Boy/Boy Sex 2

When I had completed my secondary education my Mother took me for a week’s holiday in North Wales.

I had a delightful three-night affair with a much older man ( he was 57 and was 17 )

I was in bed and had already had a wank and was asleep when there was a knock on my bedroom door. I got up. And opened the door and this old man was standing there and he said “I want to go to bed with you – may I come in?” – “By all means” – I said and I went back to the bed, pajama top unbuttoned and cock starting to stiffen. ( I did not think he wanted to sleep but wanted sex -which sounded exciting ) – He stripped and told me to “remove your pajamas.” And we embraced when naked and then started to fondle each other’s cock and balls – We continued for about 20 minutes – I rubbed his 6″ circumcised cock and he rubbed my uncircumcised 51/2 inch prick until we both spurted cum together. – When he had collected our mutual cum in his handkerchief – he got dressed and said “Tomorrow?” – “Of course” I replied,

The following night, I left the door unlocked and had not bothered with pajamas but kept rubbing my dick – “Knock” “Come in” I said “the door is open” We again embraced cock to cock and he started to suck mine and I sucked his. I spurted in his mouth. But had him spurt on my chest. He licked me clean and also fingered my arse ( I enjoyed that ) – we snuggled together for a while before he dressed and Said “Tomorrow? At the door.” – “Yes please I said”

The third night at midnight a light tap and he entered – this was the grand finale – we rubbed each other’s dicks – licked each other’s arse holes ( very tasty ) and I spurted in his mouth and I swallowed his cum ( delicious ), – Before he left we had a shower and cleaned erotically our pricks and arseholes with our tongues and he asked me “Have you ever had a golden Shower?” ) I looked puzzled – ( “Do you want to pee?” He asked – “Well yes” I replied – “My bladder is rather full” “I am thirsty” he said “Give me a drink of piss” so he opened his mouth and I watched him swallow my “cock-tail”

This is without a doubt my most exciting experience and it excites me to tell you this true story.