenched. “Mmm, I’m gonna fuck you all night!” His muscles rippled as he hunched over the helpless girl, grinding his huge fucker in her raped asshole.

Alicia thought she must be having a nightmare. How could Mark do such a thing? It was not only cruel, but perverted. There was her oldest son, committing a vicious rape upon a young girl’s asshole.

“Mmm, you tight little bitch, move that ass!”

He gnawed on her shoulders, bit at her neck through her silky blonde hair. His ass rotated, ass cheeks contracting. His cock fucked in and out of the young girl’s asshole.

Alicia couldn’t believe such a thick, hard, long cock could actually be fucking such a tiny asshole. She expected to see blood gushing from the young girl’s asshole, but all she saw was Mark’s thick cock, like an ivory tusk, sliding easily in and out.

The girl stopped sobbing and lay there passively, letting the grunting boy fuck her asshole. After a minute she even stopped wincing. Suddenly, she was wiggling her ass in sensuous circles, grinding her asshole around and around on Mark’s fucking cock.

“Yeahhh!” He growled. “That’s it. Fuck that cock! Oh yeah!”

“Feels good!” The girl cried. “Oh Mark, I’ve never done this before! Oh God, I never knew it felt so good!”

“Shut up and fuck,” Mark said, biting her hair and ripping at it playfully. “Come on, you pretty bitch, wiggle that ass, suck that cock with your asshole!”

He straightened up, swinging his hips and fucking his cock in and out of sucking shithole. He reached forward, getting his hands under her so he could play with her tits. He twisted on her nipples, tweaked and stretched them.

The girl arched back, her eyes rolling, her head nodding drunkenly from side to side. Her ass wiggled in tight little circles, devouring the boy’s cock again and again. She’d sucked in her gut and her waistline looked tiny.

Mark fucked hard, ramming his fucker up her rotating ass, smacking his belly against her ass with a quick, intense rhythm. They grunted in unison, moaning, mumbling. Mark’s cock made squishing sounds inside her asshole.

“I think I can come like this,” the girl gasped, looking more delirious by the moment.

“Never fucked a chick who couldn’t,” Mark muttered. “They all love it up the ass.” He slapped her ass playfully, fucking her faster and faster.

They reached a fucking frenzy within seconds. They looked as if they meant to destroy each other as he slammed her ass against his abdomen and as he rammed his cock up her ass like a piledriver. Pussy juice ran out of her cunt and down the insides of her thighs.

Mark fucked his cock in to the hilt, his eyes showing only their whites. He jerked fiercely, letting out a loud groan.

Alicia thought she could hear her son’s cum spurting and splashing inside the girl’s asshole.

The girl jerked as if she’d been shot. She was shaking, wriggling like an eel. “Ohhh Mark, I’m coming! Shoot it!”

“Fuck youuuu!” The boy grunted. “Oh, fuck your ass!” He pounded her ass with his belly, driving his cock in with sharp fuck-thrusts. “Take it, bitch, take it all!”

The girl writhed as if in pain. The expression of ecstasy on her face, however, showed that she was in anything but pain. She churned her ass in tight circles, vacuuming the cum from the boy’s flexing, exploding cock. Mark hunched over her, fucking her ass, whimpering with pleasure as the last of his cum was sucked out.