A Countryside Sexual Encounter

I had moved to the countryside 8 months back. I had lost a lot of money while investing in the shares and thus, I went back to living on the fields. I used to plough and manage with my saving. I liked it here as everything was quiet and pollution free. Although, the thing that I missed the most was having sex and was looking for a sexual encounter in my life. There were hardly any women around. People had their vacation homes in this area and so, it was a little empty.

I was bored and so, decided to order some sex dolls for men. I used to even order magazines and just masturbate every night. I was just tired of my schedule.

The next day, I saw a couple coming in to a house opposite to mine. The woman had a slender body and pink lips. Her boobs were just big and perfect. I had a sudden feeling of grabbing them. I looked at her continuously and she did notice me. That night, I masturbated again while remembering that sexy woman.


The next day I heard someone at my door. To my surprise, it was the same woman. She was asking for some milk as she wanted to make some tea. She was wearing an off-shoulder top and I couldn’t help but notice her boobs again. I was much disoriented. To my utter dismay, I puller her towards me and grabbed her breasts. I just pulled her top down and started biting her nipples.

The woman seemed to enjoy that as she grabbed my hair. She then pulled my face and started kissing me. I took her inside. She opened the zip of my pants and started sucking my cock. She did it so well that I came immediately. I was very hungry as I was sleeping with a real woman after 8 long months and really needed a sexual encounter to happen.

I took her pants off and immediately inserted my dick in her vagina. She grabbed me and asked me to increase my speed. I followed what she told me. After we were done, we took some break. Then the woman told me to fuck her from behind. I was just so thrilled.

I grabbed her ass and inserted my dick in hers. While I was doing that, I spanked her several times. She seemed to like that and so, I spanked her harder. I also inserted my three fingers in the fronts of her vagina. She was already wet. And, forming a rhythm, I started the thumping with my fingers and cock. The woman was very excited and she came within minutes and so did I.

After a bit, someone was shouting Carrie. The woman quickly got up, wore her lingerie and dress and left. I figured her name was Carrie but, I did not understand her behaviour. She left without saying anything. Although, I had a great time and I did not have to masturbate that night.

However, I thought of going to her place the next morning as soon as I saw the mane leaving. She again pulled me in and fucked me uncontrollably. She told me that she was here for vacation and her husband was not good enough. She was actually looking for a fling and she was happy that she found me. I also got a neighbour cum sexual encounter friend for myself.