Best Laid Plans Part 3 – Chapter 6

After a fun-filled weekend, Ted was getting ready to leave for work on Monday when he found Kate in the kitchen. She stood with her back to him, wearing nothing but thong panties. His eyes went to her beautiful behind, and visions of anal pleasures washed through his mind.

Walking up behind her, Ted put his arms around her middle. “I’m glad you didn’t get overdressed this morning.”

“Do you like what I selected?” she asked. 

He reached down and slid his hand under the thong, and cupped her pussy from behind. After running his fingers through her pussy, eliciting moans of pleasure from her, he started to withdraw his hand when he came in contact with the jeweled end of the butt plug, which protruded from her ass.

Grasping the jeweled end between his fingers, he tugged and twisted on it, making Kate squirm and moan again.

“I take it that you like it up your ass?”

“You have no idea, darling. I put it in after my shower this morning. My pussy has been dripping and aching with need from that moment on, imagining how good it would feel to have you impale me with your beautiful cock. I never realized just how much pleasure it would provide me.

“I thought I might be able to tempt you to stay home today and call in sick.”

He moved his hands up to cup her breasts. “Maybe I’ll come home for lunch,” Ted suggested.

“Why wait for lunch when you can have me right now?”

“Woman, I like the way you think. This might be just what I need before I go in to work. It might help to alleviate my stress. However, if you enjoy this as much as I think you will, I promise to return to that task when I return home.”

“You smooth-talking devil, I will be waiting for you, ready to accommodate your need.”

“Enough chit-chat. Place your hands on the table, lean forward, and raise your ass as high as possible.”

He dropped to his knees, slid the thong down over her luscious ass, and nudged her legs wide.

Lovingly he pulled on the butt plug till it popped out of her. Parting her ass cheeks, he nuzzled between them and brought his tongue to her pink pucker to rim her.

Kate squealed in surprise and tried to clench her asscheeks.

“Relax, love, just enjoy, as it will make it much easier for me to fuck your ass.”

“It feels so good. You caught me by surprise. Please don’t stop.”

“I have no intention of stopping,” he said, prizing her open again. He started forcing his tongue into her ass to the ever-increasing moans coming from Kate. When he had liberally coated her with saliva, he inserted a finger. He discovered she was well lubricated from the butt plug.

Coating his cock with a liberal dose of saliva, he placed it against her pucker and gently pushed forward. After a moment of resistance, the head was lodged in the incredible tightness of her ass. He paused to let her adjust. However, Kate took charge and thrust her hips back, forcing his whole length deep into her ass. Kate got up on her toes and thrust her ass back at him repeatedly while babbling and moaning.

“Yes, Ted, take my ass, take all of me. I’m all yours. I love you.”

As he kept fucking that delightful warm tight hole, he slid his hand around and found her clit, which he teased between his two fingers. Of course, that made her tighten even more around his throbbing shaft.

“Kate, I won’t be able to hold back much longer.”

“Don’t hold back, baby. I’m about to cum. Hose my ass with your cum.”

As Kate began to shudder in her climax, Ted erupted, releasing his hot cum into her.

They remained joined as they stayed motionless till Ted reluctantly pulled out.

Kate straightened up, turned and took Ted in her arms, and kissed him passionately.

“Oh, where have you been all my life,” she said.

“Waiting for you,” he replied, smiling.


“Love, I must do a few things at the office,” he told her. “But I do have a question before I go. Were you serious about turning a room in your house into an office for me?”

Kate quickly turned around, looking up at Ted’s face. “Was I serious? Absolutely. Are you considering it?”

“I’ve been playing with the idea. But, at this point, I don’t know what’s possible and will have to investigate.”

“Oh, please do, Ted. After ten days with you, I’m convinced I don’t want to be without you.”

Ted pulled her tightly to his chest and kissed her. “I’ll call you later. Maybe we can meet for lunch.”

“Let me know,” she grinned. “If I have to go out, I’ll need to cover these,” Kate said as she rolled her hands over her perfect breasts.

Ted swatted her butt, saying, “You just keep everything warm for me. Gotta go.”


Once at the office, Ted met with his new assistant, Julie, and gave her assignments for the week. “These are the things I want you to work on this week, but I understand our priorities change minute to minute based on our client’s needs. We need to be able to go with the flow. If you’re ever in doubt, ask me.”

When Julie returned to her desk, Ted hung up his jacket, sat at his desk, and called Wild Bill.

“Good morning, ole son,” Bill said when he answered his phone. “What’s goin’ on in your world to make you call me before 10:00?”

