Big Sister Teaches 3 Little Boys

My name is Alvin and me and 2 of my friend’s Mike and Lucas all aged 11 Recently got taught everything we needed to know heres the story

The 3 of us Lived close eachother so we would always hangout in Mike’s house and he has a a big sister named Jenny she was 19 and she was hot she had around C cup and a slim body and a nice ass the 3 of us were going to puberty and were always horny we didn’t know a thing about sex yet let alone Masturbation the 3 of us always tried to find a way to see a girl naked we tried Peeping Jenny while she was changing or showering but failed because the door was always locked and there was no holes we could peek through we didn’t have phones at that time so we were stumped

But one day she asked the 3 of us if we were trying to peep on her multiple times we were shocked and denied it but she said that it was ok and that its normal for a boy our age to be like that

Jenny: if You want ill give you guys Materials you can use for masturbating instead

Me: Masturbation?

Jenny: You guys don’t know what masturbation is?

Mike: Yeah?

Jenny: Oh my god…. ok tell you what ill teach it to you guys just promise me to keep it a secret ok? Lets go up to my room

So we headed to her room and

Lucas: so what are you gonna teach us?

Jenny: Masturbation,Fapping,Jerking off whatever you wanna call it

Lucas: What’s that?

Jenny: Its when your dick is hard and you play with it and it feels good

Jenny: ok now ill teach you one by one Mike take off you shorts and lay on the bed

Mike was a little hesitant at first but took off his shorts and laid on the bed

Jenny: Ok now show me your dick

Mike takes off his underwear

Jenny then proceeds to show a picture of an Instagram girls in bikinis, Mike gets hard upon seeing hot girls

Jenny: ok now grab your dick with your hands and start stroking it up and down

Mike proceeds to do as she says and eventually dry came

Mike: Oh my god that was awesome

Jenny: i told you, go stand up and take a rest, Next

I went next and i did what mike did and took of my shorts and laid on the bed she then showed me a picture of girls in bikinis on her phone and i got hard

Me: It feels so good

Jenny: keep it up

I also eventually dry came aswell and now Lucas was up next

Jenny: ok your turn now Lucas

Lucas eventually just did what we did and came

After that she said

Jenny: ok guys i want you to keep it a secret, ill give you guys Pictures of these girls just please dont tell anyone

We ofcourse obliged and starting from there we would Jerk off everyday for around 4 months until one day

Comment if i should continue for part 2