Kara the harem slave girl

A few years ago my girlfriend Amy and I went on vacation to a middle eastern country after about a week we were on the road with a rented car that Amy was driving, a horse drawn cart pulled out in front of us and we hit it hurting the boy driving it, when the police came they searched our car  and found pot so we were taken to the local police station and charged and then taken right to a judge. the judge said the charges are very serious and we could go to jail for a very long time but today is our lucky day, his royal highness is looking for  a few new girls for his harem so instead of you getting 10 years in prison you will get 2 years in his harem living a life of luxury, that’s if he excepts both of you. well being bathing suit models we should get excepted so we had no choice but to except the judges offer. and were shipped off to the palace. as soon as we arrived we were greeted by two maidens and lead to a large room with a big pool like bath. stripped naked and bathed then laid out on a table and all body hair removed then massaged then taken to a room with beds and told to rest, tomorrow is a big day we will be inspected and examined by a doctor, the next morning we  got up and were taken bare naked to a  large room with what looked like medical tables for inspection and a doctors examination, there were two large black men bare chested with baggy pants and funny hats holding swords guarding the room they both had smiles on their faces  seeing us naked we were so embarrassed I asked one of the maidens escorting us for something to cover up with she said get use to being naked. when we get our harem clothes  with see thru pantaloons a g string  and a bolaro vest they hide very little, we were told to get up on the examination table and the doctor examined us ,the next thing a know is were strapped spread eagle on the table and two men came over to us  and said this test is for our sexual sensitivity some girls love it and some hate it here we stimulate your clitoris, vagina and rectum and boobs in other words we edge and masturbate you to see how much stimulation you can take and then your allowed to relax for the rest of the day. the next day we were placed in a room with four other girls they were new like us one girl said she volunteered to be a slave girl in the harem for a life of luxury and pampering. then a well dressed man walked in he said welcome to his royal highness’s palace here you will live a life of luxury and pampering, you only job is to look beautiful and obey the eunicks, naughty girls get spanked and our whipmaster is very good at his job and loves punishing naughty slave girls. after the meeting Amy had a argument with one of the maidens the next thing that happened she was grabbed by two eunicks and taken away then all the girls were taken to a new room with special furniture, whips and paddles of all sizes, Amy was brought in naked and crying and tied by her hands on to rings on the ceiling and her feet spread tied to rings on the floor her toes barely reaching the floor she looked so beautiful with her pussy lips and butt hole exposed from behind, then the dreded whipmaster entered the room grabbed a whip that was hanging  and struck out in the air and a loud crack sounded. later I was told the whip is of special design used for harem slave girls it stings like fire but doesn’t cut or damage the skin and once a girl tastes it she’ll do anything to never taste it again, well the first lash was struck and amy begged please stop but it had no effect on the whip master after six lashes on amy’s beautiful now red butt she was taken down and led away for her butt to be rubbed with soothing ointment and to recover, we were taught the ways of the harem, how to dance and tease for his highness and his guests, most of the dances were completely naked in the two years in the harem I was spanked maybe 6 times but never whipped Amy was spanked but only whipped once. we were  asked if we would stay another year and said yes, it was really a life of luxury Except for the spankings, we were given jewels we ate the best food and were pampered , his highness would take us to his bed and when he didn’t we were stimulated by slave girls who would give us sexual massages when we finally left we were given 2 million dollars each and told as long as we keep our beauty we could return.