“If you have some time, Bill, I’d like to get your thoughts on some things that don’t necessarily have to do with our mutual business. So I’d say it’s more personal.”

“Sure, Ted,” Bill replied seriously. “You know I’m happy to help you in any way I can.”

“Let me bring you up to speed on a few things,” Ted began. “You know it was just over six months ago Pam and I spent the weekend at your corporate getaway. You saw that we were as happy as two people can be. Once we were home, life continued as it had been. We had no problems. That is, except me. Meaning, I was the problem.”

“You been foolin’ around on that sweet thing?” Bill asked.

“No, sir. I’m just not smart enough for that. I’m just like a loyal puppy. So once I’m saddled up, I’m not changing rides,” Ted explained. “About two weeks ago, Pam announced that her mother would stay with her for two weeks. I wasn’t overly happy about the idea because I understood it would cause us to change our normal weekly pattern. However, once her mother arrived, Pam announced that she had accepted a job offer with Wilson & Decker in Dallas.”

“Damn!” Bill broke in. “I don’t like the idea of my best team breaking up.”

“It certainly wasn’t in my plans, but I was and am thrilled for Pam. She is much too talented to continue working as my assistant.”

“I’m glad you can look at it that way, Ted. I’ve always known that you’re a very generous man. I’m sure you made her feel better about her decision. No doubt it was a difficult one for her to make.”

“Well, now,” Ted said with a sigh. “That’s the first part of the story. Pam picked me out a new assistant and got her ready to hit the ground running. She’s a delightful young woman, and I have no doubt that she’ll be an excellent assistant. But that’s not the problem.”

“Give it to me, ole son. Let’s get ‘er done.”

“Right,” Ted said. “The problem is Pam’s mother.”

“Why’s that?” Bill asked. “Is she a cranky old bitch that was pissed you were shaggin’ her daughter?”

“That couldn’t be farther from the truth, Bill. Kate is what we call drop-dead gorgeous. She is centerfold beautiful with a perfect body. We took Pam to the airport and then stopped at an old watering hole from my past for a drink. While there, Kate explained that Pam’s objective was to set us up together. Pam understood that I couldn’t deal with our age difference. She knew our relationship could never go any farther than sex and be hidden from others.”

“Let me get this straight,” Bill offered. “Pam left you with her beautiful mother with the idea of playing matchmaker? Is that about it?”

“You got it,” Ted replied. “And her plan worked. Kate and I were in bed together within two hours of Pam’s leaving. Of course, Kate is pushing fifty, so age is not a problem. But, then, she’s just about the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known. Now toss in the fact she loves sex and thinks I’m a wizard in bed.”

“Holy shit, son,” Bill said. “It sounds like you fell into a bucket of assholes and came out smelling like a rose. You must be livin’ right.”

“Without question, the Good Lord is smiling on me, Bill. But now it creates problems. Kate is a widow and lives about four hours away. Her husband passed away several years ago, and she inherited his business, which is quite profitable. She has asked me to come live with her in her recently-built home and offered to turn one of the bedrooms into an office for me.”

“I didn’t think the story could get any better,” Bill laughed, “But it did.”

“Here’s what I’m thinking,” Ted said. “I’ll talk to the big boss and see if I can arrange to work from home. In this case, it would be Kate’s home. I could take a reduction in pay and maintain fewer clients. I would, of course, keep your business.”

“You’re damned right you’d keep my business. Do you think that moron would take your offer?”

“No, I really don’t,” Ted answered. “You know the man is the worst kind of prick and likes to keep his thumb on people. The only thing that might interest him is that he would pay me less.”

“And now you want my opinion on your options?” Bill asked.

“I do, Bill. You know how much I appreciate your business skills. How do you think I could present my options to him that would allow him to agree?”

“Are you considering this a partial retirement?”

“I suppose it’s a move in that direction,” Ted allowed. “But I see something I want for the first time in many years. I’ve found something that stirs and excites me. But I know I can’t just walk away from clients like you. We have a bond that I don’t want to give up.”

“Give me a little time here, ole son. Let me take a while to consider some possibilities, and I’ll call you back.”

“Thanks, Bill. I’ll be right here.”

Ted hung up the phone feeling good about sharing his thoughts with Bill. It was the first step toward making a life-changing decision. He closed his eyes and pictured Kate in the kitchen this morning. Ted had a growing feeling in his gut that moving in with Kate was the right thing to do. On the surface, the idea of giving up his job to live with a woman he had known for ten days seemed idiotic. But his heart and his gut had a totally different outlook. Finally, the little voice in his head said, “Yes, Ted. Go for it!”


Less than two hours later, Wild Bill called Ted back. “I’ve got an idea that may work, Ted. I’ll be coming in to see you on Thursday. So please don’t do anything until I arrive.”

“You want to give me a hint about what you have planned,” Ted asked.

“No, I don’t have it all fleshed out just yet. I’ll clue you in on Thursday. But I would like you to do something. Give me a list of the clients you would like to keep if you work remotely. I think you’d want to keep my business and maybe two more. Just send me an email with your list.”

“I’ll wait until Thursday to take any action. Maybe we could have dinner together, and you could meet Kate,” Ted suggested.

“I think that would be a great idea,” Ted replied. “If this woman is as beautiful as you say, I need to meet her. You pick a place and make a reservation.”

After the call ended, Ted wondered what Bill had up his sleeve and got his client list to study.


Ted was expecting Bill to arrive around 2:00 on Thursday afternoon. However, he didn’t know that Bill arrived at their building just before 1:00. Instead, he approached the receptionist, saying, “I’m Bill Mason. I have a 1:00 appointment with Richard Spencer.”

“Yes, sir,” the receptionist replied. “Our President is on the phone at the moment, but I’ll announce you to his assistant.”

Bill stood there impatiently until Spencer’s assistant came into the reception area. “Mr. Mason, how nice to see you. If you come with me, I’ll take you to Mr. Spencer’s office. He’s on a telephone call and asked me to bring you back.”

When Bill reached the company’s executive suite, he heard Spencer call out, “Bill, come on in.”

Spencer stood when Bill entered his office and offered his hand. “Good to see you again, Bill. Can I get you something to drink?”

“No thanks, Richard,” Bill answered as he sat in front of the President’s ostentatious desk.

Spencer took his seat, offering, “It looks like your business is still excellent. You know we are dedicated to making it better each year.”

“Oh, come on, Richard,” Bill said, sounding peeved. “You don’t know shit about my business. If it wasn’t for Ted Hanson, you wouldn’t have it. That man is the best thing that ever happened to you, but you’re too stupid to know that. I’ve come here to talk to you about Ted. I want you to shut up and listen. Try not to fall asleep.”

Spencer was shocked at Bill’s remarks but sat quietly while Bill took some papers from his briefcase. After all, Bill represented one of their largest clients.


“Unlike you,” Bill said, “I understand what a jewel Ted is. He knows my business as well as I do and runs it like his own. He makes me look like a star, and I can never be grateful enough.” Bill looked up from his papers. “Ted has decided to retire and move away from here. If that happens, I’ll have to start from scratch, which I don’t want to do.”

Spencer smiled, “Bill, we have many other talented Account Executives. I’ll be happy to move your account to anyone you choose.”

“You aren’t listening, Richard. I don’t want another person on my account. I want Ted; you will see he’s kept on board. I’ll move my business if you don’t do exactly what I tell you. In fact, here is the letter stating that your company will cease to represent mine, effective in thirty days. I believe our contract stipulates a written announcement.”

Spencer looked confused as he reached out to take the envelope from Bill.

“My company’s President and Vice President have been copied on that letter.”

“But I don’t understand,” Spencer whined. “We’ve done an excellent job for you.”

“See, there you go,” Bill growled. “You keep suggesting that ‘you’ are making my business better. You are not. Ted is running my business; without him, my business turns to shit. That’s why you are going to arrange to keep him.”

While Spencer was reading the letter, Bill continued. “I have a plan for you to retain Ted. I’m going to outline it now. First, you will allow Ted to work remotely. He wants to move to a different city.”

“I’ve never allowed anyone to work from outside this office,” Spencer insisted.

“That has been your track record,” Bill replied. “At least, until now. If you allow him to work remotely, it will be possible for you to retain my business. Secondly, you will cut Ted’s list to three clients from its current ridiculous level.”

Bill handed Spencer a piece of paper. “Here is a list of clients he will have.”

“This is outrageous!” Spencer said with wide eyes.

“Not if you plan to keep my business,” Bill insisted. “You can cut Ted’s salary due to his restricted workload. His new salary will be $100,000 a year. The money you save on his salary will help you compensate the others picking up his accounts.”

“Why would I continue to pay him a hundred grand when he only handles three accounts?” Spencer huffed.

“Because by doing so, you will keep my business. Otherwise, I will send the letter of termination to my home office. The last time I looked, Richard, your company was raking in half a million dollars by representing my company. Can you afford to give up that kind of revenue by being an ignorant asshole?”

Spencer was too stunned to speak.

“If you don’t follow my directions, Ted will resign and retire. That’s option one. The second option is I hire him to work for me to do the same thing he’s doing now. I’ll pay him $100,000 yearly to represent just one company, and my company will pocket the $500,000 I’m currently paying you. The third option would be that he gets hired by Wilson & Decker, and I give my business to them. But, again, if you follow my directions, nothing changes, and you continue collecting money from me.”

Bill could tell that things were beginning to clear up for Spencer.

“I have everything written down right here,” Bill said, handing Spencer another piece of paper. “Ted will agree to spend one week in this office at least every two months. He will retain his assistant and his office. Ted will retain his status as a full-time employee and keep his company insurance package. When he comes here, you will pay for his hotel and meals. I think that about covers it.”

“You have no other demands on how I run my business?” Spencer said with a snarl.

“Oh, Richard, these aren’t demands. No, not at all. I’m simply pointing out what you must do to keep Ted working for you and my business. I have no devotion to you or your company. My goal is to make my company the best it can be, and my decision is that it can only be its best with Ted Hanson at the helm.”

Bill closed his briefcase and stood. “Now, I’m going to Ted’s office to discuss my company business. I expect to be there until 4:00. If, before I leave, you come down and ask Ted to stay under the listed conditions, I will not mail the termination letter to my company officials. But, if you fail to do so, tomorrow, you will have a letter from Ted giving you his two-week notice, and he will look into his other options. It is now your decision.”

When Bill reached Spencer’s door, he stopped and turned back. “By the way, Richard. If you think you can put a stranglehold on Ted by withholding his income, forget it. Unlike me, you’ve never bothered to talk with him. If you had, you would know that he is independently wealthy. I would not be surprised if he has more in the bank than you. He works for the pleasure of it.”

Bill turned back to the door and exited, leaving Spencer with a handful of paper.

The CEO sat down and frowned. “Son of a bitch,” he muttered.


Walking into Ted’s office, Bill surprised everyone. Ted was talking with a very attractive young woman, seemingly giving her instructions.

“Bill,” Ted said as he jumped up. “We weren’t expecting you until 2:00.” Then, quickly turning, Ted said, “Let me introduce you to my new assistant, Julie.”

Bill could only smile and take her hand. Julie was as much of a knockout as Pam. He would miss Pam, but working with Julie would soften the loss.

“I got in a little early,” Bill said, deciding not to give the entire story to Ted immediately.

“I was just bringing Julie up to date on your business,” Ted explained.

“Could I get you a cup of coffee?” Julie asked. “I just made a fresh pot.”

“At my age, Julie, I need coffee in the afternoon to keep me awake. Thank you. That would be nice.”

Bill removed his jacket and hung it over the back of a chair. “Have you picked a restaurant for us tonight?” he asked. “I’m anxious to meet Kate.”

“I have reservations at Zoe’s at 7:30. I remember you liked that place the last time we were there. Is 7:30 too late?” Ted asked.

“Not at all,” Bill answered as he rolled up his shirt sleeves and sat. “I’ll probably get there around 7:00 and spend some time at the bar. I remember an attractive barmaid from the last time we were there. She will probably enjoy my company.”

“No doubt,” Ted laughed. “You want to tell me what you’ve cooked up, Bill? I’m a little impatient now to get things rolling.”

“What time do you have?” Bill asked.

Ted looked at his wristwatch. “It’s about 1:20. Why?”

“First off, I wanted to see if you were wearing the Rolex I gave you, and second, I wanted to know what time it was. I expect to have an answer to your question by 4:00.”

“This is a nice watch,” Ted said with a grin. “You shouldn’t have.”

“Sure I should,” Bill laughed. “I want to keep you happy so you won’t consider a full retirement. I need to keep you working on my business.”

Ted looked at his door and lowered his voice. “I guess you’re surprised to learn that I have a new love interest just a few months after the trip Pam and I took to your getaway.”

“Not at all, ole son,” Bill replied. “We both knew that Pam was too young for you. When your pecker gives out, she’ll still need a regular supply of sexual attention. A woman twenty years older is a much wiser decision.”

Julie came in with coffee for both men. “I’ll just be at my desk if you need anything.”

When she was gone, Bill leaned toward Ted. “I’ll tell you that I got a good look at Pam the last morning you were there. She came waltzing through the room wearing that skimpy little red robe, showing me every inch of her amazing body. It seems you’ve made a good decision, but it must have been damned hard to give her up.”

“When you meet Kate, I think you’ll understand,” Ted said with a smile. “Now, let me show you what I’ve worked up on your new project.”


For the next two hours, Ted and Bill studied the plan that Ted was presenting for Bill’s approval.

“As usual,” Bill said as he sat back. “You’ve just outdone yourself. I think you’ve designed a masterful plan. Of course, you have my wholehearted approval. You might even have convinced me to buy your dinner tonight.”

As they laughed, Richard Spencer walked into Ted’s office. “Excuse me, gentlemen,” he said. “I just need a few minutes of your time, Ted, and I don’t think Bill will object to my interruption.”

“Certainly not,” Bill said as he rose and shook Richard’s hand. “It’s good to see you again, Richard.”

Getting Bill’s hint, Richard played along. “Good to see you too, Bill. I assume your business is rocking along with Ted in charge.”

“You just better know it,” Bill replied. “Ted has just created a new project for us that will increase our profits this year.”

“Excellent!” Spencer said, smiling at Bill. Then turning to Ted, the President said, “Ted, I’ve got a feeling that you might be considering retiring. Am I correct?”

Totally surprised, Ted could only say, “Well, yes, sir, I am considering it.”

“I thought you might be, and I have a suggestion that may work out for both of us. It’s just very timely that Bill is here to hear it. I’m going to suggest a partial retirement. In my plan, we would cut your workload considerably and allow you to work remotely. How does that sound?”

“How would you cut my workload?” Ted wanted to know.

Spencer held out a piece of paper. “I’d have you keep Bill’s business plus these other two. Since you would be working less but still producing major income for the company, I’d cut your salary to $100,000 yearly but keep your office and assistant. We would expect you to spend some time here, but not much.”

“That’s a wonderful offer, Richard. It couldn’t come at a better time.”

“If you’d like to try it, we could begin the first of the month. Then, of course, you’d keep all your office equipment and be tied into the company’s cloud to make things easier. I’ll give you a car allowance and keep you fully covered on our company insurance.”

Still flustered, Ted said, “It’s an exceptional offer, sir. If you’re serious, I’ll accept right now.”

“That’s fine, Ted,” the man said as he shook Ted’s hand. Then turning to Bill, he said, “As you can see, Bill, we are proud to have you as a client and happy to keep this excellent partnership between you and Ted. Do you approve of my plan?”

“Yes, sir, Richard,” Bill said, offering the man a friendly smile.

Patting Ted on the back, Spencer said, “We will be pleased and excited to see a few more years of partnership with Ted and your company. We would be heartbroken to lose Ted.”

Once the President was gone, Bill reached out to Ted. “Now, would you look at this? Your problem was solved before you could start beggin’. Does this make you happy, ole son?”

“It’s just unbelievable,” Ted replied. “He gave me everything I could possibly want. This is just fantastic.”

“I would have to agree with you,” Bill said as he put on his jacket and picked up his briefcase. “I’m gonna get out of here and see you at Zoe’s after 7:00. You’ve got time to get home and work in a little snog before you bring your beauty to meet me.”


Ted sat at his new desk in Kate’s back bedroom six weeks later. She had furnished it before he moved in, making it a workspace anyone would envy. He could look out onto Kate’s extensive backyard when he needed a minute to relax his mind.

While he looked out the window, Kate walked into the room and stood beside him. He looked up to see she was wearing a robe.

Kate untied the sash, letting the robe drop to the floor and reveal her luscious nude body to him. She leaned her butt against the desk, opened her legs, and asked, “How do you feel about a nooner?”

“I think I’d rather be a Dr. Pepper,” he said with a smile, his eyes feasting on her naked body.

“I don’t get it,” Kate said with a frown. “I offer you sex, and you want to be a Dr. Pepper?”

“Don’t you know their original slogan? Drink Dr. Pepper at 10:00, 2:00, and 4:00. Instead of a once-a-day nooner, I’d like mine at ten, two, and four.”

“Oh, you beautiful man,” Kate said as she leaned forward to kiss him.


Two weeks later, Kate was talking on the phone with Pam.

“You’re going to come home for Christmas?” Kate was asking.

“I hope you’re happy about it,” Pam said. “I have some time and would like to spend it with my favorite two people.”

“We’ll be thrilled to have you here, honey,” Kate insisted.

“Mom,” Pam said with a childlike quality in her voice. “Do you think we could all three sleep together?”


 To be continued